A Father’s Day to Remember!



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“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” ~ Author Unknown

“A Father carries pictures where his money used to be.” 🙂 ~ Author Unknown

“It is much easier to become a father than to be one.” ~ Kent Nerburn

“Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a DAD.” ~ Author Unknown

“Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.” ~ Gloria Naylor

“My daddy, he was somewhere between God and John Wayne.” ~ Hank Williams, Jr.

“Until you have a SON of your own…you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon  his son.” ~ Kent Nerburn


“There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to HIS DAUGHTER, and gradually over the years, it gets to be long enough for you to pick up within your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like LOVE ITSELF.” ~ John Gregory Brown



Happy Fathers day! What a day of honor and celebration as our fathers are one of the most significant people we will ever have in our lives.  When you think about it, our dads were one of our very first peers that we tried to please and win over….we wanted them to be so proud of us as we grew up in this monumental, dubious and uncertain world. 🙂 Our dad’s were our hero, protector, our security and role model…(Gosh what a pressure job for him!) 🙂   For a young boy, his dad is his idol…he can never do enough to win the approval and acceptance from his father. For little girls, we don’t  know it then, but we will measure each man we meet by comparing them to our father…

There is such a wide range and variety of the relationships children have with their fathers. I have some girl friends in whom their father is, (or was,) their best friend, confidante, biggest fan and their first love. Other friends share a more formal, almost proper, decorous and satisfactory relationship with their dads and carry a deep respect for them, but do not have a close bond. I know of others who are indifferent with their fathers, but there is no question of their love for one another.  My husband was very close to his dad and it brought tears to my eyes at times to witness the love they shared.  It’s amazing to me how different the roles each of our parents play out in our lives…Both of them, whether together, apart, close to us or incurious at times, are a huge influence that in part, shape and mold us into the adults we become. (Wow…two more stressful and pressure filled occupations our parents carried.)  🙂

It’s funny…as a child, we basically already KNOW our moms are going to be in the audience at our school play, dance recital, in the bleachers at our baseball, soccer and football games…They are usually our nurturers and the peacemakers of our families. It’s so important for us to see our dads there as well. When we do see them, smiling as they wave to us, a sigh of relief floods our hearts and all we want to do is make them proud. The way I grew up, my mom was at home, (blessed to be a wonderful  homemaker, always available for her kids both physically and emotionally,) while my father worked many hours outside of the home, traveled and was oversees for 13 months in the Vietnam war. Many children go through “feeling” that their dads are absent, but in truth, they are loving their family by doing the jobs and duties put before them.

My mom and dad had eight children…first a girl, then four boys in a row. (Whew!) 🙂 They were praying for another little girl and the good Lord heard them as my mom got pregnant with twin girls.cathy I was one of those twins and I hear, we were the talk of the neighborhood in our blue and pink bonnets.   My twin died suddenly at eight months old…Of course, it was a dark time for all the family and how they got through it, I can’t fathom. When my mom lost my twin, (one of her treasured and long awaited baby girls,)  she protected me like a Mother hen with her chicks, (not wanting to lose me too.) We formed a very deep bond and  from that time forward…we were best friends, the “Two Musketeers” and close chums for life.  One of my cherished memories I will always remember about “my dad” is that He told me a million times, (OK, maybe a thousand) 🙂 “You are a fairy princess and so beautiful. One day, the boys will be lining up at the door for you, (I kept waiting for that part, and waiting…  🙂 )  and Susan, you can do and BE anything in life you want to be and desire.”  That’s what our dad’s do…encourage , stand by us, love us no matter what, always long for and wish for us the best and hope that we don’t move back home after we’ve grown up! :) (Just joshing.) (Well, kind of.)

In this blog, I want to both honor my father as well as share some ideas with you to bless your fathers’  big day, making it a day he will remember!

This is a beloved photo of my mom and dad welcoming their first baby, (a beautiful, healthy girl, Ginneye) into the world in 1946. (I bet they had no idea that seven more babies would be blessing their world in the not to far-away future.)


