My desk, my sanctuary!

“I get up early in the morning, 4 o’clock, and I sit at my desk and what I do is just dream. After three or four hours, that’s’ enough. In the afternoon, I run.”  ~ Best selling Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami.mens desk2

“Sweeter are the thoughts that savor content. The quiet mind is richer than a crown.” ~ Robert Greenearmy20

Being a writer, I liken my desk to my best girlfriend, who through thick and thin, laughter and tears, deep losses and jubilant gain, has been there for me for over 40 years… My desk is faithful, true, never judges me,annie1 is comfortable, hears me think out-loud, doesn’t mind when I don’t look my best, (and still awaits me every morning.) 🙂 It is my safe haven, place of repose, my special place to dream, enjoy my devotion time, journal, create dinner menus, research, read and look up new recipes. A quiet corner where I plan out my day, the week ahead, even the month, write letters to a friend, create a blog 🙂 and where I engage in many a phone call with loved ones who live far away.  To be honest with you, some of the happiest moments of my life have been at my desk…

Whether you are a writer, homemaker, architect, web designer, teacher, accountant, doctor, nurse,  store clerk or manager, retired or have your own home business, we all share one thing in common. We all need a place to write. We jot down our thoughts on our laptops in front of TV, write letters on decorative pillowed lap desks while in bed, prepare our grocery lists upon the kitchen counter, or if need be, sit at a park bench with our writing tablets and spend hours writing and organizing our thoughts…bench

OR… we purchase a desk and create a special place for ourselves to write, read, make phone calls and work. If your ‘desk’ is at your place of employment, you most likely festoon it with photographs of loved ones, your favorite coffee mug, perhaps some fresh flowers or an antique table clock. We all love to bring forth ‘a little bit of our personalities’ and make our tiny (or large) spaces our own!  One of my brothers  is a high school counselor. He is blessed to have his own office where he can create it to reflect a part of his identity through all the things he loves. My husband and I work at home and can do the same… Others do not have a desk or office in their profession, but do have their own desk at home. (A perfect place to make your own!) 🙂

In this blog, I hope to share some ideas of how to make your desk not only a place of  beauty, repose and serenity, but to be a space that ‘speaks’ your name. Yes, there will be many hours where your are busily at work and will not even be thinking about ‘what your desk looks like,’ but other times, when it is clutter free, you will  find yourself sitting peaceably amongst all your favorite things and felicitous decor.Susans-Desk-From the Dinning-Room It will be a place you can day dream, call a dear friend, sit and enjoy the view out of your windows, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine and reflect upon your day. It truly can be a place of quietness and refreshment.



The Distinguished quote corner. Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“If your desk is not cluttered, you probably aren’t doing your job.”  ~ Harold S. Geneen

” I have my favorite cat who is my paperweight, on my desk while I am writing.” ~ Ray Bradburybeach3

” Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket.” ~ Robert Orben

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ~ Albert Einstein

“Sanctuary, on a personal level is where we perform  the job of taking care of our soul.” ~ Christopher Forrest McDowell

“The world is quiet here.” ~ Lemony Snicket beach1

“What a blessing it is to be alone with your thoughts when so many are alone with their inability to think.” ~ Robert Brault

“In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of  fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book.beach2 I am a writer and I take up my pen to write.” ~ Pear S. Buck.

“The high-ceiling rooms, the little balconies,alcoves, nooks and angles all suggest sanctuary, escape, create comfort. The reader, the scholar, the browser, the borrower is king.”~ David McCord


Here is a diverse collection of ” sunning and inviting” desks to bring you some inspiration. 🙂

This vintage, antediluvian desk is not only unique in it’s architecture, but in it’s decor style as well. Being the topiary tree connoisseur that I am, I adore this decorators flavor… With its wealth of antique photographs, candle holders, vibrant roses and “front row seat” to a gorgeous  garden view, it would be a wonderful place of tranquility.army21

Another stellar and riveting place of stillness and quietude. There is just ‘something about a desk by a window’ that is beautifully inviting. I love the soft ivy curtains with it’s matching chair, antiquated picture frames, fresh flowers and the lovely country cottage style writing desk. Truly a perfect setting!army23

This is the same gorgeous desk above, just a different view! What a fabulous and beautifully creative idea to use and ottoman for your Table top book collection…army19

My very first bedroom set as a child was cherry wood…it’s one of my favorite colors and choices in furniture to this day. This wondrous desk is appealing with its voluminous size, non cluttered look and is handsomely regal and refined in design. This photograph looks like an office at work or an inviting study at home. Very rich and  appealing!mens desk 5

I am impressed with how this designer has used a small alcove, cozy niche to create their place of placidity and calmness. I would have never thought of placing a desk beside the staircase, (which is absolutely gorgeous.)  This desk in not only spacious but enveloping with its fresh bouquet of wild flowers and baronial lamp. Very creative!army18

Another resplendent window view! 🙂 I love the style of this writing desk with it’s unique and convenient cubbyholes to place all of your desk accessories ticked away in, which allows for more working space. The beautiful flowers, age old frames and  Victorian desk decor is comforting, welcoming and  charmingly warm. (Isn’t that petite rocking chair adorable?) What a great addition to this splendid corner.army1

