The Enchanted Kitchen

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if that is not ENCHANTMENT, then where is it to be found?” ~ J.B. Priestley” snow1

The professionals define enchantment as something that is  alluring, charming, magical, captivating, fascinating and charismatic. The spoken word  ‘enchantment’ itself,  evokes an abundance of emotions that are pleasing to our minds and souls…It reminds me of my childhood where many of the  fairytale books I read, romantic  movies I saw, (Cinderella, Sleeping beauty,)  or inspiring plays our family went to ,  always had magical, joyful and colorful characters along with a captivating story line. There are so many things in our life that are enchanting…the music we listen to, (like J.B quoted above,) the first fall of fresh white snow, the  night sky filled with a myriad of twinkling stars, the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, the prancing fireflies, the sound of thunder and rain, watching a garden grow from it’s very beginning, (eminently elated over each days growth,) r a new recipe that you create that  turns  out to be a Five star meal. 🙂   Another Enchanting part of our lives can be our homes…Perhaps just one room that you bring alive with magical, captivating decor, or your entire haven. The atmosphere around us, undoubtedly  carries a lot of influence on how we feel, think as well as our moods. I think  putting together an enchanting room would  not only  be fun but would challenge us in our “creativity department.” 🙂  Remember that’s the fun part! 🙂

“I don’t think of decorating as a science or discipline. People always say, ‘start with the rug,’ but it is often the last thing I end up selecting. I BEGIN with whatever makes my heart sing.” ~ Katie Ridder


Yes, we are surrounded by a myriad of stirring, gallant and exquisite ‘ideas’ for beautiful home decor, but it is your innate tastes and “favorite things,” that will bring about your home’s warmth and unforgettable ambiance.  Ask yourself a few questions…What surroundings make you feel happy inside? Fulfilled? Winsome? What is your signature style? Favorite colors? What type of home decor is aesthetic and eye-catching to your soul? One of the decorating themes I love to use, actually comes from the ‘muse’ of my favorite childhood stories…Especially the tales of Peter Cottontail, Brer rabbit and Beatrix Potter’s, Peter rabbit. YOU’VE HEARD  of the “Enchanted Forest?”…the place where the trees have eyes and roam amongst the lush woodlands? The flowers sing delightful melodies and the fireflies sparkle, radiate and dance among the willow branches all year long… 🙂 In my ‘Maritime Home’ vignette, I illustrated how you could ‘steal away’ some of the natural beauty of the sea  and allow it to reside within your own home…In doing so, you bring forth a portion of the romance, mystique and legends of the ocean, right into your own berth with your bethnic, decorating style. The same is true of the enchantments of the timberland, the stories of our youth, the magic, wonder and  delight we experienced every night, as our moms, dads or grandparents read story after story to us and our soaring imaginations took us into each Folklore’s land, and into their lives until we fell asleep and dreamt we were really there. 🙂


For this Blog, I would like ‘to introduce some ideas,’  using one of my favorite combinations of decor, which is bunny rabbits and the beauty of nature, to create “The Enchanted Kitchen.” This blog will be filled with ideas from the magical tales and legends we grew up with. A kitchen filled with bunnies, flowers, a rainbow of colors and charming accents such as dollhouses, decorative plates, recherche’ wreaths, dried flowers, ‘rabbit lamps,” bird houses and nature’s beauty at it’s best!


Whether real life or animated, the rabbit and it’s baby bunnies are a gift to nature as well as our souls. It is known that the hinterland, (the great outdoors) and it’s bounty of rainbow colors, brings forth comfort, serenity, calmness and joy. It makes us happy…how can one not be fortuitous when driving through a French countryside where all  the diverse hues and shapes of bonny flowers cover the hills. It is a site to see…beauty, in its rare, natural form. (Like they say, “The Handiwork of God.” )


ME43Bunnies 6

In creating a kitchen with adorable rabbits in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, along with the magic of nature and childhood nostalgia, you will find that this combination will bring forth charm, allurement and JOY! It’s a reminder of spring and the playful months. It represents new life and new beginnings, even when wintry weather is right outside our front doors. You can dress your kitchen bunnies up for the autumn season with the brilliant, fall colored leaves and garlands. At Christmas time, using top hats and red roses are alluringly festive as well as lush green garlands festooned around their chubby necks with bright, cherry red berries. (The same is true of your accent pieces that surround your bunnies.)  I have been using bunnies to decorate with for many years and never have ‘grown out of love’ with their sheer, charming magic. 🙂 Truly, they gladden my soul!  Sometimes, I give them a rest, but whenever they are taken down out of the attic, dusted off and placed out amongst our home, I feel like our little haven is filled with color, magic and a fairy-tale like ambiance. In this blog, we are going to be decorating one room and that is your kitchen. Whether you enjoy decorating your kitchen in blue and white, a maritime theme, French Country, Vintage or Italian decor, most kitchens are agreeable with these little guys, but we will look at a few  kitchens, especially ready for their arrival. 🙂

Here are a few facts about  REAL LIFE rabbits and nature that you may not know…

A male rabbit, like a male deer is called a Buck…Can you guess what a female rabbit is? A Doe. The babies?…they are named after someone very special to me…a Kit. 🙂

Rabbits and bunny’s actually purr just like a cat. (So, if you ever have a pet rabbit and do not have a kitty,) when you hear that ‘purr’ sound in the middle of the night, don’t think you are hearing unworldly things, it’s your bunny.  🙂 Pet rabbits can live to be 10-12 years old. They are so cute and cuddly, they just have a Brobdingnagian amount of  continuous droppings, and can be hard to keep up with. 🙂 (Yes my sister and I once adopted two very large rabbits as house pets…Our carpet was never the same… 🙂 But, they can, if you have the time, be potty trained. 🙂   They have exceptional senses. If you ever see a bunny with it’s ears up and eyes open, KNOW that they are not in danger...that is what they do when they are happy and at peace. When they are not tranquil and serene and are being pursued by one of their predators,  sly foxes, dogs, hawks, raccoons and eagles, (even if one of their enemies doesn’t lay a hand on them,) they can die instantaneously. Yes, rabbits can be literally, scared to death! That’s daunting!

Connecting with nature, ( the bucolic countryside, baronial timberland or it’s galvanic critters,) not only brings your life  BEAUTY and WINSOMENESS but it can significantly boost your mood. Did you know that nature also lowers your blood pressure?  Flowers, especially in pastel colors, bring our souls serenity, calmness and well being. So, I figure that if you decorate with some of natures beauty and gifts as well as bunnies, you will  benefit in several ways…you will be fulfilled with a beautiful kitchen, feel more peaceful and joyful in your life as well as be nurtured by the special comforts and memories of your childhood. 🙂

Tell me you are not smiling after you see this next picture….:) bunny1

Here are our favorite childhood bunnies… All the fun-loving little critters we grew up with, either on the movie screen or in our bed time stories that were such a  comfort to our souls and helped us to enter into slumber-land sooner. 🙂 My grandmother must have told me  the renowned Uncle Remus tale of Brer Rabbit  over 100 times…Who can forget Peter Cottontail, Alice and Wonderland’s ‘White Rabbit,” The Velveteen Rabbit, (excellent lesson in that story,)  🙂 “Rabbit” in Winnie the Pooh, Thumper in the classic ‘Bambi,’ Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and the prestigious “Harvey” with James Stewart.



THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

I love these wonderful quotes about natures divine worth as well as the wisdom about  a few of our favorite creatures! 🙂

“Until one has loved an animal, apart of ones soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

” How strange that nature does not knock and yet does not intrude.” ~ Emily Dickinson

“Wait…I’m getting a signal.” ~ Bunny with ear up.bun3

“An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber

“If you chase two rabbits, you will loose them both.” ~ A Native American saying

“Oh Honey Bunny…” ~ Jessica Rabbit bun2

“It is a perversely human perception that animals in their native habitat are running wild.” ~Robert Brandt


This is one of my favorite quotes from The Velveteen Rabbit.vr

“I can enjoy society in a room, but out of doors, nature is company enough for me.” ~ William Hazlett

“The Poetry of the earth is never dead.” ~ John Keats

Are you ready to begin creating your Magical Kitchen?