I was so honored  and proud to have my father walk me down the aisle on my wedding day! (I am not sure which one of us was more nervous…)  🙂 He also blessed my husband and I with a wondrous fairytale like wedding and reception…My Father loved to give.


My mom and dad were dressed to the hilt on this evening, as  they were getting ready to leave for  the Marine Corps Birthday Gala. He always looked so handsome in his uniform. My dad served in the United States Marine Corps, was a distinguished pilot and retired as a Lt. Col. He was a loyal, faithful man, loved his country and had a Brobdingnagian passion for flying. (Just bring up the subject of ‘his flying days,’ and his eyes lit up like stars in the sky on a clear, dark night.)


My father was a handsome man in his younger days as well as the autumn years of his life. He looked quite dapper all dressed up in his polished suit. His taste in clothes was impeccable and he always looked exceedingly classy.    (I always called him the man with the twinkling eyes.) This photo was taken on a very special and happy day in his life.


Lastly, I love this photo of our family celebration in Corona Del Mar for my dads  80th birthday… He adored  family gatherings.He was like a little kid during all the holidays, (especially Christmas,) and his face and entire countenance  would always brighten up when he was with the ones he loved! (Only five of his seven children were able to make it for this happy occasion.)


My dad was a refined man, loved and served God, adored his children and family, had a great sense of humor, teased like there was no tomorrow, was hard working, a good listener, gave out of the depths of his heart with no measure, (was baffled many a time by me and some things I did or believed in ) and we did not always understand each other, but, I always knew he loved me, and he knew I loved him. 🙂 I honor and thank him this Father’s day for all he did for our family and the place he held within our hearts, but mostly for his love and twinkling eyes that at times,  made everything seem like it was “right as rain.”

I completely connect with the delightful quote above from Gloria Naylor,

” Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.”

My father passed away during the Christmas holidays, two and a half years ago. I still, to this day, think of something I want to say or share with him, saunter towards the phone  and then remember, he is not here anymore…:) (Though somehow I know he looks down from heaven every now and then to check up on his loved ones…He was just that way!


WE, the kids… (No matter our age,) can create a day for our dads that will not only bless them but give them a KNOWING that they are loved and appreciated…

Start the day off with taking your dad out for a wondrous Sunday brunch…June is a beautiful month filled with lush green foliage, kaleidoscopic colors blooming everywhere and the air is usually not ‘to hot’ during this time of year. Out door brunches, whether homemade, or at one of his favorite eateries would be ideal, but I guarantee, he will feel just as pampered dining inside. While enjoying the savory cuisine, ask your dad questions about his life…maybe some things you never really knew about him…jobs he had when he  graduated from  high school, his first girlfriends name, what his favorite holiday is or what  one of the best years of his life was and why.  Let it be his day to shine!





When you arrive back home from brunch, tell him; “Dad, this day is yours….there is not a thing that you need to do today except to RELAX, HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE DAY.” You know what that means…There can be no “HONEY-DO LISTS!”  Not even one chore! 🙂 (FROM ANYONE…including the dog! )  🙂



Some special gift ideas that your dad may enjoy, again keeping with the theme of “It’s your day DAD,”  are creative, yet simple and will be a blessing to his body, soul, spirit and tummy! 🙂 I hope you can bless him with one of these notions.


How about mowing the lawn for him…? (Hopefully, if you your dad has a  large yard, he  owns a rider mower,) 🙂  but this is a very thoughtful idea and act of kindness that won’t cost you a  dime…Maybe a little perspiration and  a few calories. 🙂


If your father is a lover of music, (like my dad was,) pick him up a few of his favorite CD’s. It would be a great way to add some enjoyment to his ‘free day.’




Autobiographies or a great suspense novel are another enjoyable gift he could use on his revered and treasured day. It is such a treat for my husband to be able to have some free time to read...it is a rarity…. Books are a wonderful gift.



