Susan’s Bacon and Spinach quiche.

This quiche along with the Raspberry, Spinach Pecan salad, are from my blog; Set Your Lilliput watches and “Don’t be late.”(An afternoon Mad Hatter’s Tea.) All of us need a reprieve, a time to laugh, be crazy, let our hair down, ( and put our hats on,) 🙂 and  just have fun! Some of the best motifs for our parties or afternoon Teas for ladies are influenced by the renowned and classical fairy-tales, such as Alice and Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, The Wizard of OZ, Peter Pan and the memorable  Captain Hook. (And a treasury of so many more.)  There is a passel of  so many wondrous themes for some fabulous get-together’ s with your loved ones!   Enjoying competitive games, door prizes, mystery, delicious cuisine and convivial spirit is what rejuvenates our spirits to be able to do the things in life we are committed to! (What I call ‘the have-to’s”. 🙂



A sure to win, crowd pleasing recipe, my homemade Bacon Spinach Quiche! Revel in each savory bite! 🙂


You will need the following ingredients for one quiche...if you are  making two for your  party or afternoon Tea, just double this recipe.

5 large eggs, 1 cup of heavy cream, 1/3 cup of half and half, 1 bag bag of shredded Monterrey-cheddar cheese, 1 frozen package of “steam-able” spinach,  1 package of a nice cut of bacon, (not to thin,) 1-2 green onions , chopped, salt and pepper to taste, a touch of Tabasco,  butter, 2 Pillsbury pie doughs in the refrigerated section at your grocer. (They come two to a package.) *** A dash of nutmeg if you would like …


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Take  your 5 eggs… Crack three whole eggs  into your bowl, then your last two eggs, you  only want the yolks… whisk until blended. Measure your 1 cup of heavy cream and 1/3 of  half and half, add to your bowl and whisk with your eggs….add salt and pepper to taste, as well as your Tabasco and a dash of nutmeg if you prefer a tad bit of sweetness.)  Set side.

Cook your package of bacon and drain on paper towels. (Keep a little bit of the bacon grease in the pan. ) On the lowest heat, add 1 Tbs of butter in the pan and allow to melt. Add your chopped green onion, (on low heat) cook for a few minutes…do not allow it to get to browned…You just want it slightly sauteed.

Place your steam-able bag of spinach in the microwave and cook as package directs.

Place a Tbsp. of flour on the bottom of your pie plate, (deep dish preferred, but you can use a regular pie dish, I just do not recommend a foil pie plate. ) Shake the flour evenly around the bottom of your pie plate. Take one pie shell dough out, unfold it and place it on the pie plate, fitting it to the pan and don’t forget to pinch the edges for that beautiful pie finish. 🙂 Place your sauteed, chopped green onion in with the bacon drippings mixed with the butter in the bottom of the quiche. (There should not be a lot of liquid, approx 2 Tbsp.) Next,  place your spinach upon your pie dough, distributing evenly.  Only use half of the spinach and save the rest for your second quiche, or if you are just making one pie, use about 2/3 of your spinach. Break up your cooled and cooked  bacon into bite size pieces…place half of your bacon on top of all the spinach  if you are making two quiches. If you are only making one, use up most of your bacon, and keep some for a salad or snack.  ( Again, it is up to your tastes.) 🙂  Quickly whisk up your egg and cream mixture  again, and pour it over your one bacon and spinach pie…cover the top of your quiche with the shredded cheese…  Place your quiche in the preheated oven and bake for 40-45 minutes…(All ovens vary so check it at this time and if your knife comes out clean and the center looks done, take it out to cool. When cooking two, it may take a few minutes longer. Keep watching and checking so you don’t over cook  your quiche(s).

The amount of cheese you want to put on your quiche is entirely up to your taste. Same thing with the spinach and bacon…for one quiche, I use the entire bag, but for two, I use half on each pie. I cook up about 2/3 of the bacon for one quiche and an entire package for two…everything else is just as it is written above for one quiche.

This is a very easy quiche to prepare and is sure to be a big hit with your friends.

*** The Raspberry Spinach Pecan salad is under the category of “Unforgettable recipes as well.) 🙂

Bon Appetit!’

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Raspberry Spinach and Pecan salad

This delicious and healthy salad goes perfectly with my Bacon Spinach Quiche. Both of these recipes are part of the menu for the blog, Set your Lilliput watches and “Don’t be late.”  A writing on how to give a ‘Mad Hatter’smh35‘ Afternoon Tea, filled with  enchantment, ambrosial cuisine, magic, fun and laughter for your loved ones! We all need to let our hair down and enjoy a great time with friends to feel refreshed and pampered! I hope you enjoy this recipe…It’s so easy! 🙂


You  will need:

1  large package of fresh and cleaned spinach, 1-2 containers of fresh, washed red raspberries, (you can also substitute with fresh sliced strawberries,)  1-2  small packages of pecan halves, (depending on how large your salad is,) ground black pepper and salt to taste, and your savory dressing.

There are some extraordinary  recipes for a Raspberry Walnut dressing…I personally adore the ‘Ken’s Steak House, Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette’ from the grocer. Prepare your salad ahead of time in a pretty salad bowl and refrigerate.  About 10 minutes before your lunch is served, take your salad out and toss with the Raspberry Vinaigrette.  (The amount of dressing you use is up to you…) Salt and Pepper to taste! Have fun! This salad would be delicious with an ice cold glass of Raspberry tea, and a delicious French Baguette accompanied by creamy, soft butter. 🙂

Additional Link(s): Salad Recipe Books


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The Mystery “word” game.


Welcome to the Mystery “Word” game. This is one of my favorite party games as it brings forth an abundance of competitive FUN!  If you have never seen a loved one in   a game that is competitive, be prepared to see a “new side”to their personality!  🙂 This game is so simple and filled with felicity in it’s making.

All  you need, is a petite chalkboard, chalk, a lovely linen napkin and your creative juices ! 🙂


The word or words you  choose, will be words associated with the theme of your party... It is  entirely up to you. You can choose one word, or five… I usually choose just one word for a guest list of 8 ladies.