This working area would be my husbands, (or any web designers)  dream come true! Not only is it spacious, owning its own fabulous view, but it would allow for a wealth of computer screens as well as photographs, phone lines, favorite cappuccino mug and esthetic desk accessories.mens desk4

A very polished and refined look… I love these regal book ends! (I never really think of a collection of fine books being used as a desks decor,)  but it really is very creative and  it brings forth a handsomely baronial ambiance.mens desk

Creative, colorful, cheerful and unique! Who wouldn’t want to come to this cozy work area everyday and enjoy it’s delightful and winsome atmosphere? 🙂  I love what this decorator has done with her wall decor, and of course, all the highlights of ‘red.’ 🙂   army25

This statuesque and personable room is not only esthetic, but very warm and welcoming! I like how the desk is placed in back of this sectional couch… It looks so cozy and  has the delightful benefits of a front row seat to the amiable fireplace as well as Wide screen TV. Very comfy! mens desk 6

This writing desk is absolutely stunning.  It is bestowed with a stellar window view, sunflower yellow walls, (very soothing,), enchanting paned, creamy white windows and romantic, alluring Victorian desk top decor. So far, my favorite! 🙂 army22

I don’t think I have ever seen a desk so ‘clean’ in my life! 🙂  (They must be on vacation!) 🙂 I love the simplicity and setting of this prestigious desk area… A riveting place of repose and calmness. With it’s lovely white paned windows, you know one thing for sure, they will be utterly  enjoying the freshly fallen snow in the winter, sudden and daunting summer thunderstorms, spring in its’ glorious array of flowers and the vibrant , kaleidoscopic colors of the welcomed autumn season. 🙂mens desk1

When Kit and I lived in Arizona in our petite, but cozy historical home, I did not  own a desk…So, I decided to make one, writer that I am. 🙂 I got tired of using the kitchen counter tops  to write on.) 🙂   My grandmother had  left to our family, a  four piece,  antiquated dining room  table and it had two extra end tables in the design. I used one of those end tables as my sanctuary , reprieve, and place to write, create, and dream. 🙂  (This was the home I was telling you about in an earlier writing that  we lived in, where I “experimented” with an abundance of ideas to make our home more colorful and lively.) I guess you could call it my “house decorating 101 days.” 🙂  I learned to paint stripes, (my dear friend Vince taught me,)  and stencil, (thank you Kit for your patience,) 🙂  so I created my own color scheme with a rich burgundy for the wooden molding, a lulled yellow and soft white for the walls, and stenciled some ivy vines in a forest green to accent it’s patina as well as make it personalized.  This corner became MINE!   I had my quiet, cozy corner, writing paper,  books, pen and later a computer… It was my place of many a felicities memory. (If you do not have a desk, and  until you do purchase  the one ‘ you have your eye on,’  be adventurousness and  CREATE ONE!)  🙂gracefun2

What a spectacular “hutch style” desk! I see this as more of a writing desk than a place for a computer screen!    Not only is the architectural design of this desk striking with all of it’s sophisticated detail within the alluring white wood, but it’s decor is summoning, elfin and filled with charm with its adornment of Victorian plates, delicate tea cup, petite lamps with dried roses and venerable picture frames. Undoubtedly a woman’s very cherished and beautiful retreat!  army17

If this was  my desk, I would set my alarm clock early every morning, (well, maybe not on the weekends,) just to have my morning  cup of coffee amongst an abundance of revelry, cheerfulness and mirth. The dazzling and incandescent colors are so alluring and calming… bringing forth an ambiance of warmth and lightheartedness. I especially love the combination of the gleeful  golds, vibrant reds and regal blacks. This is what I would call a “happy” desk! 🙂  army16

Again, a fetching ‘hutch’ style desk…I remember when I was a little girl, my parents had a desk like this, (much more traditional in it’s presentation,) and they called it “the secretary.” There are so many advantages with this style of desk…It’s decorative shelves to have your research books within hands reach, the delightsome cubbyholes to store your desk accessories which allows for more writing  and work space. A very cozy and cordial place of serenity.army3

What lady would turn down the opportunity to spend many lovely hours at this resplendent , Victorian writing desk with it’s lovely constellation of  elegant and divine decor. This desk is eminently soft, ethereal and soothing! army2

Okay! If you want to get “really creative,” you could ‘create your own desk’ alfresco style! This is ORIGINAL! 🙂 It looks inviting…you’d just need to bundle up in your wintry coat, have your thermos of hot coffee and enjoy the beauty of nature, the freshly fallen snow and the brisk, invigorating air as you do your writing, work or make your phone morning phone calls. This person even has music to enhance their adventuresome experience. I love this idea. 🙂


Lastly, a desk with a collection of romantic, entrancing and complimentary accessories . I absolutely love this style of  Victorian-vintage decor. army26Whether your peaceful place of repose is a tiny alcove in your home, a warm inviting study, an office desk at work, a snug desk behind your couch, or a breathtaking setting in front of bright and cheery, sunlit windows, take some time to make it YOU OWN and enjoy it’s gift of consolation, inspiration and comfort.

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