I chose these kitchens for two of your backgrounds with your “Enchanted Kitchen” theme, as  they have ample space as well as some ‘nooks and crannies‘ to give your rabbits a snug home. These two kitchens have an abundance of different shades of white, (egg shell, off white, creamy whites and a pillowy beige – white,) in the marbleized counter tops, thus bringing about “the perfect color foundation” for the bunny decor below. Your elfin ‘mise-en-scene’ will only highlight and enhance the ambiance and patina of your kitchen. Both of these ‘cucino’s’ have excellent color palette’s.


This is one of my favorite rabbits…he is very colorful, confident and a bit on the formal side. Perhaps placing a kaleidoscopic wreath, an antiquated doll house, a bunny lamp as well as an accent towel would bring forth a bit of allurement and wonder to these kitchens. To introduce the beauty of nature, maybe some topiary trees, flowers  and other ‘critters’ of the forest!  I hope these ideas inspire you with your current kitchen, or for your future kitchen …(The ‘cucino’ of your dreams.)  🙂


This wreath, (also easy to make,) blends in perfectly with the colors of the rabbit, don’t you think?



This “bunny lamp” is not only authentic and fabulously blithesome, it will add a lovely romantic lighting to your kitchen. They have soft amber, low wattage  light bulbs now that create such a warm ambiance in any room. (I just got two, one for my living room and the other for the kitchen.)  I love their soothing touch.



This red plate would look riveting in the kitchen with the red accents…along with all the adorable and engaging  pewter squirrels. 


I like this wreath with it’s natural, woodsy and subtle appeal.  It brings froth a a novel and august beauty.


Adding greens in different shapes, textures and shades  will bring a wealth of  charm to your room. Don’t forget, green is  the color of LIFE… 🙂


These are so adorable. I place my stuffed bunnies in a chair, (almost like I would a designer pillow.) What an adorable pair… These two characters would look great in the kitchen with the red accents.


Here is another warm and hypnotic kitchen for your magical theme. This lovely and alluring kitchen is perfect for an ‘Enchanted Forest’ ambiance as it already embodies a multitude of  the soft and lulled colors of nature…It actually resembles a little cottage with it’s charming architecture, captivating whites and gorgeous wood flooring. I adore all the little shelves and spaces where your rabbit decor could be placed above the stove and  upon the center Island. This kitchen is stunning!kitchencottage

I  would choose the bright color of the  white wood, a soft yellow with hints of pastel rose as well as shades of green for this kitchen’s color palette. The choice and top-notch bunny for this Kitchen would be one that embodies this rooms brilliant and tasteful cottage look.  I also would add some cabbage style bowls and plates, (whether on plate stands upon a shelf or hanging on the wall with plate hangers,)  perhaps a few multicolored adventuresome bird houses, another rabbit themed lamp,accent towels and some hints of nature.



Adding cabbage designed plates or bowls in pastel colors is very charming as well as alluring… I especially prefer the rose and  green tones mixed together for this theme.


This kitchen decor is so clever, life like, BRIGHT, cheery and  very creative!




This quaint and adorable Boyd’s bunny is a ‘must have’ in any room , especially on the kitchen counter or nestled in a kitchen chair. She is so romantic and whimsical… She makes me smile!



This beautiful kitchen is a perfect ‘cucino’ for creating “magic.”  It’s lovely butter cream yellow, combined with the soft whites and hard wood flooring brings forth a nurturing and enveloping room. It’s light, airy, tasteful and embodies plenty of space to decorate.


The ‘choice’ bunny for this kitchen would be one that has a hint of yellow, ( enhancing the light, sunny walls,)  as it would set your color scheme in motion. Adding an animated picture, a romantic, petite dollhouse, some flower baskets, topiary bunnies, a  quaint lamp, and few small  rabbits upon the window sill, would most certainly  give this kitchen that “enchanted ambiance.”


This is also an actual ‘rabbit lamp.’ It has a subtle, soft light, glowing  from within and adds an eminently enchanting and cordial ambiance. He is adorable! (He would also make a great ‘night light.’)  🙂


This animated picture would be absolutely striking, framed in a light wooden frame with a white, pale green or light rose colored matting. It alone, embodies a ‘magical’ and playful ambiance.


Our years  spent in Arizona became my “introduction season” to ‘learn’ how to bring forth a winsome home, create beauty through crafts, stretch my wings at decorative painting and to be honest with you, it was one of the happiest times of my life.  This was my first kaleidoscopic flower basket I had ever made and I was “Oh so proud.” It would look great in the center island of this enchanted kitchen.  (Leave the over sized bunny for a ‘much larger’ room. 🙂 (Though she would look really cute sitting up in a bay window with motley , fluffy pillows.) 🙂


Topiary trees add the beautiful green of nature and these bunny’s are so darn cute!


Another type of flower basket to add would be one with ample buttercup yellow flowers mixed with another of natures bounties, ‘baby chicks.’ I love this basket, (the green moss is an ‘upbeat’ addition,) very animated and life like. Like the kitchen, its wispy, light and delicate.


Dreamy, beckoning and fairytale-like. ! I love it!


These bunnies would look splendid upon the window sill…giving you added charm at every turn.


This is a great idea for a center piece for the center island in this kitchen. The idea of the topiary bunnies within a flowering pot is a great foundation…You could add some tall flowers, a miniature birdhouse or little bunnies on a stick and use green moss instead of the shredded paper. The finished product would bring forth a brilliantly, sanguine addition for your animated ambiance.


This next “cuisine” as the French would say for  the word ‘kitchen,’ is distinctive, companionable, rich and warm in color and the lavished, polished woods are alluring to say the least.  I adore the overhead lighting, the eat in bar around the center island and it’s spaciousness is ingenious for your magical look.


The color palette I would choose for this kitchen would be gold or amiable yellows, mixed with a very subtle, pastel grey, light hue of rose and different shades of green. (And of course, use the highlights of black and white to tie in the appeal of this quaint kitchen.) The bunny, (or bunnies ) would need to be colorful yet resplendent and heartwarming as well.


There is nothing like a fetching birds nest amongst an array of majestic flowers to bring the glorious theme of ‘nature’ into your room.bl27Bl41Bl38

A few of these rabbit  throw pillows would be wonderful for the black, artful bar stools in this ‘cuisine.’


I adore this bunny lamp…It is not only classy but the colors are so vibrant and charming!


A great dish for assorted potpourri’s or candies…even filling this bowl with small sea shells would be a soothing and refreshing added touch.


Here are some great artful concepts for table settings…I love all the creative napkin ideas. These are great colors for this kitchen.


How about a kitchen with warm layers of shades of green already incorporated in the kitchens foundation. If you currently have a green and white kitchen, you are already ‘half way there’ in your preparation for a magical enchanting ambiance.  This particular kitchen is a French country ‘cuisine,’ (as they call it,)  but its’ decor of roosters, ( the French’s national symbol,) can easily be exchanged with your relished displays of natures colorful bounty as well as your kitchens new guest of honor, the “whimsical  bunny.”) 🙂  I will be illustrating  some “Bunny” Back-splashes for your stove tops later on in this blog…a new way to add the ‘decor of your choice,’ to your kitchen.


Lets begin our decor with the eye-catching , “center of attention.” Your rabbit! For this ‘cucino,’ I think going with a color palette of diverse greens, antique reds and a splash of blue amongst the whites would be a great choice. This guy is way to cute! 🙂


These would be great accents, adding more hues of green and soft creamy whites. (Both very whimsical and dreamy.)


Another bright, clever and felicitous decorative item.


Charming and warm… Very easy to create and yet it looks like it took hours! 🙂


In this case, less is more. 🙂 He’s so adorable! (Okay, maybe add a bright yellow bow around his chubby neck…)


Whether you choose fresh or dried flowers, both are notably enhancing to any room in your home as they add texture and color and are a beautiful, whimsical  decorative item.


A throw pillow,  cozily nestled in a chair, always adds texture, layers and warmth…These pillows are  especially amiable and welcoming…I enjoy all the lovely, vibrant  colors and their faces are so life like, playful and cute. (The kind of ‘cute’ where you want to ‘pinch their cheeks.’ ) 🙂


Don’t underestimate some wondrous and delectable baked good around your kitchen to bring your theme even further home… These are so cute and I bet they  taste out of this world!


