“Goodbyes are not FOREVER!”

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

Little girl sitting on suitcase looking out onto Golden Gate Bridge

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard! ! ~ Carol Sobieski ~ Thomas Meehan

Dear Living Winsomely readers, I wanted to share with you that I am saying goodbye to this site, but with the words, that ring true in my heart, “Good bye does not mean forever.”

For those of you who have read “And the body just keeps on giving,” vignette , then you know that during my time of healing both physically and spiritually, I began this website with such an excitement and joy. I can not tell you how much having this blog site has been a blessing for me .


It started with a few, and has grown in leaps and bounds! 🙂

To look back in February of 2013 (when we started the site)  we began with only a handful of readers. This year Living Winsomely has grown “in leaps and bounds.” 🙂 Because my husband owns the server that my site is on, he keeps me informed of the amount of readers coming to Living Winsomely. We both have been in awe at the growth. I am amazed at all of the different countries that are visiting the site, as well as how many readers here in America we have. I never dreamed Living Winsomely would have so many wonderful visitors.  I can’t tell you  how happy that makes me and how honored I feel.  It blesses me so much that you, the readers have enjoyed this  site and the writings.  Your comments to me over this last year and a half have blown me away.  (In a good way.) 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of  my  heart for supporting me, encouraging me and for all your kind words of affirmation, even for those of you who told me I had spelling errors 🙂 (I know…I don’t have an editor and  have tried to catch all my mistakes, but know they are out there.) 🙂

I have a new writing commitment that will be taking up all my time, thus I have to stop writing on Living Winsomely for now.  Its at this time, I wish I would have written much shorter blogs that didn’t take a week to complete, (so I could just write one up quickly whenever I had an hour to spare as I am staring this new writing commitment .)  🙂   But as we all know, I write kind of long blogs. (OK, really long blogs.)  🙂  I still have a few I have started and hope to come back when this commitment is over and put those up, with new ones… I will  miss writing on this site immensely, as well as you, the readers.



I  will be leaving the site up for all of you, the old and new readers as well as the readers who will come in the future. For those of you who have written in that you read the site daily and are on the lookout each week for a new blog, I am sorry…Maybe you can go back and read one of the old ones as you may have already forgotten it by now. 🙂 (Just joshing.) I did just post my last blog for now, “The  Joyous wedding of the old and the new.” I tried something new with adding a very classy (as well as classic,)  music video. (I hope you enjoy it.) 🙂   I know there are a tremendous amount of sites  on the internet that are exemplary.

My hope and heart when I began Livingwinsomely (and still is,) that you, the readers would be blessed with ideas of how to bring more beauty, fulfillment, joy, felicity and winsomeness  to your everyday lives.

I will have to turn the sites comment/ reply ability off as I am currently receiving about 250-300 spam comments a day and it takes a lot of my time to go through them all , especially when my time now will be fully dedicated to my new writing commitment. My computer program will hold all the replies that have already been made, they just won’t be showing up on the site, when I turn that service off.


“Home”for the holidays!

I wish you all the very best and again, thank you so very much for reading, coming to the site, sending me such wonderful comments and for being such a great audience to write to… The site will stay up so enjoy!

I may occasionally sneak over to Living Winsomely and change the blogs in the main section according to the season.   Especially At Christmas time. 🙂 One of my all time favorite vignettes of Living Winsomely is “Home” for the holidays! (I will take that tour myself once again, this Christmas.)  🙂



If you have any questions, please know my “CONTACT US” icon at the bottom of the ‘Living  Winsomely’ Home page, is still open. (That comes directly to my e-mail address.)

May God bless you all and thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Susan, Kit and Grantham too.


“A heart full of thanks TO YOU! “



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“A Joyous wedding of the old and the new.”

