A potpourri of “Cottage-style” Living Rooms!

“Living in a cottage is like living in a Fairytale.” ~ Author unknown


A Cottage style living room… out of all the words for the charming and cozy phrase ‘cottage,’ (berth, bach, (from New Zealand,) cabin, chalet, lodge, dacha, shack, summer house, bungalow, cot, hut and shanty,) I am so glad ‘the experts’ chose ‘cottage’ for this chic and snug design, as it evokes the emotions of repose and romance. 🙂 (The other words just don’t sound ‘quite right;’)  ” An English country hut or French country shack.”  🙂

In researching this fabulous decor motif, I learned there are many types of cottage styles…for some reason, I’ve always thought it was a ‘country style,’ but there is also English country, summer cottage, beach cottage and a rustic – cabin style design as well as French cottage. No matter which one you choose, (in which you will see a cornucopia of them today within this vignette, they are all absolutely relishable, blissful and gemutlich!

What exactly is the Cottage look, you may ask? It is a room filled with virtue, innate comfort, simplicity, diverse colors and a convivial ambiance. It’s the kind of atmosphere that  many movies create their plots around, berth1 where memorable and wondrous, intimate conversations take place, palatable cuisine is shared with loved ones, and the daunting sounds of the magical thunderstorms are undoubtedly more pronounced. 🙂

Surprisingly enough, it was the medieval style of the English Countryside that inspired the charming, comfy and snug cottage style home.  The tiny  berth was a modest, warm, relaxed dwelling place typically within the rural areas and the bucolic countryside. It was built for the cotter who worked the land on a substantial, large property,berth providing  a place for himself, his family and friends to live together under one roof.  (No wonder they call it “cozy.” 🙂   But now a days, in the 21st century, you can have your own “cottage  style home” in the middle of such glamorous and fascinating cities as New York, Rome or Paris.

Our home in Delaware does not look like a typical “cottage home” on the exterior, but I have had many people who have come for an afternoon Tea, ladies birthday luncheon or Christmas party, who have commented that our haven resembles a little cottage home…each room with a cozy ambiance and lots of comfort, color and “eye candy.” Because we have a mixture of diverse decor styles within our home, (vintage, Victorian, shabby chic, and country cottage,) I think their assumption just may be correct. 🙂 I just like to call it “ours” and hope it blesses others as they enter its doors. 🙂 I know it has been a true bestowal for all three of us. 🙂

Some of the renowned, classic and heartwarming movies that have been centered around a  whimsical ‘cottage home’ are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, the enchanting, ‘Into the Woods,’ The three little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty AND  Gull Cottage in ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.’ Go   A few films from our generation that have brought the cottage style back to life are, The Lord of the Rings, the Cornish berth in ‘Half light,’ Sabrina,  Julia Robert’s  ‘Sleeping with the enemy,’ the romantic the thrilling ‘Practical Magic,’ and the romantic and heartwarming classic, ‘The Holiday.’  Some of the alluring havens in these films are quite prodigious and gallant, where as the others are more modest and snug cottage homes but they all have one thing in common, they’re all magical, inviting, alluring and warm.

cot3cot6cot4cot5cot7cot2cot9cot14cot11cot15KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA



THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

” Homecoming means coming HOME to what is in your heart.” ~ Author Unknown

Cottages are MAGICAL.” ~ Author Unknown

” I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without a desire to read.” ~ Thomas B. Macaulay

“I can envision a small cottage somewhere, with a lot of writing paper,doggy1 and a dog, and a fireplace and maybe enough money to give myself some Irish coffee now and then and entertain my two friends.” ~ Lt. Richard Van de Greer

“I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottagedoggy2 with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give.” ~ Thomas Jefferson.

(There must be something special about a cottage, lots of writing paper, and a wealth of books!) 🙂

I am excited to show you a few of those alluring and dulcet ‘cottage living rooms.’

Both of these photos are taken inside the English cottage home used in the romantic  and whimsical movie, ‘The Holiday.’ It’s a great film if you have not seen it yet. This story is about two single ladies who ‘switch houses’ for the glorious Christmas season…One of them lives in a quaint cottage, nestled in the countryside in the UK and the other lady, a regal, Brobdingnagian estate on the west coast. I would take the English cottage any day over the large and prestigious, incredibly modern mansion! (That is just me.) 🙂

This room is definitely warm and snug decorated in a cornucopia of decor styles…kind of a hodgepodge of flavors… I love the  innate wood beamed ceilings as well as the petite, storybook-like stair case. Very charming! ccl20

