“HOME”, for the holidays!


“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house; Our minds are astir with a medley of  thoughts; “Did I wrap all the presents?Happy966 How long does the roast cook tomorrow? I hope all of our FedEx packages arrived safely and is that TRULY the right “unforgettable moment- Aha gift,” I chose for my spouse? ”

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, “Did I get Graham the right toysHappy790 and  beefy bones? Kit the right pens, flashlight, pocketknife, ornaments and his favorite Dove dark chocolates? Speaking of chocolate, I pray Graham doesn’t get into Kits stocking tonight or tomorrow morning, there will be more than the sweet aroma of  fresh pine, lingering in the air.”

graham100Grantham is all settled, nestled snug upon his tapestry bed, while visions of our homes ‘mascot,’gratitude6 bunny rabbit and a winsome deer in the meadow, stand dauntlessly before him, daring him with their flirtatious eyes,  “Just try to catch us…go ahead.”

Mama in her kerchief, (that’s me? What the heck is a kerchief?), Kdeer101it never goes to bed in his cap. Restlessly, there I lay, wide awake, praying, hoping and longing for at least 6 hours of blissful sleep, OK, perhaps maybe just a 4 hour, refreshing nap!



Doesn’t it seem that our Christmas celebration begins the moment we dry our last Thanksgiving dish? Already we are  busily planning what kind of tree we will buy, where it will go and whether our Christmas theme this year will be ‘Angel’s,’ ‘Santa’s,’ or ‘Snowmen?’ Excitedly, we set our alarms early for the next morning to either participate in  ‘Black Fridays’ notorious  shopping sprees,  or begin our felicitous  trips to the attic to gather our  cherished  Christmas treasures and decor.Happy944 We stand back in awe as we behold our home after its finally decorated. It looks magical, filled with bliss and an elfin charm that we wish we could ‘capture in a large bottle,’ so we could borrow some of it’s resplendent essence, whenever we need a ‘bit of magic,’ in the new year that lies ahead.   Suddenly, the date on the calendar reminds us that its time to write our Christmas cards, we have three holiday parties we have answered a “yes” to, Christmas shopping, the candle light service at  Church, gift wrapping, caroling with our neighbors,Happy784 cooking, baking and YES, we are “having a lot of fun” yet we are beyond  exhausted! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this season, and forget to take time to smell the “evergreen branches, sugar cookies baking in the oven, unmatchable aroma of the firewood kindling in our hearths, or the delightful fragrance of the years first snowfall.”

This vignette, “HOME, for the holidays,”  is for you my readers, a gift of PURE ENJOYMENT!  There is no “hustle and bustle here…” 🙂 First of all, light a fire or some candles, fix yourself your  favorite holiday drink… a steamy mug of mulled cider, a caramel latte, a cup of Earl Grey tea in your Christmas china, a glass of Merlot or Chardonnay, ice cold beer or a cup of coffee…(with delicious peppermint-chocolate creamer…of course.)   Sit back, relax and enjoy a delightful Christmas Home tour, beholding beautiful rooms festooned for this wondrous season, glistening Christmas trees that will touch your hearts and spirits and just enjoy some blissful time of repose and rejuvenation as you reflect on this fabulous season…  I hope you ENJOY!


“Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays
Cause no matter how far away you roam,
When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze
For the holidays, you cant beat home, sweet home


Welcome to A kaleidoscopic, magical Christmas Home tour for this delightful and heartwarming season! Instead of just one or two homes, this tour holds a potpourri of resplendent homes, embodied with all styles and motifs of this magical, magnificent season.  (Is your Bing Crosby playing in the background?) :)”




Lets start at the very beginning…Our front porches, festooned for an eminently “Welcome Christmas” ambiance. Whether for your children arriving home from College, the UPS guy delivering gifts, greeting festive carolers or your friends and family for Christmas days fete, it’s your Havens “first impression” and a tempting “peak” at what is laying wait for them beyond the front doors, inside. 🙂