We love our cherished tokens of old and blissfully acquire the new, yet an even richer joy awaits us when they are united together, birthing a resplendent harmony… gracing our lives with the bestowal of fulfillment and unexpected surprise that abounds within their authentic and matchless synchrony.” ~ Adelle Campbell 

marraige 12



Who says that “you can’t have the best of both worlds?” Without even knowing it, we are surrounded everyday  in the simplest ways with something old and vintage, accompanied by something that is new, fresh and recently invented.  For instance; If you live-in the deep south, in a new home, your blessed to be able to enjoy all the modern day amenities that acquiring a new home offers. Most likely, you are also graced with gorgeous antiquated live marraige 51Oak trees, that have lived upon your land for 400 years, shading your home with their prestigious, stoic branches, draped with Spanish moss that gently sways in the cool evening breezes, bringing your home rich history,  charm and enchantment. During the Christmas season, when we venture off to find “the perfect tree,” (proudly carrying it home atop the roof of our cars,) excitement wells up within our hearts as we  begin the mirthful season with a ‘tree trimming gala.’marriage360 Our souls brimming with a matchless joy as we place each ornament upon the noble branches, reminded of the special  moments in time, when our cherished  keepsake was given to us. Once again, without even thinking about it, this precious union of the old and the new is bringing forth richness and joy to our hearts.


With all the wonderful gifts that the old and the new bring to our lives,  they each have their own unique advantages.  On the side of Vintage…It graces our lives with a wealth and gladness that only something inherited can bring, giving us a sense of where we have come from. It also is a showcase of our style, (if you are an antique  lover.) The antiquated is valuable, holds with it many nostalgic memories, adds an abundance of class to our lives, with its’ enchanting, ‘old world’ maturity and storybook ambiance. It’s gifts are extraordinaire, distinctive and intimate. Lastly, it blesses our lives with an abundance of memories of all the people we have loved, and have loved us back, over time.

For connoisseurs of the bestowals of things new, this gift definitely bring us a since of security as it promises us a longer amount of time to enjoy it’s pleasure and usage. It too  is a showcase of our signature style, makes us feel delightfully pampered, enhances our abiity to entertain and learn, (the updated technology being what it is,) as well as enriches the enjoyment of our hobbies, talents and livelihood. The new is exciting, refreshing and adds pizzazz to our lives.

In thinking about the attraction of the the old and the new, lets start with things that we can all agree are definitely better when they are brand new…(Okay, maybe not definitely, as some of you will not totally agree,)  but you know what I am saying. 🙂

marriage30For many, there is nothing, and I mean nothing like the joy and elation of owning a brand new car. It brings security, smells divine and will undoubtedly have the latest bells and whistles. Owning a new 3-d HD television would undoubtedly  be a preference  for those whose ‘recreation of choice’ is watching their favorite weekly shows and repertoire of relished movies.  A brand new couch is sublime, giving your cozy haven an entirely new look, (plus you get to buy extra accessorizes as every new couch needs motley, accent pillows and a new throw! ) 🙂   For a child, (young or grownup) a brand new bike is a treasure like no other, creating whimsical thoughts of all the new adventures their new “toy” will take them 🙂    marraige 60There is no joy like the elation of bringing home a new puppy.(Well at least 85% of the time.) 🙂  For all of the ladies… a new diamond ring, sapphire necklace or pearl earrings would keep us on cloud nine for a long time, and for the men, (I am thinking of Kit here,) a new computer would float his boat for months, as would a new I-Phone, the latest stereo surround sound speakers and  brand new athletic equipment.


