What “Living Winsomely is all about.”

Welcome to my blog site Living winsomely. I am a  believer that our homes are our castles and our hearts snuggery. They are our safe harbor, warm cozy place of refreshment and a berth where beauty can surround us everyday, soothing our souls and spirits.ritz107 As we create the dreams  within our hearts and bring them to life in each room, they add bliss and comfort to our lives and a place of repose and tranquility to every guest who enters our doors.  There is such a wealth of ways to bring forth an abundance of beauty within our ‘safe havens. My desire is to share these ideas with you as we begin this journey together.

Whether it be your Antebellum dining room, woodsy, warm, window filled office or captivating bedrooms that evoke an invitation for romance, refreshing and pampering to the soul, there are a bounty of ways to begin your peregrination to make your home the most inviting, alluring and resplendent home ever. B-4

My goal in creating this website is to share with you, each reader, some of my imaginative adaption’s of esteemed traditions in which I hope will inspire you as you create your own lovely and stunning home.

Within my blog site ‘Living winsomely,’ I will explore with you an abundance of ideas of how to create the home of your dreams. All the way from fragrances, lighting, floral arrangements, furniture formations, color schemes, fabrics, room themes, music, cuisine, and delightful party ideas, making your guests (as well as yourself,) feel comfy and pampered. I will also implement some great ideas on how to quickly change your home around with items you already possess if you are desiring a ‘new look.’


Along with the myriad of decor ideas, I want to share how to create a more beautiful life. Your home is the sanctuary where all of your old and new ‘feel good’ memories and quiet joys tarry. I love to bring out that joy everyday and live within it, creating a more beautiful life for myself and our family. Whether learning to cook new cuisine  with your significant other, (we adore the food channel,) having breakfast in bed as Z-55you unabashedly take an hour or two to read the newspaper or watch your favorite classic movie, you can create your own pampered hours. How about making your home a weekend vacation retreat with using your best china, crystal and linens,  lighting a sundry of candles, not answering the phone or door bell and hiding away in your little cache, enjoying one another, (or just using the time for yourself if you live alone,) to bring forth refreshing and rejuvenation. A few other ideas… create a chimera-vision box with articles and photos of your dream homes, places you would love to travel, go to a High Tea at and the renowned eateries you would like to visit.  Create an eloquent setting under an alfresco canopy beneath your heroic trees, or amidst your flourishing garden…bringing forth a ‘sylvan charm’ as you read your novel and sip on your tea, robust coffee, lemonade or glass of Merlot.  Choosing to live a more beautiful life with my family has changed our lives in many positive ways.

anne geddes flower abiesbaby in the garden

Living a winsome life is like going back to our childhood days… where being adventurous, creative and full of life was a normal day! Now, as an adult, it takes a little more work to receive all the childhood gifts that once beheld us.The giggles and endless curiosity and learning of our years as a baby, the bounce, vigor and creativity of our ‘toddler season’ and the urge to throw a snowball, play games all night long and go on adventuresome journeys as we did in our youth.  🙂 It is all there, still available to us in a plenitude of forms as we create our days and surroundings.

I believe that cultivating beauty all around us, enjoying the pampering of all five senses and living life to the fullest each day, (as children do naturally) brings a richness and joy to our hearts and souls!

I hope this site inspires you to bring forth your dreams, whether through decor or the things you choose to engender more beauty and joy into your life.

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”~ Elizabeth Lawrence.

“It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.” Tom Robbinslittle_girl_briard3

Happy Creating!

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The Enchanted Kitchen

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if that is not ENCHANTMENT, then where is it to be found?” ~ J.B. Priestley” snow1

The professionals define enchantment as something that is  alluring, charming, magical, captivating, fascinating and charismatic. The spoken word  ‘enchantment’ itself,  evokes an abundance of emotions that are pleasing to our minds and souls…It reminds me of my childhood where many of the  fairytale books I read, romantic  movies I saw, (Cinderella, Sleeping beauty,)  or inspiring plays our family went to ,  always had magical, joyful and colorful characters along with a captivating story line. There are so many things in our life that are enchanting…the music we listen to, (like J.B quoted above,) the first fall of fresh white snow, the  night sky filled with a myriad of twinkling stars, the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, the prancing fireflies, the sound of thunder and rain, watching a garden grow from it’s very beginning, (eminently elated over each days growth,) r a new recipe that you create that  turns  out to be a Five star meal. 🙂   Another Enchanting part of our lives can be our homes…Perhaps just one room that you bring alive with magical, captivating decor, or your entire haven. The atmosphere around us, undoubtedly  carries a lot of influence on how we feel, think as well as our moods. I think  putting together an enchanting room would  not only  be fun but would challenge us in our “creativity department.” 🙂  Remember that’s the fun part! 🙂

“I don’t think of decorating as a science or discipline. People always say, ‘start with the rug,’ but it is often the last thing I end up selecting. I BEGIN with whatever makes my heart sing.” ~ Katie Ridder


Yes, we are surrounded by a myriad of stirring, gallant and exquisite ‘ideas’ for beautiful home decor, but it is your innate tastes and “favorite things,” that will bring about your home’s warmth and unforgettable ambiance.  Ask yourself a few questions…What surroundings make you feel happy inside? Fulfilled? Winsome? What is your signature style? Favorite colors? What type of home decor is aesthetic and eye-catching to your soul? One of the decorating themes I love to use, actually comes from the ‘muse’ of my favorite childhood stories…Especially the tales of Peter Cottontail, Brer rabbit and Beatrix Potter’s, Peter rabbit. YOU’VE HEARD  of the “Enchanted Forest?”…the place where the trees have eyes and roam amongst the lush woodlands? The flowers sing delightful melodies and the fireflies sparkle, radiate and dance among the willow branches all year long… 🙂 In my ‘Maritime Home’ vignette, I illustrated how you could ‘steal away’ some of the natural beauty of the sea  and allow it to reside within your own home…In doing so, you bring forth a portion of the romance, mystique and legends of the ocean, right into your own berth with your bethnic, decorating style. The same is true of the enchantments of the timberland, the stories of our youth, the magic, wonder and  delight we experienced every night, as our moms, dads or grandparents read story after story to us and our soaring imaginations took us into each Folklore’s land, and into their lives until we fell asleep and dreamt we were really there. 🙂


For this Blog, I would like ‘to introduce some ideas,’  using one of my favorite combinations of decor, which is bunny rabbits and the beauty of nature, to create “The Enchanted Kitchen.” This blog will be filled with ideas from the magical tales and legends we grew up with. A kitchen filled with bunnies, flowers, a rainbow of colors and charming accents such as dollhouses, decorative plates, recherche’ wreaths, dried flowers, ‘rabbit lamps,” bird houses and nature’s beauty at it’s best!


Whether real life or animated, the rabbit and it’s baby bunnies are a gift to nature as well as our souls. It is known that the hinterland, (the great outdoors) and it’s bounty of rainbow colors, brings forth comfort, serenity, calmness and joy. It makes us happy…how can one not be fortuitous when driving through a French countryside where all  the diverse hues and shapes of bonny flowers cover the hills. It is a site to see…beauty, in its rare, natural form. (Like they say, “The Handiwork of God.” )


ME43Bunnies 6

In creating a kitchen with adorable rabbits in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, along with the magic of nature and childhood nostalgia, you will find that this combination will bring forth charm, allurement and JOY! It’s a reminder of spring and the playful months. It represents new life and new beginnings, even when wintry weather is right outside our front doors. You can dress your kitchen bunnies up for the autumn season with the brilliant, fall colored leaves and garlands. At Christmas time, using top hats and red roses are alluringly festive as well as lush green garlands festooned around their chubby necks with bright, cherry red berries. (The same is true of your accent pieces that surround your bunnies.)  I have been using bunnies to decorate with for many years and never have ‘grown out of love’ with their sheer, charming magic. 🙂 Truly, they gladden my soul!  Sometimes, I give them a rest, but whenever they are taken down out of the attic, dusted off and placed out amongst our home, I feel like our little haven is filled with color, magic and a fairy-tale like ambiance. In this blog, we are going to be decorating one room and that is your kitchen. Whether you enjoy decorating your kitchen in blue and white, a maritime theme, French Country, Vintage or Italian decor, most kitchens are agreeable with these little guys, but we will look at a few  kitchens, especially ready for their arrival. 🙂

Here are a few facts about  REAL LIFE rabbits and nature that you may not know…

A male rabbit, like a male deer is called a Buck…Can you guess what a female rabbit is? A Doe. The babies?…they are named after someone very special to me…a Kit. 🙂

Rabbits and bunny’s actually purr just like a cat. (So, if you ever have a pet rabbit and do not have a kitty,) when you hear that ‘purr’ sound in the middle of the night, don’t think you are hearing unworldly things, it’s your bunny.  🙂 Pet rabbits can live to be 10-12 years old. They are so cute and cuddly, they just have a Brobdingnagian amount of  continuous droppings, and can be hard to keep up with. 🙂 (Yes my sister and I once adopted two very large rabbits as house pets…Our carpet was never the same… 🙂 But, they can, if you have the time, be potty trained. 🙂   They have exceptional senses. If you ever see a bunny with it’s ears up and eyes open, KNOW that they are not in danger...that is what they do when they are happy and at peace. When they are not tranquil and serene and are being pursued by one of their predators,  sly foxes, dogs, hawks, raccoons and eagles, (even if one of their enemies doesn’t lay a hand on them,) they can die instantaneously. Yes, rabbits can be literally, scared to death! That’s daunting!

Connecting with nature, ( the bucolic countryside, baronial timberland or it’s galvanic critters,) not only brings your life  BEAUTY and WINSOMENESS but it can significantly boost your mood. Did you know that nature also lowers your blood pressure?  Flowers, especially in pastel colors, bring our souls serenity, calmness and well being. So, I figure that if you decorate with some of natures beauty and gifts as well as bunnies, you will  benefit in several ways…you will be fulfilled with a beautiful kitchen, feel more peaceful and joyful in your life as well as be nurtured by the special comforts and memories of your childhood. 🙂

Tell me you are not smiling after you see this next picture….:) bunny1

Here are our favorite childhood bunnies… All the fun-loving little critters we grew up with, either on the movie screen or in our bed time stories that were such a  comfort to our souls and helped us to enter into slumber-land sooner. 🙂 My grandmother must have told me  the renowned Uncle Remus tale of Brer Rabbit  over 100 times…Who can forget Peter Cottontail, Alice and Wonderland’s ‘White Rabbit,” The Velveteen Rabbit, (excellent lesson in that story,)  🙂 “Rabbit” in Winnie the Pooh, Thumper in the classic ‘Bambi,’ Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and the prestigious “Harvey” with James Stewart.



THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

I love these wonderful quotes about natures divine worth as well as the wisdom about  a few of our favorite creatures! 🙂

“Until one has loved an animal, apart of ones soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

” How strange that nature does not knock and yet does not intrude.” ~ Emily Dickinson

“Wait…I’m getting a signal.” ~ Bunny with ear up.bun3

“An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber

“If you chase two rabbits, you will loose them both.” ~ A Native American saying

“Oh Honey Bunny…” ~ Jessica Rabbit bun2

“It is a perversely human perception that animals in their native habitat are running wild.” ~Robert Brandt


This is one of my favorite quotes from The Velveteen Rabbit.vr

“I can enjoy society in a room, but out of doors, nature is company enough for me.” ~ William Hazlett

“The Poetry of the earth is never dead.” ~ John Keats

Are you ready to begin creating your Magical Kitchen?

I chose these kitchens for two of your backgrounds with your “Enchanted Kitchen” theme, as  they have ample space as well as some ‘nooks and crannies‘ to give your rabbits a snug home. These two kitchens have an abundance of different shades of white, (egg shell, off white, creamy whites and a pillowy beige – white,) in the marbleized counter tops, thus bringing about “the perfect color foundation” for the bunny decor below. Your elfin ‘mise-en-scene’ will only highlight and enhance the ambiance and patina of your kitchen. Both of these ‘cucino’s’ have excellent color palette’s.


This is one of my favorite rabbits…he is very colorful, confident and a bit on the formal side. Perhaps placing a kaleidoscopic wreath, an antiquated doll house, a bunny lamp as well as an accent towel would bring forth a bit of allurement and wonder to these kitchens. To introduce the beauty of nature, maybe some topiary trees, flowers  and other ‘critters’ of the forest!  I hope these ideas inspire you with your current kitchen, or for your future kitchen …(The ‘cucino’ of your dreams.)  🙂


This wreath, (also easy to make,) blends in perfectly with the colors of the rabbit, don’t you think?



This “bunny lamp” is not only authentic and fabulously blithesome, it will add a lovely romantic lighting to your kitchen. They have soft amber, low wattage  light bulbs now that create such a warm ambiance in any room. (I just got two, one for my living room and the other for the kitchen.)  I love their soothing touch.



This red plate would look riveting in the kitchen with the red accents…along with all the adorable and engaging  pewter squirrels. 


I like this wreath with it’s natural, woodsy and subtle appeal.  It brings froth a a novel and august beauty.


Adding greens in different shapes, textures and shades  will bring a wealth of  charm to your room. Don’t forget, green is  the color of LIFE… 🙂


These are so adorable. I place my stuffed bunnies in a chair, (almost like I would a designer pillow.) What an adorable pair… These two characters would look great in the kitchen with the red accents.


Here is another warm and hypnotic kitchen for your magical theme. This lovely and alluring kitchen is perfect for an ‘Enchanted Forest’ ambiance as it already embodies a multitude of  the soft and lulled colors of nature…It actually resembles a little cottage with it’s charming architecture, captivating whites and gorgeous wood flooring. I adore all the little shelves and spaces where your rabbit decor could be placed above the stove and  upon the center Island. This kitchen is stunning!kitchencottage

I  would choose the bright color of the  white wood, a soft yellow with hints of pastel rose as well as shades of green for this kitchen’s color palette. The choice and top-notch bunny for this Kitchen would be one that embodies this rooms brilliant and tasteful cottage look.  I also would add some cabbage style bowls and plates, (whether on plate stands upon a shelf or hanging on the wall with plate hangers,)  perhaps a few multicolored adventuresome bird houses, another rabbit themed lamp,accent towels and some hints of nature.



Adding cabbage designed plates or bowls in pastel colors is very charming as well as alluring… I especially prefer the rose and  green tones mixed together for this theme.


This kitchen decor is so clever, life like, BRIGHT, cheery and  very creative!




This quaint and adorable Boyd’s bunny is a ‘must have’ in any room , especially on the kitchen counter or nestled in a kitchen chair. She is so romantic and whimsical… She makes me smile!



This beautiful kitchen is a perfect ‘cucino’ for creating “magic.”  It’s lovely butter cream yellow, combined with the soft whites and hard wood flooring brings forth a nurturing and enveloping room. It’s light, airy, tasteful and embodies plenty of space to decorate.


The ‘choice’ bunny for this kitchen would be one that has a hint of yellow, ( enhancing the light, sunny walls,)  as it would set your color scheme in motion. Adding an animated picture, a romantic, petite dollhouse, some flower baskets, topiary bunnies, a  quaint lamp, and few small  rabbits upon the window sill, would most certainly  give this kitchen that “enchanted ambiance.”


This is also an actual ‘rabbit lamp.’ It has a subtle, soft light, glowing  from within and adds an eminently enchanting and cordial ambiance. He is adorable! (He would also make a great ‘night light.’)  🙂


This animated picture would be absolutely striking, framed in a light wooden frame with a white, pale green or light rose colored matting. It alone, embodies a ‘magical’ and playful ambiance.


Our years  spent in Arizona became my “introduction season” to ‘learn’ how to bring forth a winsome home, create beauty through crafts, stretch my wings at decorative painting and to be honest with you, it was one of the happiest times of my life.  This was my first kaleidoscopic flower basket I had ever made and I was “Oh so proud.” It would look great in the center island of this enchanted kitchen.  (Leave the over sized bunny for a ‘much larger’ room. 🙂 (Though she would look really cute sitting up in a bay window with motley , fluffy pillows.) 🙂


Topiary trees add the beautiful green of nature and these bunny’s are so darn cute!


Another type of flower basket to add would be one with ample buttercup yellow flowers mixed with another of natures bounties, ‘baby chicks.’ I love this basket, (the green moss is an ‘upbeat’ addition,) very animated and life like. Like the kitchen, its wispy, light and delicate.


Dreamy, beckoning and fairytale-like. ! I love it!


These bunnies would look splendid upon the window sill…giving you added charm at every turn.


This is a great idea for a center piece for the center island in this kitchen. The idea of the topiary bunnies within a flowering pot is a great foundation…You could add some tall flowers, a miniature birdhouse or little bunnies on a stick and use green moss instead of the shredded paper. The finished product would bring forth a brilliantly, sanguine addition for your animated ambiance.


This next “cuisine” as the French would say for  the word ‘kitchen,’ is distinctive, companionable, rich and warm in color and the lavished, polished woods are alluring to say the least.  I adore the overhead lighting, the eat in bar around the center island and it’s spaciousness is ingenious for your magical look.


The color palette I would choose for this kitchen would be gold or amiable yellows, mixed with a very subtle, pastel grey, light hue of rose and different shades of green. (And of course, use the highlights of black and white to tie in the appeal of this quaint kitchen.) The bunny, (or bunnies ) would need to be colorful yet resplendent and heartwarming as well.


There is nothing like a fetching birds nest amongst an array of majestic flowers to bring the glorious theme of ‘nature’ into your room.bl27Bl41Bl38

A few of these rabbit  throw pillows would be wonderful for the black, artful bar stools in this ‘cuisine.’


I adore this bunny lamp…It is not only classy but the colors are so vibrant and charming!


A great dish for assorted potpourri’s or candies…even filling this bowl with small sea shells would be a soothing and refreshing added touch.


Here are some great artful concepts for table settings…I love all the creative napkin ideas. These are great colors for this kitchen.


How about a kitchen with warm layers of shades of green already incorporated in the kitchens foundation. If you currently have a green and white kitchen, you are already ‘half way there’ in your preparation for a magical enchanting ambiance.  This particular kitchen is a French country ‘cuisine,’ (as they call it,)  but its’ decor of roosters, ( the French’s national symbol,) can easily be exchanged with your relished displays of natures colorful bounty as well as your kitchens new guest of honor, the “whimsical  bunny.”) 🙂  I will be illustrating  some “Bunny” Back-splashes for your stove tops later on in this blog…a new way to add the ‘decor of your choice,’ to your kitchen.


Lets begin our decor with the eye-catching , “center of attention.” Your rabbit! For this ‘cucino,’ I think going with a color palette of diverse greens, antique reds and a splash of blue amongst the whites would be a great choice. This guy is way to cute! 🙂


These would be great accents, adding more hues of green and soft creamy whites. (Both very whimsical and dreamy.)


Another bright, clever and felicitous decorative item.


Charming and warm… Very easy to create and yet it looks like it took hours! 🙂


In this case, less is more. 🙂 He’s so adorable! (Okay, maybe add a bright yellow bow around his chubby neck…)


Whether you choose fresh or dried flowers, both are notably enhancing to any room in your home as they add texture and color and are a beautiful, whimsical  decorative item.


A throw pillow,  cozily nestled in a chair, always adds texture, layers and warmth…These pillows are  especially amiable and welcoming…I enjoy all the lovely, vibrant  colors and their faces are so life like, playful and cute. (The kind of ‘cute’ where you want to ‘pinch their cheeks.’ ) 🙂


Don’t underestimate some wondrous and delectable baked good around your kitchen to bring your theme even further home… These are so cute and I bet they  taste out of this world!


You can never go wrong with a Beatrix Potter plate. What an talented artist. 🙂


This next kitchen is so warm, rustically inviting and filled with hospitality. It creates a very welcoming home for  your ‘whimsical and enchanted bunny.’


The main color scheme of this room is definitely the charming mixture of vintage and French Country woods with some accent colors of green, reds and butter cream yellows. This center piece is breathtaking, winning and top-notch, I absolutely want one! FR46

A few more ideas to add color and warmth to your ‘place of creation,’ your kitchen,


These additional flower pots are bright, chic and motley… “Colors are the smile of nature.” ~ Leigh Hunt…


This would be a great throw pillow for the kitchen chairs… It’s creative, artful and original.



This delightful kitchen is bright, cheery and overflowing with warmth.  The color scheme I would go with would be  a myriad of shades of blue, green and white, with accent colors in tones of buttery yellows and romantic- vibrant reds, with a touch of ‘pewter’ to add some classiness.  The blue tile in this kitchen is refreshing and alluring, warmed by the soft, golden wood cabinetry.  Beautifully winning!


Let’s choose the right Rabbit! I am thinking a shiny and animated bunny upon a red ‘hatbox.’ What do you think?


Decorating with  pewter rabbits is another refined and baronial addition to your “Enchanted Kitchen.”


This elfin, enchanting miniature house would look captivating on the counter top, enhancing your fairytale ambiance.


This adorable glass tableaux would be a beautifully added touch to this kitchen’s center island with it’s hushed, pastel colors of nature and animated characters.


Filling up the recherche’ and quaint blithesome cabinets with a soft and artful collection of rabbit  plates is a wonderful addition for your kitchen.


This plate would look great on a plate stand on the counter top…theses plates are all so beckoning, yet so diverse. . . Both would look gregarious and sublime in  this statuesque kitchen.


An enlivening , colorful and ‘eye-catching’ wreath would add ample warmth and texture to this charming kitchen.


What an original, docile and creative decor piece. Very lovely and creative. 🙂



Some accent towels with an abundance of reds would be a delightful addition.



