The Living Room…the place where happy sounds reverberate throughout the room.

“You are a king by your own fireside as much as any Monarch in his throne.” ~ Cervantes


Did you know that your living room creates a lasting impression to all those who enter it’s doors? It ‘tells on you,’ whether or not you are a laid back kind of person, a collector of antiques, country at heart, formal or a lover of hodgepodge. With first time visitors to your abode, your secret is now out!  🙂  This room is a very special room for in actuality,  it sets the mood for the rest of your home.

“Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest, is surely home , and home sweet home, for there your heart can rest.”  ~ Henry Van Dyke


I again liken the creation of this very eventful room, to an artist that has been given a blank canvas along with the tools to bring forth the dream within their heart, thus the dream becomes reality, so that many others may behold the beauty. YOU are the artisan…your living room is your fresco! Creating a painting is likened to deposing a brush stoke around a concept, notion or idea. Never be afraid of YOUR ideas!

I like to think that at the core and center of every home, there is a personal tone and fashion that always illuminates through. Where does it come from?  Perhaps from our roots, escapades and adventures in life, our interests as well as our passions. Create your home, each and every room, from what is within! (You can never go wrong!)

“Where we love is our home, home where our feet may leave but not our hearts.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Z-3060

Whether you call your main room your living room, sitting room, parlor or drawing room, It is the room that is ‘lived in’ the most. It is the room where you will entertain guests, do homework with your kids, watch great movies, listen to your favorite, (or everyone’s favorite 🙂 ) genre of music, and enjoy one another as you share your lives together. It is your ‘hearts gratified snuggery room’…you get to chose to open your door to the outside world or leave it shut! Create your ‘parlor’ to be a room filled with all the things YOU LOVE and that you are in love with.

Our living room is a sundry of decorating themes but I liken it mostly to the Shabby Chic style accented with a little Victorian amidst a bit of a country-cottage air.

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old, wanting to get back to.” ~ John Ed Pearce


Our living room has witnessed a myriad of memories. Game playing, movie nights, bible studies, Ladies tea’s, birthday parties, sleepovers, (we have a couch bed and an abundance of out of state guests,) laughter, tears, joy, delicious cuisine, entertaining friends and family and lots of ‘nosy neighbor behavior,’ as we have a lot of windows. (Yes, we are the nosy ones! OK, It is really our Briard Graham and I that are the inquisitive ones.)  🙂   It is our families favorite room. (But not because of the windows.) 🙂

Whether your tastes are nautical, formal and elegant, pure country, a potpourri of different themes mixed together, country cottage or vintage, beautify your place with all the things you love, your favorite colors and furniture, and of course all your  treasured accent pieces. Some of our prized and significant decor items are  seasonal throws, candles, hutches adorned with garlands intertwined with enchanting lights, a montage of throw pillows, accent rugs, an old, solid oak and very handsome over sized desk that I do all my work at and adore. We also display a few very beloved teddy bears, a tea pot shaped pewter lamp, lit up seasonal trees, photographs, ornate plates and my hope chest, often times used our our coffee table. What I love most about each friends or family members homes that we visit, is how very different all of our tastes are and how much I love their decor as it fits them so well. All of their homes are warm, alluring, and cheerful (just like them) and truly displays a part of their personality.

“The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.” ~ Ellie Rodriguez



As you create your living room, remember that all the fabulous things you love, bring accolade to one another. Have fun, enjoy, show off your personality and then DELIGHT yourself, every hour you spend in your ‘hearts jubilant snuggery” with the ones you love the  most!

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Happy Decorating!

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