Your Toddlers Magical Kingdom

” There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child...There are SEVEN MILLION.”  ~ Walt Streightiff


Suddenly, before you barely have had time to blink, your precious little babies grow up over night and became part of the new “toddler era.” How did it happen so quickly?nicole As a tender and adoring baby, they were lovingly cuddle-some, docile,  full of wonder and awe as well as breathtaking. Your heart was filled with such felicity with each stage of their growth…Bath time was something you really looked forward to as they looked so cute in your kitchen sink! 🙂   Now, (at times,) they can be on the fussy side, cranky, volatile and a bit selfish. Hmm… Could it be that they are entering the new stage in life called, ” the exploring and finding out WHO they really are phase?”   I believe they are seeking to find their self-dependence, desiring to have their own individualism, thus a few changes in their precious personalities,  would naturally be occurring! tk2  This humorous quote made me laugh… “Having a two year old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” ~ Jerry Senfield

My love for children began while I was a senior in High school. It was not a  ‘chance happening’ that our family moved to a charming, ‘much easier to take care of,’ Town-home in Mission Viejo, CA., (A huge change for our large family of 7, leaving our Brobdingnagian 6 bedroom home with a galvanizing swimming pool and pristine yard behind.)   For myself, the gift of that difficult move was what awaited me every morning in our cozily shared courtyard with our new neighbors.cutie2 Without failure, each summer morning, a beautiful 18 month old little angel appeared outside our double pained sliding doors, just staring at our home and smiling. I went outside to meet her one day, and we became the best of friends instantaneously. (All she wanted was a new friend to ‘hang out’ with.)  🙂 Her name was Samantha and she blessed my life with pure joy.   We were inseparable for years…who would have ever thought you could become best friends with an 18 month old?  It was in meeting and falling in love with Samantha’s innocent spirit and loving heart that caused me to know my ‘calling’ was to work with the little ones, so I began studying Early Childhood Development in College.   In my mind, when I travel back to that era of reverie, splendor and smiles galore, it brings many a wondrous and nostalgic feeling.  After I got married, I became a part time nanny, (as I was also busy writing.)  I simply adored my season with the undeniably  charming , exceedingly dauncutie3tless, and ‘energized-bunny, fraternal twin boys, cutie4Warren and Paul,’ (who unbeknownst to them,)  forced me to work out at the gym to be able to keep up with them.  (That and 5 cups of strong coffee a day.) 🙂 They charmed me into giving them  stroller rides up and down the hills of southern CA.. (Have you ever pushed  two little boys, in a ‘twin, double stroller’ up a hill,?)   playing hide and seek ALL DAY LONG, (in a two story house mind you) and I still am amazed how they would always lose me when I took them to the toy store! 🙂    I also cherished my time with two winsome and charming little boys, William and Jackson. William was 9 months old and held my heart  captive from day one…Jackson was three, with flaring red hair, mischievous but “oh so cute,” (and I must add my ‘combative match.’) 🙂   Those two boys taught me that ‘no two days were ever a like, expect the impossible,baby100 and life with them, from then on out, was going to be an “E” ticket ride.’  🙂 At this time in my life, I was  taking ultra- mega, EXTRA vitamins and mybaby67 caffeine intake was even higher. 🙂 My days teaching preschool and directing childcare at the YMCA, ( I call them my days of blissful insanity,) were a 7 year experience I will never forget!  Take two kids and multiply them by 50…it equals plenty of “head shaking, finding the new 8th, 9th and 10th wonders of the world and instant weight loss.” (Yes, being responsible for 75 to 100 kids a day is better than any Weight Watchers  plan to to get that skinny waistline back.) 🙂 tk1Children are a true gift from God and I feel so very blessed in all the little ones He brought into my life… Children are a bountiful slice of paradise that grace our lives.  Not only did they all change me as a person, (for the better,) but they filled an area deep within that only the utter, pure and unconditional love of a child can do.


Your curious and energized toddlers first room, (their ‘baby room’ as they call it,) is no longer up to their liking…Because their tastes are developing, they actually have their own “Color palette ” now! 🙂 They want a ‘voice’ in what the decor of their room looks like.baby17 Is your little girl frilly, a  lover of bright colors, adores playing with dolls, wearing lipstick, and dancing to her favorite Taylor Swift music? cute3 Perhaps she is more like a Tom-boy where she adores wearing bluejeans, Tee shirts,  playing soccer, going fishing,  collecting baseball cards and would rather  give up  her favorite TV show before she’d ever wear a red ribbon in her hair. 🙂 Yes, your little girl will definitely want a say in her rooms ambiance. Same thing with your rambunctious little boy…Is he athletic, always running wild,baby19 barely able to keep his shirt on, likes to wear his baseball cap everyday like the movie stars, and knows he is just ‘to adorable for his own good?’ tk  Or perhaps he is more artistic, a lover of music and books, enjoys being held, and is very demonstrative of his love to friends and family?  It’s funny, when I was a ‘nanny’ to Warren and Paul, ( the fraternal twins who were completely opposites, both in their personalities and stature,) their mom  shared with me an intensely vivid dream she had about her sons. In her dream, the twins were about 18 years old…cute1One was siting on a  Harley motorcycle, with his sun soaked athletic physique. He had a smooth way about him as he was conversing with his friends,  was a little flirtatious and he had become a successful, (and quite popular,)  high school football ‘star.’cute Her other son in the dream was slender, well dressed in his fashionable attire, was quiet and shy, loved the arts and was very studios, amicable, and happy.  I said; “Let me guess which one was Paul and which was Warren.” I was right on the money…they were just grown up versions of who they already were as ‘little people.’  🙂 ( I have not seen them in 12 years…they were about 5 and half at that time, so that puts them right about 18 years old at present. It would be interesting to see them and  what they are like, and to know if her dream was truly ‘prophetic.’ 🙂     Little boys will also want a say in their room’s ‘flavor,’ as they too are so diverse in their ‘styles.’  I have a few suggestions… In choosing the decor for your toddlers rooms, allow them to feel as if  they are choosing the decor themselves, by hinting at how very special it would be to have a motley painted mural of a cloud filled sky, painted on the ceiling with a rainbow on the wall, etc. (Show them  pictures to evoke excitement, wonder and awe.) Many a times, your toddler will love what you think , as for them, your opinion is  ‘really cool.’ cb21 They also have an innate, deep desire to want to do anything their big brother suggests to them. (’cause what he thinks is REALLY, REALLY cool.)  🙂  Secondly, invite them to be a part of making the choices with the colors and accessories they would like to have in their most treasured place on earth. They are the king and queen of their Magical kingdom.

