The Manly Bedroom

“This is a mans world…but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” ~ James Browndesk101


When a man shows off his personal taste in the design and decor of his bedroom, it opens up a new part of his soul’s expression of who he is inside. In my opinion, there is nothing more handsome and regal than the Ralph Lauren bedroom collection with its royal decor, linens and baronial furniture.

THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Great men have great discipline.” ~ Habeeb Akande

“It’s not the men in your life that matters, it’s the LIFE in your men.” ~ Mae West

“Nothing is more appealing than a handsome man who is also uncertain of himself.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

“You can stop a raging forest  fire, a herd of stampeding buffalo or even a runaway freight train, but you can’t stop a good man.” ~ John Paul Warren

“The strength of a man isn’t seen in the powers of his arms. It’s seen in the love with which he embraces you.” ~ Steve Maraboli


Create your bedroom to be a place where happy memories will amble and tarry. Remember that  the complimentary accessorizes are the very things that make a room captivating and galvanic. Men observe their bedrooms dissimilar  than a woman does. No two men are the same either in their style of decor as they are eminently diverse  in how they express themselves through decor. To some men, it is exceedingly  important to have ‘just the right look and decor,’ in the master bedroom where as others, just want a comfortable mattress, a widescreen TV, a bedside table to keep there favorite books upon as well as their remote control. They will however choose a color palette that befits them. (Most men I know don’t have bright yellow or  a rosy pink as their primary color. ) 🙂  Many men prefer the style and decorating of the master bedroom to be done by their mate. (Usually because he wants to bless her to be free to decorate it her own way, knowing how blissful that makes her feel, or because  they actually already have a second bedroom…their man-cave! 🙂 My husband has a study that is 100 percent HIS. It is understood in our home that I can put a small nautical  tree up  at Christmas time, (that is his decorative theme along with a myriad of  photographs of Grantham, our Briard dog, a few of me,) 🙂 and a masculine throw on his wing back chair, but other than that, no womanly touches are allowed. (He will not say no to a decorative cup of coffee or a floral plate with hot banana bread on it though!) 🙂  He says it fits his counter top decor. 🙂  Some men have a game room where they enjoy having their buddies over  to watch an adventure -action movie,  share a few beers, play pool and grab a few hours of “man-cave” time, (bringing back childhood memories as pearlescent  as light, just as if it were yesterday when they were so slaphappy and debonair.)


When my husband and I got married, I will never forget the day we moved all of our belongings in to our new haven together.  As I struggled and bumbled with a picture he simply adored, to go atop of our mantle and fireplace, (my father just happening to be there listening,) smiled and said, “Susan, marriage is all about compromise and your husband absolutely loves that picture.” Did I really have to give in? It didn’t fit my decor at all… I wanted a picture of a cottage by the ocean or a  framed tapestry picture. But, let me tell you, the joy  that I received in my heart, as  I saw his eyes light up at his photo on the wall, was incomparable to the picture I wanted to hang there. Compromise! 🙂 (OK, dad, you were right!)

I grew up with five brothers. When we all lived under one roof in our Brobdingnagian, suburban home, they all shared what  is called a Bonus room…(kind of like an extra large dorm room for guys…) it was all their own. When  I walked into that room, I could tell where each one of my brothers slept and which area of the room they  dauntlessly decorated  for themselves.  Before I  knew it, and to quick for me, they all grew up, left that Bonus room and  four of them, some sooner than later, got married. When I visit their homes now as a grown woman, I have to say, I genuinely love each of their homes… They all moved on to launch their own lively  traditions but have truly preserved and cherished some of the old. Each of their master bedrooms are very nicely done and even though filled with their mates touches, reflect their interests and personalities to a ‘T.’

Each brother unquestionably has a style that is all  their own.

One loves simple, clear lines, not a lot of clutter and his decor of choice?  Nautical.

Bed with blue blanket in bedroomD-18D-66


My little brother and his spouse share the same, veracious, good taste and have decorated their home in such a manner that it looks like a photo right out of a Ralph Lauren Magazine. It is by far, my very favorite home in the world…Three stories, exquisite hardwood floors and decorative items displayed from all the enchanting places they have traveled, world wide. They truly believe that in all their travels the world has become a classroom to them and their home shows an abundance of careful thought, planning, diversity and beauty. (Especially their bedroom.) (They have a fireplace to die for!) 🙂

Z-213Z-3015cosy chair pmZ-4083

My oldest brother loves the way in which we grew up with very “Early American” decor. When  my mom passed away and my father remarried, he inherited some beautiful pieces from our childhood home. See if you can guess the way he expresses himself through the decor and accessories he has chosen?



My brother that is ‘in the middle of the birth order,’ who also got married, loves antiques and is quite an admirer of early American decor as well.    He was an awesome  and sensational surfer in his younger days and am sure, takes out a few memorabilia every once in awhile to ponder those happy, carefree years  and his love for the ocean.



My last brother, the one who never married and that we lost suddenly a few years ago, had what I call an “Enchanting master bedroom.” It was magical…it gave you the feeling upon entering its doors of being at Disneyland and just like his little sister, 🙂 he changed the decor of his room with  each of the  four wondrous seasons. His charming style was  quite ecliptic, sundry and animated. His decor as a man, very alluring. He had no fear in expressing himself and he always knew exactly what he wanted in his home. He lived in Corona Del Mar with a view of Balboa Island and the  Pacific ocean from his living room. The magic of life by the ocean carried over into his entire home. I miss him and that house immensely.  (The ‘guest’ room he always gave to us while we visited  from Arizona and Virginia, was his favorite room, the master bedroom.)D-8D-6.




As much as  I adore the romantic bedroom, I would enjoy each of these bedrooms as they are done so nicely, with great taste and all reflect the brother I grew up with and the men that they are now. They are all warm, cozy and inviting. (The bedrooms, not the brothers.) (Just kidding!! 🙂 They are all exceedingly wonderful men and brothers.

For those of you men who are lovers of a very masculine, classy, refined bedroom, here are some decorative ideas for you. A coffee table book on classic cars, antique woods and a sage green, striking throw, a years subscription to  Ralph Lauren magazines to display, a four poster, antique bed with rich browns, greens, blues, reds and burgundy and the classic and famous painting , “The Hunt.”  (My husband has always loved that masterpiece.) Lastly Ralph Lauren puts out a stellar catalog with an array of items to order from his august store. His collection is so regal, warm and classy. I’d trade my Romantic bedroom for his style any day. 🙂 Well maybe…there would have to be fresh flowers, our wedding photos and some chintz china in there! 🙂 (Also a candle, teddy bear and garlands around the hutch…) 🙂








These manly bedrooms are more on the decorous,  dressy side… but very cozy, magnetic and all designed in superb taste!


Remember, all of us have within us a signature style that originated from our roots, adventures, travels in life, our hobbies, passions and life experiences. Everyone is different and unique.  Some men love formal, others classy and refined, nautical or lay back.  Fill  your room with what YOU love, and what you and your spouse love. (By the way, compromising with your mate is not a honeymoon phase…it lasts until your rocking on your porch in your golden years together and even longer yet ) 🙂  Make sure you decorate your room with your favorite style and colors, along with all the things you love. You can never go wrong!

I secretly want to order this decorative dog for my husband’s study. He’ s a big Tom Selleck fan and I think they look a lot a like… (The dog and Tom 🙂 Somehow, I think it would end up in our romantic bedroom 🙂

Tom Sellecks twin


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