Romantic Bedroom…where refinement comes to call!


“You know your in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

“My whole heart for my whole life.” ~ A French saying used on Poesy rings .

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” ~Edgar Allan Poe

AH! Romance and love!


The word Romantic is marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, remote, mysterious or idealized. Lets face it, romance is glamorous, marvelous, picture book and enchanting…So why not create a bedroom that evokes all that romance is defined by. Allow Z-55your heart and soul to be captivated with it’s emboldened and impetuous beauty. Of all the styles one can choose for their bedroom, my very favorite is the Romantic Bedroom. It’s very charisma and magnetism draws me  into another world.  A world of alluring color, fairy tales, comfort and pure undisturbed contentment.  Its my place to dream with my eyes wide open. The romantic room is luxurious and ensures ‘a cozy winters night’ under a snug, ethereal down comforter, accompanied by pleasant and gracious dreams.


The bed and linens you choose for your room will be your ‘center of attention.’   I love to celebrate the style and charm of each room I create. In my bizarro bedroom, I resound the elegance and augustness of the Victorian Era, in which women lived very lavishly.

Whether your bed is a King Louie style,king shiny brass, a sleigh bed, rice bed or a bed accompanied by a towering painted headboard, stenciled with epic and glorious roses, the final touches you add to enhance your ‘doss,’ to beget your atmosphere of “Romance,” is entirely up to you.The romantic look is all about taking exemplary and quintessential pieces in your home, (bedroom) and reinterpreting them in your own new and pristine way.

White bedding is a ‘given’ for the look of romance.   It’s gentleness and simplicity is therapeutic and romantic, even more so when layers and textures are added. You can add layers of laced or embroidered pillows, a fluffy and feathery comforter, a tailored, pleated dust ruffle and a shimmering pearl white throw draped across the end of your bed. My motto? You can never have to many layers or pillows. 🙂 I adore the story my mom always told about how when she was a little girl, she and her cousins, (on a sleep-over night,) could hardly wait to go to bed…king1they would dive into a river of feathers upon a momentous antique bed with it’s down comforter assuring warmth and giggles for the night.  Literally, (they’d sink) within it’s comfort and gladness. (I bet that was a sight to see.)  As they snuggled up, they loved to tell story after story…mostly  tales of the south, (especially a ghost myth or two,) and fall asleep in pure reverie.


Mixing dark, rich colors is another way to create a romantic look.  Especially burgundy-reds, hunter or sage greens, golds and purple. In our bedroom for our window treatment, I have tapestry curtains, its fabric abounding with an assortment of greens, burgundy, hues of rose and gold . Along with it, I have used a textured, gold taffeta textile. (Very romantic.)  I have always favored tapestry as it  is so colorful and opulent. This fabric was legendary and prominent in the Victorian era.You can add this brilliant, kaleidoscopic designed material  through pillows, foot stools, drapes, swags, table runners, bed spreads and wall hangings. (Even teddy bears.)  (I actually have the cutest tapestry bear that often finds his home on our bed, amidst all the pillows.

.Z-103  Z-50


Some other ideas to bring your romantic bedroom alive are faux painted walls in warm tones, elaborate crown molding, cherub angels, Victorian picture frames,  an antique vase filled with dried or fresh roses, candles, alluring wreaths, winsome tea sets, decorative hat boxes, a display table with vintage lamps, cameos and pearls and antique hutches where you can show off your bath soaps, body sprays and monogrammed towels. Heavy, elegant toiled curtains enhanced by wispy, soft white lace sheers, ethereal, whimsical white canopies atop your bed or perhaps displaying  a romantic nightgown and bath robe hanging upon the door of your armoire.

.      Z-2J-68

Victoria roomtea time



Lastly, I wanted to share a few sensational romance novella’s as well as some beautiful, soothing music. (What I call ‘romantic music.’) Whether you are enjoying your romantic bedroom, country cottage atmosphere, Shabby Chic or Nautical themed bedroom, music is a wonderful addition to your secret hideaway.  My husband loves our bedroom but I always tell him that if something were to ever happen to me, I know he would make HIS BEDROOM a Ralph Lauren, manly kind of room. 🙂

Music to listen to.

Andrea Bocelli “Sacred Arias” with Myung-Whum Chung.

James Galloway, “The Enchanted Forest.”

IL DIVO, LIVE at the Greek Theater

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, “Deeper Still.”