Here is what a few wise people have to say about the “toddler stage.” 🙂

DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare.” ~ Ed Asner

“There are only two things a child will share willingly…communicable diseases and his mothers age.” ~ Benjamen Spock

“While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~ Angela Schwindt

“The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.” ~ Robert Brault

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.” ~ Author Unknown

” A rose can say “I love you,” orchids can enthrall,cute6 but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist, yes, that says it all.” ~ Author Unknown…. (I love that quote.)

“Kids: They dance before they learn there is anything that is not music.” ~William Stafford


Lets go and explore your toddlers “Magical Kingdom.”



“Here comes Peter Cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail.”  This technicolor room would certainly put a song in any child’s heart. 🙂 It’s multicolored bed quilts amidst the cozy wallpaper, create a mood and ambiance of feeling welcomed and ‘at home.’ (I love those two big bunnies!) 🙂


A quaint and cozy corner for your toddler to have their special ‘reading time.’ Over sized chairs have always been one of my husbands and my favorite styles of furniture, and now they have them for the tiny ones. How adorable.


If ever a bedroom whispered, “happy springtime” it’s this stunning and lovely little girls room with it’s soft pastel checkered and striped fabrics amongst the heavenly light blue canopy. It’s so fresh and crisp looking as well as “dainty and whimsical.”


This Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit themed room is fabulously alluring.  Filled with an English charm and floral design that celebrates life, beauty and good old fashioned FUN!


A toddlers room fit for a prince… I am in awe at this glorious and breathtaking mural painted on the wall behind the fairytale like bed… The soft wooden armoire  is picture-book perfect as well as captivating! Any little boy would be especially blessed to call this room  his home, his magical Kingdom! 🙂


This bedroom illustrates a blissful arrangement of beauty that fills every corner of the room. It is ethereal, wispy and a bit romantic for your little girls safe haven. I love it! The soft, pastel blanket looks so cute next to the “antique duo” of dolls as well as delicate and whimsical stenciling upon the faux painted walls.


A little boys dream come true… This maritime children’s bedroom is adventuresome, patriotic and fun loving…Every night would be filled with dreams of being a sailor out at sea… seeing the great and mighty wonders of the deep blue ocean. Very imaginative!


This little one could be dreaming (day and night,) that he, (like the Swiss family Robinson,) is stranded on a deserted island and his task at hand is to ‘build himself a home, up in a towering, tall tree,’ to keep safe from all the wild animals of the islet. This bed is not only colorful but very creative!


This room, as well as the one above, is perfect for your twin boys, unless they prefer individual bedrooms. It’s nautical and bethnic theme is very “boyish” and gallant. I love all the beautiful wood amongst the creamy whites.


Mary Engelbreit is at it again…Wherever you see an abundance of bright color, you know she was there! 🙂 This sunny yellow room is delightful and would motivate every little girls imagination to begin blooming… It’s bright, distinctive and down right adorable! 🙂


Another M.E. bedroom…I adore these bright reds and the charming table set up for your toddlers tea party. Little girls adore tea parties, whether they invite you and your husband, their brother or sister, a best friend or their fair-haired, faithful  stuffed animals, they can spend hours talking away as they entertain in their imaginary world.


What a darling, feminine and charismatic “pink” room. There is nothing quite like the color of pink for little girls… The soft greens and rich reds added in with this ever-so-popular color is warm, cozy and exceedingly graceful!


Another little Prince’s dream come true. I can’t see a single thing lacking in this regal, adventuresome and amusingly handsome bedroom. I think most little boys who had this room as their safe haven, would be a little mischievous just to be “sent to their room.” ) 🙂 What a darling little set of table and chairs…It almost looks antique!


A stunning and eloquent room for a little queen…I adore the artful wood work, the brilliant layers of a myriad of whites as well as the style of this enchanting room with the era of the furniture and the elegant canopy festooned above the head board. What a gorgeous room.


I’ve never seen a bedroom quite like this one…First off, I love the color palette of the butter cream whites, pastel greens and the soft shades of rose…The ballooned curtain toppers as well as the magical ‘tucked away’ bed is a wondrous idea and I adore the little table setup in the room for all types of imaginative playtime.  This room gets Five stars! 🙂


For every little boy who dreams of being a famous race car driver like Dale Earnhardt JR., ( the prestigious driver in the NASCAR Grand Prix,) this bedroom would be a dream come true. PS, Don’t worry if you are constantly hearing the sounds of a make believe race car, (revving it’s engine as he’s speedily driving on the tracks…day and night.) I can just hear him now… 🙂

Beautiful Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Wow! A little girls room that looks like it is right out of the popular movie, The Princess diaries. This room exudes, glamor, royalty and says “pampered” all over it! It’s a bedroom fit for a princess or a queen… I love this regal and enchanting bed canopy!


Simplicity is a really nice change… I love the colors and lines of this room, the dove  grey walls and antiquated head board is stunning. Any little boy or girl, would be blessed to have this room as their own.


These two diverse rooms are definitely for your animated and imaginative little boy.   Whether an over sized tree house bed or a room filled with all of his favorite sports memorabilia,  both rooms are  esthetically unique and would tell the story of their heart’s passions to everyone who enters their doors. !


Wow! What stunning bedroom furniture for little girls.  Two more distinct and absolutely beautiful ‘little girls’ rooms. Whether for two lovely and blessed princesses, with the regal headboards and romantic, fanciful white canopies, or the magical Cinderella carriage bed, both of these rooms would be a wonderland and place of imaginations and dreams coming true for your little girl.