You can never go wrong with a Beatrix Potter plate. What an talented artist. 🙂


This next kitchen is so warm, rustically inviting and filled with hospitality. It creates a very welcoming home for  your ‘whimsical and enchanted bunny.’


The main color scheme of this room is definitely the charming mixture of vintage and French Country woods with some accent colors of green, reds and butter cream yellows. This center piece is breathtaking, winning and top-notch, I absolutely want one! FR46

A few more ideas to add color and warmth to your ‘place of creation,’ your kitchen,


These additional flower pots are bright, chic and motley… “Colors are the smile of nature.” ~ Leigh Hunt…


This would be a great throw pillow for the kitchen chairs… It’s creative, artful and original.



This delightful kitchen is bright, cheery and overflowing with warmth.  The color scheme I would go with would be  a myriad of shades of blue, green and white, with accent colors in tones of buttery yellows and romantic- vibrant reds, with a touch of ‘pewter’ to add some classiness.  The blue tile in this kitchen is refreshing and alluring, warmed by the soft, golden wood cabinetry.  Beautifully winning!


Let’s choose the right Rabbit! I am thinking a shiny and animated bunny upon a red ‘hatbox.’ What do you think?


Decorating with  pewter rabbits is another refined and baronial addition to your “Enchanted Kitchen.”


This elfin, enchanting miniature house would look captivating on the counter top, enhancing your fairytale ambiance.


This adorable glass tableaux would be a beautifully added touch to this kitchen’s center island with it’s hushed, pastel colors of nature and animated characters.


Filling up the recherche’ and quaint blithesome cabinets with a soft and artful collection of rabbit  plates is a wonderful addition for your kitchen.


This plate would look great on a plate stand on the counter top…theses plates are all so beckoning, yet so diverse. . . Both would look gregarious and sublime in  this statuesque kitchen.


An enlivening , colorful and ‘eye-catching’ wreath would add ample warmth and texture to this charming kitchen.


What an original, docile and creative decor piece. Very lovely and creative. 🙂



Some accent towels with an abundance of reds would be a delightful addition.



I love the rustic, soft feel of this charming kitchen. There is not a lot of space, but the chopping block has an area below that is perfect for an enchanted display or perhaps a few bunnies on the counter tops. This room already looks magical and cozy…I would stick with the color palette of diverse  shades of blue grey, light brown and add a little bit of mirthful yellow and daring red for the accent colors.


This little guy still has his price tag on him. 🙂 If I were shopping, I’d take them both! They are so cozy, warm and snug…ideal for this kitchen.


The soft pewter plate and tan linen accent towel  are novel and yet admirably  hospitable.


These little casual guys would look marvelous atop the shelf…they are euphorically playful as well as diaphanous.



Your enchanted look would not be the same without some of natures  exuberant beauty…whether delicate birds nests or the vibrant greens in this charming rabbit and sylvan  floral basket …be sure to include them in your over all decor.



This kitchen is absolutely one of my favorites. It looks like a Kitchen in a popular TV sitcom show  like “Happy Days” or  a  heartwarming, Doris Day movie, where all you feel is a cordial invitation to stay, chat, have some coffee, a glass of wine and you have this instinctive feeling that any minute now, you are going to hear;  “Oh, you just have to stay for dinner.” This kitchen embodies an abundance of ‘built in’ charm… It’s just crying out for all  those rabbits to come and set up their residency there ! 🙂


In pondering over what  the color theme for this kitchen should be, I came up with a cheerful yellow,  a potpourri of brown tones, lively greens and an accent of  serene blues.   There is  plenty of space for your decor amongst the center – Island, a plate rack, a quaint shelf and an abundance of counter top space. These colors will add warmth and yet not be overwhelming.These brown tone bunnies would be ideal…I especially like the two bunnies with the umbrella…they would look very ‘dapper’ atop the center- Island with some fragrant as well as  vibrant yellow roses.


This mirror is perfect for the shelf over the stove. Mirrors not only create a sense of space, but they gorgeously reflect colors and light, bringing forth depth and richness into your room. I like what the decorator has done with the bunnies, soft ribbons and outdoorsy ambiance with this mirror’s display!


I adore having throw pillows in my rooms… Not only do they add charm, personality and color but  they beautifully reinforce your rooms theme as well.


These decorative bunny plates would look blissfully  regal in the mirthful and stunning white glass cabinets.


This is a magical, enthralling centerpiece for your enchanted theme. It would look entrancing as well as  sublime upon the polished and august center – island.


Magical! This would be a beautiful piece of artwork to frame for this kitchens wall…I would choose a white frame with a pale, blue or light tan matting. Don’t you just adore his face? (Now, if he were our pet, (like Grantham,) he would just have to look at me one time with those huge  brown eyes, (like Grantham’s,) and I would give him as many carrots as he wanted. 🙂


For those of you who love the more natural look, these bunnies are a delightful pare.


A gleeful, stuffed bunny looks so welcoming in a chair or atop a shelf. She would be perfect for this Marion Cunningham kitchen. 🙂Bun



I adore this galvanic, winsome and top-notch kitchen. It’s style is catching and  fabulously inviting. There is not as much space in this ‘cucino’ as in some of the others, however, the eat in table is a perfect place to  display a brilliant center piece to enhance your rooms enchanting ambiance.


Adding felicitous accent towels, a homemade bunny wreath with an abundance of green and white, along with the noble and quaint pair of magical rabbits would undoubtedly brighten this kitchen for your Picture-book patina.


This animated and stellar tableaux would  make for a choice and riveting center piece.



More colorful and alluring throw pillows.! You know my motto… More is more…You can never have too many  pillows…:)


These plates are so motley and chromatic…They would be a lovely addition to this kitchen…either  hanging on the wall or sitting upon plate stands.


These  adorable bunnies are so diverse in their colorings…I have never seen anything like them. I would place these on both sides of my kitchen sink!  🙂 (They even match the rabbit plates above beautifully!) Bl10


Lastly, for a fresh, crisp and pristine backdrop, an entirely white kitchen is galvanizing. It can be likened to a blank canvas…you get to choose the exact colors you want to bring forth for your rooms decor and style. This ‘cucino,’ festooned in our ‘enchanted theme’  will look absolutely marvelous, welcoming and winning. What would your color palette be?


You have plenty of ‘nooks and crannies,’ to display your elfin charm, a partial wall and amiable counter tops. Lets see what colors  would liven this quaint and ornate room up…

I have in mind a more ‘formal and regal look’…Adding soft shades of green along with the poppy red towels, would bring warmth as well as spirit  to this all white kitchen. I really like this inspiring, magical  bunny wreath. 🙂


These two rabbits with the table display of birds and flowers is eminently luxurious. I think it is an ideal centerpiece for the center – island table.


This multicolored, gorgeous bunny would be a graceful and charming centerpiece as well . It could also be placed on the counter top or in one of the nooks and crannies in the Center Island table. She looks regal, refined and royal!


Another exquisite tableaux for this explosively beautiful kitchen. I adore these tall white candle holders with the creamy yellow pillar candles on top.  It is so hard to decide… I love all three of them!


This little guy is a ‘must,’ with his top hat and cane. He is so full of personality and character.


It I was an animated , tiny, petite character, I’d take this house any day! 🙂


This piece of artwork would look divine, framed in a wooden frame with a pale, pastel rose color for the matting! How beautiful and opalescent.


This bunny is regal and courtly…proper and welcoming…He would make  a great  kitchen door stopper! 🙂 Did you ever think there would be so many bunny rabbits to choose from? I am sure you could find some of the Folklore bunnies, ( Peter Cotton Tail, Brer Rabbit, The velveteen rabbit etc…)  in either ceramic decor, glass or even stuffed rabbits…I prefer the diversity of all different types of bunny rabbits. Remember, as you are creating this “Enchanted Kitchen,” you get to choose whatever colors, bunnies, flowers, trees, whimsical houses and forest critters that you want!  




For those of you who have a stove top area that one of these Back-splash tile murals could be installed to enhance the beauty and theme of your room, here are some ideas for the “Enchanted Bunny kitchen.”



The repeated bunnies in the light sage green are resplendent. I adore the brown and light green one as well. Both of these Back- splash tiles are earthy, rustic and bring the outdoors glorious wonder into your kitchen.