Before your guests arrive, write your “word” down on your chalkboard, cover it with a decorative cloth or linen napkin and place it somewhere on your dining room table . As you all sit down to eat, introduce the game to your guest. Tell them  that you have chosen a word or words, that all have ‘something to do’ with the theme of your party….Explain to them that they must use the word they think may possibly be the “mystery word” in a sentence as they are conversing with others at the dining table.  (They can’t just blurt out the word, announcing their guesses.) 🙂 The first person who actually says the word, (within their conversation with others,) is your winner. If you choose more than one word, (lets say you choose three,) then you will have three winners as well as three door prizes for them.   The gifts should not be extravagant…just something thoughtful and creative… Again, your door prizes will be gifts you choose according to your party’s motif …If it is an afternoon Tea for ladies, choose thoughtful and creative gifts for ladies..If it is an intimate evening dinner party for couples, the door prizes should be gifts that could be for either a man or woman, such as: CD;s, a bottle of wine, picture frames, the game of scrabble, a best selling novel, a devotional, a DVD, flavored gourmet popcorn or specialty coffee, etc. Use some clever and bright gift bags or engaging and eye catching wrapping paper  with festive bows  to wrap your prizes.   People love to win and they enjoy receiving gifts!

Here are some ideas of party motifs with  imaginative words to choose from, but again, there are so many creative words in the human language, these are just a few examples. 🙂

For a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, a few words to choose from could be, “rabbit-hole,” ‘blissful,’ ‘magic,’ ‘Lewis,’ (the author of the novel Alice in Wonderland,)  ‘adventure,’ ‘silent film,’ (Alice in Wonderland was first made into a silent film in the year 1910,)  ‘lively,’ ‘eccentric,’ ‘imaginative’ or ‘character.’


For a Christmas dinner celebration for dear friends, your word(s) could be “yuletide,’ ‘carols,’ ‘wonder,’ ‘awe,’ ‘cheer,’ ‘chimney,’ ‘beard,’ ‘rejoicing,’ ‘silent-night,’ ‘eggnog,’ ‘Gingerbread-house,’ or ‘merry.’ (Remember the game begins when everyone is seated for dinner or lunch….so, if your are having a Christmas dinner and someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas,” as they arrive, that word would not count if you are using the word “merry” as one of your words. 🙂


For a romantic dinner party, perhaps the words, ‘amour,’ ‘champagne,’ ‘pampered,’ ‘bliss,’ ‘flowers,’  candlelight,’  ‘rapture,’  ‘sanguine,’ ‘intimate,’ or ‘charismatic’ would be ideal.


If you are hosting an afternoon, spring Tea for your friends, or  formal , intimate  spring dinner party,  the words ‘blooming,’ ‘kaleidoscopic,’ ‘rabbits,’ ‘gardens,’ ‘elegance,’ ‘bouquet,’ ‘stirring,’ ‘riveting,’ and ‘gracious’  would be some great choices.


A Thanksgiving gathering for  dear friends and family  makes me think of the words,’harvest,’ ‘golden,’ ‘thankfulness,’ ‘gratitude,’ ‘blessings,’ ‘stuffed,’ ‘congenial,’ and ‘pumpkins.’  🙂


A Wintry themed Afternoon Tea for your guests brings the words,’snowfall,’ ‘snowmen,’   ‘crisp,’ ‘wonderland,’  ‘fireplace,’ ‘icy,’ ‘fetching,’ ‘jolly,’ and ‘cheer’ to my mind.


‘Hearts,’ ‘candy,’ ‘flowers,’ ‘candle-glow,’ ‘ romantic,’ ‘love,’ ‘bliss,’ ‘adore,’ ‘sweetheart,’ and ‘passion’  are some perfect ideas of ‘mystery words’ for  a Valentines Day luncheon.

words 19

For a college or high school graduation party as well as a ‘much deserved promotion’ dinner celebration, some more ideal  ‘word’ suggestions’ to choose from would be ‘diploma,’ ‘speech,’ ‘awards,’ ‘celebration,’ ‘future,’  ‘honor,’ ‘studious,’ ‘exceeding,’ ‘dorm,’ ‘profound’ and ‘sorority,’ would be fitting.

words 26

Lastly, a wondrous and gleeful summer luncheon … How about the words, ‘umbrella,’ ‘seagulls,’ ‘fishing,’ ‘sailboats,’ ‘novellas,’ ‘suntan,’ ‘dolphins,’ ‘whales,’ fireflies,’ ‘sea shells,’ ‘thunderstorms,’ ‘sunblock,’ ‘coolers’ and ‘clamming?’


It won’t matter if your get together is small and intimate or an informal larger  group of friends gathered around your table, this game will be a wonderful icebreaker and bring forth an abundance of mirth and the “funny-competitive side” of people!  Being the hostess, it’s one of my favorite parts of the party as I simply adore watching my friends or family (knowing their personalities so well,) nonchalantly try to create sentences with the word that are hoping will make them the ‘winner.‘ 🙂

***Another thought to keep in mind… Lets say your playing with only 1 word…and it happens to be “merry Christmas.” Tell your guests, that the word you have chosen is a saying or  petite phrase, but only counts as 1 word… same thing for  “Gingerbread-house”, or “Silent-night.” These do not count as two words… If you are playing with 3 words and 3 winners, write them separately on your chalkboard… an example would be for a Valentines party…your 3 words are “hearts,” “adore,” and “passion.” Do not mix them together in anyway. Have fun!

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Your Baby’s Blissful Castle

” I’ll love you forever…I’ll like you always…As long as I am living, MY BABY YOU’LL BE.” ~ Robert Munsch


Why do your think that  just hearing the word, “BABY,” causes our hearts to begin beating faster, our mouths to sweep up into a huge smile, our eyes to twinkle, and we feel this undeniable  ‘joyful and felicitous feeling’ welling up inside of us, that just 5 minutes earlier, was not there? There is nothing more beautiful, miraculous or magical than a baby…the way they smell is sweeter than a resplendent spring morning, their smile is ‘more captivating’ than a renowned Broadway Musical Play, their skin is softer than the feel of a fluffy Eiderdown comforter and even their drool is charmingly adorable. 🙂 The whole family jumps up and down at their first burp… Their first word is a weeks celebration of praise and pure joy and their first step is a bottle of champagne and a night out on the town! ( But you end up not going out after all, because you don’t want to leave your precious cargo! )  🙂 baby68 I still can’t fathom somehow that all of us began our lives as an innocent, tiny and  pure baby…Every noble King, each famous movie star, our applauded musicians, husband or wife, our best friend, (even Jesus,)  began their life on this earth as a newborn. When we first enter this world, everything has to be done for us…we are utterly and thoroughly dependent upon another person to fulfill our ‘every single need.’ Even the necessity for being taught to learn how to become capable of living an independent life, someone else has to equip us with. That alone teaches us faith, humility, love, gratitude and trust. (Five fabulous traits to hold on to and cherish) throughout our lives.)  I love the quote by Don Herrold, “Babies are such a nice way to start people.” 🙂

Babies are meant to be celebrated… Whether your treasured one is adopted, birthed from a surrogate mom, created through the means of artificial insemination, a miracle baby , a surprise,  or many long, long  years in waiting, they are “our miracles,” and we cherish them more than our very  own lives.