What a lovely, soft, dainty and romantic wall ensemble above this angelic little girls place of slumber.  I adore the inspiring  colors of hushed yellows, pastel blues and lively greens…all hues of  the picturesque beauty of nature. This bedroom exudes an ambiance of  serenity and calmness as well as the essence of a Victorian era.   Absolutely breathtaking!  bab4

This ethereal and delightful, ballooned curtained window design that matches the chair rail wallpaper border, is absolutely stunning for this little girls bedroom. Very romantic , enchanting and gracefully inviting!


Lastly, this little boy’s room is handsomely baronial and august! I adore the hunter green color and these original and unique bunk beds. This is perfect for your twin boys who are as different as night and day…they each have a ‘space of their own’ to create their  decor style…all the things that they love and that reveal their darling personalities.   What a great and heartwarming idea!



With every child’s room, there are always an abundance of accessories that they will ask for …on every birthday, Christmas and trips to Wal*Mart or Toys R us! 🙂 Here are a few ideas… 🙂

This adorable wall shelf with a place to hang clothes is perfect for a little girls or boys room. The top shelf is an ideal place for your little ones to display the things they love…whether dolls, books, stuffed animals or Disney DVD’s,  baseball caps, race cars or footballs. Children also love decorative pillows as they add so much color to their quaint ‘domain.’ 🙂


For many boys, their first real collection is sports memorabilia… these select sport items are colorful and very ‘ boyish.’ Your little tots can never have to many blankets or “wobbies” as they called them….(Is that what they are calling them today? ) I am  ‘so out of touch!’  🙂


Another special room accessory for your toddlers, is a never ending supply of great, healthy and fun DVD’s. Just like we, as adults, love a great movie every now and then, so do your little ones…Yes, some of your kids will watch the same movie over and over a thousand times, where as others will always be asking for the latest and newest movie that’s just been released. 🙂


Another thing you can never have to many of is BOOKS! Children, (of all ages,) absolutely love to read, and be read to! A great way to collect them inexpensively is to go to your local library for their sale day of the month… They have great children’s books for pennies!


Having your own chair is very comforting… I know my husband has his ‘favored chair’ in our home and so do I….Our little ones would be blessed to  have one of their own as well… Perfect for their reading hour! 🙂  Oh, and don’t forget the foot stool…(I use mine every night!) 🙂


A little girls room would just not be the same without a doll baby or a Barbie collection. I had a cherished doll until I was…(OK, I won’t say my age,) 🙂  but, baby dolls are a ‘big part’ of our childhoods. For your little girls who would rather build trains, or for your boys who adore creating and playing  with miniature cars, they have great track sets out on the market now. You have seen the ‘tea party’  tables for your little girls room, well this table is perfect for your little boys room..a place to color, paint, read, draw…and be creative!


A tiny TV with a DVD player is a wonderful addition for your child’s room… With you or your mate’s help, until they have learned how to operate it, it’s a fun accessory for each little “kingdom”… Your in charge of what they watch and it’s a great avenue to allow their imaginations to grow  and blossom in a new way! Some of my most memorable childhood memories took place, watching and enjoying the Disney classics…I still sneak one in every now and then, (usually when my husband is not here! 🙂


You’ve heard of “Pretty in Pink?” 🙂 What an exquisite tea party table for your little girls room. They will have every chair filled in no time at all and spend hours entertaining!


Another race track and play set as well as  a monumental and genteel rocking horse…. Both great for exercise, hand eye coordination and for just having FUN!


Every child loves to have sleep overs… These festive tents are perfect for your little ones to have a friend over to enjoy an adventuresome and delightful  “camping trip” within their own bedroom! (Just give them some books, a flashlight, snacks and lots of pillows and blankets! They will be in 7th heaven.) 🙂


What tiny tikes room does not have at least one stuffed bunny rabbit or fair-haired bear? A lot of children will begin an early collection and choosing their stuffed animals for them for Christmas time or their birthday is so much fun as you get to add some great , creative new ‘family members’ to the group! Boyd’s bears and bunnies are spectacular.



These vintage, hand painted bedroom accents are elfin and magical. I love the coat rack with the wooden bunny on top as well as the adorable cabinet, festooned with bright colored diamond shapes. What little girl, (or boy) would not love to have a children’s armoire? It can be filled with quilts, blankets, games,  sheets, books, DVD’s, beach towels, etc… It’s not only decorative but very convenient!


I absolutely adore this stenciled, vintage armoire for a children’s room! ( I would even like in our bedroom! 🙂 ) It is stunning!


Another baronial Rocking Horse…Not only fairytale like but a wondrous room decoration as well as fun way for your little guy to get some exercise!tk8

Lastly, every toddlers room needs some “choice artwork.” 🙂 This is a beautiful rendition of  an artistic production from the renowned Uncle Remus’  folklore character,  Brer Rabbit! Any of the classical childhood bunny rabbits from our childhood, matted and framed, would be welcoming and quite magical for your little tots room.  (Peter Rabbit, ‘White Rabbit’ from Alice in Wonderland, Thumper, Peter Cottontail, ‘Rabbit’ from the well known Winnie the pooh collection, Harvey and the crazy and goofy, Bugs Bunny! )


Decorating our homes is not only an abundance of fun, but it brings forth so much beauty, color and joy to our lives, our children’s lives, husbands and guests! Just as they say; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it’s the same truth in “creating” every room in your beautiful haven. It’s all about what makes YOU and YOUR FAMILY happy!  Decorating your toddlers room may be the last room you have a lot of “say” in with them, as when they get to be older…well, YOU KNOW!!! 🙂 (My ‘decor of choice’ when I was in the 4th or 5th grade was pages of Jermaine Jackson, (of the Jackson five,) carefully cut out of an Entertainment magazine, taped all over my walls. 🙂  I thought it looked so cool! (I had such a crush on him…) My mom  just kept my door shut! 🙂 Have fun and ENJOY!