This Back – splash tile looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland. It within itself is magical and enchanting!



If your little ones want to get in on all the excitement in creating this “Enchanted kitchen,” with you,  here are a few craft ideas for them… (All you need is paper plates, cotton balls, glue, pipe cleaners, yarn and construction paper. (A Michaels or Holly Lobby close by would be great too.) 🙂





Before I leave you with my  “Coconut carrot cake recipe,”  to bring this blog to a ” bunny-luscious finale,”)  🙂 I have to share with you something I found out as I researched for this particular writing on the “Enchanted Kitchen,” (with bunnies as the “star of the  show.”) 🙂

You have to meet Darius. (True Story.) I did a double-take when I first saw him, thinking it was a stuffed rabbit, but oh no…he is real. Darius is three years old and is the worlds largest bunny…he resides in the UK , is three years old, 4 feet, 3” long, weighs in at 50 pounds and is insured for 1.6 million dollars. He does not live in the wild…(He would never survive….) He has a beautiful home with an owner who dotes upon him and loves him very much. (I can certainly understand why.) 🙂

Darius, meet my readers, and readers, meet Darius! 🙂


Darius enjoying his afternoon snack. 🙂


The Continental Giant  and his friend over for a play date. 🙂 (Don’t roll over on her Darius… You are bigger than you think.) 🙂


Can you even believe this? Perhaps some of you already knew about this Gentle Giant….Boy would Graham love one of these as his play mate… 🙂 (Well, maybe?)

OK, I would not be honest if I did not say that as I researched  Darius, there was “breaking news” on another blog…” They now, have a new “winner.” With a diet costing his owner $90.00 a week. Another Bunnie from the UK, weighing in at 55 pounds and  one year older than Darius is Ralph. All I can say is “Wonders never cease to amaze me.” Here is Ralph and believe me, not even one of these rabbits stuffed would fit in any of these kitchens we have looked at together! 🙂

darius 2


If either one of these bunnies were  put on a diet of this carrot cake recipe  I am giving  you,  they would both be the ‘heavyweight championship bunnies of the universe.’ 🙂  It’s a very rich, moist, dense, delicious and ( mostly) a healthy cake. 🙂 Enjoy!!!



The Best Carrot Cake in the World! It’s bunny-luscious 🙂

You will need; 2 cups  all purpose (unsifted) flour, 2 ½ tsp. Baking soda, 2 tsp. Cinnamon ,  1 tsp. Salt, 1 cup oil, 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 1 can (8 oz) crushed pineapple in juice, 2 cups grated carrots, 1  cup shredded coconut,  and ½ cup chopped pecans.

Combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt in bowl, set aside.

In another bowl beat oil and eggs and sugar until well blended.  Add flour mixture, beat until smooth. Blend in remaining ingredients and pour into greased 10 inch tube pan or 13×9 inch pan. Bake at 350 for 50-55 minutes or until tester comes out clean. Allow to cool in pan then remove and frost.

Frosting, (This is the good part.) 🙂 You will need:

1 (3 oz) package cream cheese, 3 cups of powdered sugar, 1 cup shredded coconut,¼ cup butter + another ¼ cup of butter, 1 tsp vanilla and milk or half and half.

Saute coconut in butter until golden brown. Spread out on an absorbent paper, towel, allow to cool. Cream ¼ cup butter with cream cheese. Add 3 cups of powdered sugar alternatively with the milk  and vanilla, beating until smooth. Add half of your browned coconut and stir into frosting. After your cake is frosted, top with the remaining browned coconut! (I use  Coffee Mates liquid vanilla creamer and half and half cream instead of milk.I also use a tad bit more butter, creme cheese and coconut as well…(than is called for in the recipe.) 🙂

I just had to show you my “Mrs. Rabbit” from  the above writing,  sitting in her natural habitat when we lived in Arizona. She looked much more at home in our Living room, don;t you think?)  🙂




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A Chefs dream!

What exactly is a chef? The Specialist tell us that he, (or she) is a person who cooks professionally for other people…They are highly skilled and proficient in all aspects of food. Hmm! That almost sounds like most mom’s I know, and some dad’s! 🙂 (Except they don’t get paid! 🙂  The name “Chef” originated in France, though the concept has been around for centuries… Seriously, a Chef’s job is a lot of work…they have to learn all the tricks and trades of marketing, attend Culinary schooling, perhaps specialty classes for a certain metier they are looking to ace and spend many hours doing internships…  Now a days, there are all types of chefs… THEY just don’t look like the ones in our imagination. 🙂


There are several categories of CHEF’S.

Chefs who have gone down in history as being noteworthy, successful and renowned.

Child_Julia_MGP_001 cater35cater31

Chefs who are famous in the 21st century, who are currently teaching us through television, how to cook everything from healthy, hearty cuisine, to outrageously fancy drinks. Some of these notarized chefs illustrate delicious , everyday, home cooking, BBQ and grilling dishes, decadent seafood dishes as well as fabulous Italian cuisine and divine pastas. (Can’t forget the sweet, decadent confections!) 🙂


How about the successful businesses that began in the home, or still exist in the home but have become so renowned, they are now famous? Each person began as a “Chef,” however humble their predicaments were…They just needed faith, trust, motivation, strength, the smarts and a BIG KITCHEN. 🙂

Lets take a look at some of those people.

Mrs. Fields cookies. “The Cookie Chef.”  This is a beautiful woman who began with baking superb chocolate chip cookies in her own kitchen, and then, joyfully took them out to homes, stores, neighborhoods, (still warm from the oven,) and bestowed upon thousands of people, free samples... Now, look at her success…I wonder how big her kitchen was then, and can only imagine HOW BIG it is today. 🙂


How about the men or women who love to bake at home? Their specialty could be cookies, cupcakes or quiches? Gigi’s Cupcakes offers on line ordering and actually has a menu for a different cupcake everyday. Just think, if you love to bake, you could be the Cupcake-Baking Chef of your own kitchen. 🙂


Another type of bakery chef is a Cake Chef. Do you have a specialty cake that you make that others have begged and pleaded with you, to give them the recipe? If you had a kitchen large enough, and some help, you could begin baking cakes in your own home.   That is what the women on Smith Island,Maryland did. They live on a tiny, remote and serene village Islet.  With most of  their husbands being  fishermen, they   are away, out at sea for about 3 months at a time, so the women of the village got together and began making cakes from scratch…Now they are famous. (Smith Island Baking Co.) What a great “happy ending story.” 🙂


There are Sub Sandwich Chefs, who make a myriad of fresh sandwiches, (hot as well as cold,) from their own kitchens and deliver them to construction sites or professional offices buildings.


How about the renowned restaurant or cruise ship Chefs? These chefs fit the experts definition of what a chef is, as they are paid very well for their expertise and profession, blessing many people who would love to have a great meal cooked for them in the midst of a soothing, pampering and beautiful ambiance. 🙂  

cruiseship chef 2cruiseChef2

The new and upcoming, highly successful Chefs are those who cater to neighborhoods with home cooked cuisine on a Food Truck.(That would make them Truck chefs or how about  Chefs on the run?) 🙂


Then there are our personal Chefs that we dream we had... some of you single people out there, probably already have yours picked out… (Everyone would probably like to have a, Giada or Bobby Flay.)  🙂 You know the one who will cook dinner for you after a long hard day at the office, bring you breakfast in bed, cook up a delicious Sunday Brunch or put on a five course, five star meal for you and all your friends? (Mine came when I said “I do.” ) 🙂 (He is a fantastic “Grill Master.” 🙂



Lastly, there are the catering Chefs. These men or women do all their creations at home, and yes, they are in dire need of a colossal kitchen. Rehoboth beach has a wonderful catering company only 30 minutes from our home. (“Creative Food without the Tude,” at Nage Catering.) They serve at weddings, parties, brunches, BBQ’s, corporate events and special lunches.


Here are what a few famous chefs have to say about food, life and more food…They should know as they are the expertise on creating, tasting  and eating! 🙂

“Bon Appetit.” ~ Julia Child

“Cooking is the art of adjustment.” ~ Jacques Pepin

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” ~ Julia Child

“Food is life, life is food. If you don’t like my approach, you are welcome to go down to McDonalds. “~ Keith Floyd

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandonment or not at all.” ~ Harriet Van Horne

“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.” ~ Norman Koplas              (I really like this quote.) 🙂

“Home cooking is a catalyst that brings people together.” ~ Marian Cunningham.