“Classics by Request,” Victoria’s Secret. (Series of five with the London Symphony Orchestra.)

When I asked my husband his ideas about music for a romantic room, he sang the song,  “I am to sexy for my shirt…to sexy for my.”…(just kidding!) (OK, he really did.) 🙂 He explained to me that men think differently about romantic bedrooms than a woman would.  He was so sweet to say he would pick music that he felt I would like…(He enjoys it as well, but knows how much I enjoy listening to it.)  His picks are Barry White’s greatest hits, IL DIVO LIVE, Robin Thicke and Usher, (some of their music,)  🙂  and any CD’s by Kimberly and  Alberto Rivera.


The novels I recommend for relaxing as your all nestled upon your ‘dreamy bed,’ are ,

Nicholas Sparks, The Guardian

Danielle Steels, The Ghost

Jane Austins, Pride and Prejudice

Sherryl Woods, “About that man.”

Any novels by Dorothea Benton Frank, writing about relationships, family and love…Usually taking place at the beach or the low country of the south.

Enjoy your ‘Secret Hide-away” as you create the room that is within your heart!


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Charming Blue and White bedrooms

There is nothing quite so fresh, crisp and alluring as a bed room dressed in blue and white. You can always mix and match your shades of blue, (periwinkle, ocean blue, sapphire, navy and light shades of ethereal pastel blues.) The same rule applies for all of your  ‘shades of whites,’ using accents in butter cream, egg shell, bright white linen,   as well as shimmering pearl.


I love this blue and white bedroom with the “woodsy” ambiance …It reminds me of being up at Big Bear Mountain in a cabin by the  serene and beautiful lake.


There is nothing as alluring as a myriad of shades of white amongst a rich, regal navy blue. The monogrammed pillows add class and style…I love this bedroom. 🙂


Using blue and white decor is another way to repeat your color scheme and show off your  creative personality, such as enchanting book collections, blue and white china, delicate lampshades and hand painted furniture. (Even a white chair accented with blue stenciled flowers would be striking.)



I love these quotes and sayings about the color Blue ;

‘Blue is seen as ‘trustworthy, dependable and committed.’

‘Blueness doth express trueness.” ~ Ben Johnson

“A morning glory at my window side satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” Walt Whitman

 Wow,  I never thought about nature helping me out with the decorating of my home this way! What a great idea! We have a large Mimosa tree outside our bedroom window and even though our bed room is not a magnificent and bright pink, it sure is a beautiful sight to wake up to, in the months when it is in full bloom!

Introducing WHITE to your soothing BLUES is a “match made in heaven.” 🙂 White is ‘color at it’s purest form.’ It signifies, ‘purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.’   No wonder combining these two colors brings forth such order, serenity, accord and charm. I think blue and white is a lovely choice for any season, as it is as warm as it is refreshing. I love to use a potpourri of shades of blue in my dining room. Setting a table with blue and white china, accessorized with different textures and shades of these two popular colors is such a bright, cheery change, for any season.

white bedroom

This blue and white bedroom is very unique as it takes a turn form the “norm” with it’s pale, greyish-blue hues along with it’s animated  yet docile decor style. very refreshing!


Here are some more creative  decorative ideas to festoon your home with, using the beautiful hues of blue and white.

I adore this blue and white  basin and water pitcher. It takes you back to an entirely different era!  🙂


Another beautiful water pitcher, ( I love the cobalt blue,) amongst some gorgeous and lively handmade throws. Adding these delightful accessories to a bedroom filled with bright whites, would be breathtaking!


Decorative pillows as well as floral wreathsare another creative idea of enhancing your blue and white room.


A stellar white armoire, bedecked with blue and white china, or a novel blue hutch, filled with white china, highlighted in blue, would be stunning. There is nothing more soothing or eye-catching, than a formal, elegant blue and white tea pot! Gorgeous!


I love this cozy, quiet corner, all festooned in blue and white! It beckons your soul to come and rest…get refreshed and renew your mind. 🙂


For your bedroom amoire, bedside table, or august , country-cottage bedroom hutch, blue and white china, or tea cups and saucers are  always a welcomed addition to bring serenity, a cheerful heart and  BEAUTY!



Happy Creating!

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Create an “air of felicity” within your special get-a way room, your serene oasis and place of pampering.


THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“All Quotes are from Wall”

“Goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

“Good Morning beautiful!”

