Charming Blue and White bedrooms

There is nothing quite so fresh, crisp and alluring as a bed room dressed in blue and white. You can always mix and match your shades of blue, (periwinkle, ocean blue, sapphire, navy and light shades of ethereal pastel blues.) The same rule applies for all of your  ‘shades of whites,’ using accents in butter cream, egg shell, bright white linen,   as well as shimmering pearl.


I love this blue and white bedroom with the “woodsy” ambiance …It reminds me of being up at Big Bear Mountain in a cabin by the  serene and beautiful lake.


There is nothing as alluring as a myriad of shades of white amongst a rich, regal navy blue. The monogrammed pillows add class and style…I love this bedroom. 🙂


Using blue and white decor is another way to repeat your color scheme and show off your  creative personality, such as enchanting book collections, blue and white china, delicate lampshades and hand painted furniture. (Even a white chair accented with blue stenciled flowers would be striking.)



I love these quotes and sayings about the color Blue ;

‘Blue is seen as ‘trustworthy, dependable and committed.’

‘Blueness doth express trueness.” ~ Ben Johnson

“A morning glory at my window side satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” Walt Whitman

 Wow,  I never thought about nature helping me out with the decorating of my home this way! What a great idea! We have a large Mimosa tree outside our bedroom window and even though our bed room is not a magnificent and bright pink, it sure is a beautiful sight to wake up to, in the months when it is in full bloom!

Introducing WHITE to your soothing BLUES is a “match made in heaven.” 🙂 White is ‘color at it’s purest form.’ It signifies, ‘purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.’   No wonder combining these two colors brings forth such order, serenity, accord and charm. I think blue and white is a lovely choice for any season, as it is as warm as it is refreshing. I love to use a potpourri of shades of blue in my dining room. Setting a table with blue and white china, accessorized with different textures and shades of these two popular colors is such a bright, cheery change, for any season.

white bedroom

This blue and white bedroom is very unique as it takes a turn form the “norm” with it’s pale, greyish-blue hues along with it’s animated  yet docile decor style. very refreshing!


Here are some more creative  decorative ideas to festoon your home with, using the beautiful hues of blue and white.

I adore this blue and white  basin and water pitcher. It takes you back to an entirely different era!  🙂


Another beautiful water pitcher, ( I love the cobalt blue,) amongst some gorgeous and lively handmade throws. Adding these delightful accessories to a bedroom filled with bright whites, would be breathtaking!


Decorative pillows as well as floral wreathsare another creative idea of enhancing your blue and white room.


A stellar white armoire, bedecked with blue and white china, or a novel blue hutch, filled with white china, highlighted in blue, would be stunning. There is nothing more soothing or eye-catching, than a formal, elegant blue and white tea pot! Gorgeous!


I love this cozy, quiet corner, all festooned in blue and white! It beckons your soul to come and rest…get refreshed and renew your mind. 🙂


For your bedroom amoire, bedside table, or august , country-cottage bedroom hutch, blue and white china, or tea cups and saucers are  always a welcomed addition to bring serenity, a cheerful heart and  BEAUTY!



Happy Creating!

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Create an “air of felicity” within your special get-a way room, your serene oasis and place of pampering.


THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“All Quotes are from Wall”

“Goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

“Good Morning beautiful!”

“Always Kiss me Goodnight.”

“Never go to bed angry…stay up and fight.” 🙂

“Sleep is an art.”


“A well spent day brings happy sleep.”


The ‘bedroom,’ (it’s first known use being 1616,) is a place of intimacy, retreat and of course a place of slumber. It is the perfect place for your favorite colors…Let the color or colors  that your heart is the most passionate about, fill your room to overflowing. I like to think of creating a room as likened to a blank, fresh piece of paper… You are the writer, the artist, the designer and are able to create the room that is embedded within your heart into REALITY.Z-4002


Snuggle  up in a garden of dreams…enjoy bright floral linens, eloquent silk sheets or a high thread count of cotton, maybe even in stripes. Quilts, (especially homemade or a gift someone has created for you personally,) add a lot of warmth and are a cozy addition to your secret hideaway. Display all the things that you love and enjoy, a magazine  collection, dried floral arrangements, topiary trees, framed photos of friends and family, a Chintz china tea set, ornate mirrors or homemade scrap books and journals.tea time

As you begin creating your bedroom, your place of refreshment, your hermitage and oasis, don’t forget to let your room be enveloped with exquisite aromas… I love lighting my favorite scented candles in our bedroom, (soft fragrances as my husband has a sensitive noscandle lighte.) Besides the soft glow of our large scented candle , I place a myriad of tea lights, (unscented,) on my bedside table and atop our hutch and antique table. It is very soothing as well as romantic as we watch a movie, read a book , (we both have kindles with lights,) or just sit and talk atop our bed with our piping hot  coffee or cozy and delicious, hot apple cinnamon tea.

I love using our room as a private ‘mooring’ from the stresses of my day.  The fragrance as well as all the flickering candle light accompanied by our down comforter brings about a calmness, quiet thoughts and tranquility.Victoria-Intimate-Home-9780688097394

I always think of our bedroom as a ‘niche’, a secret place to disengage from my daily chores or ‘To Do’ list.  Everyone loves  inviting nooks, (especially little kids.) These spaces make us feel safe and secure, all created by our imaginations and its our wondrous place a part from the world. (I remember as a small child building forts in our room, using sheets to make tents and gathering all the flashlights we could find so we could eat, read or tell scary ghost stories with the light shining on our animated faces.) 🙂  We also loved launching and putting together our tree house, nestled within our Brobdingnagian tree in the back yard. It was my brothers and my hideaway and I always felt as if we were on an extraordinary adventure where our thoughts were happy and we didn’t think about school , our troubles, or anything that we didn’t find peaceful.romantic bedrooms

I love the quote by Hanna Rion. “The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”  In my garden, I can get lost…I dream, think deep thoughts, create and design my “little theater in the round.” I liken my time in the garden to my time in our bedroom…always a ‘dallying and leisurely affair.’ I find I always accomplish so much more in my life when I take the time to allow my soul to become calm, quieted and tranquil. Z-12

Oh the feeling of ‘total peace.’ Shutting my bedroom door, entering into my blissful sanctuary amidst all the lovely things I adore. In every corner, my favorite colors greet me as well as very special  memories, beckoning me to come and ponder for awhile. It is here, I am able to close out the world, read, dream and refresh my soul, allowing my spirit and body to be ready for the next happening in the ‘real world.’  What would we do without our bedrooms?


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