I love the rustic, soft feel of this charming kitchen. There is not a lot of space, but the chopping block has an area below that is perfect for an enchanted display or perhaps a few bunnies on the counter tops. This room already looks magical and cozy…I would stick with the color palette of diverse  shades of blue grey, light brown and add a little bit of mirthful yellow and daring red for the accent colors.


This little guy still has his price tag on him. 🙂 If I were shopping, I’d take them both! They are so cozy, warm and snug…ideal for this kitchen.


The soft pewter plate and tan linen accent towel  are novel and yet admirably  hospitable.


These little casual guys would look marvelous atop the shelf…they are euphorically playful as well as diaphanous.



Your enchanted look would not be the same without some of natures  exuberant beauty…whether delicate birds nests or the vibrant greens in this charming rabbit and sylvan  floral basket …be sure to include them in your over all decor.



This kitchen is absolutely one of my favorites. It looks like a Kitchen in a popular TV sitcom show  like “Happy Days” or  a  heartwarming, Doris Day movie, where all you feel is a cordial invitation to stay, chat, have some coffee, a glass of wine and you have this instinctive feeling that any minute now, you are going to hear;  “Oh, you just have to stay for dinner.” This kitchen embodies an abundance of ‘built in’ charm… It’s just crying out for all  those rabbits to come and set up their residency there ! 🙂


In pondering over what  the color theme for this kitchen should be, I came up with a cheerful yellow,  a potpourri of brown tones, lively greens and an accent of  serene blues.   There is  plenty of space for your decor amongst the center – Island, a plate rack, a quaint shelf and an abundance of counter top space. These colors will add warmth and yet not be overwhelming.These brown tone bunnies would be ideal…I especially like the two bunnies with the umbrella…they would look very ‘dapper’ atop the center- Island with some fragrant as well as  vibrant yellow roses.


This mirror is perfect for the shelf over the stove. Mirrors not only create a sense of space, but they gorgeously reflect colors and light, bringing forth depth and richness into your room. I like what the decorator has done with the bunnies, soft ribbons and outdoorsy ambiance with this mirror’s display!


I adore having throw pillows in my rooms… Not only do they add charm, personality and color but  they beautifully reinforce your rooms theme as well.


These decorative bunny plates would look blissfully  regal in the mirthful and stunning white glass cabinets.


This is a magical, enthralling centerpiece for your enchanted theme. It would look entrancing as well as  sublime upon the polished and august center – island.


Magical! This would be a beautiful piece of artwork to frame for this kitchens wall…I would choose a white frame with a pale, blue or light tan matting. Don’t you just adore his face? (Now, if he were our pet, (like Grantham,) he would just have to look at me one time with those huge  brown eyes, (like Grantham’s,) and I would give him as many carrots as he wanted. 🙂


For those of you who love the more natural look, these bunnies are a delightful pare.


A gleeful, stuffed bunny looks so welcoming in a chair or atop a shelf. She would be perfect for this Marion Cunningham kitchen. 🙂Bun



I adore this galvanic, winsome and top-notch kitchen. It’s style is catching and  fabulously inviting. There is not as much space in this ‘cucino’ as in some of the others, however, the eat in table is a perfect place to  display a brilliant center piece to enhance your rooms enchanting ambiance.


Adding felicitous accent towels, a homemade bunny wreath with an abundance of green and white, along with the noble and quaint pair of magical rabbits would undoubtedly brighten this kitchen for your Picture-book patina.


This animated and stellar tableaux would  make for a choice and riveting center piece.



More colorful and alluring throw pillows.! You know my motto… More is more…You can never have too many  pillows…:)


These plates are so motley and chromatic…They would be a lovely addition to this kitchen…either  hanging on the wall or sitting upon plate stands.


These  adorable bunnies are so diverse in their colorings…I have never seen anything like them. I would place these on both sides of my kitchen sink!  🙂 (They even match the rabbit plates above beautifully!) Bl10


Lastly, for a fresh, crisp and pristine backdrop, an entirely white kitchen is galvanizing. It can be likened to a blank canvas…you get to choose the exact colors you want to bring forth for your rooms decor and style. This ‘cucino,’ festooned in our ‘enchanted theme’  will look absolutely marvelous, welcoming and winning. What would your color palette be?


You have plenty of ‘nooks and crannies,’ to display your elfin charm, a partial wall and amiable counter tops. Lets see what colors  would liven this quaint and ornate room up…

I have in mind a more ‘formal and regal look’…Adding soft shades of green along with the poppy red towels, would bring warmth as well as spirit  to this all white kitchen. I really like this inspiring, magical  bunny wreath. 🙂


These two rabbits with the table display of birds and flowers is eminently luxurious. I think it is an ideal centerpiece for the center – island table.


This multicolored, gorgeous bunny would be a graceful and charming centerpiece as well . It could also be placed on the counter top or in one of the nooks and crannies in the Center Island table. She looks regal, refined and royal!


Another exquisite tableaux for this explosively beautiful kitchen. I adore these tall white candle holders with the creamy yellow pillar candles on top.  It is so hard to decide… I love all three of them!


This little guy is a ‘must,’ with his top hat and cane. He is so full of personality and character.


It I was an animated , tiny, petite character, I’d take this house any day! 🙂


This piece of artwork would look divine, framed in a wooden frame with a pale, pastel rose color for the matting! How beautiful and opalescent.


This bunny is regal and courtly…proper and welcoming…He would make  a great  kitchen door stopper! 🙂 Did you ever think there would be so many bunny rabbits to choose from? I am sure you could find some of the Folklore bunnies, ( Peter Cotton Tail, Brer Rabbit, The velveteen rabbit etc…)  in either ceramic decor, glass or even stuffed rabbits…I prefer the diversity of all different types of bunny rabbits. Remember, as you are creating this “Enchanted Kitchen,” you get to choose whatever colors, bunnies, flowers, trees, whimsical houses and forest critters that you want!  




For those of you who have a stove top area that one of these Back-splash tile murals could be installed to enhance the beauty and theme of your room, here are some ideas for the “Enchanted Bunny kitchen.”



The repeated bunnies in the light sage green are resplendent. I adore the brown and light green one as well. Both of these Back- splash tiles are earthy, rustic and bring the outdoors glorious wonder into your kitchen.


This Back – splash tile looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland. It within itself is magical and enchanting!



If your little ones want to get in on all the excitement in creating this “Enchanted kitchen,” with you,  here are a few craft ideas for them… (All you need is paper plates, cotton balls, glue, pipe cleaners, yarn and construction paper. (A Michaels or Holly Lobby close by would be great too.) 🙂





Before I leave you with my  “Coconut carrot cake recipe,”  to bring this blog to a ” bunny-luscious finale,”)  🙂 I have to share with you something I found out as I researched for this particular writing on the “Enchanted Kitchen,” (with bunnies as the “star of the  show.”) 🙂

You have to meet Darius. (True Story.) I did a double-take when I first saw him, thinking it was a stuffed rabbit, but oh no…he is real. Darius is three years old and is the worlds largest bunny…he resides in the UK , is three years old, 4 feet, 3” long, weighs in at 50 pounds and is insured for 1.6 million dollars. He does not live in the wild…(He would never survive….) He has a beautiful home with an owner who dotes upon him and loves him very much. (I can certainly understand why.) 🙂

Darius, meet my readers, and readers, meet Darius! 🙂


Darius enjoying his afternoon snack. 🙂


The Continental Giant  and his friend over for a play date. 🙂 (Don’t roll over on her Darius… You are bigger than you think.) 🙂


Can you even believe this? Perhaps some of you already knew about this Gentle Giant….Boy would Graham love one of these as his play mate… 🙂 (Well, maybe?)

OK, I would not be honest if I did not say that as I researched  Darius, there was “breaking news” on another blog…” They now, have a new “winner.” With a diet costing his owner $90.00 a week. Another Bunnie from the UK, weighing in at 55 pounds and  one year older than Darius is Ralph. All I can say is “Wonders never cease to amaze me.” Here is Ralph and believe me, not even one of these rabbits stuffed would fit in any of these kitchens we have looked at together! 🙂

darius 2


If either one of these bunnies were  put on a diet of this carrot cake recipe  I am giving  you,  they would both be the ‘heavyweight championship bunnies of the universe.’ 🙂  It’s a very rich, moist, dense, delicious and ( mostly) a healthy cake. 🙂 Enjoy!!!



The Best Carrot Cake in the World! It’s bunny-luscious 🙂

You will need; 2 cups  all purpose (unsifted) flour, 2 ½ tsp. Baking soda, 2 tsp. Cinnamon ,  1 tsp. Salt, 1 cup oil, 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 1 can (8 oz) crushed pineapple in juice, 2 cups grated carrots, 1  cup shredded coconut,  and ½ cup chopped pecans.

Combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt in bowl, set aside.

In another bowl beat oil and eggs and sugar until well blended.  Add flour mixture, beat until smooth. Blend in remaining ingredients and pour into greased 10 inch tube pan or 13×9 inch pan. Bake at 350 for 50-55 minutes or until tester comes out clean. Allow to cool in pan then remove and frost.

Frosting, (This is the good part.) 🙂 You will need:

1 (3 oz) package cream cheese, 3 cups of powdered sugar, 1 cup shredded coconut,¼ cup butter + another ¼ cup of butter, 1 tsp vanilla and milk or half and half.

Saute coconut in butter until golden brown. Spread out on an absorbent paper, towel, allow to cool. Cream ¼ cup butter with cream cheese. Add 3 cups of powdered sugar alternatively with the milk  and vanilla, beating until smooth. Add half of your browned coconut and stir into frosting. After your cake is frosted, top with the remaining browned coconut! (I use  Coffee Mates liquid vanilla creamer and half and half cream instead of milk.I also use a tad bit more butter, creme cheese and coconut as well…(than is called for in the recipe.) 🙂

I just had to show you my “Mrs. Rabbit” from  the above writing,  sitting in her natural habitat when we lived in Arizona. She looked much more at home in our Living room, don;t you think?)  🙂




If you have any questions, give me a holler on my Contact page. 🙂

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Set Your Lilliputian Watches, and “Don’t be late.”

You are invited to a ‘day of fun, a tea pot full of laughter, a cup full of craziness, ambrosial cuisine and an abundance of childlike joy.’