First we SEE the pregnancy test…it says “YES,” or at least we think it said yes, (are we reading it correctly?)  Next it is; “Honey I think we need to go to the doctor immediately cause I think I am pregnant.”  Your husband begins to perspire heavily, faints, but then gets up and supports you with his entire heart and soul from there on out! 🙂 Then, we HEAR the words; “You are going to have a baby.” Our hearts skip a beat, as we ask the doctor for our double assurance, “Could you please say that again Doc.?” 🙂 Then it all begins… the morning sickness, the eating for two, (or three, or four…, ) 🙂  the dreaming, planning, the excitement, as well as a million butterflies in your stomach. (Your husbands too.) 🙂 You both have made a decision to “not tell anyone until the 2nd trimester,” but for some reason, by the first month, you have already told your best girlfriends, close brothers, your sister, and the cat is now ‘out of the bag.’ You begin to glow…you have your scheduled  doctor appointments, sonograms, and then, something strange and surreal begins to happen… (besides the hormones.) 🙂 You have this deep revelation and new awareness that as you are changing and growing physically and emotionally, so is that beautiful life inside of you. You are growing together! 🙂

You and your spouse have big decisions to make…Do you exchange your regal  Porsche in for a ‘family car?’   baby75That is a lot for the guy to deal with if he has a sports car or a vintage Oldsmobile. 🙂 When is it time to start baby proofing the house? How soon should you plan to have your baby showers? The two of your can go on for days,  even weeks , trying to decide upon the ‘perfect’ name… Do you name your baby after your parents? Do you come up with an original name that no one will understand where it came from? (Like Stardust, Shoog or Thunder? ) 🙂baby72 And do you keep your dog? (In our house there would be no question about it, as he is “our baby.”)  If your a dog lover, and the pup stays, (which he will, believe me,)  who will  teach the two of them how to get a long?  How can you introduce them to be best friends forever? baby71 How do you make sure your dog doesn’t feel jealous and left out when you bring the “little bundle of joy” home? (So many things to decide and do…) But they are all FUN and fortuitous decisions. 🙂  The next thing you begin planning is the babies nursery…what will it look like? What colors should you use? What decor style will your baby adore?” 🙂  Just think, you are preparing and creating the very ‘first’ room your child will ever have. What would you like your cherished one to be surrounded by as they sleep,  play, nap, are sung lullaby’s to, and are ‘just living their baby- life?’  A room with magical color, soft pastels, animated characters, an abundance of flowers, teddy bears, cuddly nurturing blankets and toys?   Do you know that  the first five years in a child’s life are the most important years in creating and shaping their personalities? In this vignette, I want to share some beautiful ideas for your ‘babies first room.’

                    This is my baby picture with my best bud and older brother Jim. :)I sure was a chubby little gal. 🙂 cb

 First, here are a few “baby” quotes to bring a smile to your heart. 🙂


DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Don’t ever tell the mother of a newborn that her baby’s smile is just GAS.” ~ Jill Woodhull

“A baby is an ANGEL whose wings decrease as his legs increase.” ~ Author unknown

“Every baby needs a lap.” ~ Henry Robinbaby60

“When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they’re seeing angels.” ~ Eileen Elias Freeman

” A baby is God’s opinion that the world should still go on.” ~ Carl Sandburg

“Before you were born, I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.” ~ Mandy Harrisonbaby18

“First Roses. One of the bulbs on the rosebush opened into a blossom, white and silky as a baby’s fist.” Natalie Babbitt



Are you ready to see some “blissful castles” for your baby?”


Google Image


This designer ‘nursery’ is one of my all time favorite…Doesn’t it look like it is straight out of a beloved nursery Rhyme? (One in The Mother Goose tales?) It is so magical and enchanting. I adore the fact that it has a matching chair…I think I would make this enveloping room, my second favored room to spend my time in. It makes my soul smile. 🙂


OK, I mean it this time. 🙂 This is really is my ‘most favorite’ of all the baby rooms…I have never seen such a regal and royal set of twin cribs with the beloved combination of bright whites, blue and  yellow! Absolutely riveting!cb8

This room makes me start singing; “Somewhere, over the rainbow…” 🙂 This is none other than our Mary Engelbreit’s designer nursery. You can tell it’s her creation with all the iridescent, vibrant colors and magical, happy characters. Any baby would be blessed to have this as their own, ‘private castle.’ cb7

I feel like I am entering a different era when I look at this eloquent and stunning baby’s room. It’s admirably delicate and ethereal…festooned with pure beauty and grace.


