“Bon Appetit.”

chef 3

Part of the felicity and gladness in gift giving is KNOWING when you have chosen a special treasure for your loved one and then, getting to witness the blissfulness in their face and spirit as they unwrap the package.

My brother and his partner surprised me this Christmas, (knowing how much I love to cook and create,) with my handsome and charming, “Mr. Chef,” who just happens to be holding a large chalkboard to share in depth each evening’s cuisine. This in return is a gift to my family and each guest we entertain, that just keeps on giving daily.  Our new chef is a welcomed addition to our home as each menu starts the palate salivating and brings a smile to every tummy. (Except when I have Liver and onions on the menu .) (Which I never do!) Even our beloved Briard dog begins drooling if he sees the word ‘Salmon’ written down amongst all the other menu items he doesn’t understand.  (Just teasing…) But if he could read…:)

This is a perfect gift for any dining room or kitchen with all the joy it brings! After I got my new chef, I began adding to my chef decor, ( not this big of course,) 🙂 but I have small chefs for the kitchen counter, wall decor, accent towels and even made a chef tree with tiny white lights! It’s a creative and festive ‘muse’ for your kitchen or dining room theme.


My Chef dining room table….They are such cheerful little guys, aren’t they? 🙂 Best_Table_Picture

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