The Guess Who, Did What? Game.

This is a funny, delightful and a fabulous “break the ice,” game  for your special  gathering.


This game is not only creative and fun but your guests can make it as wild and crazy as they’d like.  Have everyone come into your living room and form a circle… Explain to them the game and its rules first. With your guests comfortably sitting down, have everyone write down at least three things they have done in their life time. Have them be creative, sharing things that are phenomenal or unbelievable, only telling the truth.  After they have written these three things down, (only give them 5 minutes tops,) have them place them all in a hat, box or bag… Shuffle up all the papers within the hat, mixing them all up.  As the host or hostess, choose one person  and have them pick a piece of paper out of the hat. They will read the paper and it’s up to your guests to raise their hand, be called upon and say who they think the person is who wrote that.   If they are wrong, then they do not get a point…if they are right, they get a point. Repeat the same action, choose a new person to pick a piece of paper and read the three things this person has done…your guests will raise their hand and if they guess correctly they get a point. Make sure the person reading the paper picks a new person who is raising their hand each time….giving everyone a chance. (Meaning, don’t allow the same person to answer all the time, gaining points.) The first person who gets to three points wins first wins the game.

As your explaining the game, perhaps tell them a few examples…Some ideas to put down on your paper would be;

I have been a brunette, blonde, red head as well as a black haired woman. I have eaten chocolate covered ants and I when I was a little girl,laugh2 I had a horrible-locker room mouth on me.

I have been a student at the Arts Institute in Paris, laugh3 I was once blind, but now I can see, I only dream in black and white.


Each guest should be creative in what they choose to write about themselves and what they have done in their life…Have them try to choose things that do not seem like who they are at the present time, so that it will be hard for others to make a correct guess. If you have done wild and crazy things, write it down…

Truly, I know one person who has streaked at a football game and their mom was in the bleachers, has shaved half of their mustache off to take a survey on which of his profiles was handsomer as he went out on the town one evening, laugh1and he always loved to cause a scene in all the stores he’d go into, making everyone laugh and shake their head at the same time. 🙂 He was a wild and crazy guy. (I am sure in your crowd, there will be  plenty of great experiences to share.) 🙂

Once you begin playing, and the game gets going, you will all be guessing, having a great time and become more and more competitive… You could change the rules a little and have three winners…(if you have a large amount of people playing,) by having the first three people to get two points are the winners…its up to you…It really depends on how long you want this game to go on.

All you will need is a small piece of  paper and pens or pencils  for each guest, a bowl  hat or bag for the papers to go into. After the paper has been read , and someone has guessed it correctly, give them back their paper so it does not get read again.

Your  door prizes are a great motivation for people to get involved as “everyone” loves receiving a gift and adores being the ‘winner.’ Your gifts should be fun and simple… nicely wrapped or in a creative gift bag.


Some ideas are; DVDs, CD’s,  Yankee Candles, gourmet nuts, specialty coffees or tea, nice bottle of Chardonnay,  Chocolate mousse crunch from Harry and Davids, a decorative coffee mug or thermal travel mug etc…

Have fun and be daring!

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