Merry Christmas from our home to yours…


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and BEHOLD, everything is softer and more BEAUTIFUL! ~ Norman Vincent Peale



For all of you, my readers, I wish  for you and your loved ones, a wonderful, happy and blessed Christmas. I began this site, Living Winsomely, in February 2013 and I feel so very humbled by all of your kind words and responses. Thank you all, so very much for your wonderful and much appreciated encouragement and support. I am looking forward to  the time I will be able to start writing creative blogs once  again for the Living Winsomely site.  It is my heart,  to continue to bring forth an array of inspirational vignettes, that add a touch of  beauty and winsomeness, to not only your homes, but to your lives as well, .   For all of you in other countries, (not knowing if you celebrate this holiday, or a holiday likened to it,) as well as all of you who celebrate Hanukkah, I pray your seasons of celebration are filled with laughter, joy, an abundance of new memories, love, family and dear friends.

Here is a little “Christmas” from our household….TO YOURS!



In celebrating the “REASON FOR THIS MAGICAL, JOYOUS SEASON,” I wanted to share one of our favorite Christmas Carols , written and sung by Michael McDonald.



“On This Night,” ~  Lyrics by Michael McDonald

In a world of no hope, a light will shine brightly
That all men might know the meaning of mercy
And of love beyond all love, peace that rests the soul
The heart will open and search no more

Behold I bring You tidings
Tidings of great joy
The world has found it’s answer
In a child that’s born on this night

Sing out across the seas, cry out from the mountains
The son of man is born, let’s sing of His mercy
And the peace beyond all peace, the King of kings has come
Let every heart surrender, every soul reborn

Behold I bring you tidings
Tidings of great joy
The world has found it’s Savior
In a child that’s born on this night, on this night

Behold I bring you tidings
Tidings of great joy
The world has found it’s answer
In a child that’s born .

May your home be filled with beauty, joy, celebration, scrumptious cuisine and love!    Merry Christmas!  Susan, Kit and Grantham!

thanksgiving516PHOTOGRAPHS: All photographs are from Living winsomely, except the beautiful snowman greeting card at the top, which is from Google Images.