Mail Call game.

This game is a fantastic “ice breaker” for your festive get together. It will have your guests (and you) smiling, laughing and having a great time…Let your guests know that there will be 2 winners at the end of this game , thus 2 door prizes. (It makes it more competitive. ) 🙂 Believe me, you will see a lot more people competing when they know there is a prize to be won.) 🙂 You can change the rules a little and have the end of the game being when there are two people left in the chairs and the ‘mail caller,’ thus having 3 prizes? Its all up to you ….This is your party night! 🙂


Create a circle of chairs in your living room…. have all of your guest take a seat…you can use all kinds of seats, chairs from your patio, bar stools, foldable chairs, etc… Pick one person to be your “mail caller”….They do not have a seat, as they will stand in the middle of the circle with a list of ideas written down by you, your spouse or they can use their creative imagination, (just make sure it is CLEAN 🙂

After everyone is settled, explain to them the game you are playing and the rules. Choose your ‘mail caller’ and make sure there is no seat for them in the circle.  (This game is a lot like Musical chairs but a lot more fun.) 🙂

The game begins…The ‘mail caller’ will call out something like, “Everyone who has graduated College.” With that being said, everyone sitting down, (who has graduated college)  has to quickly move to another seat, (and it can’t be a quick sit, by taking the persons chair next to you, if they get up.) The ‘mail caller tries to find a chair as well.  The person left standing without a chair is out of the game. The hostess then chooses a new ‘mail caller’ for the next turn. (As they come froward, remove their chair from the circle.) The game repeats itself over an over until you have your winners.This happens when there is only one person sitting in a chair and the ‘mail caller’ that is standing. If by chance, (but most unlikely,) after the ‘mail caller’ has made a call, and no one gets up, (as no one did that event within their life,) the ‘mail caller’ tries again. Again, because this is your festive gala, you can change the winners to be more, by letting the end of the game be where there are two or three left in the chairs and one ‘mail caller.’ (It depends on how many guests you h ave.) 🙂



Some great ideas for  door prizes, as you just want your gift to be something fun and enjoyable, nothing to fancy, are DVDs, (there is a fabulous $5.00 selection at Wal*Mart,) CD’s, a nice bottle of wine, gourmet  popcorn, decorative containers of candy, (Dove Chocolates, Hershey kisses, skittles, Tootsie roll pops, books, frames, scarves for winter, etc…

Here are some creative ideas for the mail caller to “call out’ for each turn.

Everyone who ….

has ever lifted over 150 pounds

has danced in the raindance1

has eaten pizza for breakfast

has cried when they watched “The Way we were”

likes scary movies

loves chocolatedance2

likes to take long, hot bubble baths

is a coffee lover

a cat lover

has burped or passed gas in public

has 10 siblings

is a connoisseur of dogsdance3

has 5 siblings

works out five days a week

who is an avid Yoga lover

has no siblings

is a movie marathon person

has called  a person they had a crush on and hung up on them when they heard their voice.:)

has bedance5en to the Eiffel Tower

has traveled to China

has been operated on more that five times

has seen a dead person

loves picnics in the park

loves the way their feet lookdance6

has ever wet their pants in public

is wearing the color red, somewhere on their body

is wearing the color purple as jewelry

whose favorite color is black

adores pasta dishesdance4

has received  a ticket for not wearing a seat belt

loves Mexican food

has ever been a waitress or waiter

loves to take photographs.

loves thunderstormsdance7

has spied on someone they had a crush on


(I am sure you can think of a hundred more…these are just some starters.) 🙂


Be creative, laugh, have fun and just ENJOY! By the end of this game you will all feel like best friends. 🙂

All you need is chairs, and some guests who are imaginative and creative and a few door prizes.


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