OK, I feel like singing again… “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” 🙂 This baby’s berth is so bright and airy with it’s striking whites, pastel greens and cotton candy pink. Certainly a nursery that would make a little  baby girl, very happy! baby39

This ‘magical castle” is fit for a prince. I can see a bouncing baby boy feeling like royalty in this regal  and noble room. The mixture of the diverse woods amongst the soft color of peppermint green is par –  excellence.  I love the miniature rocking horse. 🙂baby35

This baby’s room looks like it could be for a sweet little girl or a flirtatious little boy! The soft rose is a wonderful color against the dark, rich crib and Brobdingnagian and baronial Armoire.  I’ve never seen a room quite like it…very formal and refined.baby32

Another perfect nursery for a bouncing baby boy… The soft, soothing colors blended with the rich  dark wood  of the ‘sleigh bed’ crib are highlighted by the artistic, elfin and picturesque tree mural. What an adorable room!baby31

This  blissful baby’s castle looks as if it belongs in a ‘real fortress,’ with a grandiose tower right outside it’s doors. 🙂   This room is bewilderingly lovely and done so tastefully! (I am just waiting to see the three magical fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from in renowned “Sleeping Beauty”, jotting around the cribs with their magic wands. 🙂baby29

When I look at this room, I feel pampered, coddled and very “welcomed.” It’s such a soft, comfortable yet brilliantly aesthetic room with an abundance of charm. I love this crib that can also be a toddler bed as your baby starts growing up a little! 🙂 (Something we wish they never had to do! ) 🙂 baby28

The  “Mother Goose” room with a different view. I can’t get over the expertise of this decor…even the ceiling looks fiercely real with its soft , fluffy clouds and pastel hues of blue, muted yellow and rose… Not only is this nursery, unique and spell bounding, but would be any baby’s dream come true. I hope I can fit in that chair..:)


Has the clock struck midnight yet? No pumpkins here? A Cinderella dream come true baby’s room… I have never seen such a creative and galvanizing crib as this stirring fairytale carriage. Absolutely breathtaking! The wall mural is fascinating and certainly eye-catching. What a unique and lovely room. baby21

This is another ethereal and delicate room yet the dark woods add a touch of gallantry and class.  I love the way the sunlight  glistens upon the walls and crib creating a warm and cozy ambiance. baby23

Very clever, fresh and authentic. A perfect pick for a beautiful and mischievous little baby  boy! 🙂 (I say that as all five of my brothers were big pranksters, thus my mom’s nickname for every one of them was “the little rascals.” ) baby9

These two Mary Engelbreit nursery’s are again, kaleidoscopic and picture – book perfect. I adore the passionate, candy apple red room  as well as the sunflower yellow, amidst the soft blues. You can’t go wrong with any of  M.E.’s deigns. Magical!baby3baby4

Lastly, this Beatrix Potter, Peter Cotton Tail motif is a wonderful tale to surround your child with. The magic of her adventuresome story, blended with the explosively beautiful colors in the wallpaper, amongst the checkered bright curtains and dust ruffle, create a completeness and well as ambiance of “great cheer”  to this adorable babies room. Very charming!


DECORATIVE ACCENTS  and beloved treasures for your babies rooms.  Every ” Blissful Castle” has to have some! 🙂



With each babies “Castle,” you will want to decorate the room with personal trinkets and gifts that dear friends and family have given to you…If you have any room let over, 🙂 here are some beautiful accents for your babies blissful room.

These stellar and antique photograph frames are filled with nostalgia and grace…the perfect place to “show off” your newborn…and believe me, there will be an abundance of pictures. 🙂


Beautiful and elegant ‘baby blankets.’ I don’t think you can ever have enough of them! These  blankets look as though they are  homemade … the crochet work is superb. A definite keepsake for sure.


An eloquent and divine baby’s first Christening gown and bonnet…These too are keepsakes and great display items for your babies nursery. cb18

Another regal and lovely Victorian Christening gown. I wish my mom had saved mine as I know I would somehow find a way to display it amongst the treasures of our home. 🙂 (I’d never dress up my teddy bears in this gorgeous gown.) (Well, only if it fit to a “T.” ) 🙂cb17

No babies castle is complete without a few, fair- haired stuffed animals…(his or her,) intimate companions as they begin their journey of LIFE!  (You know, the one they tell all their secrets to?)


More antique picture frames with your babies first silver cup and spoon…My sister started collecting the silver cups and spoons for some of  our nephews and nieces and has had so much fun selecting them for each of their personalities.  They are wonderful gifts and heirlooms your baby will cherish as they get older.  (Most likely, a lot older.) 🙂


This fluffy crib blanket looks entirely to elegant to lay on… It’s gorgeous.  (But if I had a baby, I’d wrap them up in it every chance I got.) 🙂 cb10

Yes…”favorite things!” Who can  honestly say, that when they were a baby, tiny tot or up on in age, that they did not have their one special, favored Teddy bear? My oldest of many is 36 years old and his name is Cornelius. He sits upon my husbands and my bed all the time…  (I even remember the day my mom and I were having lunch and shopping in  the renowned and beautiful Laguna Beach CA. As we entered one of those ‘magical boutiques,’ there he was… (And I just had to have him!)  Truly, teddy bears go hand in hand with childhood! 🙂 (And for a lot of adults-hoods too! 🙂 )


What a beautifully winsome Sunday dress and bonnet  for a baby girl. This resplendent attire would be perfect for a day of photographs for your “Babies Keepsake Memory book.” 🙂


This is a bright painting done by M.E.. This would look perfect in a predominantly periwinkle blue and yellow room… It’s exceedingly cheerful! 🙂 baby6

A colorful and gladsome artwork from M.E.. This animated  border wall paper would bring life and magic to any little ones castle. 🙂


“There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…” I remember that story… (I was always praying my mom would stop having babies so we wouldn’t have to move to a gigantic shoe – house…) 🙂  This is M.E.’s version and done so well. Another charming and inviting piece of artwork for your babies safe haven.     baby7

Two gifts in one… M.E.’s soft, cuddly,  fairytale baby  blanket, ( just beautiful,) as well as her journals for moms… Mary’s  baby diary’s  are great for writing down precious memories as they happen so quickly and you won’t want to forget a single one! And, its  chromatic book cover brings  extra warmth and coziness to your babies room with its myriad of bright color.



In closing, I wanted to share that even though my husband and I have never “birthed” a baby of our very own,  I feel God has blessed me, (and us) with an abundance of children in my life that were much like my own… (I am sure there are many of you who have this same blessing!)  Each of these ‘babies/toddlers’ were a cherished season in my life…some my husband knew well, and the others came into my life before I met him. I was a ‘Nanny’ to several of these adoring kids and like a second mom to another, (the beautiful Samantha with the candy in her mouth.) (Gosh, how she loved her licorice.) 🙂 (And yes, that is me with Samantha during my college days…)  Though I definitely have, she has not aged a bit! She is a beautiful young woman with two gorgeous children, (who remind me so much of “the little Sam” that blessed my life beyond measure.)   🙂   Children are a blessing and I feel my life has been blessed to overflowing from my time with them! Thank you to Bethany, Samantha, Torry, William,  Jackson and the twins, “Paul and Warren.” (Those two  boys were as different as night and day!) 🙂


I hope all of you who have an abundance of babies, (grown up or still tiny tots,) or who are getting ready to have a baby, planning on having a baby, adopting, or are foster parents for all those adorable little ones who do not have a home,  have been touched in some way by this blog with joy, a few creative ideas as well as a smile. 🙂 Enjoy creating and don’t forget to take lots of pictures a long the way! 🙂

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The Mary Engelbreit Kicthen.