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Your Baby’s Blissful Castle

” I’ll love you forever…I’ll like you always…As long as I am living, MY BABY YOU’LL BE.” ~ Robert Munsch


Why do your think that  just hearing the word, “BABY,” causes our hearts to begin beating faster, our mouths to sweep up into a huge smile, our eyes to twinkle, and we feel this undeniable  ‘joyful and felicitous feeling’ welling up inside of us, that just 5 minutes earlier, was not there? There is nothing more beautiful, miraculous or magical than a baby…the way they smell is sweeter than a resplendent spring morning, their smile is ‘more captivating’ than a renowned Broadway Musical Play, their skin is softer than the feel of a fluffy Eiderdown comforter and even their drool is charmingly adorable. 🙂 The whole family jumps up and down at their first burp… Their first word is a weeks celebration of praise and pure joy and their first step is a bottle of champagne and a night out on the town! ( But you end up not going out after all, because you don’t want to leave your precious cargo! )  🙂 baby68 I still can’t fathom somehow that all of us began our lives as an innocent, tiny and  pure baby…Every noble King, each famous movie star, our applauded musicians, husband or wife, our best friend, (even Jesus,)  began their life on this earth as a newborn. When we first enter this world, everything has to be done for us…we are utterly and thoroughly dependent upon another person to fulfill our ‘every single need.’ Even the necessity for being taught to learn how to become capable of living an independent life, someone else has to equip us with. That alone teaches us faith, humility, love, gratitude and trust. (Five fabulous traits to hold on to and cherish) throughout our lives.)  I love the quote by Don Herrold, “Babies are such a nice way to start people.” 🙂

Babies are meant to be celebrated… Whether your treasured one is adopted, birthed from a surrogate mom, created through the means of artificial insemination, a miracle baby , a surprise,  or many long, long  years in waiting, they are “our miracles,” and we cherish them more than our very  own lives.

First we SEE the pregnancy test…it says “YES,” or at least we think it said yes, (are we reading it correctly?)  Next it is; “Honey I think we need to go to the doctor immediately cause I think I am pregnant.”  Your husband begins to perspire heavily, faints, but then gets up and supports you with his entire heart and soul from there on out! 🙂 Then, we HEAR the words; “You are going to have a baby.” Our hearts skip a beat, as we ask the doctor for our double assurance, “Could you please say that again Doc.?” 🙂 Then it all begins… the morning sickness, the eating for two, (or three, or four…, ) 🙂  the dreaming, planning, the excitement, as well as a million butterflies in your stomach. (Your husbands too.) 🙂 You both have made a decision to “not tell anyone until the 2nd trimester,” but for some reason, by the first month, you have already told your best girlfriends, close brothers, your sister, and the cat is now ‘out of the bag.’ You begin to glow…you have your scheduled  doctor appointments, sonograms, and then, something strange and surreal begins to happen… (besides the hormones.) 🙂 You have this deep revelation and new awareness that as you are changing and growing physically and emotionally, so is that beautiful life inside of you. You are growing together! 🙂

You and your spouse have big decisions to make…Do you exchange your regal  Porsche in for a ‘family car?’   baby75That is a lot for the guy to deal with if he has a sports car or a vintage Oldsmobile. 🙂 When is it time to start baby proofing the house? How soon should you plan to have your baby showers? The two of your can go on for days,  even weeks , trying to decide upon the ‘perfect’ name… Do you name your baby after your parents? Do you come up with an original name that no one will understand where it came from? (Like Stardust, Shoog or Thunder? ) 🙂baby72 And do you keep your dog? (In our house there would be no question about it, as he is “our baby.”)  If your a dog lover, and the pup stays, (which he will, believe me,)  who will  teach the two of them how to get a long?  How can you introduce them to be best friends forever? baby71 How do you make sure your dog doesn’t feel jealous and left out when you bring the “little bundle of joy” home? (So many things to decide and do…) But they are all FUN and fortuitous decisions. 🙂  The next thing you begin planning is the babies nursery…what will it look like? What colors should you use? What decor style will your baby adore?” 🙂  Just think, you are preparing and creating the very ‘first’ room your child will ever have. What would you like your cherished one to be surrounded by as they sleep,  play, nap, are sung lullaby’s to, and are ‘just living their baby- life?’  A room with magical color, soft pastels, animated characters, an abundance of flowers, teddy bears, cuddly nurturing blankets and toys?   Do you know that  the first five years in a child’s life are the most important years in creating and shaping their personalities? In this vignette, I want to share some beautiful ideas for your ‘babies first room.’

                    This is my baby picture with my best bud and older brother Jim. :)I sure was a chubby little gal. 🙂 cb

 First, here are a few “baby” quotes to bring a smile to your heart. 🙂


DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Don’t ever tell the mother of a newborn that her baby’s smile is just GAS.” ~ Jill Woodhull

“A baby is an ANGEL whose wings decrease as his legs increase.” ~ Author unknown

“Every baby needs a lap.” ~ Henry Robinbaby60

“When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they’re seeing angels.” ~ Eileen Elias Freeman

” A baby is God’s opinion that the world should still go on.” ~ Carl Sandburg

“Before you were born, I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.” ~ Mandy Harrisonbaby18

“First Roses. One of the bulbs on the rosebush opened into a blossom, white and silky as a baby’s fist.” Natalie Babbitt



Are you ready to see some “blissful castles” for your baby?”


Google Image


This designer ‘nursery’ is one of my all time favorite…Doesn’t it look like it is straight out of a beloved nursery Rhyme? (One in The Mother Goose tales?) It is so magical and enchanting. I adore the fact that it has a matching chair…I think I would make this enveloping room, my second favored room to spend my time in. It makes my soul smile. 🙂


OK, I mean it this time. 🙂 This is really is my ‘most favorite’ of all the baby rooms…I have never seen such a regal and royal set of twin cribs with the beloved combination of bright whites, blue and  yellow! Absolutely riveting!cb8

This room makes me start singing; “Somewhere, over the rainbow…” 🙂 This is none other than our Mary Engelbreit’s designer nursery. You can tell it’s her creation with all the iridescent, vibrant colors and magical, happy characters. Any baby would be blessed to have this as their own, ‘private castle.’ cb7

I feel like I am entering a different era when I look at this eloquent and stunning baby’s room. It’s admirably delicate and ethereal…festooned with pure beauty and grace.