“Always Kiss me Goodnight.”

“Never go to bed angry…stay up and fight.” 🙂

“Sleep is an art.”


“A well spent day brings happy sleep.”


The ‘bedroom,’ (it’s first known use being 1616,) is a place of intimacy, retreat and of course a place of slumber. It is the perfect place for your favorite colors…Let the color or colors  that your heart is the most passionate about, fill your room to overflowing. I like to think of creating a room as likened to a blank, fresh piece of paper… You are the writer, the artist, the designer and are able to create the room that is embedded within your heart into REALITY.Z-4002


Snuggle  up in a garden of dreams…enjoy bright floral linens, eloquent silk sheets or a high thread count of cotton, maybe even in stripes. Quilts, (especially homemade or a gift someone has created for you personally,) add a lot of warmth and are a cozy addition to your secret hideaway. Display all the things that you love and enjoy, a magazine  collection, dried floral arrangements, topiary trees, framed photos of friends and family, a Chintz china tea set, ornate mirrors or homemade scrap books and journals.tea time

As you begin creating your bedroom, your place of refreshment, your hermitage and oasis, don’t forget to let your room be enveloped with exquisite aromas… I love lighting my favorite scented candles in our bedroom, (soft fragrances as my husband has a sensitive noscandle lighte.) Besides the soft glow of our large scented candle , I place a myriad of tea lights, (unscented,) on my bedside table and atop our hutch and antique table. It is very soothing as well as romantic as we watch a movie, read a book , (we both have kindles with lights,) or just sit and talk atop our bed with our piping hot  coffee or cozy and delicious, hot apple cinnamon tea.

I love using our room as a private ‘mooring’ from the stresses of my day.  The fragrance as well as all the flickering candle light accompanied by our down comforter brings about a calmness, quiet thoughts and tranquility.Victoria-Intimate-Home-9780688097394

I always think of our bedroom as a ‘niche’, a secret place to disengage from my daily chores or ‘To Do’ list.  Everyone loves  inviting nooks, (especially little kids.) These spaces make us feel safe and secure, all created by our imaginations and its our wondrous place a part from the world. (I remember as a small child building forts in our room, using sheets to make tents and gathering all the flashlights we could find so we could eat, read or tell scary ghost stories with the light shining on our animated faces.) 🙂  We also loved launching and putting together our tree house, nestled within our Brobdingnagian tree in the back yard. It was my brothers and my hideaway and I always felt as if we were on an extraordinary adventure where our thoughts were happy and we didn’t think about school , our troubles, or anything that we didn’t find peaceful.romantic bedrooms

I love the quote by Hanna Rion. “The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”  In my garden, I can get lost…I dream, think deep thoughts, create and design my “little theater in the round.” I liken my time in the garden to my time in our bedroom…always a ‘dallying and leisurely affair.’ I find I always accomplish so much more in my life when I take the time to allow my soul to become calm, quieted and tranquil. Z-12

Oh the feeling of ‘total peace.’ Shutting my bedroom door, entering into my blissful sanctuary amidst all the lovely things I adore. In every corner, my favorite colors greet me as well as very special  memories, beckoning me to come and ponder for awhile. It is here, I am able to close out the world, read, dream and refresh my soul, allowing my spirit and body to be ready for the next happening in the ‘real world.’  What would we do without our bedrooms?


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The lighting you choose creates your ambience.


In your haven, the lighting you choose, will not only create a unique mood but it will enhance each room with beauty and charm. The wonderful thing about the way you decide to light your home and the methods you chose to bring about an ambiance of charisma, enchantment and warmth, is that you can use a myriad of diverse ideas to change them when your desire arises. For instance, you may want to create a more  intimate lighting for a romantic dinner, soft lighting for a girls night out or an enchanting illumination, (candles and twinkling white lights) for a suspenseful, Murder mystery party with guests arriving in costume.

Let The Sunshine in.” Natural sun light is one of the most becoming ways of showing off the beauty of your room. By using lace curtains pulled back with a decorative tapestry tie,  a ribbon of vintage lace or a swag of dried flowers, you will bring in a gentle and dreamy light. In hanging sheer white curtains or choosing to use a ‘curtain free’ look, the appeal and loveliness of your home will come forth even brighter. Using a variation of whites, creams, egg shell and soft greys along with sheers, creates a large room, exudes  the aura of a clean fresh look as well as creating a very festive mood.