When I think of the name “Mary Engelbreit,” I think of four things…COLOR,  CREATIVITY,  FUN and IMAGINATION.

COLORS are the smiles of nature.” ~ Leigh Hunt


“Think left and think right and think low and think high, Oh the thinks you can think up if YOU ONLY TRY! “~ Dr . Suess     BE Creative!

Kincaid 1

“Follow your dreams, just make sure you HAVE FUN TOO.” ~ Chris Brown

happy living

“The possible’s slow fuse is lit by the IMAGINATION.”  ~ Emily Dickinson

Release “your Inner Chef” and let your imagination take charge.  🙂FR28

Thus far, We have taken a look at The French Country Kitchen,  (the “Cuisine” as they call it,) and it’s grandeur, riveting nimbus. Also, The Italian kitchen, the “Cucino,” with it’s romantic charm and charismatic flavor, the “Enchanted Kitchen,” taking us back to our childhoods with a winsome, magical and elfin style of decor and the “Chef’s Dream kitchen,” ( every connoisseur of  delicious cuisines’ dream come true.)  Lastly, in these five groups of kitchens,  I want to share with you a decor and fashion that will fill your kitchen with felicity, gladness and cheerfulness. This  creative and innovative expression of festooning, is  created by Mary Engelbreit ‘s signature style. Born in 1952, she began her work as a graphic artist.  Since then, her life has been likened to a storybook tale…she is eminently talented and has become one of the most famous as well as successful entrepreneurs of this day. She is an author of many wondrous books, creates her own fabrics, dinnerware,  greeting cards, calendars, is a beautifully gifted painter, and is known all the over the world for her intricate designs and color...Her home is absolutely stellar as she is an amazing home-decorator with a deep love for her family and cozy haven. Mary’s work is said to be “cute,” “nostalgic,” and “whimsical.” She looks deep within as she creates each and every item she has brought  forth into fruition. Many of her creations evolve around faith, love, trust, esteem and spirit. It’s been said that ; “It seems as if a magic wand has touched all of Mary’s work.”…Its enchanting and fun, bringing forth ample smiles and loads of laughter. 🙂   In this blog, I would like  to share some ideas of Mary Engelbreits style for your kitchen.

I can’t imagine life without  the gift of color. Mary’s  creative style is by far, the most chromatic of any decorating artist I have ever seen…  (This is one of her originals.)    Get ready to “get COLORFUL.” 🙂 ME104


THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone


“Beauty without ‘colour’ seems somehow to belong to another world.” ~ Murasak Shikibu

“Blueness doth express Trueness.” ~ Ben Johnson

“Mere color unspoiled by meaning and unallied  with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“Colors, like  features, follow the changes of emotion.” ~ Pablo Picasso

“Color creates, enhances, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting.” ~ Kiff Holland

” The color green brings relaxation, red, evokes passion, blue creates tranquility, (lowers your blood pressure,) 🙂 Orange and Purple are known to bring forth a regal, luxurious mood, Yellow inspires joy, and lastly, white is a fresh beginning, new page and purity.”

Before we begin taking our kitchen tour, here are a few of Mary Engelbreit’s pieces of artwork, along with her favorite quotes.



This one is my favorite! What a great pout!ME503

To get a taste of Mary’s own personal style and expertise, here are a few photos of her dining rooms, the rooms that partner her beloved Kitchen.

This is one dining room that I would love to be on the “guest list ” for… With her combinations of soft white, rich blues and highlights of greens and yellows, this  rooms patina is fabulously picturesque, refreshing yet exceedingly warm with a winning and inviting ambiance.Rainbow5

This photograph was taken of her formal dining room... The portraits  of her children, (what a fabulous idea,) the profound and unique ceiling with all of its articulate design and elegance, along side the hanging chandelier, stenciled artwork on the jocose yellow walls as well as the fireplace, amongst this refined and stunning dining table, creates a heart-stopping and par -excellence aureole and spirit.  This room beckons “fine dining…” Raibow4


As we begin our ‘peregrinate’ of these winsome and creative kitchens,  there is no doubt that you will be able to tell right off the bat, which ones are inspired by Mary, one hundred percent, and the ones that are a mixture of Mary Engelbreit’s style a long with a more  traditional kitchen, shabby chic, country cottage or vintage theme. The wonderful thing about all of these colorful kitchens is that Mary Engelbreit’s decor and  vivacious style, will blend in perfectly, only enhancing the liveliness of each room.

Lets begin our whimsical kitchen adventure with:FR121

Who would have ever thought that a kitchen corner could look so romantic, amiable and polished? I love the way M.E. has mixed elegant, soft pastel colors amidst the checkered book collection, alongside delicate linens, (with her charming motif of ‘cherry’s,’) fresh flowers and an ivy topiary tree. This is an exquisitely crisp and  graceful kitchen counter.


What this kitchen needs is some more color, (knowing now what vibrant, bright colors do for our souls and mood,) 🙂  though it’s foundational yellow is soft and engaging. It is definitely a M.E. style with it’s cozy lines, artful cabinetry with large, sassy knobs, colorful decorative trinkets and the decorators sporty checkerboard baskets.  I have added below a few of Mary’s decor items that would bring this kitchen a tad bit more life and magic!


This tea pot looks like it came straight out of the “Mad-hatters” tea party! I love it!


These dishtowels look ‘far to lovely’ to even think about using them for dishes. 🙂 In our kitchen, they would be the ones that are “for display only!” 🙂 (I know you have those in your kitchen too.) (And I know your husbands forget , like mine and ‘breaks them in’ so they no longer look new and fresh.) 🙂


What a creative, simple and cheery M.E. designed house with a motley  garden.  🙂


Tea pots and pitchers are not only wondrous collectable items and lovely decor for your kitchen but they are functional as well… I love M.E.’s “cherry” motif on so many of her artistic pieces.