OK, I feel like singing again… “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” 🙂 This baby’s berth is so bright and airy with it’s striking whites, pastel greens and cotton candy pink. Certainly a nursery that would make a little  baby girl, very happy! baby39

This ‘magical castle” is fit for a prince. I can see a bouncing baby boy feeling like royalty in this regal  and noble room. The mixture of the diverse woods amongst the soft color of peppermint green is par –  excellence.  I love the miniature rocking horse. 🙂baby35

This baby’s room looks like it could be for a sweet little girl or a flirtatious little boy! The soft rose is a wonderful color against the dark, rich crib and Brobdingnagian and baronial Armoire.  I’ve never seen a room quite like it…very formal and refined.baby32

Another perfect nursery for a bouncing baby boy… The soft, soothing colors blended with the rich  dark wood  of the ‘sleigh bed’ crib are highlighted by the artistic, elfin and picturesque tree mural. What an adorable room!baby31

This  blissful baby’s castle looks as if it belongs in a ‘real fortress,’ with a grandiose tower right outside it’s doors. 🙂   This room is bewilderingly lovely and done so tastefully! (I am just waiting to see the three magical fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from in renowned “Sleeping Beauty”, jotting around the cribs with their magic wands. 🙂baby29

When I look at this room, I feel pampered, coddled and very “welcomed.” It’s such a soft, comfortable yet brilliantly aesthetic room with an abundance of charm. I love this crib that can also be a toddler bed as your baby starts growing up a little! 🙂 (Something we wish they never had to do! ) 🙂 baby28

The  “Mother Goose” room with a different view. I can’t get over the expertise of this decor…even the ceiling looks fiercely real with its soft , fluffy clouds and pastel hues of blue, muted yellow and rose… Not only is this nursery, unique and spell bounding, but would be any baby’s dream come true. I hope I can fit in that chair..:)


Has the clock struck midnight yet? No pumpkins here? A Cinderella dream come true baby’s room… I have never seen such a creative and galvanizing crib as this stirring fairytale carriage. Absolutely breathtaking! The wall mural is fascinating and certainly eye-catching. What a unique and lovely room. baby21

This is another ethereal and delicate room yet the dark woods add a touch of gallantry and class.  I love the way the sunlight  glistens upon the walls and crib creating a warm and cozy ambiance. baby23

Very clever, fresh and authentic. A perfect pick for a beautiful and mischievous little baby  boy! 🙂 (I say that as all five of my brothers were big pranksters, thus my mom’s nickname for every one of them was “the little rascals.” ) baby9

These two Mary Engelbreit nursery’s are again, kaleidoscopic and picture – book perfect. I adore the passionate, candy apple red room  as well as the sunflower yellow, amidst the soft blues. You can’t go wrong with any of  M.E.’s deigns. Magical!baby3baby4

Lastly, this Beatrix Potter, Peter Cotton Tail motif is a wonderful tale to surround your child with. The magic of her adventuresome story, blended with the explosively beautiful colors in the wallpaper, amongst the checkered bright curtains and dust ruffle, create a completeness and well as ambiance of “great cheer”  to this adorable babies room. Very charming!


DECORATIVE ACCENTS  and beloved treasures for your babies rooms.  Every ” Blissful Castle” has to have some! 🙂



With each babies “Castle,” you will want to decorate the room with personal trinkets and gifts that dear friends and family have given to you…If you have any room let over, 🙂 here are some beautiful accents for your babies blissful room.

These stellar and antique photograph frames are filled with nostalgia and grace…the perfect place to “show off” your newborn…and believe me, there will be an abundance of pictures. 🙂


Beautiful and elegant ‘baby blankets.’ I don’t think you can ever have enough of them! These  blankets look as though they are  homemade … the crochet work is superb. A definite keepsake for sure.


An eloquent and divine baby’s first Christening gown and bonnet…These too are keepsakes and great display items for your babies nursery. cb18

Another regal and lovely Victorian Christening gown. I wish my mom had saved mine as I know I would somehow find a way to display it amongst the treasures of our home. 🙂 (I’d never dress up my teddy bears in this gorgeous gown.) (Well, only if it fit to a “T.” ) 🙂cb17

No babies castle is complete without a few, fair- haired stuffed animals…(his or her,) intimate companions as they begin their journey of LIFE!  (You know, the one they tell all their secrets to?)


More antique picture frames with your babies first silver cup and spoon…My sister started collecting the silver cups and spoons for some of  our nephews and nieces and has had so much fun selecting them for each of their personalities.  They are wonderful gifts and heirlooms your baby will cherish as they get older.  (Most likely, a lot older.) 🙂


This fluffy crib blanket looks entirely to elegant to lay on… It’s gorgeous.  (But if I had a baby, I’d wrap them up in it every chance I got.) 🙂 cb10

Yes…”favorite things!” Who can  honestly say, that when they were a baby, tiny tot or up on in age, that they did not have their one special, favored Teddy bear? My oldest of many is 36 years old and his name is Cornelius. He sits upon my husbands and my bed all the time…  (I even remember the day my mom and I were having lunch and shopping in  the renowned and beautiful Laguna Beach CA. As we entered one of those ‘magical boutiques,’ there he was… (And I just had to have him!)  Truly, teddy bears go hand in hand with childhood! 🙂 (And for a lot of adults-hoods too! 🙂 )


What a beautifully winsome Sunday dress and bonnet  for a baby girl. This resplendent attire would be perfect for a day of photographs for your “Babies Keepsake Memory book.” 🙂


This is a bright painting done by M.E.. This would look perfect in a predominantly periwinkle blue and yellow room… It’s exceedingly cheerful! 🙂 baby6

A colorful and gladsome artwork from M.E.. This animated  border wall paper would bring life and magic to any little ones castle. 🙂


“There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…” I remember that story… (I was always praying my mom would stop having babies so we wouldn’t have to move to a gigantic shoe – house…) 🙂  This is M.E.’s version and done so well. Another charming and inviting piece of artwork for your babies safe haven.     baby7

Two gifts in one… M.E.’s soft, cuddly,  fairytale baby  blanket, ( just beautiful,) as well as her journals for moms… Mary’s  baby diary’s  are great for writing down precious memories as they happen so quickly and you won’t want to forget a single one! And, its  chromatic book cover brings  extra warmth and coziness to your babies room with its myriad of bright color.



