Some of my Sources of Inspiration for Living Winsomely.


Dear readers, besides having the gifts, (which I know God gave me,) of writing and creating, I receive so much inspiration from an abundance of  resources as I am writing this blog site. (I began 18 years ago, collecting and saving magazine photographs, and articles, (I  have over 12 notebooks filled to the brim with them,) 🙂  as well as savoring and enjoying the knowledge from a wealth of books that have enhanced my abilities to create a “more beautiful home and life” as well as this blog site. (The books, writings as well as pictures have been and still are, a wondrous bestowal, filled with enlivening ideas, stirring up my creative juices and flooding my soul with “IDEAS”. )  (You can never ‘stop learning and growing.’) 🙂   I would like to share with you the links of some of  the magazines, books and artists that have galvanized my soul to be able write and share “Living Winsomely” with you.  These resources will inspire you as well, I know!    Please visit them for some wonderful tools to enhance your “Living life more beautifully”  journey.  Thank you for visiting my site, Susan

Victoria Magazine

Anne Geddes

Mary Engelbreit, aka, M.E.

Ralph Lauren

Home Companion Magazine

Veranda Magazine

Country Living magazine

Author Alexandra Stoddart

Author Frances Mayes

Author Dorothea Benton Frank.

Google Images on line….(If you do a left click on the photos you discover on Google images, (On Google’s home page,)  Google will display the company, website or business that is advertising that photo.) Believe me, there are some great websites out there. 🙂

If I have chosen photos that are not in compliance with any Google image sites copyrights, please let me know and I will take it off my site. (Just let me know the blog and picture , thank you.)

LINKS If you would like to learn more about the newly incorporated links within Living Winsomely, please read the blog, “WE NOW HAVE LINKS,” in the category file.  Thank you! 🙂

*** As I am working through the blogs, identifying the magazine photos used,  and continue my writings using new ones, because so many of my ‘box full of photographs’ does not have the magazine’s name on the clipping, I am only 99% sure that I know exactly where the photo I have posted came from, so please let me know if I make a mistake in the photos credit, (If you know differently.) Thank you. 🙂