There are so many delightful occasion’s to host a Tea for your friends or family! For instance, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, a celebration of the seasons, a farewell gathering, a promotion at work, a graduation and Valentines day. You really don’t have to have an occasion…perhaps it’s  your hearts  desire to  create a blessed day of pampering for those you love most in life.  There are also a myriad of Tea-themes…Your creative motif for your gathering could be fairytale stories, enchanted Tea’s, classic movies, your favorite TV show or famous novellas. The list goes on and on… Giving a Tea for your loved ones is actually a duel gift…it is a bestowal to them, as it gives  each guest an entire afternoon of beauty, blissfulness, delicious cuisine, savory teas, sweet treats, serene music, an abundance of fun, reverie and wondrous fellowship. For you, the hostess, you are blessed to heaven and back by doing this “fun, labor of love,” for the people you care most about! 🙂

You have heard it said that, “A picture paints a thousand words.” Here are a few beautifully photographed types of  Tea’s and their ‘themes’ to put away in your ” Ideas for giving a Tea” notebook. 🙂

This High Tea is a wondrous festivity that guests at the Ritz Carlton Hotel are blessed with.  If you do not feel up to “doing all the ‘fun work,’ ” as I call it, then going to a stellar and Five Star hotel Tea is an ideal way to still enjoy the charms  and utterly show-stopping ambiance of an afternoon filled with delightful indulgence.    ritz1

There are an abundance of Tea houses, (just like Coffee houses,) that will pamper and treat you like a princess…They even supply the winsome  ‘tea hats‘ for you. 🙂 This Tea is for little girls…it is so precious! (I love all the bright colors, animated hats and the layers, textures and brightly printed fabrics on the engaging tables. ) 🙂


This is what you would call a Royal and Formal tea in the 18th century… Both men and women attended, dressed in their “Sunday Best” as they enjoyed finger sandwiches, a delicious array of teas from the orient and sweet confections.

 by Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire

I am just guessing here, but this afternoon Tea theme looks like a celebration of the battle for ‘suffrage’ after  the women’s struggle for 72 years to vote was WON…known as the Flapper days, it was a time in our country, (like the Cindy Lauper song says,)  where girls really did  ‘just want to have fun.’  🙂


In my opinion, there is nothing more convivial than the theme of  a “CHRISTMAS Tea.” There is already so much beauty, lush color and merriment of the season itself, that creating a Tea during this time is pure magic.  A Very Romantic time of the year…


Springtime is one of the loveliest motifs for an afternoon tea as the weather is so beautiful outside and your home will look stunning and divine with all the lush green grass, chromatic flowers blooming and the aroma of the air is always so refreshing and invigorating! (The color pallet of bright red, pastel green,  rose- pink and creamy whites is beautifully esthetic to the eyes and soul. )


An autumn Tea is still at the top of my list… 🙂 The air is brisk, your fireplace is calling out to be filled with fresh chopped wood to burn, enveloping candles with their dancing, petite flames warm up your every room and the kaleidoscopic colors have taken up residency within your beautiful,cozy haven. Your Tea’s menu can be a little bit heavier, thus you can cook up some great “comfort foods.” 🙂


Summer time Teas… Again, nature is your best friend in your presentation with it’s vivacious colors and the charm that only summer brings… Bright flowers, topiary trees, light menus of  a chicken curry salad, fresh fruit in season, an ethereal lemon cake… you have a bounty of ingredients at your disposal to create an eminently memorable and splendid party for your friends. fall7

A wintry motif for your Tea is also quite engaging and enticing! There is nothing lovelier than ‘winter whites’ festooning your dining table as well as home! Another advantage during this season is that you can  employ your beautiful fireplace and a myriad of lit candles to charm your guests.


A Saint Patty’s Day motif is exceedingly popular… If green is your favorite color, it would be a celebration of pure reverie as you prepare for an afternoon Tea for this happy and joyful occasion.


I just had to show you this St. Patrick’s day cake that I found…. Now is this a  Five Star confection, or what? It’s amazing what the creative mind and God given talent can do. 🙂


An exquisite and delicious work of art!

Lastly, (though the possibilities of imaginative  motifs, are endless…) is a Valentines day Tea.  It’s the most romantic day of the year …The month of February is an exuberantly bright month of color and alluring ambiance as you bedeck your home with Valentine cheer… Red is the perfect hue for your color pallet, mixed with shades of  pinks, roses,  highlighted with adoring, creamy whites.



Your invitation today is to glean some ideas for an afternoon Tea with a “Mad Hatter” theme… mh1This Tea’s sole purpose is to bring forth an abundance of  laughter, fun and craziness with all of your guests, and yes, that means you too! 🙂  It will be a day of bliss, childlike whimsy, appetizing cuisine, imagination and an abundance of bright color!

This is ‘my rendition’ of a “Mad Hatters” afternoon Tea…I know there are many diverse and wonderful versions out there to choose from… I hope that this blog gives you some thoughts to ponder, starts your “creative juices flowing,” and is a foundation to plan your very own “Mad Hatters  Afternoon Tea.”


We are  all familiar with the story about the ‘original Mad Hatter, right out of the Disney produced movie, Alice in Wonderland. This bizarre and quirky character, originated in the brilliant mind of English author  Lewis Carol,when he wrote his novel,” Alice in Wonderland,” in 1865…Later, in the year 1910, it was made into a  British silent film, and of course, since then, become a very popular story that has been made into several American movies.  It’s a tale about a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and meets a potpourri of eccentric characters…(one of which is the Mad Hatter.) The Mad Hatter is ” forever and unremittingly,” having tea with the March Hare, thus you get the popular motif of a ‘Mad Hatter tea party.’ (I wonder if Mr. Carol knew how influential he would be in the 21st century.) 🙂 This Mad Hatter  ladies Tea  will be a ‘touch of ‘  the magic of  the story of Alice and Wonderland, mixed with enchantment, games, delicious cuisine, and a wealth of laughter, mirth and  FUN!

First things first…

THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER!Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

( These quotes are all about laughter and fun…it’s medicine for the soul! ) I can assure you, these are the real gifts you will be giving your guests today! 🙂

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” ~ Woody Allen

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” ~ Jean Houston

Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~Milton Berle

Mirth is God’s medicine …Everybody ought to bathe in it.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

“Watching a child’s laughter teach a candlesmh60 flame how to dance.”  ~ Dr. Sun Wolf.

“I’ve always thought that a big laugh, is a really loud noise from the soul saying, “Ain’t that the truth!” ~ Quincy Jones

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants to.” ~ Stephen King


For this imaginative Mad Hatter afternoon Tea, ask  every lady to arrive in her favorite, creative and colorful hat. (If she does not own a hat, it is all the better as she can create the hat of her dreams.) When you write out your invitations  for your Tea, make sure they know that there will be  a prize for the most creative and eye-catching ‘HAT.’ (Believe me, people are motivated when you have door prizes. 🙂  To get your “creative hat juices” flowing, here are a few ideas.

A beautiful array of stylish, Victorian hats…wd10

lovely, soft and feminine hats….


WOW! These  spectacular hats  are more on the “wild and crazy side.” Very creative!


Fanciful and  dramatically regal…I love the red and purple combination! Very flashy! 🙂


Have fun and create one for yourself as well! 🙂 (Your door prize will be the felicity and laughter that wearing a colorful and blithesome hat will bring you and your guests.) 🙂

You will be a busy lady the day of the party as well as the day before, but it is all a gratifying and blithesome ‘busy.’ 🙂

You already have a theme… Now you want to concentrate on your home and it’s alluring appeal! I personally, would go with a formal table, linen napkins, fine china and a wealth of color… Tall pillar candles in  hurricane glass lamps are stunning, but the important thing to remember is to ‘just have an abundance  of candle light on the table and throughout your home.’ 🙂


It is always fabulously popular and luxurious using a white linen table cloth…make sure you  bring your color onto the table through your flowers, napkins, centerpiece or flowers. (The candles can be bright as well…) I love the rose colored linen napkins with the white, but you can choose your own color pallet, and stay within those colors.  This Tea party can be a little on the “wild and extreme” side. This would make a cute centerpiece with the March Hare motif… Displaying topiary trees is always a novel and lively idea… Don’t be afraid to add some bright color to your trees…cut out some bright colored polka dots for your topiary’s, bedeck them with dried roses or entrancing, motley floral  garlands.


Whatever China or dinnerware  you choose to use for your Tea, will be perfect…This particular pattern is beautiful with a bright color motif. It’s stunning and  generously adds prestige to a regal and formal presentation…


Here are some more decorative table ideas… The rose heart wreath is so romantic and colorful…. it is stirring and poignant with the green and rose china this hostess  has chosen to display.   White upon white is always noble and august. Your party favors atop the napkins and bright flowers will assuredly bring an abundance of color to your blissful table



You can never go wrong with a breathtaking floral arrangement as your centerpiece…These two arrangements are absolutely statuesque.


On a separate table, either in your dining room, (if it is large enough,) or set out in your living room, create your theme all over again with different decor items…(You can keep it simple.) 🙂

If you are a connoisseur of tea pots like I am, you will have a few to chose from. Perhaps you have a particular tea pot that you love, use that one. Place the tea pot along side your three tiered  cake plates filled with sweet confections…  Here are a few ideas of some easy  and simple things to create for your Tea. Fresh in-season fruits are not only healthy and delicious, but they are very colorful and create a beautiful presentation.  (Especially strawberries, raspberries, red cherries and  fresh pineapple.) Bake some of your favorite cookies, or place some elegant Pepperidge Farm decorative cookies out. Baked scones are delicious, a diversity of flavored  Biscotti or Dove dark chocolates wrapped in the royal,splendid red paper is very esthetic to the eyes… (and a sweet treat for the tummy.) 🙂


Now a days, the “in craze” is mixing and matching your tea cups…You can give each guest a different cup if you like…It’s fun and creative. (If you do not have a set of tea cups for 8-10 ladies, don’t forget, there are plenty of “great finds” at your local thrift stores.


More ideas of the wondrous idea and freedoms of mix and match!  🙂 Don’t you love it?


There are an abundance of ideas for your tiered plate displays…If you don’t have a tiered confections plate, a few trays on the table will look just as nice. If you would like to serve a cake for dessert, you can always display an array of crackers and cheese, healthy fresh vegetables with a delightful dip and some petite, sour cream biscuits with  homemade jam. It’s all up to you!


Another beautiful tea pot…I personally love the chintz china. It’s divine charm is captivating!  Mary Engelbreit has a collection of clever and charmingly  cute tea pots as well…(In fact they fit the Mad Hatter theme perfectly.) Be inspired to dauntlessly place out any special touches you want to add throughout your living room, dining room and the Ladies Room,  (the three rooms your guests will ‘frequent,’) 🙂


This tree is so cute… In this photograph, It is in the front yard  to greet the ladies as they arrive to your wondrous Tea…It would look adorable to fix up a topiary tree in your home that resembles this tree…with your creative touches! I thought these cookies were so cute and befitting for this Tea as well.


Two more ‘March Hare’ rabbits…Both  very chipper and celebratory,  along with another beautiful side tablescape with pastries and decadent strawberries! (I adore all of the spring colors. )


OK…You’ve done your table, your house is looking spectacular at this time… your sweet confections are all baked, ordered from the bakery or have been bought… You need to decide if you want to do individual tea bags for your guests, (just having hot water in your tea pot,) or whether you are going to make one large pot of  Earl Grey, cinnamon apple or whatever delicious tea you would like to serve. Be sure to put sugar and cream out as well.

