When a man loves a woman…..


Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh!” he whispered.  “Yes Piglet?” “Nothing.” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” ~ A.A. Milne

I love this writing about Pooh and Piglet as it says a lot in very few words. We all just need ‘to be sure of’ someone’…a sureness they will be there, love us and stand by our side… It is a beautiful thing to have!

“We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can fly only by embracing each other.” ~ Luciano de Crescenzo

Ah the things a man does when he is in love with ‘his woman.’ Here are some creative ways to put your love into action to SHOW her just how much you adore and care for her.

Create a visceral response in her heart. Surprise her and serve her breakfast in bed.  (We love a  red rose on the breakfast tray as it makes us feel pampered and romanced.) breakfast in bed

Cook her a ‘feast imbued with romance.’ Secretly, buy all the ingredients, do all the preparation, create her favorite cuisine, use the best china and crystal,  display a myriad of candles and then, (big drum roll please), clean up all the dishes as she watches her favorite TV show.


Give her a foot massage, neck rub or shoulder and back massage. Facials are a great way for women to relax as well. (Maybe surprise her with her favorite romantic CD.) 🙂

Take the trashes out, and often. (Especially when it is snowing!) 🙂

Surprise and Kidnap her, taking her to her favorite eatery. Do it right around the 5 o’clock hour when she is beginning to prepare dinner. (Also, make sure  it is on one of her good hair days…) (Sorry guys, but that really does matter to us.) 🙂

Take her on a spontaneous walk amongst the romantic moonlight, bringing a long two chutes of sparkling champagne or cider.


Pour her a  rhapsodic, lavender bubble bath along with warm, fresh bath towels set out and flickering candles, creating ‘just the right light.’ (A glass of chardonnay and fresh flowers are a nice touch too.)Z-98On your way home from an errand, surprise her and pick up two topiary trees for the porch, or any items she has an affinity for… Running shoes, Dove chocolates, a brand new set of cookware, a Alexandra Stoddart book on “living beautifully” or her favorite magazines.  Z-97Write her a letter of your appreciation, love and devotion to her. (By hand and not on the computer.) 🙂

letter writingBless her with fresh flowers for no reason at all…she will be in a heavenly repose.Z-93Pick up a bottle of her favorite perfume. Put a little dab behind her ears and tell her how good she smells.

Honor and esteem  her in front of all your friends by the things you speak about her while she is present.

If your “woman” is a writer or avid reader, surprise her with some blithesome stationary or a Kindle. (I adore my kindle and it was one of my “most impressive and memorable” Christmas gifts last year.)

Ask her to take a walk with you…hold hands, take time just for her.

Secretly buy her that one “Chic Flick” she keeps talking about and surprise her on a Friday night with a Pizza and movie night.

Give the dog a bath so she can have some quiet time to read her novel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a praying person, pray for her when she is hurting.

Bring her home a new Teddy bear. (We never outgrow those you know?) 🙂

Z-94Call her ‘just to say,’ “I love you.”

Be demonstrative with your love…give her a loving and tender neck rub when she tenses up, a kiss on the cheek, a big, long hug and a smile for no reason.

Tell her every day that she is still your very first ‘pick’, “YOUR NUMERO UNO” and  BEAUTIFUL. (We forget otherwise.) 🙂

Applaud  and praise a thoughtful act that she does.

Attend and hearken to her words…( I know women have the need to talk and process their thoughts with approximately 20,000 words a day and men, not feeling that  same need, approximately 500…) But try!…(I know it is a lot of listening but a little bit of effort goes a long way.)

Add to her repertoire of books…maybe  a new devotional, an autobiography, decor book, journal, good mystery novella,and of course, romance novels. book collection

I hope these ideas inspire you, or at least some of them. ” You can never be kind  and thoughtful without it  boomeranging  right back to you.” 🙂


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