In closing, I wanted to share that even though my husband and I have never “birthed” a baby of our very own,  I feel God has blessed me, (and us) with an abundance of children in my life that were much like my own… (I am sure there are many of you who have this same blessing!)  Each of these ‘babies/toddlers’ were a cherished season in my life…some my husband knew well, and the others came into my life before I met him. I was a ‘Nanny’ to several of these adoring kids and like a second mom to another, (the beautiful Samantha with the candy in her mouth.) (Gosh, how she loved her licorice.) 🙂 (And yes, that is me with Samantha during my college days…)  Though I definitely have, she has not aged a bit! She is a beautiful young woman with two gorgeous children, (who remind me so much of “the little Sam” that blessed my life beyond measure.)   🙂   Children are a blessing and I feel my life has been blessed to overflowing from my time with them! Thank you to Bethany, Samantha, Torry, William,  Jackson and the twins, “Paul and Warren.” (Those two  boys were as different as night and day!) 🙂


I hope all of you who have an abundance of babies, (grown up or still tiny tots,) or who are getting ready to have a baby, planning on having a baby, adopting, or are foster parents for all those adorable little ones who do not have a home,  have been touched in some way by this blog with joy, a few creative ideas as well as a smile. 🙂 Enjoy creating and don’t forget to take lots of pictures a long the way! 🙂

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The Manly Bedroom

“This is a mans world…but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” ~ James Browndesk101


When a man shows off his personal taste in the design and decor of his bedroom, it opens up a new part of his soul’s expression of who he is inside. In my opinion, there is nothing more handsome and regal than the Ralph Lauren bedroom collection with its royal decor, linens and baronial furniture.

THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Great men have great discipline.” ~ Habeeb Akande

“It’s not the men in your life that matters, it’s the LIFE in your men.” ~ Mae West

“Nothing is more appealing than a handsome man who is also uncertain of himself.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

“You can stop a raging forest  fire, a herd of stampeding buffalo or even a runaway freight train, but you can’t stop a good man.” ~ John Paul Warren

“The strength of a man isn’t seen in the powers of his arms. It’s seen in the love with which he embraces you.” ~ Steve Maraboli


Create your bedroom to be a place where happy memories will amble and tarry. Remember that  the complimentary accessorizes are the very things that make a room captivating and galvanic. Men observe their bedrooms dissimilar  than a woman does. No two men are the same either in their style of decor as they are eminently diverse  in how they express themselves through decor. To some men, it is exceedingly  important to have ‘just the right look and decor,’ in the master bedroom where as others, just want a comfortable mattress, a widescreen TV, a bedside table to keep there favorite books upon as well as their remote control. They will however choose a color palette that befits them. (Most men I know don’t have bright yellow or  a rosy pink as their primary color. ) 🙂  Many men prefer the style and decorating of the master bedroom to be done by their mate. (Usually because he wants to bless her to be free to decorate it her own way, knowing how blissful that makes her feel, or because  they actually already have a second bedroom…their man-cave! 🙂 My husband has a study that is 100 percent HIS. It is understood in our home that I can put a small nautical  tree up  at Christmas time, (that is his decorative theme along with a myriad of  photographs of Grantham, our Briard dog, a few of me,) 🙂 and a masculine throw on his wing back chair, but other than that, no womanly touches are allowed. (He will not say no to a decorative cup of coffee or a floral plate with hot banana bread on it though!) 🙂  He says it fits his counter top decor. 🙂  Some men have a game room where they enjoy having their buddies over  to watch an adventure -action movie,  share a few beers, play pool and grab a few hours of “man-cave” time, (bringing back childhood memories as pearlescent  as light, just as if it were yesterday when they were so slaphappy and debonair.)


When my husband and I got married, I will never forget the day we moved all of our belongings in to our new haven together.  As I struggled and bumbled with a picture he simply adored, to go atop of our mantle and fireplace, (my father just happening to be there listening,) smiled and said, “Susan, marriage is all about compromise and your husband absolutely loves that picture.” Did I really have to give in? It didn’t fit my decor at all… I wanted a picture of a cottage by the ocean or a  framed tapestry picture. But, let me tell you, the joy  that I received in my heart, as  I saw his eyes light up at his photo on the wall, was incomparable to the picture I wanted to hang there. Compromise! 🙂 (OK, dad, you were right!)

I grew up with five brothers. When we all lived under one roof in our Brobdingnagian, suburban home, they all shared what  is called a Bonus room…(kind of like an extra large dorm room for guys…) it was all their own. When  I walked into that room, I could tell where each one of my brothers slept and which area of the room they  dauntlessly decorated  for themselves.  Before I  knew it, and to quick for me, they all grew up, left that Bonus room and  four of them, some sooner than later, got married. When I visit their homes now as a grown woman, I have to say, I genuinely love each of their homes… They all moved on to launch their own lively  traditions but have truly preserved and cherished some of the old. Each of their master bedrooms are very nicely done and even though filled with their mates touches, reflect their interests and personalities to a ‘T.’

Each brother unquestionably has a style that is all  their own.

One loves simple, clear lines, not a lot of clutter and his decor of choice?  Nautical.