marriage49Now for the lovers of the old… There is nothing that can compare to an old 1936 Cadillac Coupe with a Mono-block V8 engine, (painted in its dated color ) with leather seats…just the sound of its engine running is music to a vintage lovers ears. Who doesn’t love an antiquated picture frame hanging on the family photo wall, bringing texture and shapes that were specifically made in a unique time in  history? Classic novels…their covers filled with impeccable writings from authors who are long gone but their name is still revered and will be remembered forever.  Vintage table clocks are something that are definitely a conversation piece as they tell a story all their own. How about an inherited fishing rod, hunting rifle or hand crafted knife that carries with it, a medley of stories of the times you went fishing and camping with your father? An old King Louis the 8th bed… You will never find another bed  marraige 67made that  embodies such stoic and romantic charm.   If you are a lover of Italian food, then choosing to dine at an old authentic Italian eatery is definitely  the best choice.marraige 61   (You know the one where the original chef, ‘Antonello’  left all of his beloved recipes with his sons and their is no way in heaven they will ever share all his secret ingredients.)  🙂 I agree, their stuffed Lobster Ravioli and freshly made canolis are  far more a delicacy than Olive Garden’s version. 🙂 For the new moms out there, owning an antique christening gown for your baby, every stitch  hand done, created in a delicate style that can never be duplicated would be a keepsake forever.

In this vignette, I hope to share a few ideas of how bringing together the old and the new  will blissfully add richness, beauty and fulfillment to your every day life. Perhaps it will even spark and awareness of what you have already been enjoying in your life that is a gift and blessing from the matchless union of the old and the new. ENJOY!






NBC's Today Show Morning Concert Series - Katy Perry Performs - August 29, 2008” I did a lot of thrift and vintage. I would mix those pieces into some of the more inexpensive items from Express, Gap, Old Navy and Clothestime.” ~ Katy Perry

“I have electric taste and I love vintage style mixed with GLAMOR and old world charm.” ~ Sonam Kapoor
“Don’t fear the future so much that you refuse new things. The saddest summary of  a  life contains three descriptions; could have, might have and should have.” ~ Louis E. Boone
marriage35“You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.” ~ Nate Berkus


“The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things. ” ~  Temple Grandin


marriage20“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something . It seemed obvious to them after awhile. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. ” ~ Steve Jobs


“I love vintage cars because you can do so much more to them.” ~ T.Pain



“To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘New Car Interior.’ ” ~ Rita Rudner

marriage23Old teddy bears cannot be bought, only adopted.”


“Every time something new is invented something old becomes antique.”


“A house with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted.” ~ Hope Mirrlees


marraige40” Oh the comfort of the first day of autumns blithe as I curl up on my new sofa, wrapped in my old, worn and  cozy blanket, watching Weathering Heights, (for the 50th time.”)

“Mixing ones wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.” ~ Bertolt Brecht

marraige 29 “When a child is born, so is a grandmother, creating a joyous and lasting union of the old and the new.” ~ Anonymous


“I’ve always had a keen sense of history. My father was an antiques dealer and he used to bring home boxes full of treasures, and each item always had a tale attached.” ~ Sara Sheridan


adam433“In with the old and In with the new.” ~ Anonymous

“It is easily overlooked that what is  now called vintage was once brand new.” Tony Visconti




Here are a few ideas for creating a joyous wedding of the old and the new.  Some of these notions may not be new to you at all, but I hope that this vignette will challenge you and bring about an awareness to begin mixing the new with the old and see for yourselves, how rich and fulfilling it can be. 🙂


 A  REUNION OF FRIENDS! Remember when you got married, had your first baby or graduated High school, and you looked out upon all the people who were there to support you? There is nothing quite like the feeling of beholding,( in one place), so many people who are anchors in your life,  gathered together at that special moment in time.  How about creating a themed reunion, inviting the many friends over your lifetime that you adore,  the new and old, celebrating their friendships  with a party to end all parties?

I was so blessed a few years ago, when Margo, one of my childhood friends, (you know the kind of friend that knows everything about you and still loves you, 🙂 ) flew from California to Delaware for a visit. My friends in DE put on a beautiful luncheon for her and I felt so honored to have her with me that day, amongst all my new friends. They all fell in love with her and she immediately knew why they were so dear to my heart, feeling as if they were her new friends as well. 🙂  (Don’t you just love it, when that happens?) 🙂  It truly was a day that embodied the very best of both my worlds.