This M.E. style kitchen is a little vintage, yet modern with its marbled counter tops, and shiny wood flooring. I love the weathered green center – island along with the matching  aged, descending wooden pot rack. The pained windows are very charming and I really like the mixture of hues, (light wood and bright white,)  in the two toned dining table with the multicolored, artsy rug underneath. Again, I personally would add a little bit more of an accent color...the bold, vibrant  and color of passion… RED!


I have never seen a mix master so bright, cheery and alluring …If I had one of these, it would definitely be out on the counter top, 365 days a year, and yes, we’d use it…ALL THE TIME! 🙂


This M.E. designed pillow is chic and exceedingly classy…It would be a great addition, placed on all the dining room chairs to bring the colors of the rug out and create a lovely abundance of warmth.


I adore these bright and clever boxes…they can be used for recipes, photos, grocery lists, note pads, etc…This tea pot is adorably festive and again, is a gladsome decoration but also something that can be utilized daily.  M.E.’s watering can would come in handy in the summer and spring months and brings color and  charm to any room.


A novel and striking M.E. hutch for any kitchen…It’s bright, distinctive, gladsome and picturesque. (And according to the experts, very regal and luxurious with its red-orange color combination.) 🙂



Another jaunty and bright kitchen inspired by M.E., this kitchen and dining room duo is perfect  just the way it is… I would not add a thing. I love the pinks, blues and greens mixed together amongst a crisp white pained door, bringing in an abundance of sunshine.  This kitchen looks loved, lived in and very inviting for each of it’s guests.



Another prismatic M.E. kitchen.( I can always spot her originals, a mile away… 🙂  She  has such pleasant lines with her decor, and fills each kitchen with the perfect color combination alongside frolicsome nick knacks, without overwhelming our ‘eye gates’ or spirits.  I adore her mixtures of mirthful yellows, cherry reds and the bold, regal blacks.


This charming and galvanic hutch is a beautiful creation by Cherry Chick. It’s authentic   and  intricately hand  painted art-decor,  amidst all the animated accessories creates an ambiance of cheerfulness, felicity and a warm welcome to each of it’s guests. What a creative and enchanting corner! 🙂


These two ‘cucinos’ are both overflowing with charm, loveliness and winsome color… Yes, they are a bit on the small side, but very cozy and welcoming. Perhaps adding a M.E.  tea pot, a few matching decorator plates  or a small cheerful rug would be a wondrous  introduction of her ‘playful’ decor into these already perky rooms.


Floral rugs with stirring, lambent colors add so much beauty and completeness to our havens. I think I have a rug in every single room. It brings all the colors in the room together and adds ample warmth…(especially in the winter time, to your bare feet.) 🙂 I adore Mary’s “Queen of the Kitchen” motto.  I wonder if she is planning on making one for the “king” too? 🙂


This  predominantly yellow teapot is so cute…Serving tea from it would be quite  pampering.  This is M.E.’s “Scotty” dog as she calls him. You will see a lot of him as you look through her decor collections. He could be ‘dressed up’ for every occasion and season…I can already see him at Christmas time. He is adorable!



This ‘cuisine’ is unmistakeably an ideal foundation for a M.E. make-over. Already, it is charming, quaint and ‘picture-perfect.’ You know what they say about the color white?  It is the purest, freshest and serene color there is and it promotes new beginnings.   I love what Kiff Holland said in his quote above, (though he was specifically speaking about a painting, the same quote applies to everything we create with our signature  color pallet as we decorate our homes.) He says; “Colors CREATE, ENHANCE, REVEAL and ESTABLISHES the mood…   For this kitchen’s M.E. look, I would add a few pieces of her art work on the walls, some accent towels, a tea pot, a frolicsome cake plate and kitchen accessories to add  an abundance of stirring color. The hushed yellow and green are beautiful calming colors, but subjoining a few more hues would only enhance the overall warmth and sensation of this tasteful and graceful kitchen. ME318

One of Mary’s  artful signature fabrics… displaying a few of these accent towels would be lovely.


There is absolutely nothing as alluring as a bouquet of beautiful, fresh flowers. It lifts the spirit and makes your house smell divine. I adore this M.E. vase… It would match perfectly with the accent towels.


This artwork would look so classy in a regal black frame, with a golden yellow or  softened red matting. Her artwork is unlike anything I have ever seen…


These red kitchen canisters are so bright and inviting…a wonderful addition of  some “feel-good-JOY.” 🙂


Another drawing from M.E.. I could definitely see this nestled in an apple red frame with an eggshell white or pale golden yellow matting! (I love this quote!) 🙂


Here are a variety of motley, diverse and adorable tea pots…You could chose “which ever one fits your mood” the day you serve your delicious, calming tea. 🙂 (If you host a a ladies Tea, you could display each pot with a different flavor of tea!) 🙂


A beautiful M.E. cake made by her bakery nearby. (I don’t know if I would ever cut into it, its so pretty! 🙂 It even matches the cake plate!



Because M.E. ‘s kitchens contain an abundance of black, red and whites, this kitchen- dining room already embodies  her animated look.  This room looks like it is a mixture of Victorian, romantic country cottage and a hint of shabby chic…but I think some of M.E.’s bright and garish decor items would look wondrous and add an abundance of charm.


M.E.’s canisters are simple yet inventive and aesthetic.


You can never go wrong with decorative plaques and pictures on your counter tops or shelves, especially if they’re designed by M.E. ! 🙂


Another enchanted cake along with a lovely decorative table book…I enjoy displaying my coffee table books with ample photographs and I always open it to a page with a bounty of color to add some charm to my room!


M.E.’s “Scotty”dog… Isn’t he just ‘to cute.’ 🙂




What an adorable, warm kitchen… the dreamy and muted yellows amidst the rich navy blue is exquisite… I wouldn’t change this room at all…perhaps just  take some of the flowers out and add a few of  M.E.’s artistic decor….ME41

Two  beautiful accent pieces for this adoring kitchen, bringing out both the yellow and blue tones. Very lovely!


I love these diverse, frolicsome teapots. For all of you ‘teapot connoisseurs’ , you could use a different  teapot every day from your M.E. collection!


This serving piece is not only serene and rainbow colored, but it would be perfect to bring together the colors of this ‘cucino.’