Bed with blue blanket in bedroomD-18D-66


My little brother and his spouse share the same, veracious, good taste and have decorated their home in such a manner that it looks like a photo right out of a Ralph Lauren Magazine. It is by far, my very favorite home in the world…Three stories, exquisite hardwood floors and decorative items displayed from all the enchanting places they have traveled, world wide. They truly believe that in all their travels the world has become a classroom to them and their home shows an abundance of careful thought, planning, diversity and beauty. (Especially their bedroom.) (They have a fireplace to die for!) 🙂

Z-213Z-3015cosy chair pmZ-4083

My oldest brother loves the way in which we grew up with very “Early American” decor. When  my mom passed away and my father remarried, he inherited some beautiful pieces from our childhood home. See if you can guess the way he expresses himself through the decor and accessories he has chosen?



My brother that is ‘in the middle of the birth order,’ who also got married, loves antiques and is quite an admirer of early American decor as well.    He was an awesome  and sensational surfer in his younger days and am sure, takes out a few memorabilia every once in awhile to ponder those happy, carefree years  and his love for the ocean.



My last brother, the one who never married and that we lost suddenly a few years ago, had what I call an “Enchanting master bedroom.” It was magical…it gave you the feeling upon entering its doors of being at Disneyland and just like his little sister, 🙂 he changed the decor of his room with  each of the  four wondrous seasons. His charming style was  quite ecliptic, sundry and animated. His decor as a man, very alluring. He had no fear in expressing himself and he always knew exactly what he wanted in his home. He lived in Corona Del Mar with a view of Balboa Island and the  Pacific ocean from his living room. The magic of life by the ocean carried over into his entire home. I miss him and that house immensely.  (The ‘guest’ room he always gave to us while we visited  from Arizona and Virginia, was his favorite room, the master bedroom.)D-8D-6.




As much as  I adore the romantic bedroom, I would enjoy each of these bedrooms as they are done so nicely, with great taste and all reflect the brother I grew up with and the men that they are now. They are all warm, cozy and inviting. (The bedrooms, not the brothers.) (Just kidding!! 🙂 They are all exceedingly wonderful men and brothers.

For those of you men who are lovers of a very masculine, classy, refined bedroom, here are some decorative ideas for you. A coffee table book on classic cars, antique woods and a sage green, striking throw, a years subscription to  Ralph Lauren magazines to display, a four poster, antique bed with rich browns, greens, blues, reds and burgundy and the classic and famous painting , “The Hunt.”  (My husband has always loved that masterpiece.) Lastly Ralph Lauren puts out a stellar catalog with an array of items to order from his august store. His collection is so regal, warm and classy. I’d trade my Romantic bedroom for his style any day. 🙂 Well maybe…there would have to be fresh flowers, our wedding photos and some chintz china in there! 🙂 (Also a candle, teddy bear and garlands around the hutch…) 🙂








These manly bedrooms are more on the decorous,  dressy side… but very cozy, magnetic and all designed in superb taste!


Remember, all of us have within us a signature style that originated from our roots, adventures, travels in life, our hobbies, passions and life experiences. Everyone is different and unique.  Some men love formal, others classy and refined, nautical or lay back.  Fill  your room with what YOU love, and what you and your spouse love. (By the way, compromising with your mate is not a honeymoon phase…it lasts until your rocking on your porch in your golden years together and even longer yet ) 🙂  Make sure you decorate your room with your favorite style and colors, along with all the things you love. You can never go wrong!

I secretly want to order this decorative dog for my husband’s study. He’ s a big Tom Selleck fan and I think they look a lot a like… (The dog and Tom 🙂 Somehow, I think it would end up in our romantic bedroom 🙂

Tom Sellecks twin


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Romantic Bedroom…where refinement comes to call!


“You know your in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

“My whole heart for my whole life.” ~ A French saying used on Poesy rings .

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” ~Edgar Allan Poe

AH! Romance and love!


The word Romantic is marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, remote, mysterious or idealized. Lets face it, romance is glamorous, marvelous, picture book and enchanting…So why not create a bedroom that evokes all that romance is defined by. Allow Z-55your heart and soul to be captivated with it’s emboldened and impetuous beauty. Of all the styles one can choose for their bedroom, my very favorite is the Romantic Bedroom. It’s very charisma and magnetism draws me  into another world.  A world of alluring color, fairy tales, comfort and pure undisturbed contentment.  Its my place to dream with my eyes wide open. The romantic room is luxurious and ensures ‘a cozy winters night’ under a snug, ethereal down comforter, accompanied by pleasant and gracious dreams.


The bed and linens you choose for your room will be your ‘center of attention.’   I love to celebrate the style and charm of each room I create. In my bizarro bedroom, I resound the elegance and augustness of the Victorian Era, in which women lived very lavishly.

Whether your bed is a King Louie style,king shiny brass, a sleigh bed, rice bed or a bed accompanied by a towering painted headboard, stenciled with epic and glorious roses, the final touches you add to enhance your ‘doss,’ to beget your atmosphere of “Romance,” is entirely up to you.The romantic look is all about taking exemplary and quintessential pieces in your home, (bedroom) and reinterpreting them in your own new and pristine way.

White bedding is a ‘given’ for the look of romance.   It’s gentleness and simplicity is therapeutic and romantic, even more so when layers and textures are added. You can add layers of laced or embroidered pillows, a fluffy and feathery comforter, a tailored, pleated dust ruffle and a shimmering pearl white throw draped across the end of your bed. My motto? You can never have to many layers or pillows. 🙂 I adore the story my mom always told about how when she was a little girl, she and her cousins, (on a sleep-over night,) could hardly wait to go to bed…king1they would dive into a river of feathers upon a momentous antique bed with it’s down comforter assuring warmth and giggles for the night.  Literally, (they’d sink) within it’s comfort and gladness. (I bet that was a sight to see.)  As they snuggled up, they loved to tell story after story…mostly  tales of the south, (especially a ghost myth or two,) and fall asleep in pure reverie.