I adore this photograph of the dreamy and welcoming country cottage from the movie ‘The Holiday’ as well, with it’s winning and classic cobble stone fireplace, the welcoming fire with its dancing flames in the hearth, (I just love fireplaces,)  the vintage furniture, the  galvanic area rug and the abundance of white accent color the decorator has used in this living room to brighten its ambiance.  ccl19

With red being my all time favorite color, this room is ‘Primo.’  It already is blessed with vaulted ceilings, (bringing forth the look of spaciousness and volume,) as well as an idyllic setting.  The red and white floral designs mixed with the red and white stripes is beautifully courageous and enthralling.  I adore the white walls, white paned windows and French doors along with  the vintage – country hutch. This is a charming  as well as felicific cottage style living room…one of my first choices. 🙂 ccl15

Venturous, delightsome, winsome and riveting! I love this cottage living room… The decorator has used an enlivening hue of green amongst an abundance of gorgeous,  fresh whites, highlighted with diverse tones of the serene color of blue. The light woods are breathtaking and bring about a beautifully, fortuitous ambiance. I think this living room would not only bring many a restful and calming afternoon, but also be a place of many gladsome gatherings. It’s absolutely unique and captivating.ccl17

These two ‘cottage’ living rooms share the exceedingly esthetic and magnetic combination of the colors, tan and blue. The first photograph has simple lines, is a bit formal, yet also relaxed, comfy and inviting. I love the added highlights of the soft whites. In the second photo, the tans and blues are much richer, and the room is quite a bit larger with it’s emboldened vaulted ceilings. The artist here again, has courageously mixed her fabrics, ( lovely floral designs amidst the striped and checkered patterns.) I love it!  I have never seen such a perfect match with window valances and  an area rug…absolutely gorgeous. Both rooms are picturesque, winning and heart warming. (I could easily envision our husbands or boyfriends being partial to the second living room…it’s one of those rooms that  pleases both genders.) 🙂


This  English country cottage room is “up my alley.” 🙂 I adore the vintage armoire, (the  seasoned wood and architectural design is superb,) the relaxed, bright white wicker with the opalescent, cheery red fabric, highlighted with the accent of the white sheer curtains,  delicate lamp, baronial hard wood flooring, and the hushed greens and bright reds displayed in the quilts within the armoire. The little table is perfect for this fetching ambiance, as well as the picturesque and resplendent area rug.  This style is exceedingly refreshing, filled to over flowing with ‘charm’ and is a place I would spend most of my time… (I’d just have to place my desk in a corner with my computer and an abundance of writing paper… 🙂


Color is EVERYTHING! I adore both of these cottage living rooms with their kaleidoscopic combinations of beautiful colors. The first photograph is absolutely gorgeous. This decorator has combined the rich colors of red and tan together and it is undoubtedly one of the most warm and inviting rooms I have seen.  The custom window treatments, amongst the paned windows, cobble stoned fireplace and the built in wooden shelves are stunning. It gets a Five Star rating! 🙂 The other living room is cozy, (I absolutely adore floral couches or slip covers…) with its myriad of rose, blues, greens and reds…The striped wallpaper in the background is inventively creative and makes for an eminently enticing, galvanic and winsome cottage room.


This cottage room is beautifully formal and refined, yet at the same time, inviting, snug and cozy . I love the lulled golds, creamy whites, soft blues and ‘touches’ of the  passionate color of red against the bright white walls and window treatments. (I adore how so many homes  are now using ottomans as ‘coffee tables’…They look fabulously warm and are cleverly creative. ) The dreamy vase of fresh flowers is  a wondrous added touch. Beautiful room.


This is a ‘snug cottage style’ room within a gorgeous estate…. It shows you that you can “have your cake and eat it to.” 🙂   YES, you can have both! 🙂 A very formal look with it’s vaulted ceilings, breathtaking crown molding, regal columns and par- excellence window treatments. The soft creamy wall color creates an eminently warm ambiance as well as the potpourri of colors on the couch amidst the wealth of classic and imperial artwork. The whites are refreshing and add a stellar and quintessential flavor to the room… A gorgeous and felicific room to spend many hours in, whether entertaining guests, sharing intimate evenings with family  or reading your suspenseful novel, it’s certainly a room fit for ‘luxurious living.’ 🙂


This delightsome room is most definitely ‘country cottage’ with its warm and snug ambiance. The winsome rose fabric mixed with the sky blue, checkered patterned couch, amongst the brilliant white walls, paned windows and built in shelf is amazingly eye-catching and entrancing. This room brings forth the feeling of pure comfort and yet you are surrounded with an abundance of whimsical beauty.  It’s undeniably splendid.