Definitely a felicitous wedding of the PRECIOUS old,


And the GLORIOUS new!




Dim the lights , throw a few logs in the hearth for kindling, put on some jazzy John legend,  and open a vintage bottle of Merlot. Now the important part here is to serve your wine with a side of dark chocolates. (The combination is heavenly.)   Dove chocolates are delicious or perhaps you have a near by Chocolatier who makes their own renowned, new sweet confections daily.   This would undoubtedly be a decadent union of the old and the new.marraige215



If you  live in a new home, with modern appliances and architecture, adding a dated, gorgeous vintage piece of furniture, brings an enchantment and depth to your home like nothing else can.   (And  can you imagine what  conversation pieces these antiquated additions will bring forth?)

Any vintage piece of art, whether it be furniture, appliances or a painting, brings an unassuming splendor and a wealth of beauty to our homes. marriage1

This gorgeous and stunning antique vanity would add class as well as an august beauty to any new bathroom. marriage5

I love the newly custom made bay windows and dining table, matched with the vintage hutch in its dated colors, hardwood floors and wooden ceiling beams. I can picture in my my mind, Marianne Cunningham (from Happy Days,) enjoying pastries and coffee with Martha Stewart. 🙂   (This cheerful ambiance brings both eras together.) marriage4

Romantically modern with a flare for the past…An Antique bed with matching furniture, amidst  brand new flooring, textured designed walls with crown molding and paned windows. marriage

If you can believe it, this is a modern home where the decorators created an entire room  in a shabby chic vintage style. What a great “step back in time” escape when needed. 🙂adam5


Host a family reunion. Have you ever sat in a room, filled with your family and just quietly watched the love and interactions between all of your kin, their years ranging from the toddler stage  to 80 yeas old? (OK, all the GOOD interactions between them?) 🙂 (It can get kind of hairy sometimes.)

The oldest of the family, my dad, with one of his five sons, my brother Jim. They are probably laughing at one of the many memories they have shared together over a 40 year span of time.marraige267

My father with 4 of his 7 children… This special photograph captures  3 decades of lives that he has influenced, with Alex, my second to oldest brother, sharing over 50 years of memories with him.adam7

And my favorite…my father in his 80’s with the youngest in our family at that time, his 3 year old grandson… I witnessed a great wealth of joy that day in this blithesome union of the old and the new. 🙂 marraige254


Displaying memories of the old and new. For those of you who have a real knack for crafts, (and who save cards and photographs from way back when,) how about creating a wall with a diversity of childhood cards, and photos, combined with those you continued to receive  in your teenage years and adulthood? What a delightful  constant reminder of all the many people in your life that love you, bringing blessing, depth and an abundance of smiles to your life. marriage100

An eminently  creative and genuine idea…a  vintage mirror frame, embellished with new memories. marraige 377

Antiquated paned doors filled with memories of the past, present and everything in between. 🙂  Fabulous creation! marraige378


OUR BEDROOMS deserve this notable gift as well! If you own an antique bed, take a trip to your favorite department store or boutique and buy some brand new Egyptian cotton sheets with pillow cases to match…dressing up the old with the new…truly experiencing cozy and inviting hours of rejuvenation. marraige179

There is nothing like the feeling of brand new cotton sheets. (Or their fragrance after a wash or two using Downy fabric softener.) 🙂   marraige 180

How about creating this glorious union? Your new and stylish sleigh bed…  adam40

bedecked with vintage, hand embroidered bed linens…( These bed sheets are so exquisite and beautiful, I  would be scared to sleep on them.) 🙂


For cheerful vintage color to enhance the look of your new modern bed,  treat yourself to an antiquated duvet bed cover for your comforter…The colors and designs from the past are filled with a cheerfulness and a bold joy.adam30




If you are a lover of old fashioned Root Beer floats, buy a liter of Hires Root-beer, (introduced in 1876,)  and  instead of using vanilla ice-cream to give it its grand finale, buy (something very new to the market,) 🙂 Breyers Gelato indulgences, (the vanilla caramel is to die for.) Put a scoop of that in your drink, topped off with REAL whipped cream and you will be tasting an entirely new and decadent creation. 🙂





How about renting one of your favorite  classic movies that has been enhanced for your enjoyment with today’s technology? A black and white film that has been colorized, transforming each scene , making it more lifelike and vivid.  The same fabulous movie, just more pleasurable  to watch.

