when a woman loves a man.


Has there ever been such a profound, boundless, passionate and enduring love in the movies like Babara Streisand and Robert Redford’s relationship in the film, “The Way we were?”  I remember seeing that movie at the theater when I was in High school and it really moved me…(exhausted me,) but it is certainly a classic. (Talk about a crush, yearning, adoration and fervor?) They had it all…:)

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“My lifetime listens to your yours.” ~ Muriel Ruckeyser

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~ Mother Teresa.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” ~ Mother Teresa

“All I am saying is kindness don’t have any boundaries,” ~  Kathryn Stockeret from “The help.”

“There is no surprise more magical  than the surprise of being loved, it is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.” ~ Charles Morgan


When I wrote the blog, ‘When a man loves a woman,’ sharing ideas with the men , some creative ways, they could demonstrate their love for you, (their special lady,)  with acts of kindness, I promised I would write a blog for all of you ladies out there as well…So here are some ideas for you ladies of how to show that “Man of yours” how much you love him.


Everyone shows there ‘love,’ just  in diverse ways…we all have our own love language. The longer I have been married to my husband,  I know all the things that will bring him assurance of how very much I love him. We all need those reminders everyday in this crazy, hectic world, and don’t forget that every act of kindness we do, can’t help but boomerang right back to us .

Here are some ideas of “acts of kindness” to show your man just how much you adore him.

Surprise him and mow the lawn one afternoon when he thinks he has to do it that upcoming weekend. He will sigh with relief and be so happy!

Take the trashes out…especially when it is snowing. 🙂

Prepare one of his favorite, delectable snacks for when he arrives home after work. If he works at home, take his appetizer into him in the 5’clock hour, giving him a short reprieve and delightful visit with you. My husband loves Brie cheese and crackers. Hickory farms has a winning array of snacks, great cheeses, sausages, crackers, etc…  B-7

Ask how his day was? If he is a bit tense, give him a shoulder and neck rub.

Surprise him! While he is gone, clean his study and light one of his favorite scented candles. (Yankee Candles now offers “man scent” candles. 🙂

Buy him a gift card to his favorite outlet shop, men’s clothing or electronics store. (If you give him the gift card, he’ll use it…if you surprise him with the cash, he will probably end up buying something for you.) 🙂

Bake his favorite dessert and place it on a fancy cake plate. (My husband adores homemade coconut carrot cake.)


Go to the gym with him every once in awhile. (Better yet, if you have the time, join the gym and go with him to work out as often as possible together.)

Tell him you love him in a ‘post it’ note where he will see it,  a card on his bed stand, a love note on your dining roombs506 chalkboard or leave a message on his phone at work.

Go shopping with him at his favorite stores, then treat him to a nice lunch out!

Really listen when he is sharing about a book he is interestedB-12 in reading. Ask him questions about it. Then, order the book for him, letting the gift of it’s arrival surprise him as he goes to the mailbox one day.


Give the dog a bath so he can put his feet up and take an hour or two, serene repose, listening to his favorite music on his ipod, or snoozing in his new hammock that you surprise him with. 🙂


Yes, he is the ‘grill-master,’ but take an evening and surprise him by grilling him his favorite steak or fresh tuna.

If you are a praying person, pray for him when he is frustrated, feeling down or overwhelmed.

Surprise him with a baronial and handsome coffee mug or thermal cup, along with some robust  delicious coffee beans…(Great for fresh coffee or a cappuccino.)

Write him a ‘hand written’ letter on some classy stationary and share with him how much you adore, love and appreciate him.


Make a scrapbook ‘just for him.’ Perhaps a book on your courtship, wedding and all the years following… (Photos of friends, family, babies, children and pets.) Keep the book on going with add-on pages. As you continue to grow older together, add photos of your grand kids and all the  wondrous, new memories you two will make long the way. To make the book extra special, create them with scrap booking accessories. (It makes the album more personal.) 🙂


Do not forget to tell him how exceedingly handsome he is and that he is STILL your first pick, love of your life and ‘Numero Uno.’


Impress him with some new sportswear…my husband loves getting new athletic socks, gym shorts and he can never have enough T-shirts. 🙂

Pick up an ambrosial pastry for him for his Sunday breakfast.B-20

Put on your gardening gloves and do the weeding in the yard and garden for him… (You know  he is going to do it if you don’t.) 🙂

Stop off on your way home and surprise him with his favorite new movie. Watch it with him and “be there,” really partaking in this special time with him. ENJOY!!!


Lastly, cuddle up and hold each other when you are heading off to ‘slumber -land.’ 🙂

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