Your luncheon menu can be made first thing in the morning. My Tea’s always begin at 12:00 noon, leaving me at least half a day to do last minute preparations! My suggestion , (and I will give you the recipe) is a dish that everyone has adored…A Bacon spinach quiche… I bake two for up to 10 guests. Along side of the quiche, I make a large tossed spinach salad with raspberries and pecans. I will give you the recipe for that as well… Those two items along with some hard rolls from the bakery , accompanied by creamy  butter, is plenty for your guests… (You will most likely have some ladies that have seconds, and I always have some quiche leftover for my husband’s dinner that night!) (There is no-way, I am cooking two times the day of my Tea.) 🙂



Heat up your rolls right before serving and toss your salad about 10 minutes before your ladies are seated.

I usually make a homemade cake for my Teas… Knowing the ladies will enjoy that slice of cake on a less “full tummy,”, I fill my three tiered cake stand with fresh fruit, a few chocolates and maybe a few decorative cookies…Nothing to heavy as the guests look forward to  a slice , (or sliver) 🙂  of cake and tea before they have to leave their day of reverie and fun. 🙂

For your Mad Hatter Tea... there are a few cakes that would fit your wild and fun motif… I always make the same cake as it is a winner…It is my Coconut carrot cake with  pecans, topped off with a delicious creme cheese frosting. It has always been “everyone’s favorite.” 🙂

A delicious coconut carrot cake “all dressed up for a Tea.”


A whimsical Mad Hatter’s cake…This looks very daring but delicious! (You could choose your favorite flavors for each of the layers! 🙂


My coconut carrot cake, not dressed up, instead, its serene and simple. 🙂  It looks pretty either way!



Music? It is up to you…for my Teas, I put melodic, easy listening CD’son or make up a playlist on my computer and keep the sound low, just as back ground music.  I would suggest, Josh Grobin, Andrea Bocelli, Piano music by Jim Brickman or the renowned Pavarotti! Don’t forget, You can always check out your favorite CD’s at your local Library.


Every Tea should have some party favors… Nothing extravagant, just  a little something that you, as the hostess, creates and places at their individual table setting. It makes each guest feel very special and coddled. 🙂

With some fancy, sheer decorative fabric, glass votive candle holders, tea light candles, ribbon and fresh coffee beans you can easily create 8-10 of these for your guests. (It is not only attractive to the eyes, but charmingly creative as well.)  A petite tea infuser for two is another lovely gift!


With your sheer material, and small candle holder, you can place a colorful votive candle within each glass and wrap them with the fabric and ribbon… they are adorable and will undoubtedly add a wealth of color to your table.   Another clever idea, and  cunningly creative is a tea bag wrapped in sheer fabric with a tiny  gold teaspoon tied to it with dainty ribbon or gold twine.    All of these are wondrous party favors as well as inexpensive.


You will also need a gift for each lady… These too are not to be expensive or lavish. You will be playing two games during the tea…One is a great party for the time your gathered at the table, and the other game, (The Famous Person ‘Hat’ game,) is a great ice breaker for the first hour of your Tea…(after your guests have arrived, and have their cup of tea and a cookie in hand.) 🙂 There will be one winner for each game and then the rest of your ladies will be delighted that they too will receive a beautifully wrapped gift ‘just for being there.’  🙂

Here are some gift ideas as well as creative ways to wrap them to match your colorful and kaleidoscopic Mad Hatters motif.

Votive candles in pretty packaging is always a welcomed gift as well as  the Victorian style festooned, lovely soaps.


Assorted hand and body lotions as well as a Mad Hatter charm bracelet, (or any motif of a charm bracelet) is an ideal bestowal .


You can never go wrong with soy candles in bright, beautiful colors… Finding creative jars or bottles and filling them with sweet, colorful candies… (M&M’s or  fiery red, cinnamon bears,) is a cordial as well as delicious gift. 🙂


These lovely tokens with the popular Skittle candies or renowned Jelly Belly’s are also another great door prize and gift!


Adorable and inviting mugs for coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the brisk autumn and wintry months, are a lovely gift  as well as a cheerful and perky tea pot!


Creative and motley picture frames are always a blessing and a ‘sure to be used’ gift.   This one is especially alluring with it’s unique design and antiquated look with the  romantic jewelry!


Here are some creative wrapping ideas. (Gift bags are also a wondrous way to wrap your door prizes! )




Your first gift will go to the winner of the most creative hat.… (You can hand out voting cards if you like so that all of your guests “have the honor”  of choosing the winner, 🙂  or you can do it yourself.) The second door prize will go to the winner of the “Famous Person Hat Game,) and the third will go to the ” Mystery Word game winner.” If you have invited 8 ladies, then the other five will receive the last gifts, (just because! ) 🙂 Knowing what is underneath the  beautiful and decorative wrapping, you can choose  the gift for each winner and guest, or creatively display theme out on a table and let them choose their own.

The first game, (The famous Hat game,) is actually in the blog called ‘The Famous People game.’ The only thing that changes is that you will put the name tags of famous people who are known to wear hats. Check that game out and apply every rule to this  game. (It is very simple, easy and FUN.) Here are some examples of some renowned “hat”  people. This is such a chimerical game. 🙂

Jackie Kennedy, Fred Astaire, Queen Elizabeth, the famous Santa Claus,  Tim McGraw, Barbara Streisand, Abe Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Clive Owen, Audry Hepburn,  Johnny Depp and Aretha Franklin.

mh21  mh24mh20mh18



I am sure you can think of many more, these are just some ideas. Have fun!

Your second game is best introduced and played when you are all sitting down at the table. It too is in the Game category, called the “Mystery Word game.” It is enormously fun and competitive…You can make the “secret word” part of your theme… Words like “rabbit hole,” “fairytale,”   “blissful,” or the name of the author of Alice in Wonderland, “Lewis.” All the things you need to know are in the blog , again this game is very simple and a lot of fun. It can also can get exceedingly competitive as the ladies begin ‘guessing’ and ‘saying’ all different kinds of words in their sentences, (that they think the ‘mystery word is,’)  so they can WIN the game. 🙂

After you have all eaten until you can’t possibly take another bight, suggest that everyone goes to a more comfortable seat, the living room. 🙂 Have everyone take their tea or coffee and just relax! If it is a wintry day, enjoy the fireplace… Most of the ladies at my Teas stay until they have to journey home to cook dinner for their own gang! 🙂  (5:30 or 6:00 PM.) You? Go and run a hot bubble bath, give your husband quiche for dinner and ask him to clean up the Kitchen. 🙂 (Or if he is to tired from his long day at work, leave the dishes until the morning! )

The most important part of this entire day is that you and your guests have FUN… The games bring  an abundance of mirth and are great ice breakers… Each guest will be going home with a delightful gift,  party favor and a  resplendent memory of a day of being  treated like royalty…They will feel as if they have been pampered at the spa. 🙂 Their soul will be lighter because of how much they laughed…they will think about how (in the beginning,) they were a little shy to wear a ‘big, bright colorful hat,’ but now, they don’t want to take it off! 🙂   You will miss their presence, all the felicity that filled your home and will already be looking for another theme, or occasion to give another Tea. 🙂

In writing this blog, I enjoy sharing with you, my reader, the ideas I have and what has been successful for me in the Tea’s I have given. Remember, this is your Tea...so create it exactly how you would like it to be… I know it will be lovely. 🙂

For your Coconut  carrot cake recipe as well as Raspberry salad and Bacon spinach quiche, go to the “unforgettable recipes” category…The carrot cake is called “Bunny -luscious carrot cake.”

For your two games, go to the”Fabulous party games for every entertaining event,”   category and  you will find “The Famous People game” for your hat  game…it’s the exact game, only your subject is a little different with the hats. The second game is the “Mystery Word game.” Have an absolutely wonderful day and relish this time with your loved ones! 🙂

PHOTOGRAPHS: In placing your scroll over any photo or graphic, it will display where the picture originated from.


Additional Links:
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Your Toddlers Magical Kingdom

” There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child...There are SEVEN MILLION.”  ~ Walt Streightiff


Suddenly, before you barely have had time to blink, your precious little babies grow up over night and became part of the new “toddler era.” How did it happen so quickly?nicole As a tender and adoring baby, they were lovingly cuddle-some, docile,  full of wonder and awe as well as breathtaking. Your heart was filled with such felicity with each stage of their growth…Bath time was something you really looked forward to as they looked so cute in your kitchen sink! 🙂   Now, (at times,) they can be on the fussy side, cranky, volatile and a bit selfish. Hmm… Could it be that they are entering the new stage in life called, ” the exploring and finding out WHO they really are phase?”   I believe they are seeking to find their self-dependence, desiring to have their own individualism, thus a few changes in their precious personalities,  would naturally be occurring! tk2  This humorous quote made me laugh… “Having a two year old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” ~ Jerry Senfield

My love for children began while I was a senior in High school. It was not a  ‘chance happening’ that our family moved to a charming, ‘much easier to take care of,’ Town-home in Mission Viejo, CA., (A huge change for our large family of 7, leaving our Brobdingnagian 6 bedroom home with a galvanizing swimming pool and pristine yard behind.)   For myself, the gift of that difficult move was what awaited me every morning in our cozily shared courtyard with our new neighbors.cutie2 Without failure, each summer morning, a beautiful 18 month old little angel appeared outside our double pained sliding doors, just staring at our home and smiling. I went outside to meet her one day, and we became the best of friends instantaneously. (All she wanted was a new friend to ‘hang out’ with.)  🙂 Her name was Samantha and she blessed my life with pure joy.   We were inseparable for years…who would have ever thought you could become best friends with an 18 month old?  It was in meeting and falling in love with Samantha’s innocent spirit and loving heart that caused me to know my ‘calling’ was to work with the little ones, so I began studying Early Childhood Development in College.   In my mind, when I travel back to that era of reverie, splendor and smiles galore, it brings many a wondrous and nostalgic feeling.  After I got married, I became a part time nanny, (as I was also busy writing.)  I simply adored my season with the undeniably  charming , exceedingly dauncutie3tless, and ‘energized-bunny, fraternal twin boys, cutie4Warren and Paul,’ (who unbeknownst to them,)  forced me to work out at the gym to be able to keep up with them.  (That and 5 cups of strong coffee a day.) 🙂 They charmed me into giving them  stroller rides up and down the hills of southern CA.. (Have you ever pushed  two little boys, in a ‘twin, double stroller’ up a hill,?)   playing hide and seek ALL DAY LONG, (in a two story house mind you) and I still am amazed how they would always lose me when I took them to the toy store! 🙂    I also cherished my time with two winsome and charming little boys, William and Jackson. William was 9 months old and held my heart  captive from day one…Jackson was three, with flaring red hair, mischievous but “oh so cute,” (and I must add my ‘combative match.’) 🙂   Those two boys taught me that ‘no two days were ever a like, expect the impossible,baby100 and life with them, from then on out, was going to be an “E” ticket ride.’  🙂 At this time in my life, I was  taking ultra- mega, EXTRA vitamins and mybaby67 caffeine intake was even higher. 🙂 My days teaching preschool and directing childcare at the YMCA, ( I call them my days of blissful insanity,) were a 7 year experience I will never forget!  Take two kids and multiply them by 50…it equals plenty of “head shaking, finding the new 8th, 9th and 10th wonders of the world and instant weight loss.” (Yes, being responsible for 75 to 100 kids a day is better than any Weight Watchers  plan to to get that skinny waistline back.) 🙂 tk1Children are a true gift from God and I feel so very blessed in all the little ones He brought into my life… Children are a bountiful slice of paradise that grace our lives.  Not only did they all change me as a person, (for the better,) but they filled an area deep within that only the utter, pure and unconditional love of a child can do.