You  can never have ‘too many’ rugs! 🙂



This hutch is undoubtedly a perfect match for any M.E. kitchen. It’s rainbow of vibrant colors, opalescent decorative plates, magical lights and unique and enchanted architecture is picture-book and fun loving in it’s aureole and semblance. I love it!


This M.E. Kitchen needs no introduction….It’s just MARY! I love it!


I don’t know what it is about all of these whimsical, cozy and luxurious, softened  yellow kitchens that are so alluring… This romantic and winsome kitchen is not only inviting, but it stirs the heart to relax and spend a few relish-able and dulcet hours getting refreshed…have a hot cappuccino, bake some toll-house cookies, make that, long over due phone call to your best friend who lives across the United states or give your self a manicure. 🙂  It’s so lovely…Some of M.E.’s decor items would bring some more color, but this kitchen is already winning. 🙂


Staying with the blues, yellows and delicate, crisp  whites, I would only add a hint of  the colors blue, red and green.


Both the ‘country’ look of the inspired bird house, and the regal, elegant  halo of  the casserole dish, would add ample character as well as warmth to this “Cuisine.”


This M.E. wall decor  exudes felicity and joy!


This throw pillow would look beautifully picturesque sitting upon each of the dining chairs ! It’s colorful, clever and blithe. This M.E. artwork would look stunning in a bright white  frame  with a light, sage green or hushed rose colored matting! Both lovely and aesthetic additions for your kitchen.



Introducing another five star ‘cuisine.’ This kitchen could either stay exactly the same, as it looks so eloquent, or I could see it being a perfect as well as fabulous foundation to switch-over to a M.E. look…again, just by adding some of Mary’s signature colors and decor…  What do you think?


Perhaps adding a set of M.E.’s dinnerware or her kaleidoscopic decorative plates for the quaint built in plate shelves, a few throw pillows and some of her decorative kitchen accents would bring about a new, bouncy and playful tone.


This designer pillow is exhilarating! I absolutely adore the way Mary uses the color black throughout many of her creations, adding the exact amount of accent colors to bring forth such cozy, life like and buoyant decor.



This beautiful painting, (a true ‘visual gift’ to the eyes,) is a treasure. Placed in a white frame with a golden yellow matting would look superb on the wall or a smaller version of it placed on your counter top.  Again, this M.E. “Cherry motif” watering can is charming!



Here is another picture perfect background for M.E.’s style…the black and white checkered flooring is ideal for many of her black and red decor items. Being that this kitchen is  blessed with an eat-in kitchen, displaying M.E.’s dinnerware would be ideal!   What an inspiring gift for the soul… I can in-vision many a wondrous, gourmet meals with family and friends, gathering around this vintage table or  the gleefulness of playing table games with the kids…


M.E.’ everyday china is so lovely and exudes color, nostalgia and gladness. I love her special celebration “birthday plate.”


These designer pillows are felicitous and creative…They would undoubtedly add plenty of smiles, conversations and warmth to this room.


For the Vintage bench, this vertical, adorably designed pillow would be charming.  ME718

Adding M.E. matching “Cherry ” china pieces would add ample color and bring forth a gladsome atmosphere.


This M.E. painting would be captivating in a sage green frame with a muted yellow or a cranberry red matting.



VIVID…WARM…PICTURESQUE and ENTRANCING!!  I adore the blue and soft rose accent colors. Again for the M.E. ‘look’, I would add some throw pillows, artwork, wispy cookware and Mary’s dinner plates as my place settings on this fetching eat-in table.  IK45

M.E.’s decor brings sunshine into every room. I know it would make my disposition cheerful to wake up to breakfast every morning on this resplendent china. 🙂


This cross stitch, with a wealth of Mary’s signature colors and favored quote would bless any kitchen with grace and hospitality.


The serene blue shades in these kitchen accents are not only alluring but amiable and warm. The designer throw pillows would be so cozy, adorning  each of the dining chairs. ME610ME719


Who wouldn’t simply adore cooking in this spacious and ethereal kitchen? With it’s splendor and timeless appeal, graced with the classy pastel yellows, greens and hues of rose, amongst the scholar green and cream colored checkerboard flooring, its  not only captivating, but entrancing. By adding M.E.’s brilliant blacks, earthy greens, along  with some hints of blue, this ‘cuisine’ would resemble a doppelganger of an original M.E. designed kitchen. 🙂  IK36

This is one of M.E.’s spring bunnies. She is so adorable and would be a beautiful added piece of ‘charm’ and ‘grace’ for this kitchen.


This charming birdhouse, relished artwork and signature mug would not only lower your blood pressure, 🙂  but actually bring a smile to your face. Have you ever seen such “happy and felicitous” home decor?


Again, here is what I’ve  nicknamed, “the Mad Hatters” teapot! It is eloquent amidst the blue china and linen tablecloth and would look “simply marvelous” in this kitchen. 🙂


This kitchen’s coveted spaciousness would allow for a few chairs to be added. (Not only for their warm decor but for guests to sit and have a cup of coffee with you while your creating your ‘masterpiece.’ 🙂 This clever and polychromatic throw pillow would be a welcomed addition to each chair.  I just adore this novel, yellow and black teapot!



This is an M.E. Original! This back-splash mural tile for behind the stove top is absolutely breathtaking.  Mixing the pastel pink, miniature squared tile amongst the checkered black cookware is not only clever but imaginative and sublime. I adore the repetition of the ‘large knobs’ throughout this kitchen. ( Gracing the cookware and cabinets.)  It is absolutely innovative, ingenious and enchanting.


Another M.E. magical design… Remember when I said earlier that you can always   spot her original work a mile away? 🙂 It’s so true! There is only one M.E. out there! 🙂  IK29


This striking and dulcet kitchen is very charming and cozy. It’s a bit darker than the ‘cucino’s’ we’ve been looking at, but I like it’s warm and tasteful set up. This chic kitchen could easily be transformed into a M.E. styled kitchen…  All you would need are a few additions! I would keep the variety of blue tones in this kitchen, as well as the serene yellows…perhaps add a little bit of green, red and brown.  Even the M.E. bold and heroic black would  look nice in this room .IK16

This kitchen addition is brilliantly aesthetic… I love her mixture of the rich,deep brown and princely black, with the rainbow of colors in her artistic painting. I think I will show my husband M.E.’s online store and give him a little ‘hint’ for my next birthday! 🙂


This is a great pillow for this kitchen with it’s royal and baronial colors…it also matches the plate above.. 🙂  (It’s a great reminder quote as well for those days when we need an ‘attitude adjustment.’) 🙂


An opalescent, fashionable teapot, absolutely adorable “Scotty” dog painting and M.E’s framed artwork would all add  originality and lightheartedness to this kitchen.


