The delizioso Italian ‘CUCINO.”


The Beautiful country of Italy… If ever there was a land filled to overflowing with romance, allurement, mystery and grandeur, it is the riveting and mesmerizing commonwealth, Italy.

Not only is this country filled with a stellar loveliness, it is also ‘HOME’ to some of the worlds most delicious and renowned cuisine as well as winning, intriguing and fun-loving residents, (a people, WHO LOVE LIFE and celebrate it everyday! ) Italians are warm and welcoming, love family, food, wine, relaxing and PEOPLE.

Now, these people, REALLY know how to eat… 🙂  Sometimes their meals are a 2 hour affair. Do you know that all the business shut down in the afternoon for a couple of hours so the residents of the towns and villages can enjoy a redolent, three course meal, consisting of  superb cuisine, relaxation and fellowship.?  (I want to live there. 🙂 )

The Italian people love to celebrate everything with food and if they run out of an occasion to emblazon, they will gather around their dining table or their favoritBest Meatball Recipee Italian eatery and just  ‘revel in jubilation’ for  ‘the great food and wine itself.’   🙂 They adore cappuccino, espresso coffee, pasta, fresh seafood, vino, freshly made conolies and walkingITT8  down to the piazza, where they gather with their friends and get ‘caught up’ on the all the latest news and happenings. They proudly own a passion for cooking and are renowned for their superb, spicy sauces and variety of cheeses they use in all of their pasta dishes. They are great creatorsITT3 of  “comfort food.” (Like our moms.) When I was a youngster, and I felt sad, frightened  or anxious, (in need of consolation and cheer,)  my mom would bake a scrumptious pecan pie, cut me a slice big enough for three people, put mounds of whip cream on top and give me a big hug, assuring me; “Everything will be OK.” ) Still to this day, pecan pie and whip cream bring  comfort to my soul…but certainly not my waistline. 🙂

Here are some famous quotes from these beloved people, mostly Italian Proverbs.

“He who goes to bed without eating, will regret it through the night.”

“Eat to live, not live to eat.”

“At the  table with good friends and family, you do not become old.”

“A small kitchen, makes the house BIG.”ask2

“Everything you see, I owe to pasta.” Sophia Loren

“I love the places that have an incredible history.  I love the Italian life. I love the people. I love the attitudes of the Italians.” Sir Elton John (He sure has a lot of lovin’ going on in his heart, doesn’t he?) 🙂


The Italian kitchen, the “Cucino,” is one place on this earth, I would adore frequenting. I can only imagine the aromas of the butter, fresh garlic and Virgin olive oil simmering together amongst an abundance of newly cut garden herbs…The Italians cook with a bounty of sweet and savory spices…garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, fennel, pesto, cayenne, cracked black pepper, (and the list goes on…)  They are renowned for their pastas, pizzas and fresh cioppinos with ample, decadent seafood from the blue waters, served over fettuccine or Angel Hair spaghetti.   You can be sure that an Italian cucino will have plenty of  prosciutto cheese, Parmesan, freshly picked and ripened tomatoes from the garden, pine nuts, and sweet basil, pesto sauce with arugula, a myriad ofacc7

olives, rice for risotto, olive oil and tempting, Italian breads, fresh from their fire brick ovens. My brothers girlfriend was a beautiful Italian lady and I loved dining at her home, not just because her cuisine was “delizioso” but because the talks we had as we prepared our meal, were just as warm and  fulfilling!  (Cucino talks are delightful.) 🙂

Are you ready to take a look at a beautiful collection of Italian cucino’s? Just imagine the delightful, ambrosial aromas coming from each oven and stove top… Throughout Italy, you will hear the chef’s, restaurant staff and local grocers, saying words  that you may not understand… 🙂  “Ciao,” “Buongiorno”, “Benvenuto.”  Meaning Hi! Welcome and Good Morning. If ever an Italian cook shares a taste of their special, spaghetti sauce they are creating in their cucino, (you know, the one recipe from generations of old?,) say “Grazie.” (Thank you! )  My much needed and favorite Italian word that I have learned is “Attenda Prego.” I find that I am actually saving my energy and  breath as I have to tell my Briard dog, Grantham, at least 50 times a day to  “Hold on, just wait a minute, pleeaasse…” (as he makes a ‘specific noise’ every time he wants something and he wants something all day long! 🙂  Now, I just hold my hands up in the air and say ” Attenda Prego.” 🙂 I will tell you when it starts working on him.  🙂


I adore the large, roomy feel of an Italian cucino. This particular kitchen is cozy, warm and yet light, ardent and ‘airy.’ I can think of a million plates, tea pots or china serving bowls to fill theses delightful, elfin glass cabinets, and can only just imagine how many  wondrous conversations I would have over a hot cappuccino or latte, shared with my husband, friends or family, within these inviting and welcoming walls. 🙂


What a unique and charming stove…This is also a beautifully incandescent kitchen filled with natural sunlight amongst soft, pastel colors.  Very lovely!


I absolutely adore the Italian themed tile,  combined with marble counter tops and walls amidst the soft woods.  Does it get any more sensational and impressive than this?


It is a dream for my husband and I to have an eat in kitchen like this. I can just in-vision a large, family gathering, everyone sharing delicious cuisine, stories of the ‘old times’ and lots of laughter and joy around these two tables!  (I would invite our entire colossal family, put a Junoesque  flower pot in the tiny sink on the center- Island marble table, add some more chairs and utilize this entire table along with the other dining table! 🙂  (If you build it, they will come!) 🙂 I wish!


