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Dear readers,

You might be noticing there is a little change going on within “Living Winsomely.”

It has been on my heart for a long time (but I wanted to get this blog up and running with plenty of writings first,) to provide you all with as many resources as possible, to help you in your adventurous journey to fill your home and life with more beauty, charm and mirth.

My husband, and faithful Website Designer, is helping me with adding LINKS to the site. (He is a programmer and that part of “computer 101,” I have not signed up for, attended, nor graduated from.)  🙂

Many of you, I know understand what a link is…but for some who may not, let me explain. A link is likened to a “hot button” that when you click on it with your computer mouse, you automatically are at a new website. He will be programming links throughout the blogs as well as have a few extra  links at the bottom of the page. You will notice them as they are a word or words, printed in another color, (usually BLUE,) than the blog print. Just click on them, if you are interested in the type of site it is. For example, there will be  a link for Yankee Candles, decorative pillows, hammocks, music CD’s, etc… as well as other sites I have found online that have beautiful  photographs and write ups on types of decor... Another example, my next blog is going to be about creating a “Shabby Chic ” living room. I will be putting up approximately 10 – 15 photos of beautiful living rooms festooned in this style, but I found a site where the web designer has over 1,000, thus, you will be getting that link as well. (If you are a Shabby Chic fan, her site is certainly your cup of tea.) 🙂   I want to provide for you, each reader, with plenty of resources if you would like to use them. I know some of you enjoy just coming to the site and reading and enjoying the photos, while there may be others who are interested in information on where to find some of the decorative items that are mentioned within my blogs .

In adding the links, the most important thing to me is that you, as my readers do not feel obligated to use the links, or ever buy one thing. That is not what this site is about. My hearts desire and  purpose for “Living Winsomely” is to provide information and  share ideas with others of what I have learned and for it to be a place of enjoyment and refreshment to your soul. (Like a good book.) 🙂

If you do decide to use the links and decide to purchase something, that is completely between you and that vendor.  It has nothing to do with me… For instance, on a link like Yankee Candles, it would be just as if you typed in “Yankee Candles” on your own computer and if you decided to buy some candles, you would work with that vendor… You are not doing anything through this site and we have no information of what you buy or your financial transactions. With every link, (except one,) we are implementing into the site, there will be no revenue  coming in to “Living Winsomely,” should you decide to purchase an item, except for  one and that is Amazon.Com.   If an item is purchased through their link, they offer to pay the website a very small percentage and that would be the only revenue we would receive. (Again, if you create an account with Amazon.com) or already have one,) your transactions from the link I have provided, are private and have nothing to do with this site…We  do not have any knowledge of  your financial transactions, or account with them.  I am being upfront and disclosing this as I want you to know my heart and that this site is not about income to me…It is to be of service , and of course, if we did receive any income , that would be a blessing, but again, it is not the purpose of this site nor do I want, (in any way) for you, my readers, to feel pressure to buy or even check the links out,unless it is what you would like to do. I want them to be a “RESOURCE” for you, not a distraction from your reading enjoyment.

I hope that you know my heart and that you will keep coming back to the site and ENJOY!

Also, in case you did not know this already, when going to Google Images to find photos, if you do a left click on the picture, you will automatically be at the website that the picture represents. There are some great sites out there. 🙂

If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to drop me a line using  the “Contact link” at the top of my sites homepage, “What Living Winsomely is all about.” The Contact page is now working and I will write you back. 🙂

Thank you, and have  blessed day, Susan

***update on  Links. Due to the extra work and time, we decided not to incorporate any more links within the site. (Just encase you  realized that you have not see them for quite some time.)  Thank you for support and I hope you will keep enjoying the site.