The “You can’t make me smile” game.

This  game is called ” You can’t make me smile.”  It is a great ice breaker for any special gathering or festivity you are hosting at  your home.


As the host or hostess, choose the time within the course of your  party, to announce that you are all going to play a new game.  Bring a circle of chairs together in your living room, inviting everyone to have  a seat.  Choose one person to be your first “instigator.” This person stands in the middle of the circle and does not have a seat. Take this time to tell your guest the rules of this game, how it is played and that there will be two winners and prizes when the game is over…(Competition is so much more fun when there is a gift at the end.) 🙂 Everyone loves a prize!

This person, (the instigator,)  will choose someone in the circle and go up to them and say; “Honey , I love you, can I make you smile?” The ‘instigator’ can do whatever they need to, to try and make that person SMILE, except have any kind of physical touch or contact with them. Within two minutes, if they have not been able to make them smile, they need to sit down and allow that person to become the ‘instigator.’ The ‘instigator’ gets to stay the instigator as long as they are successful at making each guest smile.If they do get them to smile, the person who smiled is out of the game. If they fail at causing someone to smile, they are still in the game, they just have to take a chair within the circle.   (You can start having your guests move their chairs to another part of the room when they are out of the game. ) The game continues  the same way with each turn. The game is over when you have  one person in the chair and one instigator standing…these are your two winners and will receive prizes. You can change the rules depending on how long you want this  game to last, as well as how many people are playing the game.  An Example would be; if you have 20 guests and the game is going on to long for your evening plans, the end of the game  could be where you have three people left sitting and the instigator standing… thus you have four  door prizes.

This  really is a great game, brings plenty of laughs and helps your guests get to know each other. I know if I were playing, I would be “out” in one attempt as I can’t help but smile when someone is trying to make me smile or laugh… 🙂

All you need is chairs, guests and lots of energy and personality. 🙂 For chairs you can use bar stools, foldable chairs, patio furniture,  foot stools, etc…



Here are some  ideas for great party prizes…nothing extravagant, just fun and engaging. Wal*Mart has a $5.00 DVD bin that has a wondrous selection of  DVDs, a favorite CD’s, books, decorative jars of candy, (M&M’s, Skittles, jelly belly’s etc…,) nice lotions, gift cards,  gourmet coffee  beans, assorted Teas, picture framesYankee candles, etc. Keep it light! Everybody loves getting a gift and loves being a winner. Its a fortuitous and  competitive game. ENJOY

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