More examples of the awesome and striking, scenic Italian tiles amidst the brilliant black and regal, rich wood. Simply amazing! This kitchen is sure to make it’s many happy guests feel as if they are dining at a five star eatery. 🙂


A quaint kitchen…small but certainly toasty and convivial. 🙂 (Another eat-in dining table.) Very cozy.


You could feed an army in this cucino… The wooden, beamed ceilings are rustically picturesque…I love the way the decorator has mixed the sage green cabinetry amongst the delicate, brown wood and creamy white counter tops.  The display of brass gourmet cookware is a wondrous, tasteful addition… It  definitely owns a resplendent and fetching appeal.


All of these lovely kitchens share a specific common ingredient…They clamorously shout out;  “Buongiorno!” The warmth of the colors, the subtle decor, decorative tile , diverse textures and hues, would cause every guest or family member, to feel invited, welcomed, as well as pampered.



WOW!  Don’t you love the gorgeous Italian themed tile amongst  the old brick… Absolutely stunning! It brings forth an old world, vintage appeal!


This kitchen is my favorite…(OK, they are all my favorite. ) 🙂 I dote upon this classy, one- of-a-kind stove with it’s serene, charming and enchanting vineyard decor tile. I wish these were “made to order.” 🙂


An Italian cucino, though beautiful without a single decor item, can still be enhanced with  a few colorful and distinct kitchen accents.   I love these  bright dishtowels and classy, colorful Italian frescoes. What a great idea to enliven the walls as well as counter tops.



If you are a connoisseur of fine wines,  then you know you’ve ‘got to have’ a place to display your beloved vintage collection. This is ideal for any kitchen, or dining room…I love to have a center-island within my kitchen, (if the kitchen is large enough.) This piece of furniture is not only eye catching, exuding charm but very convenient as well.


This chopping block is more authentic and rustic…still a wondrous center-island. I love it!


These alluring tiles are both enchanting and creative…as well as the marble counter tops and Italian themed mural – decor. The Italian kitchen is like no other cucino I have seen… Just think, you can bring Italy, right into your very own home… I can just imagine all the concoctions being created in these rustically and charming kitchens…Chicken Vesuvius, Brushetta, Clam and Muscle spaghetti, Lobster ravioli, four cheese and sausage lasagne and freshly whipped cream to fill those delicious, divine Italian delicacies, conolies. I think everyone who owns an Italian kitchen should also have a brilliantly white ,  starched and freshly ironed “chefs hat.” 🙂



These are lovely ‘Back-splashes’ for your Italian Cucino…they exude the charm of Italy amongst your classy granite or marble counter tops…



Lastly, all of these beautiful and creative kitchen accessories are sure to add warmth, color and depth  for an enchanting, alluring ambiance. I adore the blue and yellow china.



For this lovely kitchen vignette, I want to leave you with a delightful and superb Italian recipe… It is my husbands, homemade, renowned rendition of  a ‘Basil Rathbone’ Pizza and is unlike any pizza I have ever consumed. He got the idea from a pizza we tried at an eatery on the coast of California, (and It is to die for!) For your next Pizza and movie night, give this savory dish a try!

Even though Basil Rathbone was a British actor and born in South Africa, this pizza is still eminently Italian… (At least his first name is (kind of) Italian… (sort of.) 🙂



You will need, one large pizza dough…(You can make your own, buy it from a bakery or get it from your local grocery store.)  Make sure you read the directions on your dough before you make this pizza, for example, some doughs require a short pre-bake before you place  the ingredients on top…we use homemade dough and do not pre-bake the pizza.

You will also need a bottle of pesto sauce. (We use, Classico Traditional Basil Pesto sauce) or you could make your own. One half of a large red onion, sliced in thin slices, one bell pepper, seeded and  sliced in thin slices, 4 sweet or Hot Italian sausages, cooked in a small amount of olive oil or butter. As the sausage is almost cooked, cut it up into pieces so your finished consistency is ‘crumbled.’ You will also need a box of fresh, cleaned sliced mushrooms,  fresh cilantro, rinsed and cut fine and a can of artichoke hearts. (We buy the ones in brine water and drain them, then cut them in half,) and lastly, a large bag of Mozzarella cheese. (OK, our guilty pleasure has been revealed…we are extra cheese lovers.) 🙂 (You can use as much or as little as you would like.) 🙂

1. Preheat your oven to 450. If you have a  pizza stone, preheat it as well. If you do not have a stone, do not worry about preheating your pizza pan.

2. Spread the pesto sauce on the bottom of your pizza dough. Use a little or a lot…it’s up to your taste. (We use a moderate amount…taste the pesto, and you will know.) 🙂

3. Place the  sliced onions, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers,  halved artichoke hearts, and cilantro all over the pizza.

4. Add the crumbled sausage, (after it as been drained upon a paper towel,)  evenly throughout the pizza. Place your pizza in the 450 degree oven for 20 minutes. Check your pizza to see how the bottom is browning and make sure your veggies and meat are hot.  Take your pizza out of the oven and turn the temperature down to 350 degrees. Cover your pizza with the  Mozzarella cheese. Bake at  350 until the cheese melts. (About 5 minutes.)   When done, take out of the oven and  allow it to cool down a little bit. You have a meal fit for a king. Delicious with a fresh garden or Caesar salad,  or  sweet marinated tomatoes and cucumbers.  ENJOY!