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer with Cary Grant and Shirley Temple! Undoubtedly a classic and fun for the entire family.


Everyone’s favorite with Jimmy Stewart, “Its a Wonderful Life.” 🙂 marraige221

A wondrous Christmas movie or for that matter, 4th of July, Easter or any time  your in the mood for an old classic. Holiday Inn with Big Crosby and Fred Astaire…(Great dancing!)


Last but not least, my favorite, Arsenic and Old lace with Cary Grant. Its spell-bounding. 🙂

marraige230marraige 230



MUSIC! Another creative idea to enjoy the blessing of the old and the new ; downloading your favorite song from yesteryear, but from a new artist that has taken the same lyrics and medley that you love, and has made it their own.  Who knows, you may like it even more.

The heartening song Hallelujah, originally preformed by Leonard Cohen in 1984 was sung  by Mathew Schuler on the Voice in 2013…Not only did he get a standing ovation but he took this song and turned it into a masterpiece, with his unique style and hauntingly beautiful voice.


Dancing in the streets,” originally sung by Martha and the Vandellas in 1964 was remade by the two eminently talented (and quite the characters,)  David Bowie and Mick Jagger 21 years later in 1985. Its all a matter of taste, but I prefer the latter as far as the style of the song, but appreciate its originality and creation over two decades  ago.


A  treasured, traditional vintage British  Christmas carol, The  Holly and the Ivy is one of many of the songs we cherish every Christmas. Its creation is a showpiece and when redone by Mannheim Steamroller, its phenomenal, unique and entirely different than the original. If you have never listened to the new version, be sure to check it out on YouTube.



 PETS! There is such a thrill when you bring home a new puppy to your family …(not just your human family) but  for your old dog “Rusty” as well,  who has been the family mascot for many years. (Not to say that at times, it doesn’t work out,) but for the times it does, it is awesome to bring together the old and the new…Rusty has a new friend and your family gets double snuggling time and more kisses. 🙂


And if your a cat lover, the same can be said about Tabitha and the new kitty 🙂adam49


This next joyous wedding of the old and the new really does not need an introduction, except to say; “turn up your  computer speakers to hear not one, but two Grammy award winning singers, (with 19 Grammys between them, ) who are both legends of their time, and the song they sing together as a duet went GOLD! By far, my favorite find for this vignettes theme. 🙂  ENJOY


(Did I tell you that they are my two favorite singers of all time? What a treat!)



If you are a collector of vintage sports memorabilia, bottle caps, jewelry, stamps, sea fossils or old mineral rocks, building or buying an updated wooden shadowbox to showcase your treasures would be a wondrous coffee table or wall display.marraige391



Or, how about a new collection you have acquired…(unique and rare sea shells from the ocean,) displayed in a vintage showcase? What a fabulous idea. 🙂 marraige394


 For your BATHROOM.   I love these vintage button accessorized bath soaps…what a great way to combine the old and the new with a charming and inviting look.marraige507

Your favorite hand soap displayed  in an antiquated  glass jar dispenser would bring an ambrosial and fresh  union of the past and present.