How can you not love a red door at Christmas? Lovely!Happy706

A touch of Holiday flare!Happy705

Simplicity at its best!Happy703

Regal, inciting and royal!Happy710

Soft and glowing, exuding the comfort of HOME!Happy709

A beautiful reminder of Christmas’ past!Happy708

Quaint and inviting…Happy707

One of Winters hallmarks… Boy does this bring back nostalgic memories! 🙂 Happy704

Celebrate with a parade of lights!Happy111

You can’t beat the traditional medley of fresh foliage amongst vibrant reds.Happy702

One of my favorite “looks” for the holidays! It reminds me of an old fashioned English Christmas! 🙂C-72

Is this wintry snowman adorable or what? He is certainly a “cheerful greeter” for any visitor arriving to your home. A-99

A beautiful porch bannister, festooned for a classical red and green Christmas! A-65

This photo says it all! It reminds me of the antebellum homes in the south with their long porches, adorned with the renowned white rocking chairs…Beautifully bedecked for the holidays!A-64

A grandeur stairwell, embellished in a polished and splendid attire. “Simply Marvelous!”A-66

Even your mailbox deserves a “touch of Christmas!”  🙂Happy701

Our fair haired friends dressed up for a festive occasion. (Wonderful Christmas decor for the little ones and for all of us “Teddy bear lovers.”)  🙂   Happy717

A Romantic and felicitous Christmas wreath… I’ll take ten of these, please! 🙂 Happy700



Don’t forget ‘the extra square footage’ of your lovely home…your back porch! A special and private nook to grab a few moments of repose, a cup of hot cocoa and a breath of “really fresh air.”  BRRR!   Bring it alive with fresh greens and the vibrant colors of the Christmas season!Happy116

I love this choice, fresh cut evergreen wreath, bedecked with red silky ribbon, rustic pine cones and brilliantly hued apples.   Unique and eminently creative.Happy115

Subtle yet enchantingly stunning!Happy113

Nature’s bounty reflects this joyous season.Happy112

Another medley of undeniably aesthetic Christmas decor for your outside retreat…fresh greens amidst grapevine… It’s perfect plain, all by itself, or a great foundation for an abundance of Christmas color! Happy114



How about your Foyer, entrance way, vestibule, passageway or lobby…. Make it unforgettable, a “holiday~love~at~first~site~encounter!”Happy724

I can’t think of two better “greeters…” A heartwarming Christmas tree with cheery, happy snowmen. Happy723

Walking into a “Winter wonderland!” 🙂 Happy722

Warm, colorful and beautifully welcoming!Happy721

“Angels we have heard on high.”  I am an angel lover…there is nothing more festive and  adorable than a chubby cherub angel dressed for Christmas…Happy720

Who wouldn’t feel welcomed, snug and cozy inside with these two beautiful, glistening hurricane lamps filled with opalescent candles, amongst beautiful tapestry? Absolutely gorgeous. Happy719

“Hark the Herald angels sing…” There is nothing more elegant, serene to the spirit and lovely to the eyes, than an Angel tableaux, or nativity scene, adorned with soft glowing lights and wondrous “glad tidings” to bring! angel100




Now that we’ve journeyed past all of the “entrance ways,” behold OUR main room, beautifully dressed for this “oh so special” occasion! Many of us spend most of our time in this cozy, blissful room, so why not go all out for Christmas and create a room full of your favorite Christmas colors, characters and decorations?  One of the focal points of this favored room is the fireplace mantle… WOW! What a beautiful array of diverse decor!Happy798

This mantle  is classic and will most definitely, have  every “little one” guessing where Santa is, and why has he left his bright red boots in the chimney for so long? 🙂  Happy795

Dreamy, romantic and a fireplace mantle I could look at all day, (and night) long! 🙂 Happy794

The architecture alone on this spectacular mantle is breathtaking. It’s “less is more” decor motif is perfect and brings this living room to life with it’s regal and festive ambiance. Happy792

Heavenly! The soft lighting, crisp white linens amidst the animated and lively ivy is absolutely winsome and warming to the heart. Happy790

This mantle reminds me of an old fashioned Christmas celebration with its abundance of golds and greens…brick hearth fireplace with charming homemade stockings… I love it!Happy788