And we can’t forget Forrest Gump….”Life is like a box of Chocolates.”  🙂

So, we have looked into all the diverse types of chefs, but the one chef we left out is the Chef in you! For many of us, cooking, creating, eating new and exciting recipes, entertaining and serving others is our passion…we just lack the big kitchen to reach out to a larger group of people… So in a way, these kitchens you are about to see, (A chefs dream, are our dream kitchens.  I hope they give you some great ideas of how you can turn your current kitchen that you have now, or the one you will build at a future time,  into a kitchen that is perfect for you and enables you to cook, bake, create and enjoy the “Inner chef” that is waiting to take off and fly. 🙂 (That kind of sounds like a talk show theme! ) 🙂


Wow! This kitchen looks like it has two Center Island, marble top tables…can you even imagine the space to create the largest, freshest and most ‘gourmet,’ exotic, Asian Chicken salad you have ever seen? (Filled with ample fresh vegetables.)   The color combination used in this ‘cucino’ is wispy and diaphanous with it’s soft whites and browns, light colored walls and abundance of windows. It is certainly any cooks dream come true.


This kitchen is quite stylish and though on the darker side, fabulously cozy and warm. I love the high ceilings, the decorators display of cast iron pots hanging upon the wall, dried flower arrangements and is that a little TV-computer screen I see in the corner? (I love having a tiny TV in our kitchen.) I could see cooking a large, savory pot of Carolina chili with black beans, lean ground beef and bacon, served over rice in this inviting kitchen. (I am already getting hungry! 🙂 )


This kitchen is amazingly recherche. It exudes charm, character and is ethereal with it’s soft whites, shiny warm floors and the over head lighting is perfect.  I could see this as a kitchen where my guests would want to enter in and have a glass of wine, snack on a few Hors d’oeuvre’s  and enjoy it’s beauty.  How about a nice  chardonnay with a rich, lump crab dip with a banquette of warm sourdough?


Charming, romantic, lovely, welcoming and graceful. This spacious, winter-wonderland white ‘cucino’ is any chefs dream come true, not only for creating and cooking, but for entertaining. The back-splash mural tiles, behind the stove top is once again ,”The in-thing” for kitchen decor today.  The mural that this decorator has chosen is not only  exquisite, but very rich and baronial.  I love this kitchen. How about some homemade carrot cake and delicious Hazelnut coffee?


This kitchen is definitely designed for an exceedingly large amount of cooking, preparing and FUN! It’s more on the baronial, tasteful and handsome side as far as decor.  I could see my husband chopping up all of his fresh veggies, red onion, garlic and cilantro for his famous  Italian Pizza.  Muy Bueno!  Or should I say “Delizioso.” 🙂


Another eminently spacious kitchen. It is anything but modern with all of it’s quaint features…custom built, artful cabinetry, the combinations of light and dark hues, rich colors as well as the warm, faux painted walls that tie in all the tones within this lovely room. The stunning, open dining room, creates an even larger look for this winsome kitchen. This ambiance  reminds me of  a wondrous, early summer evening…a perfect time to make a Spinach Bacon quiche with a savory Caesar salad… and some excellent choices for back ground music as you create and cook away? Maybe some Opera, R&B, or Blake Sheldon’s favorite, country music. 🙂


Very clever, original, refined and polished. You can never go wrong with high ceilings… They wondrously enlarge any room to a spacious, gossamer ambiance.  This looks like a chicken Cacciatore night with fresh asparagus topped with a decadent, French Hollandaise sauce… Mm! 🙂


Implausible and fantastic, this ‘cucino’ is kaleidoscopic, bright, spacious and undoubtedly an inspiring  motivation to research a potpourri of new and exciting recipes for your family… I love this Brobdingnagian center island, the warm, cozy colors of the granite and cabinetry mixed with this  unique ceiling with it’s decorative, rustic beams as well as the open, old brick dining room. Magical! I think  “open space” is the number one ingredient for a Chefs kitchen, no mater how large or small your room is. Space is a hard one for me…(not that I am a hoarder,) 🙂 but I love decorative items to much. 🙂  I am getting better at De-cluttering  as I am getting older… 🙂   This might be a nice evening to serve an ambrosial Caribbean Pork roast, cooked with potatoes and carrots served with a tossed green salad, (lots of fresh veggies,) with a Raspberry walnut dressing. 🙂


OK. I had to put this kitchen in our “Chefs dream” tour. You will never guess who this kitchen belonged to.(I know I didn’t.) 🙂    Micheal Jackson! That man had excellent taste.This room is elaborate with its rich, dark woods, white marble counter tops and intricate design work on the cabinetry. It would be a great kitchen for baking all kinds of confections with your kids, entertaining a house full of guests or teaching your children how to do the ‘moonwalk.’ 🙂  It is not only beautiful but very regal.


A very formal kitchen…The architecture is very quaint and I love the back-splash mural tile…Definitely a great kitchen for  elegant entertaining and creating many a decadent, five star meals…


Charming, spacious, soft, welcoming, inviting and cozy. The colors blend together to a “T.” This ample center Island is fantastic for making kabobs; beef, chicken, steak and shrimp, accompanied with cherry tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, pineapple and fresh  mushrooms.  Slow grilled to perfection over charcoal with a glass of sweet tea, would make for a wondrous summer supper!  🙂 Don’t you just love the back splash mural tile in this ‘cucino?’


This resembles an incredibly popular restaurants’ kitchen…It is almost intimidating, but truly, it is ‘a chefs dream come true!’ It looks as if it comes with a commercial Cappuccino, espresso maker…My husband would frequent that side of the kitchen, morning, noon an night! 🙂


A kitchen with a gorgeous view…That is something you don’t see everyday! Definitely more on the masculine side with its regal blacks and browns, yet very picturesque and noble looking. I imagine a dinner of baked leg of lamb with mint sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts with blue cheese crumbles along with fresh mushroom rice. 🙂 Then perhaps a cup of coffee out on the verandah’s balcony.  The ending of a perfect day!


Our last three kitchens are created with the fabulous and popular color, RED. This first one is down right adorable! It definitely embodies  a cozy- country, with a touch of cottage style, decor. I adore it’s potpourri of plants, diverse textures and shades of red, the abundance of decorative items and the brilliant checkered floor. ( I adore this tile as it is unique, cheerful and FUN!)  You can’t see much of the kitchen, but because of the spacious floor and open dining room, I am guessing it is large. This atmosphere exudes an afternoon of baking a hot apple pie…maybe a dutch apple with Vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. 🙂


This kitchen leans towards the feminine chef… it’s cheery, colorful and clean with a very small amount of personal decor. (It needs a few chefs on it’s bare counter tops.) 🙂  (“Just sayin’.”)  🙂 It is quaint, original, congenial and livening. Maybe a bowl of delicious homemade chicken noodle soup with some hot rolls for lunch would warm up this kitchen a little bit! 🙂


Last, but certainly not least… This a cool, trendy kitchen that would definitely be a conversation piece within any home. It contains a striking and bazarro,  ‘Natural Camillus Buffet hutch.’ I keep thinking someone is going to glide in with roller skates on at any time, to take my order. 🙂 Its original, custom made and nostalgic. A triple decked Ice cream cone or cheeseburgers and hot fries would be perfect!