Your curious and energized toddlers first room, (their ‘baby room’ as they call it,) is no longer up to their liking…Because their tastes are developing, they actually have their own “Color palette ” now! 🙂 They want a ‘voice’ in what the decor of their room looks like.baby17 Is your little girl frilly, a  lover of bright colors, adores playing with dolls, wearing lipstick, and dancing to her favorite Taylor Swift music? cute3 Perhaps she is more like a Tom-boy where she adores wearing bluejeans, Tee shirts,  playing soccer, going fishing,  collecting baseball cards and would rather  give up  her favorite TV show before she’d ever wear a red ribbon in her hair. 🙂 Yes, your little girl will definitely want a say in her rooms ambiance. Same thing with your rambunctious little boy…Is he athletic, always running wild,baby19 barely able to keep his shirt on, likes to wear his baseball cap everyday like the movie stars, and knows he is just ‘to adorable for his own good?’ tk  Or perhaps he is more artistic, a lover of music and books, enjoys being held, and is very demonstrative of his love to friends and family?  It’s funny, when I was a ‘nanny’ to Warren and Paul, ( the fraternal twins who were completely opposites, both in their personalities and stature,) their mom  shared with me an intensely vivid dream she had about her sons. In her dream, the twins were about 18 years old…cute1One was siting on a  Harley motorcycle, with his sun soaked athletic physique. He had a smooth way about him as he was conversing with his friends,  was a little flirtatious and he had become a successful, (and quite popular,)  high school football ‘star.’cute Her other son in the dream was slender, well dressed in his fashionable attire, was quiet and shy, loved the arts and was very studios, amicable, and happy.  I said; “Let me guess which one was Paul and which was Warren.” I was right on the money…they were just grown up versions of who they already were as ‘little people.’  🙂 ( I have not seen them in 12 years…they were about 5 and half at that time, so that puts them right about 18 years old at present. It would be interesting to see them and  what they are like, and to know if her dream was truly ‘prophetic.’ 🙂     Little boys will also want a say in their room’s ‘flavor,’ as they too are so diverse in their ‘styles.’  I have a few suggestions… In choosing the decor for your toddlers rooms, allow them to feel as if  they are choosing the decor themselves, by hinting at how very special it would be to have a motley painted mural of a cloud filled sky, painted on the ceiling with a rainbow on the wall, etc. (Show them  pictures to evoke excitement, wonder and awe.) Many a times, your toddler will love what you think , as for them, your opinion is  ‘really cool.’ cb21 They also have an innate, deep desire to want to do anything their big brother suggests to them. (’cause what he thinks is REALLY, REALLY cool.)  🙂  Secondly, invite them to be a part of making the choices with the colors and accessories they would like to have in their most treasured place on earth. They are the king and queen of their Magical kingdom.

Here is what a few wise people have to say about the “toddler stage.” 🙂

DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare.” ~ Ed Asner

“There are only two things a child will share willingly…communicable diseases and his mothers age.” ~ Benjamen Spock

“While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~ Angela Schwindt

“The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.” ~ Robert Brault

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.” ~ Author Unknown

” A rose can say “I love you,” orchids can enthrall,cute6 but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist, yes, that says it all.” ~ Author Unknown…. (I love that quote.)

“Kids: They dance before they learn there is anything that is not music.” ~William Stafford


Lets go and explore your toddlers “Magical Kingdom.”



“Here comes Peter Cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail.”  This technicolor room would certainly put a song in any child’s heart. 🙂 It’s multicolored bed quilts amidst the cozy wallpaper, create a mood and ambiance of feeling welcomed and ‘at home.’ (I love those two big bunnies!) 🙂


A quaint and cozy corner for your toddler to have their special ‘reading time.’ Over sized chairs have always been one of my husbands and my favorite styles of furniture, and now they have them for the tiny ones. How adorable.


If ever a bedroom whispered, “happy springtime” it’s this stunning and lovely little girls room with it’s soft pastel checkered and striped fabrics amongst the heavenly light blue canopy. It’s so fresh and crisp looking as well as “dainty and whimsical.”


This Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit themed room is fabulously alluring.  Filled with an English charm and floral design that celebrates life, beauty and good old fashioned FUN!


A toddlers room fit for a prince… I am in awe at this glorious and breathtaking mural painted on the wall behind the fairytale like bed… The soft wooden armoire  is picture-book perfect as well as captivating! Any little boy would be especially blessed to call this room  his home, his magical Kingdom! 🙂


This bedroom illustrates a blissful arrangement of beauty that fills every corner of the room. It is ethereal, wispy and a bit romantic for your little girls safe haven. I love it! The soft, pastel blanket looks so cute next to the “antique duo” of dolls as well as delicate and whimsical stenciling upon the faux painted walls.


A little boys dream come true… This maritime children’s bedroom is adventuresome, patriotic and fun loving…Every night would be filled with dreams of being a sailor out at sea… seeing the great and mighty wonders of the deep blue ocean. Very imaginative!


This little one could be dreaming (day and night,) that he, (like the Swiss family Robinson,) is stranded on a deserted island and his task at hand is to ‘build himself a home, up in a towering, tall tree,’ to keep safe from all the wild animals of the islet. This bed is not only colorful but very creative!


This room, as well as the one above, is perfect for your twin boys, unless they prefer individual bedrooms. It’s nautical and bethnic theme is very “boyish” and gallant. I love all the beautiful wood amongst the creamy whites.


Mary Engelbreit is at it again…Wherever you see an abundance of bright color, you know she was there! 🙂 This sunny yellow room is delightful and would motivate every little girls imagination to begin blooming… It’s bright, distinctive and down right adorable! 🙂


Another M.E. bedroom…I adore these bright reds and the charming table set up for your toddlers tea party. Little girls adore tea parties, whether they invite you and your husband, their brother or sister, a best friend or their fair-haired, faithful  stuffed animals, they can spend hours talking away as they entertain in their imaginary world.


What a darling, feminine and charismatic “pink” room. There is nothing quite like the color of pink for little girls… The soft greens and rich reds added in with this ever-so-popular color is warm, cozy and exceedingly graceful!


Another little Prince’s dream come true. I can’t see a single thing lacking in this regal, adventuresome and amusingly handsome bedroom. I think most little boys who had this room as their safe haven, would be a little mischievous just to be “sent to their room.” ) 🙂 What a darling little set of table and chairs…It almost looks antique!


A stunning and eloquent room for a little queen…I adore the artful wood work, the brilliant layers of a myriad of whites as well as the style of this enchanting room with the era of the furniture and the elegant canopy festooned above the head board. What a gorgeous room.


I’ve never seen a bedroom quite like this one…First off, I love the color palette of the butter cream whites, pastel greens and the soft shades of rose…The ballooned curtain toppers as well as the magical ‘tucked away’ bed is a wondrous idea and I adore the little table setup in the room for all types of imaginative playtime.  This room gets Five stars! 🙂


For every little boy who dreams of being a famous race car driver like Dale Earnhardt JR., ( the prestigious driver in the NASCAR Grand Prix,) this bedroom would be a dream come true. PS, Don’t worry if you are constantly hearing the sounds of a make believe race car, (revving it’s engine as he’s speedily driving on the tracks…day and night.) I can just hear him now… 🙂

Beautiful Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Wow! A little girls room that looks like it is right out of the popular movie, The Princess diaries. This room exudes, glamor, royalty and says “pampered” all over it! It’s a bedroom fit for a princess or a queen… I love this regal and enchanting bed canopy!


Simplicity is a really nice change… I love the colors and lines of this room, the dove  grey walls and antiquated head board is stunning. Any little boy or girl, would be blessed to have this room as their own.


These two diverse rooms are definitely for your animated and imaginative little boy.   Whether an over sized tree house bed or a room filled with all of his favorite sports memorabilia,  both rooms are  esthetically unique and would tell the story of their heart’s passions to everyone who enters their doors. !


Wow! What stunning bedroom furniture for little girls.  Two more distinct and absolutely beautiful ‘little girls’ rooms. Whether for two lovely and blessed princesses, with the regal headboards and romantic, fanciful white canopies, or the magical Cinderella carriage bed, both of these rooms would be a wonderland and place of imaginations and dreams coming true for your little girl.


What a lovely, soft, dainty and romantic wall ensemble above this angelic little girls place of slumber.  I adore the inspiring  colors of hushed yellows, pastel blues and lively greens…all hues of  the picturesque beauty of nature. This bedroom exudes an ambiance of  serenity and calmness as well as the essence of a Victorian era.   Absolutely breathtaking!  bab4

This ethereal and delightful, ballooned curtained window design that matches the chair rail wallpaper border, is absolutely stunning for this little girls bedroom. Very romantic , enchanting and gracefully inviting!


Lastly, this little boy’s room is handsomely baronial and august! I adore the hunter green color and these original and unique bunk beds. This is perfect for your twin boys who are as different as night and day…they each have a ‘space of their own’ to create their  decor style…all the things that they love and that reveal their darling personalities.   What a great and heartwarming idea!



With every child’s room, there are always an abundance of accessories that they will ask for …on every birthday, Christmas and trips to Wal*Mart or Toys R us! 🙂 Here are a few ideas… 🙂

This adorable wall shelf with a place to hang clothes is perfect for a little girls or boys room. The top shelf is an ideal place for your little ones to display the things they love…whether dolls, books, stuffed animals or Disney DVD’s,  baseball caps, race cars or footballs. Children also love decorative pillows as they add so much color to their quaint ‘domain.’ 🙂


For many boys, their first real collection is sports memorabilia… these select sport items are colorful and very ‘ boyish.’ Your little tots can never have to many blankets or “wobbies” as they called them….(Is that what they are calling them today? ) I am  ‘so out of touch!’  🙂


Another special room accessory for your toddlers, is a never ending supply of great, healthy and fun DVD’s. Just like we, as adults, love a great movie every now and then, so do your little ones…Yes, some of your kids will watch the same movie over and over a thousand times, where as others will always be asking for the latest and newest movie that’s just been released. 🙂


Another thing you can never have to many of is BOOKS! Children, (of all ages,) absolutely love to read, and be read to! A great way to collect them inexpensively is to go to your local library for their sale day of the month… They have great children’s books for pennies!