A few decorative bars of Caswell  Massey or Yardley soaps add a welcoming addition to this quaint and delicate antique trinket. (Perfect for your guest bathroom.) 🙂 marraige512

How about brand new, kaleidoscopic, thick, soft and comfy bath towels…marriage173

accented with vintage linen hand towels? What a prestigious yet cozy ambiance this combination would bring forth.  marraige172

Who would not love a classic claw foot tub, in their newly decorated bathroom? Its my favorite bathtub in the world…well, a jacuzzi tub is very tempting too. 🙂adam13


 A ladies tea.   Mixing and matching china is now a very in-style thing to do…why not mix and match their ages?  I love Susan Branch’s combination of colors, styles and textures with this charming medley of  tea cups.marraige175

For your next gala, mix your old, splendid and delicate china dinner ware…adam4

with your bright and stellar new china pattern from Lennox. A match made in heaven. 🙂 adam6



Make your next Dinner party  extra special with an awe inspiring and creative union of the old and the new with vintage dinner plates atop modern chargers, as well as mixing your water and wine glasses, (one pattern old and the other new.) Both of these tablescapes are absolutely breathtaking. marraige176




A Christmas celebration. This same idea would be splendid for your Christmas dinner gathering.    Use your new Christmas china with one that you have inherited…Your tableaux will be grandiose , inviting and pampering to all of your guests. marraige169marraige168

For a special addition, bring out your antique crystal glasses and crisply ironed cotton laced napkins! A five star dinner for sure! 🙂 marraige170marraige171



Photographs As you’re reminiscing one day in the family  photo albums, treat yourself to “updating” one of your adored antique photographs. I have a medley of photos of my parents when they were young, our old childhood homes, and photos of my siblings and I, when we were mischievous and running wild. (Just joshing.) 🙂  Some of them have stayed preserved very nicely, while others are worn and torn. I had one of my favorite photos restored, had it framed and it is now entertainingly  gracing my desk. (I have to say it is quite the conversation piece in my living room.)     A treasure from the past enhanced with our new technology of the present day is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.marraige162marraige161

Another spectacular mixture of the old and the new is taking a vintage photograph and having it colorized… What a beautiful and rich difference it makes!   marraige 167


 Vintage fabric covers for new photo boxes are a great idea.  I don’t know about you, but I have a  creative potpourri of modern day photo boxes that I keep cards from my childhood, old letters, photographs and treasured memorabilia; concert tickets, movie stubs,  ribbons from winning the relay race at my high school field day event,  or creative artwork  from a few of my preschool students, many years ago. Not only are these boxes a keepsake, but a beautiful decor item in our cozy havens. Festooning them with antiquated fabrics, and filling them up with your new cards, photos and treasures would be a wonderful and stunning gift for yourself and home.  adam36





The classy invention of water bowls with ornate pitchers, used in a time in our history when there was no ‘indoor plumbing’ within a home, is not not only an antique collectors dream, but serves as a lovely piece for home decor.  Some creative ways to bring about a ‘perfect match’ between the old and the new would be buying a replica of an antique, made with a china pattern that is modern, or adding 20th century decor to an original antique.  I love the vintage pitcher that has been decorated with a “Paris” ribbon, bringing back special memories of a trip abroad.

marraige155 marraige152

marraige160marraige 153




A jaw-dropping restoration of an old classic car...the same style and beauty of its original  state, but having it rebuilt with all the updated and spectacular technology the twentieth century has to offer.

These are a few photo’s of Super model Twiggy’s 1968 Restored Toyota. Its original color was a Ferrari red. Don’t you love the brand new interior and the finished sparkling gold exterior makeover?

adam50adam55addam 51

Two classic cars with all the exemplary  class of their original state, combined with all the bells and whistles, the present day has to offer.   Both are undoubtedly , magnificent and genuine keepsakes!adam57




One of my favorite unions of the old and the new…A Vintage teddy bear dressed in modern day apparel. They still have the classy appeal, just a relaxed version. 🙂


As well as my modern day, new teddy bears dressed in vintage attire. What a wonderful ambiance they add to our home… 🙂




Antiquated covers for your homes new accessories. These vintage fabric covered math boxes are absolutely adorable…(A wonderful party favor for one of your galas.) marraige515

Another great idea…keeping all of your vintage books that you cherish, but having a new cover made for them.


