Would You like to be a guest writer on Living Winsomely?

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I have had numerous readers write in and ask if I was ‘open’ to a guest writer. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. 🙂

If you would like to write something that falls under the category of Living Winsomely, I will be more than happy to post your blog. (It can be something your passionate about, your artistic skills,  profession, life’s lessons learned, decorating ideas, a life changing story,  a poem,or things that bring hope, joy, education, laughter, etc.)

I ask that it be clean, translated to English as I am unable to post written material on the site that I can’t understand in protection of the readers. Make sure your writing is respectful to all races, religions and genders.

LWPlease send your writing, (with photos if you like,) to my contact page, (at the bottom of the Living Winsomely cover page.) *** It is important that you do not submit your blog entry in the reply section under  the “contact us” page. Make sure you actually click on thecontact us” page and enter your writing so that it comes directly to me at my e-mail.

Please remember to give your blog a title.

Your e-mail address is absolutely confidential and will not be displayed . Its up to you if you want to put your name with your writing, please just note that to me in your submission.

If you are sharing about your profession and how it brings winsomeness to others, please remember, I can’t post your website with your blog unless it is translated to English.

I will design a new category on the site called “Guest writers.”

If or when, Living Winsomely is no longer an active blog site, (I hate to even think about that,)  🙂 your writing submissions will not be returned to you, meaning, just as your replies and comments on the blogs are part of the site, so is the blog you submit as a guest writer.

I will begin taking the submissions as of Saturday, June 21st, the first day of Summer.  The first guest writer’s blog will go up on July 1st and I will continue putting them up every week, or every two weeks, depending on how many writings are submitted. (This is all new for me and I am hoping to hear from many of you who have a desire to share.)

I will keep this open invitation up through summer for new readers to the site as well as those of you who have been reading since Living Winsomely began , February of 2013. If the response is positive, then I can keep the invitation up year round.

I have been exceedingly blessed by all of you and your wonderful support,within the United States as well as all over the world, as the site has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 17 months.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my contact page.

I am excited to hear from you, the readers, and am looking forward to reading what your passionate about and what is on your heart to share.

*** If you would like me to notify you before your blog is posted, please specify that on your entry. Thank you!

Lastly, I know that I write long blogs, 🙂 but please know your blog can be as small or large as you’d like. (OK, not longer than mine.) 🙂  I also encourage parents of children who want to share something to invite their kids to write in. (I know several of you have shared with me that some of the blogs on Living Winsomely have been an aid to your child’s homework, which I think is great!)  🙂

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, Susan

***** AS OF AUGUST 25th, 2014, There will no longer be any more guest writing submissions. Thank you, due to changes being made to the site. Thank you for a great summer!

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