Here is the fun part…For your ‘Chefs Dream’ kitchen, there are a myriad of specialty accessories and kitchen accents to enhance your ‘cucino.’  (Especially for the red kitchens with black or brown highlights.)  🙂 Actually, they would look good in any of these kitchens. They add so much character, personality and cheer… (I myself, am a connoisseur and collector of a myriad of chefs. They always make me smile as they possess so much personality and  bring forth an abundance of color  to our kitchen.)  🙂


The Chef in the first photograph below is my new “Mr. Chef,” that my brother and his spouse surprised me with last Christmas while we were visiting  them in Southern California. It  has become one of our families favorite decorative items as it “alerts” all three of us, (Graham  included,) of  what our evening  meal will be. It is great for galas, diner parties and Ladies Afternoon Teas… People love to know “what the menu is for any event.”  🙂  (They even have various colors of chalk to write in, so you can be more creative! 🙂  It is a great gift idea, as well as riveting addition to your kitchen or dining room.

chef 3chef3

Some more great accents for your kitchen would be Chef hand towels, wall plaques, standing chefs, (in all shapes and sizes,) 🙂 Chef wallpaper, canister sets, salt an pepper holders, spice racks, chef cookie jars, designer paintings for your richly painted faux walls, boarder paper or menu holders. There is a wealth of accessories out there to make your kitchen a “Chef’s theme,” no matter what size it is! 🙂









Here are a few back splash tile mural scenes for the back of your stove top in a “chef-like theme.”





I do not have my colossal, spacious and grandiose “Chefs Dream kitchen” yet, but this blog has given me some great ideas...I am going to create some more space in my kitchen,  stick to one theme, (adorable chefs,) and keep the clutter out so my husband and I can create together, an abundance of new recipes and delicious cuisine. I want to leave you with a spicy and superb recipe to go along with your creation of your “Chef’s Dream” kitchen. Happy Creating and Enjoy!


Guacamole: Alton Brown

This recipe is for homemade guacamole sauce. It is great for soft tacos, Tostado salads, chicken burritos, fresh pico de gallo and chips, as well as for your Sunday brunch with Mexican omelets and home fries. I hope you really enjoy it!

3 Haas avocados, halved, seeded and peeled
1 lime, juiced
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1/2 medium onion, diced
1/2 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced
2 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
1 clove garlic, minced
In a large bowl place the scooped avocado pulp and lime juice, toss to coat. Drain, and reserve the lime juice, after all of the avocados have been coated. Using a potato masher add the salt, cumin, and cayenne and mash. Then, fold in the onions, jalapeno, tomatoes, cilantro, and garlic. Add 1 tablespoon of the reserved lime juice. Let sit at room temperature for 1 hour and then serve.
This recipe is from Food Chef John Alton.

France’s Finest…The French Country Kitchen

Accueil, (welcome!) to one of France’s finest inventions, their french Country style kitchen. Or their ‘cuisine’ as they call it.


I do not think that the human language has come up with the exact word to express the beauty of France. Whether the alluring city of Paris, the fetching French country side with all of it’s charming gardens and quaint villa’s or the magical homes nestled upon the jagged cliffs, over looking the gorgeous and mysterious Mediterranean sea or French Atlantic Ocean, France  is undeniably a par-excellence country.


FR5eifel tower

France is home to many of the wondrous gifts our country is blessed with …I am most thankful to this romantic and Junoesque Country for giving the world the Briard dog.grahammy 13   That is the breed our precious Grantham is. He is our cherished French herding dog  and has blessed our lives to the moon and back. 🙂 The other gifts bestowed to our world through the French are the wondrous, acclaimed actors and actresses, Bridgette Bardot,Gerard DePardieu, Eva Green, Catherine Doneuve and my favorite, Juliette Binoche. (Remember her in the movie “Dan in real life,” where she was dancing to the jukebox music in the bar with Dan, his brother and her rival, ‘Ruthie Pig-face Draper?’ I laughed so hard, my jaw ached!  🙂

They have given us delicious and winning recipes to enhance our romantic evenings straight from their kitchens. Their specialties are Beef Bourguignon, Creme Brulee and Coq au Vin.liberty3 The French are known for their delicious and popular Quiche Lorraine, Crepes, French Onion soup, the French Dip and Croque Madame. What would we do without the decadent  Remoloude, Hollandaise and Bernaise sauces for our fresh steamed vegetables, eggs Benedict and  rich, beef and chicken dishes?  I had no idea that the  renowned authors from this mesmerizing country have written some of the most prestigious and notable books ever created…liberty5  Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, The count of Monte Cristo, as well as Charles Perrault’s Puss in Boots, classic Cinderella and the amazing Sleeping beauty. All of these wonderful novellas are now classic films in America that we cherish and enjoy time after time. They’ve endowed us  with extraordinary,liberty6 heavenly and stellar music with their melodic Opera as well as beautiful artwork with  the notable Claude Monet and his inspirational paintings.  We can’t forget the ‘French Kiss,’liberty8 yes, they are the culprits,  🙂 French Toast, one of the unbelievable  wonders of the words, the Eiffel Tower and the beret hat, (that is quite dapper if you ask me.)  🙂 Did you know, (I didn’t,)  that the French  gave us the Statue of Liberty that stands proudly uponliberty Liberty Island in the New York Harbor, in 1886? They also gave the world the name “CHEF.”  (How fitting for this ‘gourmet’ country. )

The French are friendly people…they welcome all tourists and deeply appreciate our efforts to learn some of their language as we try to communicate with them while visiting.  Just  like the Italians, they have a love affair with the ‘lunch hour.’  Monday through Friday, they take long lunches, closing down the towns businesses as they relax, share cherished time,liberty10 fellowship and gourmet food with their friends and loved ones. (WE could all learn a lesson or two from the Italians and French.)  🙂   The quality of life is very important to the people of France. They absolutely ‘aimer’ (love)  their family and are fiercely  protective of their cherished ones. They are said to enjoy Cocoa Cola in their whiskey…(I think many countries do too.)  🙂 They adore big family gatherings and gourmet cuisine,liberty1 great wine and of course, a myriad of fine cheeses.  They have over 240 types of cheese to be exact… Can you even imagine? 🙂

Here are some popular French quotes from people who know France best… most of these come from the French proverbs.

DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER: Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible.”

“After the rain, the nice weather.”

“Goods poorly gotten, never profit.”

“You need to break the shell to have the almond.”

“Paris was not made in a day.”

“Christmas on the balcony and Easter at the embers.”


“Everything spoken, sounds much more sexy and romantic in French.” ~Author unknown

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” ~ Julia Child

“Dogs smoke in France.” ~Ozzy Osborne…(I am still trying to figure that quote out….) 🙂

“What isn’t clear, isn’t French.” ~  Antoine de Rivarol

Out of all the kitchens I have researched, truly, (and I mean it this time,) 🙂 The french Country kitchen is by far, my very favorite…Not only is it breathtaking, causing wonder and awe, but the French architecture seems to please both men and women alike. Hey, what is not “TO LIKE?” 🙂 This particular kitchen is warm, welcoming, simple yet has a hint of elegance. I love the combinations of woods and the collection of Roosters.


The rustic aged brick combined with the dark sage green wooden shutters, august  customized stove top with it’s Back-splash tile  mural is riveting, sharp and masterful.  The eat in kitchen is an added blessing. This “cuisine” is soothing, warm and amiable.


This kitchen with it’s decorative tiles, soft, granite counter tops, charming white cabinetry and checkered Center- Island is brilliant. I have never seen a kitchen like this one… Engaging as well as spell bounding!


This “cuisine” definitely possesses a rustic charm…It exudes the patina of the French Countryside being right outside the front door. 🙂


I adore the ornate style in these kitchen’s…Both the stove top and oven, as well as the sideboard are so classy, sterling and quite the ‘conversation piece.’ I would like one of each, please. 🙂


More examples of the beauteous “Black splash tiled murals.” I adore the added touch of the candlestick lights. (It creates an exceedingly romantic lighting for this French kitchen. )


This French Country kitchen is brilliantly crisp, bright and ethereal. What a great idea to mix a dark granite table top amongst a cottage style, wooden foundation.   A lot of ‘creative thinking’ went into designing this lovely kitchen.


This enticing kitchen with it’s  butter cream yellow amidst the, smooth and rich chocolate brown wood,  striking designer tiled flooring and charming, quaint, enchanting center Island, is a sensational combination that dauntlessly speaks  “Accueil!”  (Meaning “Welcome” in the romantic French language.)