“A resplendent symphony of Christmas tidings…”This festive and colorful patina is not only original and creative, but is filled to the brim with warmth, holiday cheer and an old English charm.Happy787

Elegant and beautifully simple! Happy785

Does it get any more spectacular and gorgeous as this? Mesmerizing!Happy784

With it’s fresh  green garland entwined with a medley of glistening white lights and Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Frosty’s cousins , this  beautiful mantle is sure to bring home the Christmas spirit to the child in all of us! 🙂Happy783

The combination of the timeless reds and greens amidst the alabaster white mantle is breathtaking! Don’t you just adore these spirited, animated old world Santa’s? (They look like they have a wondrous tale or two to share from all their magical journeys.) 🙂 Happy781

Not quite your traditional Christmas mantle, but lovely all the same. The medley of the blues and whites is a “welcomed patina” at any time of the year! Very festive!  Happy780



If your cozy haven is two story, then you have the gift of creating Christmas on your stairwell. These festive bannisters are not only creative but eye-catching !  This balustrade is “heavenly” with it’s array of greens, bright orange , shimmering ribbons and berries amidst this gorgeous stairwell’s ornate and unique  architecture!   Happy806

Perfect ambiance for all of you Nutcracker lovers out there! Fabulously stunning!Happy804

This outdoors, kaleidoscopic display of bright reds, greenery and hushed berries is entrancingly  chic and classy! Happy802

My favorite color combination… a striking fresh green garland with soft, creamy white , opalescent ornaments….Does it get  any more romantic than this? 🙂Happy801

Not only fetching and soothing, this traditional and dapper green swag garland, amidst a brilliant white staircase, is also engagingly simple as well as elegant. I can hear it softly  declaring; “Christmas has arrived!” Happy800

Color changes everything and sets our mood! This festive bannister is alive with joy, gladness and celebration! Beautifully done!hapyy805



Now we enter the grand room itself! Our festive living rooms dressed to a “T” for this wondrous, magical , long awaited Season! These living rooms evoke within us Christmas and all its joy and felicity.

“The hostess with the most-ess.” I adore these creative and diverse, festive topiary trees! A perfect way to dress up any room for the holidays! Happy753

This inviting and alluring mantle is certainly the “main attraction” in this living room. The color combination of striking greens and lulled, butter-cream whites,  is not only soft and welcoming, but, again, augustly romantic and lovely!Happy752

I’d be sitting by this fireplace all day long! 🙂 (A perfect place to read The Christmas story to your kids on the most dreamed about night of the year.) 🙂 Happy751

Galvanic, creative and festive! Those sweet treats are making me hungry!:)Happy750

A beautiful celebration of enveloping greens, rich golds and warm reds… fabulously snug and cozy!Happy749

Here come those adorable cherub angels again… This combination of pastel colors, amidst the fresh greens, with its resplendent baroque motif is one of my favorite…regal and noble, simple, yet elegant. I love it!  Happy748

Come and share a Christmas cup of tea! This room is not only cheery, bright and warm, but your heart fells welcomed the minute you walk through its doors.Happy747


I’m speechless! (just kidding!) 🙂 It goes without saying that mixing the exuberant colors of purple, rose and blue amidst the traditional golds, greens and reds is absolutely magical, elfin and STUNNING! Maybe Next year? 🙂 Happy746

This inviting, cozy, serene gathering place is definitely an ambiance where “LESS, truly  is more.” I absolutely love this patina! It speaks loudly of Christmas with all it’s splendor, without a lot of  flamboyant or flashy decor! Happy745 This living room reminds me of a remote cabin in the mountains, nestled on a  serene,  placid lake. It gives off the feeling of warmth, camaraderie and a big Christmas hug!  🙂 Happy742


A delightful and refreshing ambiance with it’s cozy faux painted walls, bright red and yellow poinsettias, luscious greens, and simple yet elegant setting! Happy741



“No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they love my kitchen BEST!”  Isn’t that the truth! So many wondrous and intimate conversations take place in our cozy places of creation…These kitchens are “decked up” with an abundance of Christmas Cheer!