Or, having a designer make you a new cover for an old classic novel.marriage167

If you are someone that keeps a journal, with all of your current thoughts, writings and stories, making floral , antique linen covers would be a wonderful addition to your collection.   adam21


Dress up your new pillow top, bed pillow in vintage pillow cases.adam10

While your dressing up your pillows, pick up an antique linen duvet for your bed to match. adam11


Apparel. Now that your home is all taken care of, how about treating yourself to a wondrous combination of the old and the new…Buy yourself a brand new pair of jeans and then go to a vintage boutique and accessorize with some authenticated “old world” finds. marraige408marraige 407

marraige 409marraige 410



An authentic and heartening memory quilt  with photos of all the generations within your family…beginning with your grand parents all the way to the families newest addition. Truly a blanket of comfort, bestowing you with the very best of both worlds! If you are not one to quilt with photographs, use fabric pieces from beloved memories of the past…childhood clothing, a jean jacket from high school, and your first spring dress you bought when you turned 21…pieced all together, you bring two worlds of memories into one. 🙂 marraige189marraige184




Vintage cookie tins filled with your updated and latest new brownie recipe or macadamia nut, white chocolate chip cookies. This would be a great gift for a neighbor or friend. ( With bringing the two worlds together,  you actually can have your cake, (cookie,)  and eat it too.) 🙂

marraige400marraige405marraige 401marraige403

How about a vintage breadbox? In our home, one of our favorite things to do on the weekend is go to our neighborhood bakery and choose a few pastries and freshly baked breads…(the breads would definitely  last in this “blast from the past” gem, but I don’t think the pastries would make it. 🙂  addam60



TRIPS. For another celebration of the old and the new together, take a trip to a childhood place that is filled with an abundance of felicitous memories and when you visit that magical place, take someone new with you…When sharing such a wonderful place in your heart, it is always a richer experience bringing a long someone you are close to. Sometimes seeing it through their eyes,  adds an unexpected new joy.

My beloved older brother Jim and I retuning in our 40’s to a place we frequented very often in our childhood years…Our grandmothers home in Long Beach California. Oh what resplendent memories flooded our hearts that day. We were so mischievous back then…well, Jim was anyways. 🙂


I had more fun taking Kit and Patch, our first precious cargo, in our BG days, (before Graham) ) to my beloved childhood South Carolina for a visit. My cousins all adored him , and Patch made a medley of new friends with all the youngsters. It was one of my happiest memories. adam

In this first photo, I took Kit, my newly married husband to a place I adored as a child where we spent many felicitous memories at our cabin, water skiing on the lake and snow skiing on the slopes in the winters at Big Bear lake, California.  The second photo was a fabulous visit with my brother from California who came to see us on the east coast, (our new home,)  for Christmas. Both keepsake moments I will cherish the rest of  my life.




PHOTO WALLS. Bring together the old and the new (as well as the in between,)  by creating a family photo wall of the people, (or pets 🙂 )  in your life, that have blessed you the most!

My first creation…my wonderful best friend and husband, Kit.


Another best friend in my life for 33 years…my mom!


My parents with their first baby girl,  and a photo of their second baby girl, all grown up…:) My sister and I are 13 years apart but we stick together as we are the only girls in a family of five boys. 🙂


Here is one that is creative; two photos side by side of two people with a large age gap between them…the one thing in common with the photos is that they were both taken when they were the same age…for instance…a photo of each of them at the age of 20…So, it still is the new and the old but magically put together, as if they were the same age at the same time. (Sounds confusing, but it really isn’t.) 🙂

I will try a few and  I encourage you to do it as well…interesting concept, don’t you think?