Charming and even more charming! 🙂 I think I am going to run out of English words to describe the French Country Kitchen in all of its grandeur. 🙂


I know I said in the beginning of this “French Cuisine tour,” that this style of kitchen is my very favorite and that surprisingly, men and women alike, find it to be appealing…well, I don’t think my husband would ‘dote upon’ this next kitchen like I do, but this is the “French kitchen of all French kitchens!”  🙂  It looks like something out of a fairytale book. It’s delicate design, enchanting shudders, winsome character and perfect choice of colors combined together is magical, almost haunting…(Haunting meaning ‘mysteriously fantastic.’)  (Not like ‘spookish and creepy.’ ) 🙂


The Rooster is the unofficial national symbol of France. (I was wondering why I was seeing so many gallant roosters in all of these French kitchens.) 🙂 I adore roosters as when I was a youngster, my mom had a collection of them and they remind me so much of her…her  charm, warmth and great sense of style. This Back splash Rooster themed tile is as the French would say; “Belle.” (Beautiful, fetching and gorgeous.) 🙂


Now this is a kitchen that I would guess a man would ‘dote upon.’ (Perhaps men do not dote. I will ask my husband.)   🙂 It’s very handsome, august and baronial.


Again, this kitchen brings about the patina that right outside of those doors is the bucolic country side with it’s divine array of motley flowers and towering, picturesque, ancient trees. This is simple, yet tasteful and beautifully galvanic.


This kitchen is warm as well as polished. It is refined, yet welcoming.  I could see my husband creating a delicious breakfast of Belgium waffles, eggs with black truffles and espresso coffee. 🙂 (Maybe a French crepe or two.) 🙂


This ‘Cuisine’ evokes a diaphanous and buoyant mood… It is a show stopper for sure and great for entertaining as it is exceedingly spacious. (It would be a magnificent kitchen for a gourmet chef!)


I know I have said it many, many times, but this ‘cuisine’ exudes CHARM … It almost looks like we are peaking through a tiny window, viewing an animated and magical dollhouse kitchen. 🙂


A different kind of appeal…I like this French rustical,  whimsical ambiance…the high ceilings, the added touch of dried flowers, toasty, soft colors and mixed woods. It’s a potpourri of delight and splendor.


Again, a beautiful and clever  mixture of soft woods and old brick…This is an original look and very “French.”


These two kitchens are a great illustration of how the tone and textures of the woods you chose, shape and define the room in how it will look in it’s grand finale stage. I think both of these kitchens are picturesque, winning and gracefully done.


These  roosters certainly make a  dauntless and grand appearance on these  kitchen shelves. I love it.


More roosters, yet these seem more playful, whimsy and gossamer. (I love the bunny the decorator  added into the mix. )  🙂


This looks more like a modern day French kitchen… very refreshing and inviting!


I adore this beautiful, wooden archway above the stove with it’s French themed tile.


This kitchen looks like a provincial garden…a rainbow of color, amidst a potpourri of fabrics and woods…Very alluring and cordial. The eat in kitchen is cozy and beautifully inviting.


Lastly, a new look from what we have seen…This kitchen, with its diverse textures and tones of green, red, black and sunflower yellow, bring forth a depth and eminently classic ambiance. You can tell that an abundance of “bonne nourriture” ( French for “great food”) is created within these walls with delicious, ambrosial aromas filling the house.  🙂KK-104

In the next photos, I have placed a few warm touches, (some ideas,)  to add to your French Country Kitchen style. Kitchen accessories or accents, as we call them.  Remember, the decor we surround ourselves with, in our beloved havens, are the tangible things that we love, nurture us and are beautiful in our sight.

I’d take three of these in a second! I’d move things out of the house just to make this fit!  It is so unique and adorable! 🙂


A animated, fun loving rooster menu board, (I love it,) and a bright, cheery canister set! Not only would these add an abundance of color but many a warm smile as well. Very cozy!



My favorite Rooster thus far! 🙂


Okay, you know my motto? “You can never have to many Roosters.” 🙂



What adorable and lively accent towels!



Here are some more vivid and life-like Back splash, French themed mural tiles. These can be ordered in any decor style you choose to use for your kitchen’s theme. I simply  ” aimer” this fascinating invention….(French for LOVE.)





I don’t know about you, but I want to clean out my entire home,win the lottery and remodel our entire home in French Country decor. This style is exceedingly regal, classy, authentic and fabulously romantic.  I hope that this writing has given you some great ideas for your ‘new kitchen.’  Perhaps to just ‘get started,’ pick a back splash mural tile for behind your stove top and work from there…or start a collection of Roosters. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time thinking, planning and creating the changes you want to make to bring forth a French Country Kitchen.

I am thinking that we should rent that movie again, “Dan in real life.” I can’t stop thinking about that one scene and if you have never seen this movie and want a great laugh, be sure to check into it.

With this vignette on  the French Country Kitchen, I want to leave you with a delicious, healthy and hearty French recipe.



This recipe is for Zucchini Gratin, created by a French Cuisine chef.

You will need;
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, plus extra for topping
1 pound yellow onions, cut in 1/2 and sliced (3 large)
2 pounds zucchini, sliced 1/4-inch thick (4 zucchini)
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup hot milk
3/4 cup fresh bread crumbs
3/4 cup grated Gruyere
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Melt the butter in a very large (12-inch) saute pan and cook the onions over low heat for 20 minutes, or until tender but not browned. Add the zucchini and cook, covered, for 10 minutes, or until tender. Add the salt, pepper, and nutmeg and cook uncovered for 5 more minutes. Stir in the flour. Add the hot milk and cook over low heat for a few minutes, until it makes a sauce. Pour the mixture into an 8 by 10-inch baking dish.Combine the bread crumbs and Gruyere and sprinkle on top of the zucchini mixture. Dot with 1 tablespoon of butter cut into small bits and bake for 20 minutes, or until bubbly and browned.
 French Recipe from the ‘Barefoot Contessa.’

PHOTOGRAPHS: In placing your computer mouse upon any of the photos or graphics,  it will display where the picture originated from.



The delizioso Italian ‘CUCINO.”


The Beautiful country of Italy… If ever there was a land filled to overflowing with romance, allurement, mystery and grandeur, it is the riveting and mesmerizing commonwealth, Italy.

Not only is this country filled with a stellar loveliness, it is also ‘HOME’ to some of the worlds most delicious and renowned cuisine as well as winning, intriguing and fun-loving residents, (a people, WHO LOVE LIFE and celebrate it everyday! ) Italians are warm and welcoming, love family, food, wine, relaxing and PEOPLE.

Now, these people, REALLY know how to eat… 🙂  Sometimes their meals are a 2 hour affair. Do you know that all the business shut down in the afternoon for a couple of hours so the residents of the towns and villages can enjoy a redolent, three course meal, consisting of  superb cuisine, relaxation and fellowship.?  (I want to live there. 🙂 )

The Italian people love to celebrate everything with food and if they run out of an occasion to emblazon, they will gather around their dining table or their favoritBest Meatball Recipee Italian eatery and just  ‘revel in jubilation’ for  ‘the great food and wine itself.’   🙂 They adore cappuccino, espresso coffee, pasta, fresh seafood, vino, freshly made conolies and walkingITT8  down to the piazza, where they gather with their friends and get ‘caught up’ on the all the latest news and happenings. They proudly own a passion for cooking and are renowned for their superb, spicy sauces and variety of cheeses they use in all of their pasta dishes. They are great creatorsITT3 of  “comfort food.” (Like our moms.) When I was a youngster, and I felt sad, frightened  or anxious, (in need of consolation and cheer,)  my mom would bake a scrumptious pecan pie, cut me a slice big enough for three people, put mounds of whip cream on top and give me a big hug, assuring me; “Everything will be OK.” ) Still to this day, pecan pie and whip cream bring  comfort to my soul…but certainly not my waistline. 🙂

Here are some famous quotes from these beloved people, mostly Italian Proverbs.

“He who goes to bed without eating, will regret it through the night.”

“Eat to live, not live to eat.”

“At the  table with good friends and family, you do not become old.”