Simple, yet snug and cozy! I love the combination of the green and gold! Happy938

This aesthetic and buoyant kitchen is not only elegant with it’s highlights of green amongst it’s stellar whites, but is refreshing and roomy, all ready for Christmas baking! 🙂 Happy937 The warm wood, shiny copper and touches of green and red create a cozy, relaxed and comfortable kitchen for the holidays! Happy939

WOW! My favorite Christmas kitchen so far… With its rainbow of inciting colors and Christmas patina, I would spend most of my time looking for a reason to be in my kitchen. 🙂 It even has (what could be,) a writing desk. 🙂 Happy935

Adorable and creative…I am impressed with the gingerbread man motif! Happy934

How about dressing up a kitchen corner with a plate rack, filled with your cherished Christmas plates,  adorned  with swags of green garland and miniature white lights, to bring a little magic to the room?IMG_0296

One of Christmas’ hallmarks….The traditional Snowman…A great decor peace for any of your rooms this holiday season. IMG_0297



Whether your hutch is in your kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom, it is the perfect place to display your  favorite Christmas treasures!

This vintage hutch with it’s adoring collection of Santa Clauses is not only magical and jocund, it adds a colorful display of Christmas cheer to this rooms ambiance.Happy933

Traditional, classy and blissful! (I love the butter cream yellows with the vibrant reds.) Happy932

I do not think that the color combination of  blue and white will ever go out of style! This hutch is so classy , festive and refreshing…Exceedingly elite and polished!Happy931

I always tell my  husband that sending and receiving Christmas cards or ornaments is one of  my favorite parts of Christmas. I keep every card and ornament, (and Christmas decoration someone blesses me with,) as it brings forth so many wonderful, gladsome memories of Christmas past! This “Santa and Penguin sleigh” is a gift from my beloved brother Jim… Unique, just like he was! 🙂 IMG_0351

How can you go wrong with a flourishing wintry wreath and a country snowman? IMG_0352

Candy canes amongst fresh greens and  bright red berries…a timeless and  festive motif for your Christmas hutch.Happy930

This antiquated, shabby chic, blue hutch with its abundant array of Santa’s, accentuated with the pewter is magical,  creative and overflowing with Christmas cheer.   Happy928

Every Christmas, I can hardly wait to get out my nativity collection, and display it upon our living room hutch. Its found its home! 🙂 Our hutches are such wonderful places to share our hearts aren’t they?  IMG_0349



The one place we gather with our beloved family and friends, sharing exquisite cuisine, old family recipes to die for, laughter and many a story of Christmas past…Our Dining rooms! This year I decided to go all out for our dining room with an Old English Christmas motif. What is your theme for your Christmas dining room tableaux this year?IMG_0292

I have always loved mixing my china patterns together… I used do it even before it was the “in thing.’ 🙂  You already  know me, I am a “more is more” person! 🙂 IMG_0291IMG_0272

I would love to be a dinner guest at this beautifully created holiday table! The chandelier with its soft lighting and festive decor is stunningly creative and alluring.Happy921

There is nothing more regal and fancy than a freshly polished silver goblet…add some Christmas greens and reds and its like MAGIC! A tablescape fit for royalty!Happy918

This dining room, all decked up for Christmas is blithesome, light some and full of splendor. An exceedingly soft display of the holiday spirit with it’s gorgeous whites, vintage red table and fresh cut greens…I love the way the decorator has used the white , sheer material to dress up her dining chairs with that “extra” added touch of elegance.inspired60

A step back in time… This dining rooms motif is abounding and flourishing with beauty and grace, with its array of alluring colors and unique, charming style.  I love it!Happy916

Okay! My new favorite Christmas dining room! Not only is it ‘ Victorian at its finest,” but beautifully romantic and overflowing with warmth! Happy915

Resounding and golden! What a refreshing Christmas motif.Happy922

I was wrong! This is my favorite Christmas Dining room of all time! 🙂 This room looks like a dream with its resplendent and ornate fireplace and mantle architecture, Victorian evergreen tree, rich tapestries, brilliantly white linens, antique china and fresh bouquet of wintry flowers… I would never get up from the meal! 🙂 Christmas1001

A formal Christmas dinner with a a roaring fire…This looks like something out of a fairytale. 🙂  Happy914

This room is abounding in rich color and most  certainly embodies a festive ambiance of Christmas cheer.Happy913


Also within our dining rooms, our delightfully festooned sideboards for the holidays fetes.