On the left, My father as a young man in his early thirties and his son, my  brother Patrick in his early thirties. For some reason my dad just looks a lot older than Patrick…maybe its because he is my dad…I think they have the same ears though. 🙂


My mom’s mother and my mom, both in their early twenties.  HMM, my mom must take after her dads side of the family.


Kit’s father in his mid 30’s as well as Kit at the same age. I can see a little bit of a resemblance there. (The ears again.)  🙂


My mom and I both in our early 40’s…One likeness I see is that we are both smiling. 🙂 People have told me I get that same expression on my face that she has in this photo. That’s a  nice compliment. 🙂


Lastly, our precious cargo, ‘baby’ and love of our lives, Sir Grantham! He is such a photogenic character …I just love this recent photo of him from this last winter as he frolicked in the snow. 🙂


I was just noticing a very strong resemblance here as I was gathering photos from my library for this vignette and wanted to share it with you… These two guys could be brothers. What do you think?  Maybe Justin Timberlake will be as handsome as Kit when he gets a little older? 🙂




Vintage photographs displayed  in brand new, stylish picture frames… a resplendent reflection of the new and the old.

My family minus two children. (Yes, I was the one with the very chubby arms…)


My twin sister and myself…we were the hit of our culdesac when my mom brought home two baby girls…the neighborhood and my family, were only expecting one. 🙂 IMG_1439

Or  how about an antiquated picture frame with a new photo showcased inside? Either way, its genuine, unique and eye-catching.   marraige280




In closing, as I end this vignette, I thought I would share a few “REAL” weddings of the old and the new…May~ December weddings, otherwise known as couples who meet, fall in love and get married to someone much younger or older than themselves.  I do have to say that one of my best friends has a spouse that is 13 years her senior and they are by far, one of the happiest married couples I  have ever known. With age comes wisdom, maturity, security and character…Youth brings abundant energy, innocence, playfulness and a positive outlook… the union of these virtues coming together is rich and full…certainly a gift and something to be cherished.


Everyone’s heartthrob Kevin Costner and his wife Christine. They are 20 years apart in age…a beautiful couple for sure. marraige 10

Another actor that steals the worlds heart, Hugh Jackman…(and he is such a wonderful singer as well,) with his wife Deborra Lee…she is 13 years his senior. marraige520

And of course Hollywood’s golden couple…Michale Douglas and his young wife Catherine Zeta Jones…they share a 25 year age difference in their marriage. marraige 544

This blog has been a lot of fun to write and I hope you have enjoyed it…its something I never really thought a lot about , but when it came to me,  I had such a good time thinking of all the ways our lives are so richly blessed between the glorious wedding of the old and the new. I also have a deeper sense of appreciation as I view all the things in my life that fall under this category.


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August’s Guest Writer # 4

I checked my inbox and there were no entries for August 15th’s “Guest Writer,” so I thought to myself, “There is no rule that says I can’t be a guest writer on my own site,” so here goes!) 🙂 (Just a short one as it is last minute!) 🙂

I am sharing one of my favorite writings form my favorite book in all the world, (The Bible.)  I have written an excerpt from the 13th chapter  of 1st Corinthians as it speaks  about what LOVE really is…Every time I read these beautiful words, I see them in a new light, am greatly inspired and learn something incredible. I hope it is a blessing to you as well!


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.”LOVE119


























The one I find myself struggling with most   ( hard  for us all, I am sure,)  is “Love is patient.”  🙂 Have a wonderful  and blessed day, Susan


August’s Guest Writer #3



I am an avid reader and in my recent years,  have discovered a great appreciation for books that are written about people who have shared their life story.   This sparked an interest in writing my own biography and in my endeavors, I came across a exemplary book that I want to share. It is a step by step book that enables one to write their story in a very easy and uncomplicated manner.  Actually, I find this book inspiring as it helps me to recall memories and timelines within my life that I had forgotten. If there are any “writers” out there, who have a desire to write their ” life story,” I highly recommend this book. Best of luck to you.


Post written by Adrian.