Celebrated and historic decorative items to warm your hearts as well as home.


Whether from an adventurous Alaskan Cruise, a long awaited trip to Paris, a visit to England, Italy, Washington DC or a drive to the prominent Charleston, South Carolina to enjoy the beaches, historic sites and fantastic eateries, the things we buy while we are away on our excursions, become treasures, wondrous memories and a great way to add decor to our homes.


While visiting ‘lands from afar,’ some blithesome keepsakes to buy (to keep the special  memories  of your holiday and furlough alive,) might be an exquisite duvet for your bed or an ornate china plate to display on your hutch, bedside table or in a snug kitchen corner. How about an Eiffel tower ornament to place upon your tree at Christmas time, reminding you of your time in Paris.  Some other ideas, (these you may want shipped home and forgo boarding them on the plane,) are a delicate and fanciful lampshade, an elaborate antique mirror for your guest room and perhaps a breathtaking cup and saucer from the 18th century.   All of these tokens not only beautify your ‘castle,’ but beckon you to revisit your time in that “far away land”  that you spent so many hours getting refreshed.

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For your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or the ‘child within you,’ a fun memento from your travel days would be to bring home an ‘irresistible,’  beloved Teddy Bear, (they even have passports for them now-a-days,) (truly they do!) 🙂  How about a stunning  rooster from France for your kitchen or a ‘Mr. Chef,’ to remind you of all the scrumptious and inciting cuisine you enjoyed in Italy?



Maybe your trip away won’t be out of the country…perhaps a drive to the beautiful East Coast to visit it’s famous beaches and historical monuments. Being that my heritage comes from the south, I love paintings from southern artesians or places I recall growing up. (One of my favorite being Charleston South Carolina.)  Multicolored beach towels and creative coffee mugs are a great souvenir to recall  long chats on the beach, listening to the waves roar and feeling the warm sun glistening upon your skin.  They add charm and cheerfulness to your home. Decorative throws not only add texture and color to your abode but keep you warm and cozy in the chilly winter and fall months. They are also great for our beloved porches in the spring and summer seasons, as they beautifully adorn your wicker furniture. Little memories are perfect to tuck away in your suitcases…starfish from Myrtle Beach, ceramic plant pots or flower holders and topiary bunnies from the outlets at the shore. Our vacations are what memories are made of.






THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNERAdorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“One should never be the oldest thing in ones house.” ~ Patsy Stone

“Decorating’s golden rule: Live with what you love.” ~ Unknown

“Home is the nicest word there is.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

“I have collections of quirky things from places I have  been to, like a set of Russian dolls.” ~ Emma Watson

“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” ~ Charles M. Schultz  (A little humor here! 🙂

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


In this blog about celebrating our memories and history,  don’t forget there are a myriad of treasures containing  the very things our ancestors  have passed down to us that bring people and  our heritage alive amongst our everyday lives.  China tea cups passed down from your grandmother, a silver candelabra inherited from a beloved parent, Victorian picture frames from a cherished aunt and lastly, a beautiful purse purchased abroad and sent your way ‘just because.’

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When I look around our little haven, I am filled with so much awe, joy and fulfillment, accompanied by many smiles as I envision all the love stories behind some of my prized decor items. For some reason, they mean a little bit more than the plate hanger I found at the flea market or the throw pillows I bought on sale at a  countryside boutique. Take some time to re-visit your past and the things, (perhaps packed away or just hidden from view,) that make your heart smile as you recall the wonderful memories they bring to life.


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