Having your own chair is very comforting… I know my husband has his ‘favored chair’ in our home and so do I….Our little ones would be blessed to  have one of their own as well… Perfect for their reading hour! 🙂  Oh, and don’t forget the foot stool…(I use mine every night!) 🙂


A little girls room would just not be the same without a doll baby or a Barbie collection. I had a cherished doll until I was…(OK, I won’t say my age,) 🙂  but, baby dolls are a ‘big part’ of our childhoods. For your little girls who would rather build trains, or for your boys who adore creating and playing  with miniature cars, they have great track sets out on the market now. You have seen the ‘tea party’  tables for your little girls room, well this table is perfect for your little boys room..a place to color, paint, read, draw…and be creative!


A tiny TV with a DVD player is a wonderful addition for your child’s room… With you or your mate’s help, until they have learned how to operate it, it’s a fun accessory for each little “kingdom”… Your in charge of what they watch and it’s a great avenue to allow their imaginations to grow  and blossom in a new way! Some of my most memorable childhood memories took place, watching and enjoying the Disney classics…I still sneak one in every now and then, (usually when my husband is not here! 🙂


You’ve heard of “Pretty in Pink?” 🙂 What an exquisite tea party table for your little girls room. They will have every chair filled in no time at all and spend hours entertaining!


Another race track and play set as well as  a monumental and genteel rocking horse…. Both great for exercise, hand eye coordination and for just having FUN!


Every child loves to have sleep overs… These festive tents are perfect for your little ones to have a friend over to enjoy an adventuresome and delightful  “camping trip” within their own bedroom! (Just give them some books, a flashlight, snacks and lots of pillows and blankets! They will be in 7th heaven.) 🙂


What tiny tikes room does not have at least one stuffed bunny rabbit or fair-haired bear? A lot of children will begin an early collection and choosing their stuffed animals for them for Christmas time or their birthday is so much fun as you get to add some great , creative new ‘family members’ to the group! Boyd’s bears and bunnies are spectacular.



These vintage, hand painted bedroom accents are elfin and magical. I love the coat rack with the wooden bunny on top as well as the adorable cabinet, festooned with bright colored diamond shapes. What little girl, (or boy) would not love to have a children’s armoire? It can be filled with quilts, blankets, games,  sheets, books, DVD’s, beach towels, etc… It’s not only decorative but very convenient!


I absolutely adore this stenciled, vintage armoire for a children’s room! ( I would even like in our bedroom! 🙂 ) It is stunning!


Another baronial Rocking Horse…Not only fairytale like but a wondrous room decoration as well as fun way for your little guy to get some exercise!tk8

Lastly, every toddlers room needs some “choice artwork.” 🙂 This is a beautiful rendition of  an artistic production from the renowned Uncle Remus’  folklore character,  Brer Rabbit! Any of the classical childhood bunny rabbits from our childhood, matted and framed, would be welcoming and quite magical for your little tots room.  (Peter Rabbit, ‘White Rabbit’ from Alice in Wonderland, Thumper, Peter Cottontail, ‘Rabbit’ from the well known Winnie the pooh collection, Harvey and the crazy and goofy, Bugs Bunny! )


Decorating our homes is not only an abundance of fun, but it brings forth so much beauty, color and joy to our lives, our children’s lives, husbands and guests! Just as they say; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it’s the same truth in “creating” every room in your beautiful haven. It’s all about what makes YOU and YOUR FAMILY happy!  Decorating your toddlers room may be the last room you have a lot of “say” in with them, as when they get to be older…well, YOU KNOW!!! 🙂 (My ‘decor of choice’ when I was in the 4th or 5th grade was pages of Jermaine Jackson, (of the Jackson five,) carefully cut out of an Entertainment magazine, taped all over my walls. 🙂  I thought it looked so cool! (I had such a crush on him…) My mom  just kept my door shut! 🙂 Have fun and ENJOY!



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Quiet, Cozy Corners ‘Just for the ladies!’


It’s Friday evening…the leaves upon your  kaleidoscopic maple trees are brilliant in their hues of bright red, electric yellow, chocolate browns and royal tones of orange…The air is  cold and crisp, the wind is blowing against your face and it tickles your cheeks in a great, nostalgic way…The gorgeous Autumn season has arrived. 🙂 The excitement stirs as your packing up your car with fresh linens, books, groceries, fine wine, candles, blankets, your favorite pillow sprayed with your regal, delightful perfume, your bubble bath, suitcase and a flashlight…cabin3You are all set to drive to your mountain cabin by the lake…It’s just you and your ipod, books and journal, some good food, wine and fresh air, the night critters, songs of the  myriad of birds, the ripples of the water slowly reaching the shoreline then leisurely receding…the  dancing, glistening amber’s of the flames burning in the hearth, smell of smokey wood, and, finally, some alone time. It’s YOUR Quiet, Cozy Corner.

It’s 80’s degrees outside, blue skies, a cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky. You grab your umbrella, colorful beach towel, cooler, sunblock, beach hat and favorite book…You are set for your resplendent day at the shoreline…cabin4 Just you, the bright sunshine, the wondrous sounds of the crashing waves, the sound of the gulls squawking, delicious food to snack upon, and the cool breeze. It’s YOUR Quite, Cozy, Corner…place of refuge and time ‘just for YOU.’

It’s your favorite time of the year…a time of new beginnings and rebirth…fresh new blooms upon all of your rose bushes and umbrella shaped Mimosa tree along with bright , motley gardens  bursting with color everywhere you look. The skies are ocean blue, and nature is busily proclaiming a new song everyday,  rejoicing  over its glorious, abounding beauty. You just got off work and the sun is laggardly  starting  it’s stunning descent. You change into your jeans, make a pot of robust, French roast coffee, pour it into a thermos, and walk down to your “little bit of heaven,” along the sandy shore, your boat  faithfully awaiting you at the weathered dock.cabin6 You venture out into the water at the precise time the sun is setting in it’s honored rhapsody…  The baronial lighthouse brings forth an abundance of whimsy emotions and the air feels unbelievably refreshing…You are now safely in YOUR Quite, Cozy, Corner. Does life get any better?


What is it about human beings and their desire as well as need for that pampering, compact niche, corner, secret hideaway? The one place that you know is JUST YOURS? I believe it starts when we are tiny, precious, animated and perky babies…Perhaps sooner, in that secure and warm place we spend our 9 months developing…the womb. Then, once we’ve entered this place, called ‘the world’,  we know that our chromatically, soft and cozily decorated tiny bed with it’s wooden walls, OUR CRIB, is ‘just ours’…our secret, SAFE dwelling place. (Though baby can not live by bread alone,) 🙂  so we have to do that loud crying thing to be held, coddled, changed and fed some of that delicious white liquid,  🙂 then, it’s back to “our cozy corner.” Even as little kids, we build our tents…create rustic,  sturdy tree houses amongst the thick branches of our colossal trees in the back yard…We make wooden signs , with “KEEP OUT” painted on them in what ever color of paint we can find in our dad’s garage. 🙂

This blog is solely about a ‘tree house’ or ‘cabin by the lake,’ within your own blissful home that is just for the lady of the house.  I hope  to share some wonderful ideas with you, that will give you some things to ponder as you create that one special place that is beautiful, coddling, peaceful, and “just yours.”



THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER. Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“I still find each day to short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see.” ~ John Burroughs

“Dogs are wise…They crawl away to a quiet cornerarctic5 and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” ~ Agatha Christie

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, YOU MUST MAKE IT.” ~ Charles Buxton

“May you LIVE all the days of your life.” ~ Jonathon Swift

“If you can’t get quiet enough to hear yourself, your life is to LOUD!” ~ Terri Guillements

“The Arctic expresses the sum of arcticall wisdom; SILENCE.” ~ Walter Bauer

“Honk if you hate NOISE POLLUTION!” ~ Author unknown…seen on a bumper sticker. 🙂

“I take it that, what all men are reallyarctic6 after, is some form of, perhaps only some formula of Peace. ” ~ James Conrad

“True Silence is rest of the mind, it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” ~ William Penn


Women are not only busy and loving mom’s, they are gourmet cooks, expertise budget planners, insightful and clever grocery shoppers, creative bakers, respected and admired at their jobs, (whether at home or in an office,) wives and partners, the keeper of all the pets the kids ‘promised’ they would take care of, 🙂  landscapers, gardener’s,  errand runners, nurturers, someones best friend, housekeepers, a gym buddy and beautifully talented in their God given gifts. With all that we do as women, don’t you think we deserve a place of our own, some time to our selves to rejuvenate, think and enjoy the things that bring us pleasure and  felicity in our cozy, quite corner?  If we do not take the time for ourselves, we will never have it…It is a gift , a present we give to ourselves and in the long run, to all those we love… (as we are better people when we nourish, pamper and  strengthen ourselves.)


All in a Woman’s “Day of work!”  🙂

cc58cc70cc59cc55cc49preparing foodcc50cc51cc56arctic19arctic10arctic16arctic11cc48


Let’s begin our cozy and quite corners, ‘just for the ladies,’ TOUR!

Ah! The wondrous invention of the bath tub. It is definitely one of my most favored quiet places on earth… There is just nothing like a hot bubble bath to sooth your muscles and clear your mind. This  bathtub is especially alluring with it’s vintage, country-cottage style, dressed up with ivy and hints of serene nature. (Make sure you have your ‘Downey soft,’ luxurious bath towel awaiting you, along with your favorite bathrobe and slippers so you can continue to stay in that “pampered and relaxed state of mind.”  🙂

arctic 21

These “cozy corners” are the perfect retreat . The voluminous chairs are not only comfortable but pleasing to the eyes… Both of these serene niches are blessed with sun lit windows and a quaintness that immediately inspires you to sit, relax, read, write in your journal or work on your needlepoint pillow. Two entirely different styles of decor, but both perfect, for a relaxing get-away. This is an impeccable  place, that is set apart from the world, a place to gather all of your thoughts, ponder and bring your plans together.


What a beautiful, cozy  and cheerful spot to sneak off to. It’s serene colors of blue and white, amidst the large sun filled window, and motley throw pillows is perfect for an afternoon snooze, listening  to your favorite, soothing music on your ipod earphones, or working on your monthly calendar. It’s also nice because it gives you an ‘instant’ footstool… 🙂


The beauty of nature, a sensational breeze, your beloved porch swing, (Well, actually, in this photograph, it is your “tree swing.” 🙂  the fresh air amidst the warmth of the sun are  all perfect ingredients for a few hours repose of pure nourishment and rejuvenation to both your body and soul! cc19

You’ve heard it said that what we surround ourselves with, creates and effects our mood…This cozy corner is not only royal, courtly and fetching, its like time traveling back to another era….Sitting here, with the bright light and warmth of the sunshine flowing through  the window, with a great book, would be eminently relaxing and soothing to the soul.  (If you could stay awake long enough!) 🙂


A woman’s desk is another place of bliss… with your signature style and color choices, its your creative  sui generis nook, the one place that holds a myriad of cherished treasures from your heart…your journals, favored novellas, photographs framed in your unique decor style, an antique pen from one of your wondrous travels, a vintage lamp, fresh writing papers, elegant address book filled with all the people you love, (the old and the new,) and a delightful scented candle, filling your home with a sweet and ambrosial aroma.   It’s your place to dream, think, reflect and plan…My desk is truly like an, old and very faithful, loving friend. 🙂


This beautiful, serene alcove is equipped with everything you could possibly need… (except the foot stool.) 🙂 With it’s gorgeous sun filled window view, fresh flowers, ethereal candle,esthetic comfy pillow and novel… you are all set to enjoy your felicitous hours of ‘alone time and quite calm.’ I love the built in shelf for all of your treasured folios of adventures.