Choosing miniature, twinkling white lights amongst topiary trees, entwined in garlands upon your stairwell and mantle or interlaced in decorative trees within your home is a wonderful way to create the mood of ‘romance,’ as well as blissful charm.


 My village collection when all lit up with glistening white lights is not only magical but is captivating and fairytale like.  We have chosen this way of lighting within our home and we love it. (Except within my husbands manly office, in which he does not allow me to decorate, even one  little bit.) 🙂 (Okay, maybe a miniature, nautical tree with lights, as that is his ‘room theme,’ but besides that it’s hands off.) 🙂   Not only do we feel pampered, celebratory and peaceful, but we have created a coziness and richness within our home that is perfect for all types of wondrous gatherings, such as wide screen T.V. ‘movie nights,’ long talks over a robust and ‘bouncing’ cup of coffee with family visiting from afar and for our evenings when we are entertaining good friends and sharing an intimate dinner.

Overhead lighting is also a wonderful way to bring ‘just the right’ light into your room. Whether a chandelier, ceiling fan lights, or strip lighting in the kitchen with dimmer switches, you can chose the amount of light that you would like to shine upon ‘the center of attention.’  Whether it be soft lighting for romantic cooking for two in the kitchen, a birthday dinner celebration or a brighter light to read by, this type of lighting is versatile and  very becoming within your haven. chandilier


Ah the beauty of candles. In my personal opinion, candles are the most alluring, inviting and charming way to light and accent a home. There is nothing more entrancing than a roaring fire with its bright hues of golds and reds accompanied with the warmth it so graciously fills all of our rooms with. Whether you chose to use an abundance of candles or just a few, you are sure to bring alive a cozy and fetching berth. In our home, I keep candles burning all day and night, (well, except when we are off in slumber land.) 🙂 I love the tiny tea light candles in different colored glass votive’s as they flicker on my hutches, bedside table and fill the counter of my bathroom as I allow Calgon to ‘take me away.’   For our special dinners around our dining table, I love the tall, taper candles, whether in our candelabra, or ornate candle stick holders. I adore reds and hunter green tapers during Christmas and, shades of soft amber and rich browns for the autumn season. For the summer and spring season  we choose fresh linen white  and refreshing sage green. The nice thing about candle light in your home is that you get to choose the size, quantity and colors that you desire.

night time dining outside

Some people feel that ‘less is more’ while others feel that ‘more is more.’ My motto has always been , “To much of a good thing is fabulous!” 🙂

THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Light can be gentile, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft.” ~ Sven Nykvist

“Moonlight is sculpture.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Firelight will not let you read fine stories but its warm and you won’t see the dust on the floor.” ~ Irish Proverb

“There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows shall fall behind you.” ~ Maori Proverb

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” ~ Aaron Rose

“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.” ~ Charles Simic


Let your home be a showcase of IMAGINATION, (on the inside and out.)  Don’t be afraid to bring forth the dreams in your heart to reality. The more I began to create, the fear dissipated and I had so much fun creating ambiances my family and guests would love.


Enjoy trying out some new home looks with your lighting ideas!

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“Bon Appetit.”

chef 3

Part of the felicity and gladness in gift giving is KNOWING when you have chosen a special treasure for your loved one and then, getting to witness the blissfulness in their face and spirit as they unwrap the package.

My brother and his partner surprised me this Christmas, (knowing how much I love to cook and create,) with my handsome and charming, “Mr. Chef,” who just happens to be holding a large chalkboard to share in depth each evening’s cuisine. This in return is a gift to my family and each guest we entertain, that just keeps on giving daily.  Our new chef is a welcomed addition to our home as each menu starts the palate salivating and brings a smile to every tummy. (Except when I have Liver and onions on the menu .) (Which I never do!) Even our beloved Briard dog begins drooling if he sees the word ‘Salmon’ written down amongst all the other menu items he doesn’t understand.  (Just teasing…) But if he could read…:)

This is a perfect gift for any dining room or kitchen with all the joy it brings! After I got my new chef, I began adding to my chef decor, ( not this big of course,) 🙂 but I have small chefs for the kitchen counter, wall decor, accent towels and even made a chef tree with tiny white lights! It’s a creative and festive ‘muse’ for your kitchen or dining room theme.


My Chef dining room table….They are such cheerful little guys, aren’t they? 🙂 Best_Table_Picture

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