If your dad decides he would rather entertain his eyes, 🙂 ‘veg- out’  and save his reading for another time, bless him with some of his favorite movies…maybe sit down and watch one with him over a cold beer, glass of wine or a cappuccino accompanied by an ambrosial appetizer or two. (My father loved his Ice cold beer and  extra sharp, Cracker Barrel  Cheddar cheese.)





What is your dad’s favorite sport? Does he enjoy golfing? There is nothing like a brand  new set of golfing clubs for a golf lover…it’s like giving a child a big bag of candy! 🙂  Or, you could treat him to a game of miniature golf and enjoy one anther’s fellowship and the fresh sunshine together.



Movie passes are a great gift for a rainy day… ( The summer thunderstorms are right around the corner, and it would give him something to look forward to.)FD-48

Men love cologne… (OK, some men love cologne. 🙂 ) My father always wore Royal Lime and my husband adores Royal Musk! (They both are such refreshing fragrances for the summer!)



How about a gift certificate to “HONEY DO HELPERS” so your dad can have another free weekend! ( I didn’t even know such a company existed.)  What a great idea!



A creative and delicious gift would be to fill bottles or antiquated, embellished  glass jars  with your dads favorite candies or nuts… The candy filled jars are so colorful, (though definitely a Christmas theme in this photo,) but you could fill them with Jelly-Belly’s, M&M’s, Skittles, Red licorice sticks or brightly wrapped Dove chocolate candies to have the same colorful effect.  (I am getting hungry just thinking about it.)  🙂  A very festive idea and something your dad would probably never do for himself.



When you all have an ‘appetite’ again, (after your snacks and delectable brunch,)  a wonderful fathers day gift is to have the kids all chip in together and  bring all the preparations for a delightful BBQ.  If  you really want to get creative, give your dad an apron, a pot holder,chefs hat and homemade BBQ sauce along with all the fixings for  him to start his grilling adventure.  My husband, (whose nickname is the ‘Grill Master’,)  finds it very relaxing! A great menu for the evenings festivity would be New York strip steaks, vegetable kabobs, grilled potatoes and a freshly baked Sourdough baguette.





When the last steak has been devoured and the final potato nibbled upon, even if your dad is so full that he can only have a tiny sliver, another thoughtful and creative fathers day gift is to bake him a personalized cake. It will bless his heart so much to see all the trouble you have gone to as you present him with a cake that you have made from scratch that ‘speaks clangorously’  of something that he loves to do, or make a cake that you know is his very favorite.   (And he can always put the cake in the refrigerator and enjoy it during the week.) The cupcakes are winsome and are very easy to make…Just choose your theme and your half way there. 🙂





No matter how you celebrate your dad’s special day with him, just letting him know that you love and appreciate him, will give him a day to remember and feel honored. If you live across the country and are unable to spend a part of his day with him, you can always send him flowers, (real or edible,)  a card with your sentiments written upon it, or give him a call, planning a time to fly out and spend time together. It will make his day.

We are all blessed with the gift of what I call, “second dads.” (For some, it is the only real father they have ever known…)   Many people meet and bond with a father figure later in their life, (or for some, early on.) It could be a mentor,  a beloved coach, a step parent, a pastor, or just a dear friend that is like a dad to you in many ways…If you know someone in your life who holds that special place, send them a card, or give them a call, sharing how they have enriched and touched your life. (My husbands father was like my 2nd dad, as well as a pastor we once  had…)  2ND Dad’s are an Extra blessing in this life!:)


I hope this blog  has inspired you and given you  a few ideas  of ways you can bless your dad this June 16th!  Happy Fathers day to all of you seasoned fathers, as well as the ‘new dads’ and ‘dad’s to be.‘ OH, and if you are a father of a beloved dog, (some of us consider our dogs our children, 🙂 Happy Fathers day to you as well!

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