July’s Guest writer #1




A Treasure beyond words.

One of the most difficult times of my life was leaving the nest and venturing  out on my own to discover my independence. After I moved away, I received this poem from my mother. It made me cry. I keep it with me every day. I did not realize it was just as hard for her to let go as it was for me. This is the poem she wrote to me ;


How do you describe a rainbow in a rain drenched sky, Or a dancing sunbeam on the wings of a butterfly?

How do you capture a moonbeam, tip toeing through the night, Or a flirtatious , twinkling star in its halo of twinkling light?

How can you touch a summer breeze, as it gently caresses you, Or a billowing snowy cloud as it rides the heavens blue?

How can you fathom the ocean, mysterious, ever changing , never still Or the beauty of a sunrise, bursting in splendor upon a hill?

How can I tell you of Annie; child, woman, angel, mischievous elf, Sparkling as a raindrop caught by the sun, quiet, reflective, searching in depths of herself?

How can I tell her of my love, which surrounds her everyday, Holds her close in my heart, yet frees her on her wary?

I love you Annie, Mom.

Post written by Annie, with request of finding a photo for her.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful poem written to you from your mom. She is quite a writer! How blessed you are to have a tangible gift, that you can always read , knowing the love in her heart for you, her daughter. An inspiring, uplifting and beautiful read. Thank you Annie, Susan

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