“A small kitchen, makes the house BIG.”ask2

“Everything you see, I owe to pasta.” Sophia Loren

“I love the places that have an incredible history.  I love the Italian life. I love the people. I love the attitudes of the Italians.” Sir Elton John (He sure has a lot of lovin’ going on in his heart, doesn’t he?) 🙂


The Italian kitchen, the “Cucino,” is one place on this earth, I would adore frequenting. I can only imagine the aromas of the butter, fresh garlic and Virgin olive oil simmering together amongst an abundance of newly cut garden herbs…The Italians cook with a bounty of sweet and savory spices…garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, fennel, pesto, cayenne, cracked black pepper, (and the list goes on…)  They are renowned for their pastas, pizzas and fresh cioppinos with ample, decadent seafood from the blue waters, served over fettuccine or Angel Hair spaghetti.   You can be sure that an Italian cucino will have plenty of  prosciutto cheese, Parmesan, freshly picked and ripened tomatoes from the garden, pine nuts, and sweet basil, pesto sauce with arugula, a myriad ofacc7

olives, rice for risotto, olive oil and tempting, Italian breads, fresh from their fire brick ovens. My brothers girlfriend was a beautiful Italian lady and I loved dining at her home, not just because her cuisine was “delizioso” but because the talks we had as we prepared our meal, were just as warm and  fulfilling!  (Cucino talks are delightful.) 🙂

Are you ready to take a look at a beautiful collection of Italian cucino’s? Just imagine the delightful, ambrosial aromas coming from each oven and stove top… Throughout Italy, you will hear the chef’s, restaurant staff and local grocers, saying words  that you may not understand… 🙂  “Ciao,” “Buongiorno”, “Benvenuto.”  Meaning Hi! Welcome and Good Morning. If ever an Italian cook shares a taste of their special, spaghetti sauce they are creating in their cucino, (you know, the one recipe from generations of old?,) say “Grazie.” (Thank you! )  My much needed and favorite Italian word that I have learned is “Attenda Prego.” I find that I am actually saving my energy and  breath as I have to tell my Briard dog, Grantham, at least 50 times a day to  “Hold on, just wait a minute, pleeaasse…” (as he makes a ‘specific noise’ every time he wants something and he wants something all day long! 🙂  Now, I just hold my hands up in the air and say ” Attenda Prego.” 🙂 I will tell you when it starts working on him.  🙂


I adore the large, roomy feel of an Italian cucino. This particular kitchen is cozy, warm and yet light, ardent and ‘airy.’ I can think of a million plates, tea pots or china serving bowls to fill theses delightful, elfin glass cabinets, and can only just imagine how many  wondrous conversations I would have over a hot cappuccino or latte, shared with my husband, friends or family, within these inviting and welcoming walls. 🙂


What a unique and charming stove…This is also a beautifully incandescent kitchen filled with natural sunlight amongst soft, pastel colors.  Very lovely!


I absolutely adore the Italian themed tile,  combined with marble counter tops and walls amidst the soft woods.  Does it get any more sensational and impressive than this?


It is a dream for my husband and I to have an eat in kitchen like this. I can just in-vision a large, family gathering, everyone sharing delicious cuisine, stories of the ‘old times’ and lots of laughter and joy around these two tables!  (I would invite our entire colossal family, put a Junoesque  flower pot in the tiny sink on the center- Island marble table, add some more chairs and utilize this entire table along with the other dining table! 🙂  (If you build it, they will come!) 🙂 I wish!


More examples of the awesome and striking, scenic Italian tiles amidst the brilliant black and regal, rich wood. Simply amazing! This kitchen is sure to make it’s many happy guests feel as if they are dining at a five star eatery. 🙂


A quaint kitchen…small but certainly toasty and convivial. 🙂 (Another eat-in dining table.) Very cozy.


You could feed an army in this cucino… The wooden, beamed ceilings are rustically picturesque…I love the way the decorator has mixed the sage green cabinetry amongst the delicate, brown wood and creamy white counter tops.  The display of brass gourmet cookware is a wondrous, tasteful addition… It  definitely owns a resplendent and fetching appeal.


All of these lovely kitchens share a specific common ingredient…They clamorously shout out;  “Buongiorno!” The warmth of the colors, the subtle decor, decorative tile , diverse textures and hues, would cause every guest or family member, to feel invited, welcomed, as well as pampered.



WOW!  Don’t you love the gorgeous Italian themed tile amongst  the old brick… Absolutely stunning! It brings forth an old world, vintage appeal!


This kitchen is my favorite…(OK, they are all my favorite. ) 🙂 I dote upon this classy, one- of-a-kind stove with it’s serene, charming and enchanting vineyard decor tile. I wish these were “made to order.” 🙂


An Italian cucino, though beautiful without a single decor item, can still be enhanced with  a few colorful and distinct kitchen accents.   I love these  bright dishtowels and classy, colorful Italian frescoes. What a great idea to enliven the walls as well as counter tops.



If you are a connoisseur of fine wines,  then you know you’ve ‘got to have’ a place to display your beloved vintage collection. This is ideal for any kitchen, or dining room…I love to have a center-island within my kitchen, (if the kitchen is large enough.) This piece of furniture is not only eye catching, exuding charm but very convenient as well.


This chopping block is more authentic and rustic…still a wondrous center-island. I love it!


These alluring tiles are both enchanting and creative…as well as the marble counter tops and Italian themed mural – decor. The Italian kitchen is like no other cucino I have seen… Just think, you can bring Italy, right into your very own home… I can just imagine all the concoctions being created in these rustically and charming kitchens…Chicken Vesuvius, Brushetta, Clam and Muscle spaghetti, Lobster ravioli, four cheese and sausage lasagne and freshly whipped cream to fill those delicious, divine Italian delicacies, conolies. I think everyone who owns an Italian kitchen should also have a brilliantly white ,  starched and freshly ironed “chefs hat.” 🙂



These are lovely ‘Back-splashes’ for your Italian Cucino…they exude the charm of Italy amongst your classy granite or marble counter tops…



Lastly, all of these beautiful and creative kitchen accessories are sure to add warmth, color and depth  for an enchanting, alluring ambiance. I adore the blue and yellow china.



For this lovely kitchen vignette, I want to leave you with a delightful and superb Italian recipe… It is my husbands, homemade, renowned rendition of  a ‘Basil Rathbone’ Pizza and is unlike any pizza I have ever consumed. He got the idea from a pizza we tried at an eatery on the coast of California, (and It is to die for!) For your next Pizza and movie night, give this savory dish a try!

Even though Basil Rathbone was a British actor and born in South Africa, this pizza is still eminently Italian… (At least his first name is (kind of) Italian… (sort of.) 🙂



You will need, one large pizza dough…(You can make your own, buy it from a bakery or get it from your local grocery store.)  Make sure you read the directions on your dough before you make this pizza, for example, some doughs require a short pre-bake before you place  the ingredients on top…we use homemade dough and do not pre-bake the pizza.

You will also need a bottle of pesto sauce. (We use, Classico Traditional Basil Pesto sauce) or you could make your own. One half of a large red onion, sliced in thin slices, one bell pepper, seeded and  sliced in thin slices, 4 sweet or Hot Italian sausages, cooked in a small amount of olive oil or butter. As the sausage is almost cooked, cut it up into pieces so your finished consistency is ‘crumbled.’ You will also need a box of fresh, cleaned sliced mushrooms,  fresh cilantro, rinsed and cut fine and a can of artichoke hearts. (We buy the ones in brine water and drain them, then cut them in half,) and lastly, a large bag of Mozzarella cheese. (OK, our guilty pleasure has been revealed…we are extra cheese lovers.) 🙂 (You can use as much or as little as you would like.) 🙂

1. Preheat your oven to 450. If you have a  pizza stone, preheat it as well. If you do not have a stone, do not worry about preheating your pizza pan.

2. Spread the pesto sauce on the bottom of your pizza dough. Use a little or a lot…it’s up to your taste. (We use a moderate amount…taste the pesto, and you will know.) 🙂

3. Place the  sliced onions, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers,  halved artichoke hearts, and cilantro all over the pizza.

4. Add the crumbled sausage, (after it as been drained upon a paper towel,)  evenly throughout the pizza. Place your pizza in the 450 degree oven for 20 minutes. Check your pizza to see how the bottom is browning and make sure your veggies and meat are hot.  Take your pizza out of the oven and turn the temperature down to 350 degrees. Cover your pizza with the  Mozzarella cheese. Bake at  350 until the cheese melts. (About 5 minutes.)   When done, take out of the oven and  allow it to cool down a little bit. You have a meal fit for a king. Delicious with a fresh garden or Caesar salad,  or  sweet marinated tomatoes and cucumbers.  ENJOY!