These two cozy corners are not only beckoning the soul to come to a place of reprieve, they are engaging, inviting and blissful. Whether being inside on an brisk, autumn afternoon, relaxing in this sightly and cozy vintage chair, or enjoying the sounds of the sea and the nostalgic  aroma of the fresh briny air on your playful and winning  hammock, both places are sure to bring forth refreshment and  give your body and mind a ‘recharge.’ 🙂


Talk about color! If color is mood changing and great for your mind, body and soul, just sitting here should bring forth a ‘revival’ to your entire being! 🙂 This niche is absolutely stunning and cozy…You would certainly catch me here every morning to embrace the warm sunlight, cozy pillows, the chromatic colors and the pure ambiance of charm and pizzazz. (One of my favorite  ‘niches’ so far! 🙂 )


Your garden is another beautiful place of retreat and revivify . Whether it is a classy, refined wrought iron bench with soft, enlivening pillows or a wicker rocking chair, sitting in the midst of your gorgeous fresh flowers, ‘blooming like there is not tomorrow,’ taking in the wondrous scents of nature and again, the fresh and healthy sunshine, are restorative gifts just within themselves. This would be the perfect place to do your menu planning, grocery list and “to-do” schedule. 🙂 Mornings in my garden are always a “dilly-dallying affair.” 🙂


Another ‘two favorites of mine… 🙂  Both of these spectacular and warm , cozy sitting areas are exquisite. I can’t decide which ambiance is more desirable… I adore the English Garden corner with it’s luscious floral fabric, fresh flowers, cherished antique photographs, and Batten-burg lace covered table, (with  plenty of room for a cup of chamomile tea or a hot cappuccino.) 🙂 The calming blue and whites amongst the sylvan ambiance is hard to turn down as well… Maybe I would  just  have create two cozy, quiet corners in my home… 🙂

Decadent, royalty, impressive and sublime! This is a gorgeous place of reprieve!


This little corner looks fresh out of the country… cozy, lived in and a fun! With it’s great amenity of the sunlit window, working on that crocheted baby blanket would be ideal! 🙂


It’s hard for us as times, to think of our bedrooms as a retreat, but truly, they are one of the most wondrous places to rejuvenate our bodies and soul, within our entire home. You don’t have to have your  pajamas on to prop yourself up on your multi- pillowed bed with it’s soft eiderdown comforter, light a candle and grab your laptop to work on the next chapter of your novel,  or write a long letter to your best  friend overseas…It’s the perfect place to recharge…Especially this particular style of room with it’s colossal  paned windows, abundance of sunshine and pure, crisp shades of white! It almost looks as if the relished ocean is only minutes away, with its bethnic and vintage decor style.


An antiquated, vintage and shabby chic, cozy corner …very inviting and comfy! I love the pleasing color pallet of  the soft hues of rose and powder blue with the accent of pastel green…very soothing. There is nothing quite  like your favorite chair on “the front porch” for your coveted place of “me time.” Especially if your porch looks like this one! 🙂 (Bright and cheery.)


OK…I see new competition for a “favored” blissful getaway. 🙂  How could you not adore this beautiful and elegant place of reverie? It  embodies everything for quieting the soul…soft colors, a breathtaking view and  a stunning and picturesque sitting area. This room  exudes the very meaning of the word “CHARM.” It’s definitely on the top of my list.


Yoga on the front porch! I have never tried this art, but from I hear, it brings more rejuvenation and peace of mind than any medication a doctor can prescribe for anxiety!  🙂

arctic 27

Another timeless and enchanting place to ‘re-awaken’ your mind, body and soul. I adore the color pallet of the soft roses, butter cream whites,  hushed yellows, amidst the muted greens and blues. It would take a lot to get me off of  this cozy and comfy couch! 🙂


A delightful and cheery craft room, “Just for you.” If I had one of these in my homes, it would be much more than a few hours of repose...I’d get carried away… 🙂  If you have an extra room in your home to bring forth an imaginative place to create all the lovely things you adore, ( sewing, creating new fashion, painting, graphic art, using your lifesaving glue gun for designing and bringing forth stellar topiary trees, seasonal wreaths or whatever your ‘craft of choice’ is, then make this room all yours...your decor style, color scheme and architectural design… spend as much time as you can doing what you love most!   🙂    This room would be a luxury and a place of restoration, undoubtedly bringing you back into a place of peace and serenity in your busy, sometimes hectic life.


Yes, you are correct, if you guessed this is a cozy, quite corner from Mary Engelbreit! Adorned in her unique, original style of fire engine reds, crisp whites, regal blacks with the amicable accents of rose and yellow… I feel a bit rejuvenated, just looking at this room! 🙂


Sitting  within your lovely garden brings rebirth and clarity to your mind , but working in a garden is an entirely different kind of repose.  It’s not only nurturing, peaceful, a time of concentration and creating beauty, but it revitalizes you on every level! I love this homemade scarecrow! 🙂


Not many of us are blessed with an ocean view outside of our lovely havens. If you do have a resplendent veranda with a view of the blissful and mysterious sea, this would, of course be the PERFECT, quiet place of retreat for you… I can’t imagine a more peaceful ambiance… I would dress up this porch with and abundance of fresh flowers in a myriad of esthetic colors form my local florist or a quaint country boutique like this one, where you can pick up fresh cut flowers… (and maybe even a hot cappuccino for the road.) 🙂


This cozy sitting area has a head start as it is festooned for the Glorious Christmas season. I love the yellow and white color combination, the natural hard wood flooring along with the simplicity of this relaxing ambiance.  The adorable  miniature white picket fence, fireplace screen, steals the room. 🙂  I can easily picture this sitting area to be a favored place, blessed with a convivial ambiance in the winter months, enjoying the felicity of a warming fire and hot mulled cider.


For the more formal tastes… This exquisite and commanding room with its inviting corner is certainly a delightful and enticing reprieve. I have always doted upon vaulted ceilings and the authenticity and awesomeness of a room with a breathtaking  Crown-molding finish. (It reminds me of my southern heritage.) Absolutely gorgeous!


This period piece of  furniture is exceedingly  comfortable and it makes for a unique and splendid sitting area… I love it’s simplicity and august style.

shabby chic5

Another sublime, par-excellence ambiance for an afternoon of pure pleasure, reading your  suspenseful novella, a devotional, knitting a  candy apple red scarf for your dog, or listening to calming music on your ipod… I love the cozy fire, the enchanting wallpaper, the antiquated style of furniture with a delightful table dressed for a fancy afternoon Tea with your favorite Tea set.  Now that is pampering! 🙂


No matter how many corners you have in your lovely home, it will be your design and accessories that create the beauty your soul is longing for. These two niches below are as different as night and day, yet both esthetic to the eyes and spirit… I can easily see one for the winter  and autumn months and the other for spring and summer. Both are prestigious, baronial, regal and refined… Remember to surround yourself with beauty and the things you love most! 🙂 This is YOUR PLACE!


Lastly, two more diverse yet inviting little alcoves to treat your body and soul to a “makeover.” 🙂 The over sized white chair with the blue decorative pillows is absolutely cordial, amicable and chipper. (Another chair that I would find it hard to ever leave…it looks so comfy!) 🙂 The other corner is formal, evokes emotions of being coddled and is so graceful and majestic. It is all a matter of your tastes.

When you discover where that special place will be and decide how you want it to look, here are some ideas of the things you can do, (in your quiet, cozy corner,) to bring forth an abundance of peace,relaxation, rejuvenation and pure, JOY! REMEMBER to take time just for you…to replenish and restore your mind body and soul… and don’t forget Mr. Charles Buxton’s insightful quote from above; ” You will never find time for anything. If you want time, YOU MUST MAKE IT! ” 🙂

Light and enjoy some ambrosial  scented candles. Not only will it sooth your soul but it will evoke happy thoughts and memories.


This one says it all! 🙂 Play one of your favorite, calming CD’s on your CD player, put your earphones on, take a snooze and just close your eyes to the world around you!


Treat yourself to a healthy, delicious snack or “go for the chocolate decadent confection!” 🙂 It depends on the Restoration your in need of that day. 🙂


Read your favorite magazines or call your best girl friend who lives across the United states.


Bring out your laptop in it’s tapestry holder and “surf the internet”, read interesting articles or work on your autobiography! 🙂


Crochet that special little hat for your niece or write a few entries in your beloved, private journal! If you are a writer, bring our your notebook and begin jotting down your ideas for your plots, characters and picturesque settings for your new story.


Bring out your elegant needlepoint for that pillow you have in mind for the spring season or your knitting needles and yarn for the baby blanket your creating  for your sisters new arrival.:)


Enjoy reading your beloved novels written by your favorite author or treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee with some real, fresh whipped cream and fancy cookies! 🙂


Serve yourself a pampering, afternoon tea! Dress your table with some fresh flowers from the garden and revel in the savory and delicious aromas of brewed lemon ginger tea and fresh roses.  Its a great place as well to look up new recipes for your gourmet cooking collection, hearty casseroles or fresh new, creative salads.


Listen to your favored music…whether it is opera or R&B….(whatever relaxes you.) 🙂  For some it is the melodic reposes of Andrea Bocelli and for others, the soulful and dreamy falsetto voice of Usher. If by chance, you feel like dancing…dance your heart out in your beloved niche. 🙂


If you do end up creating a craft room, or already have one, enhance your skills with making a seasonal wreath…(It’s funny, whenever I take out my glue gun, I find a hundred things around  the house that need it’s attention. 🙂   I find that when I am  busily gluing and creating, my mind  and spirit is at  total peace, fixing, perfecting, bringing forth new beauty and color, and when I look at the clock and see that an hour has gone by, I am in unbelief.) It’s so relaxing to create! Another restorative thing for our bodies and soul…DAY DREAMING! Whether its dreaming about your new ideas for your home decor, or of other lands, it’s not only relaxing but gives you a “wondrous body and mind lift.” 🙂


In closing,  pamper yourself with a glass of wine, some gourmet cheeses, or a very formal, and fancy afternoon Tea, served with fresh chocolate scones and delicious , sweet strawberries.


ENJOY your new Cozy, quiet and restorative corner in your home… If you build it…YOU will come! 🙂


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