This gorgeous sideboard has been decorated with class, an abundance of rustic, fresh garlands and looks beautifully tailored.   Perfect for all the “extras’ from your bountiful Christmas feast. Happy927

I think one of the most irresistible animals on this earth is the cuddly, innocent and “oh so cute” Polar bear. What a great idea for a festive and celebratory sideboard table-scape in your dining room.Happy926

Elegant, heart warming and filled with charm!Happy925

This beautiful cherub angel with its subtle attire of reds and greens is stirring and amazingly radiant. If our home was really big, I would definitely  have an abundance of these “adorable guys” all over my house. 🙂 Happy924


This year, for our old English Christmas dining room theme, I brought out my Tutor house village collection… It looks so romantic all lit up at night on our sideboard…(I can’t fit any extra food on it while we are dining,  but hey, it looks good!) 🙂 . IMG_0360

A playful snowman to brighten the room… this sideboard has a little more room for food …OK, who really needs a sideboard for food at Christmas anyways? Would you rather have a Santa Claus,  jolly snowman, Polar bear gracing your room, or a side dish of broccoli casserole and basket of bread on the table? 🙂 I know what my husbands answer would be. 🙂  IMG_0401


For our special place of respite, dreaming away in slumber land, our bedrooms need a little touch of the holiday festivity as well.


This bedroom is undoubtedly dressed for Christmas! I love the red plaids amongst the crisp whites, the fresh greens wrapped around the bed posts and the simple, yet winsome and classy Christmas tree with its soft amber lights! Happy909

I never think of pink or rose as being a Christmas color, but I have sure changed my mind! This bedroom is gorgeous! It looks like a room where you would sleep peacefully with “visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.” 🙂  Happy911

This delightful bedroom is simple, yet embodies an ‘elegant flavor’ of Christmas. Happy910

This room resounds in abundance with it’s breathtaking color… Waking up each morning with all the gorgeous shades of red, blue, greens, whites, gold and yellows,would make  for a great start to any day!  Very beautiful and festive for the Christmas holidays!Happy908

Cozy, snug and mirthful!Happy907

Now this is the way Kit would like our bedroom to look at Christmas… Very clean lines, rustic yet warm with beautiful  earth tone colors…It’s handsome and baronial yet enchantingly charming. Happy904

Ah! A hot cup of Christmas tea, a roaring fire and a good Christmas novel…That sounds like a perfect night for this stunning bedroom.Happy903

Subtle touches of Christmas cheer make this room welcoming, fresh and delightful! I adore sleigh beds!Happy901

The combination of Christmas plaids with Victorian needlepoint pillows is undeniably polished, as well as festive and inviting.Happy900

Absolutely galvanizing! Earthy, yet amazingly heart- stopping-gorgeous!Vi67



Leading up to the grand finale,  THE CHRISTMAS TREE, we spend a lot of time finding just the right ornaments from our collections to create the “perfect Tree” we desire each year. My  older brother Jim started me on collecting Christmas ornaments when I was in Jr. High school and I have kept it going, (one of our families traditions,) each year.

My very first Christmas ornament from Jim in the 70’s. 🙂 Every year, I think of him when I find the perfect place for it to go, upon our Christmas tree.  IMG_0386

And my collection just keeps on growing! 🙂 IMG_0388

What a colorful and festive, jolly Santa! IMG_0390

With every ornament we place upon our tree each year, there are an abundance of warm, happy cherished memories that run through our minds and warm our hearts. That’s what I love about decorating the tree…


What a unique Old world Santa Christmas ornament! Happy958

These exquisite ornaments are for all you Victorian lovers out there… So delicate and lovely!


Nostalgic and magical!