The first word that comes to my mind is HOME! This room exudes the meaning of what our homes mean to us… A place of beauty, safety, relaxation, cheerfulness and COMFORT! I love the mix and match fabrics, the combination of diverse shades of red amidst the subtle color of tan accompanied by the old brick. The red roses are an endearing highlight and don’t you just adore the unique and creative coffee table? Very impressive! (We replaced our coffee table with an antique hope chest for a creative and  added flavor to our living room.)


This duo of ‘cottage style’ living rooms are total opposites, but I love them both. 🙂 The first room is filled with bright, motley colors…I especially am impressed with the mixture of the yellow and rose tones. The cobblestone fireplace is enchanting and the overall patina of the room is cheerful, charismatic, love-some and sweet. Another enticing touch added to this cheery room is the striking, lambent white paneled walls, (definitely  creating a ‘cottage’ flavor for sure.)  The second living room is more formal, traditional and noble. With it’s rich, dark woods, tans, reds and hints of yellow amidst the white paned windows, it creates an entrancingly welcoming place of repose. Very cozy and snug!


What would our rooms be like without our beloved and cherished accessories? Here are a few ‘cottage’ accent pieces for your new creations… 🙂

Both of these chairs would enhance your cottage style living room, it would just depend upon your color palette and  the style of ‘cottage decor’ you have chosen. The candescent  green chair, looks alluringly vintage and more country where as the blue and rose fabric amongst the luminous white wood chair, appears more refined and formal. Both are lovely and look homemade. (A great Saturday afternoon project.) 🙂


This is endearingly sweet and winning…definitely a wonderful garden accent for a beach cottage. I love the topiary tree. 🙂


What a lovely and delicate mirror to display in a bathroom, atop your dresser or a hallway table in your foyer. I adore peaceful sleeping, cuddly love birds. 🙂


This cottage style hutch, filled with kaleidoscopic quilts and dulcet linens is definitely a showstopper. I love the architecture of this piece of furniture with its unique and distinct Victorian decor. This is a ‘true find!’ 🙂


A darling, winsome and artful pillow would look perfect in a country cottage motif created in the renowned beautiful blue and white color palette.  ccl58

How precious! I don’t think I have ever seen a tea light candle display quite like this one before. This would be a wonderful centerpiece for a cottage hutch or coffee table with it’s enchanting and riveting theme. (You already know by now that I love birds…)  🙂 The shelf and towel rack is also an alluring room accent as well as a great convenience. In a cottage styled living room, I would  display this on my wall with heartwarming pictures in classy frames atop the shelf and use the hangers for our house keys, car keys, sunglasses or drape a pretty shell or pearl necklace upon a loop, to add some charm. Both of these accent pieces are creatively amicable and warm.


This period piece chair with it’s beautifully decorated white rose and satin ribbon pillow is exquisite. Combined with this entrancing,stunning and grand wallpaper, this room exudes the romantic ambiance of an English Country cottage.


Another clever and creative shelf for the entrance of your cottage room. I think two of my most favorite color combinations are a light rose mixed with diverse shades of green.  (Like this adorable homemade heart says; its very pretty. 🙂


You can never have to many photographs…(Yes, another motto of mine ) 🙂 and, you can never go wrong with choosing a myriad of diverse styles of frames throughout your cottage living room. This display is charmingly country and has such beautiful, simple lines in it’s presentation. Very creative!


This bird cage looks as if it has never, (even once)  beheld a feathery creature within it’s pristine, four gated walls! 🙂  It looks amazingly fresh and brand new! There is a wealth of ways to decorate old, (and new) birdcages for lovely accents to any style of living room you choose to create. All you would need to begin is the birdcage of your choice, (wrought iron, wood, metal, etc…) a can of spray paint, a creative theme and a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby Craft store near by!   🙂


Okay, another thing, (in our home) that I can never have to many of is ‘teapots.’ This regal blue and white  teapot is ‘top of the line’ and would grace any cottage living room with charm, blissfulness as well as be a wondrous addition in bringing forth a felicitous ambiance.  🙂


Lastly, this dateless and august vintage chest of drawers would look alluring tucked cozily in a corner of your country-cottage living room. ( I love the wallpaper and green trim that this decorator has chosen.) Very cozy! army

I am hoping that I have been able to add a tad bit of ‘enlightenment’ to what cottage decor is all about. I feel as if I learned quite a bit myself in this vignette… However it has inspired you, enjoy your time of planning and creating! 🙂 I will leave you with one more entrancing photograph of a heavenly cottage home. It truly does look like a dream house doesn’t it? 🙂


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