Who can resist a M.E. designer rug or her lifelike “Scotty dog” in sophisticated pewter?



Here we go again, meeting up with another warm and cheery yellow kitchen. (Shades of yellow must be very popular right now! ) 🙂  This kitchen is not only polished and amiable but favorably soothing to both the soul and eyes.  It embodies plenty of room for bright and welcoming decorative items… I love the yellow amidst the bright white with hints of green and brown. Perhaps a few touches of red would be rhapsodic?   I adore kitchens that have the dining room table within the same room… It makes it possible for your decor style to winsomely ‘spill over’ to all the lovely and seasonal  table settings you will undoubtedly have over the year. This looks like a happy , felicitous and FUN kitchen.


Here are two examples of “adding some decorative red” to your room. I love Mary’s adorable and creative pitcher. 🙂



This brilliant needlepoint picture would look stunning framed and hanging upon the kitchen wall. One of my favorite hobbies, (when I have time,) is working on a needlepoint pillow or picture. (It is wondrously De-stressing!) 🙂 The Christmas stockings we make, tea cozy’s or framed artwork we display within our homes, have much more meaning than a store bought version and they creatively add depth and wonder within our homes.


Here are some more delightful kitchen touches from M.E.. These almost look a bit Vintage to me…very nostalgic and Wimsey.


This play- some and gleeful pillow would bring life and vivid hues to the dining chairs. (It also is a fantastic “reminder quote” for our everyday life! ) 🙂  Fresh flowers in a creative homemade vase amongst a matching container for kitchen scissors, note pads for grocery lists, pens and pencils, or a needle and thread for quick fixes,  are not only convenient but cleverly decorative as well.



Our last kitchen has beautiful cherry wood cabinetry and woodwork which creates an extreme warmth and augustness. It is a smaller ‘cucino,’ yet has plenty of cooking space and ample room for some ‘magical’ decor.  Lets see what would liven this room up a little…ME19

Perhaps a  M.E. winsome throw rug for the kitchen floor along with a beautiful decorative plate for the wall or nestled in the cabinets above the counter top would add a bit of imagination and color to this ‘cucino’


I think Mary’s signature ‘cherry china pieces’ would add an abundance of charm as well as a playful attitude to this tasteful kitchen.


I love Mary’s unique quote…(I think about it every time I see her cherry decor.) 🙂

“Life is just a chair of bowlies.” One of those ‘slip of the tongue things we say’…My husbands is, “Has Graham had his flic and tea medication today?”  (Meaning Flea and Tic meds.) 🙂  Those are the things that bring about such hearty laughter…


More wondrous “Cherries!” The lively and diverse sized bowls on the left are created by Cherry Chick. This artist’s work is undeniably fetching…I love the mix and match, poignant  colors as well the blithesome designs.  M.E.’s dinner plate is sanguine, warm and evokes a cozy, welcoming ambiance.  With the work of these artists, you can be sure you will have an inviting and beautiful table setting! 🙂


M.E.’s artwork is extremely tasteful and inventive, and at times a bit diverse. Both of these pieces are lovely…the black and red  vase, evokes a laid back, happy go lucky ambiance, where as the hushed yellow and rose water pitcher is elegant, feminine and delicate. Either one would enhance this delightful kitchen.



I don’t know about you but I feel like I need a new pair of eye glasses! :) (My eyes have beheld so much gorgeous COLOR, they are feeling a bit blurred.)  🙂  I have experienced a diversity of emotions  as I have put together this blog, as the colors have truly ‘moved’ me. 🙂  I have also smiled, laughed, felt nostalgic and joyful! I can only imagine if M.E.’s collections and  decor were around me all the time,  how it would liven up each day. 🙂  Enjoy creating your new kitchen, no matter what  decor style you choose… I love to switch my rooms around to bring forth new emotions  as well as diverse ambiances… I must admit, I am  tempted with many new ideas from all of these ‘kitchen blogs.’   I hope you have enjoyed them all as much as I have.


I want to share and recommend a few of Mary Engelbreit’s books that I have enjoyed reading time after time… (Some days, I just want to look at the gorgeous, creative pictures. ) 🙂



In ending this blog, I would like to leave you with my own recipe, (though I am sure M.E.’s version is absolutely scrumptious,) for Hawaiian Banana nut bread. This confection is delicious right out of the oven with melted butter. 🙂 It freezes well and is one of my husbands and families favorites! ENJOY!


My ‘Punahele,’ Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread.   Punahele means “Favorite ” in  the Hawaiian language! 🙂 This would be a choice, delicious and welcoming confection to serve for your guests and family with a pot of tea, in your newly decorated  M.E. Kitchen… 🙂



3 cups of  all purpose flour, 3/4 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. baking soda, 2 Cups of sugar, 1-2 tsp. of cinnamon, 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts, 3 eggs, beaten, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 1 cup of coconut,  2 Tbsp. of vanilla extract, 2 cups of ripened and soft bananas, 1 (8 oz.) can of crushed pineapple, drained.

Preheat your oven to 350. Grease two 9×5 baking pans. In a large bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients. ( The flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and cinnamon. ) Stir together. In a second large bowl add all of your moist ingredients… (The 3 eggs already beaten, oil, mashed bananas, vanilla and coconut. ) Mix well until blended.

Fold your moist ingredients after blended into your dry ingredients, stir until blended. Fold in nuts and pour into your two greased pans… Bake for 60 minutes or until a toothpick or knife inserted into your bread comes out clean. You do not want to over cook this bread… so watch and test it carefully from 45 minutes on… Every ones ovens are different. 🙂 When done, allow to cool for about 15 minutes and then remove from the pans. I always give the first slice to my husband, hot with melted butter…He loves it with his lattes. 🙂 It’s a delicious, healthy and felicitous bread!

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