One of my favorite memories as a child, was the day after Thanksgiving when my mom, six siblings and I loaded up  in our station wagon and went to FIND THE PERFECT EVERGREEN TREE!  I can still smell the fresh pine, hear our laughter and bantering… It was a perfect day! After the last decoration was placed upon our tree and the lights turned on, it was as if a magic wand touched our entire house, filling it with enchantment, love and gladsome hearts. To this day, I feel the same way!Happy949

Incredibly authentic, inspirational and this little angel toddler is precious! 🙂Happy947

Light hearted and debonair…this maritime Christmas tree is nurturing to the eye as well as the soul!Happy945

Whether in an array of heart stopping reds and greens, or vibrant blues and golds, both of these festive trees are authentic and stir up ample dramatic and festive celebratory emotions within, for the magical season.


These Old fashioned Christmas trees awake the convivial spirit within … Incredibly jovial and enrapturing.


Is there anything more magical and childlike than a teddy bear Christmas tree? Happy942

Amiable, welcoming and heart warming! The classic red , gold and green Christmas tree will never be outdated… Its timeless!Happy941

Another cordial and heartening classical Christmas tree! (With a patriotic touch!) 🙂 4sk29

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” I love this unique and authentic tree with its spruce  charm. Vi69

This tree reminds me of our Christmas tree growing up in the 70’s and 80’s…Classic! (I can still hear my fathers voice saying; “Kids, your putting way to much tinsel on the branches.) 🙂 (Then he’d take some off when we’d go to bed, not wanting to take away our pride from our “work of art” for the evening.) 🙂 Vi63

Another elegant and soft bethnic Christmas tree with its seafaring theme! Abundantly refreshing!BB-8

Vivacious and winsome! I can just hear the Carol of the bells, playing in the background. 🙂 K-2

An absolutely stunning Victorian Christmas tree…I could keep this up all year round! 🙂 G-103

Original and authentic…These  beautiful trees are “top of the line,” as well as ingenious.


It looks like the elves were “super busy” bedecking this gorgeous, romantic tree…It definitely lines up with the “more is more” motto for decor! 🙂 E-63

Last, but not least, this modern, vibrant, kaleidoscopic tree is not only dramatically alluring but definitely festooned with gladness, cheer and good will! E-8

The finishing touch of each family tree is it’s creatively wrapped packages. (Half the fun of receiving a gift is being able to “guess” what it is, before unwrapping it 🙂Happy967

Sensational! Beautiful choice of colors!Happy966

There are so many creative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts this year… Even the Christmas gift bags are beautifully decorated! 🙂 Happy965

I love these Toile wine bottle covers… They would be a beautiful display year round on your ding room hutch or sideboard! Happy964

Bright and festive colors make all the difference! What a gorgeous combination of textures and hues! Happy963


Now, there is one Festooned part of this home tour I have left out? Can you guess what it is? No home, that hosts beloved ‘pets,’ is complete, without your precious cargo arrayed in a little, (or a lot) of Christmas splendor and cheer.  (They are so eager to get in the Christmas spirit and they adore all the extra attention!) 🙂

Oh my gosh…this gentle giant is so adorable! (And brimming over with Christmas spirit.)  Cutiepie5

Our little, (big) Grantham, decked out for the holidays…(Sitting in his favorite wing back chair.) The next thing you know, he’ll ask Kit or I to get him a cold glass of milk. 🙂 I-97

Precious! We do not have any cats, but these cuties sure tug at my heart to go to the nearest pet store! 🙂  How adorable!Christmas dress8

More treasured and beloved kitties enjoying the Christmas season. chirstmas dress 9

For all of you Horse lovers out there… These big guys love ‘dressing up’ for the occasion, just as much as our indoor pets! 🙂 Christmas dress 11

Grantham, when he was just a little puppy, dressed in his red Christmas sweater. I could not get him to wear the reindeer antlers for the life of me. 🙂 I-98

Is this not the cutest Christmas photo ever? What a cutie pie! This needs to be framed and put on the mantle… I love it!  arctic1

I hope you have enjoyed this Home for the holiday tour for the Christmas season, your latte or glass of wine, your time of repose and that perhaps an idea or two has ‘jumped out at you’ to add to your Christmas decor this season! Merry Christmas!


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