Mixing dark, rich colors is another way to create a romantic look.  Especially burgundy-reds, hunter or sage greens, golds and purple. In our bedroom for our window treatment, I have tapestry curtains, its fabric abounding with an assortment of greens, burgundy, hues of rose and gold . Along with it, I have used a textured, gold taffeta textile. (Very romantic.)  I have always favored tapestry as it  is so colorful and opulent. This fabric was legendary and prominent in the Victorian era.You can add this brilliant, kaleidoscopic designed material  through pillows, foot stools, drapes, swags, table runners, bed spreads and wall hangings. (Even teddy bears.)  (I actually have the cutest tapestry bear that often finds his home on our bed, amidst all the pillows.

.Z-103  Z-50


Some other ideas to bring your romantic bedroom alive are faux painted walls in warm tones, elaborate crown molding, cherub angels, Victorian picture frames,  an antique vase filled with dried or fresh roses, candles, alluring wreaths, winsome tea sets, decorative hat boxes, a display table with vintage lamps, cameos and pearls and antique hutches where you can show off your bath soaps, body sprays and monogrammed towels. Heavy, elegant toiled curtains enhanced by wispy, soft white lace sheers, ethereal, whimsical white canopies atop your bed or perhaps displaying  a romantic nightgown and bath robe hanging upon the door of your armoire.

.      Z-2J-68

Victoria roomtea time



Lastly, I wanted to share a few sensational romance novella’s as well as some beautiful, soothing music. (What I call ‘romantic music.’) Whether you are enjoying your romantic bedroom, country cottage atmosphere, Shabby Chic or Nautical themed bedroom, music is a wonderful addition to your secret hideaway.  My husband loves our bedroom but I always tell him that if something were to ever happen to me, I know he would make HIS BEDROOM a Ralph Lauren, manly kind of room. 🙂

Music to listen to.

Andrea Bocelli “Sacred Arias” with Myung-Whum Chung.

James Galloway, “The Enchanted Forest.”

IL DIVO, LIVE at the Greek Theater

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, “Deeper Still.”

“Classics by Request,” Victoria’s Secret. (Series of five with the London Symphony Orchestra.)

When I asked my husband his ideas about music for a romantic room, he sang the song,  “I am to sexy for my shirt…to sexy for my.”…(just kidding!) (OK, he really did.) 🙂 He explained to me that men think differently about romantic bedrooms than a woman would.  He was so sweet to say he would pick music that he felt I would like…(He enjoys it as well, but knows how much I enjoy listening to it.)  His picks are Barry White’s greatest hits, IL DIVO LIVE, Robin Thicke and Usher, (some of their music,)  🙂  and any CD’s by Kimberly and  Alberto Rivera.


The novels I recommend for relaxing as your all nestled upon your ‘dreamy bed,’ are ,

Nicholas Sparks, The Guardian

Danielle Steels, The Ghost

Jane Austins, Pride and Prejudice

Sherryl Woods, “About that man.”

Any novels by Dorothea Benton Frank, writing about relationships, family and love…Usually taking place at the beach or the low country of the south.

Enjoy your ‘Secret Hide-away” as you create the room that is within your heart!


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Charming Blue and White bedrooms

There is nothing quite so fresh, crisp and alluring as a bed room dressed in blue and white. You can always mix and match your shades of blue, (periwinkle, ocean blue, sapphire, navy and light shades of ethereal pastel blues.) The same rule applies for all of your  ‘shades of whites,’ using accents in butter cream, egg shell, bright white linen,   as well as shimmering pearl.


I love this blue and white bedroom with the “woodsy” ambiance …It reminds me of being up at Big Bear Mountain in a cabin by the  serene and beautiful lake.


There is nothing as alluring as a myriad of shades of white amongst a rich, regal navy blue. The monogrammed pillows add class and style…I love this bedroom. 🙂


Using blue and white decor is another way to repeat your color scheme and show off your  creative personality, such as enchanting book collections, blue and white china, delicate lampshades and hand painted furniture. (Even a white chair accented with blue stenciled flowers would be striking.)



I love these quotes and sayings about the color Blue ;

‘Blue is seen as ‘trustworthy, dependable and committed.’

‘Blueness doth express trueness.” ~ Ben Johnson

“A morning glory at my window side satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” Walt Whitman

 Wow,  I never thought about nature helping me out with the decorating of my home this way! What a great idea! We have a large Mimosa tree outside our bedroom window and even though our bed room is not a magnificent and bright pink, it sure is a beautiful sight to wake up to, in the months when it is in full bloom!

Introducing WHITE to your soothing BLUES is a “match made in heaven.” 🙂 White is ‘color at it’s purest form.’ It signifies, ‘purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.’   No wonder combining these two colors brings forth such order, serenity, accord and charm. I think blue and white is a lovely choice for any season, as it is as warm as it is refreshing. I love to use a potpourri of shades of blue in my dining room. Setting a table with blue and white china, accessorized with different textures and shades of these two popular colors is such a bright, cheery change, for any season.

white bedroom

This blue and white bedroom is very unique as it takes a turn form the “norm” with it’s pale, greyish-blue hues along with it’s animated  yet docile decor style. very refreshing!


Here are some more creative  decorative ideas to festoon your home with, using the beautiful hues of blue and white.

I adore this blue and white  basin and water pitcher. It takes you back to an entirely different era!  🙂


Another beautiful water pitcher, ( I love the cobalt blue,) amongst some gorgeous and lively handmade throws. Adding these delightful accessories to a bedroom filled with bright whites, would be breathtaking!


Decorative pillows as well as floral wreathsare another creative idea of enhancing your blue and white room.


A stellar white armoire, bedecked with blue and white china, or a novel blue hutch, filled with white china, highlighted in blue, would be stunning. There is nothing more soothing or eye-catching, than a formal, elegant blue and white tea pot! Gorgeous!


I love this cozy, quiet corner, all festooned in blue and white! It beckons your soul to come and rest…get refreshed and renew your mind. 🙂


For your bedroom amoire, bedside table, or august , country-cottage bedroom hutch, blue and white china, or tea cups and saucers are  always a welcomed addition to bring serenity, a cheerful heart and  BEAUTY!



Happy Creating!

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