What “Living Winsomely is all about.”

Welcome to my blog site Living winsomely. I am a  believer that our homes are our castles and our hearts snuggery. They are our safe harbor, warm cozy place of refreshment and a berth where beauty can surround us everyday, soothing our souls and spirits.ritz107 As we create the dreams  within our hearts and bring them to life in each room, they add bliss and comfort to our lives and a place of repose and tranquility to every guest who enters our doors.  There is such a wealth of ways to bring forth an abundance of beauty within our ‘safe havens. My desire is to share these ideas with you as we begin this journey together.

Whether it be your Antebellum dining room, woodsy, warm, window filled office or captivating bedrooms that evoke an invitation for romance, refreshing and pampering to the soul, there are a bounty of ways to begin your peregrination to make your home the most inviting, alluring and resplendent home ever. B-4

My goal in creating this website is to share with you, each reader, some of my imaginative adaption’s of esteemed traditions in which I hope will inspire you as you create your own lovely and stunning home.

Within my blog site ‘Living winsomely,’ I will explore with you an abundance of ideas of how to create the home of your dreams. All the way from fragrances, lighting, floral arrangements, furniture formations, color schemes, fabrics, room themes, music, cuisine, and delightful party ideas, making your guests (as well as yourself,) feel comfy and pampered. I will also implement some great ideas on how to quickly change your home around with items you already possess if you are desiring a ‘new look.’


Along with the myriad of decor ideas, I want to share how to create a more beautiful life. Your home is the sanctuary where all of your old and new ‘feel good’ memories and quiet joys tarry. I love to bring out that joy everyday and live within it, creating a more beautiful life for myself and our family. Whether learning to cook new cuisine  with your significant other, (we adore the food channel,) having breakfast in bed as Z-55you unabashedly take an hour or two to read the newspaper or watch your favorite classic movie, you can create your own pampered hours. How about making your home a weekend vacation retreat with using your best china, crystal and linens,  lighting a sundry of candles, not answering the phone or door bell and hiding away in your little cache, enjoying one another, (or just using the time for yourself if you live alone,) to bring forth refreshing and rejuvenation. A few other ideas… create a chimera-vision box with articles and photos of your dream homes, places you would love to travel, go to a High Tea at and the renowned eateries you would like to visit.  Create an eloquent setting under an alfresco canopy beneath your heroic trees, or amidst your flourishing garden…bringing forth a ‘sylvan charm’ as you read your novel and sip on your tea, robust coffee, lemonade or glass of Merlot.  Choosing to live a more beautiful life with my family has changed our lives in many positive ways.

anne geddes flower abiesbaby in the garden

Living a winsome life is like going back to our childhood days… where being adventurous, creative and full of life was a normal day! Now, as an adult, it takes a little more work to receive all the childhood gifts that once beheld us.The giggles and endless curiosity and learning of our years as a baby, the bounce, vigor and creativity of our ‘toddler season’ and the urge to throw a snowball, play games all night long and go on adventuresome journeys as we did in our youth.  🙂 It is all there, still available to us in a plenitude of forms as we create our days and surroundings.

I believe that cultivating beauty all around us, enjoying the pampering of all five senses and living life to the fullest each day, (as children do naturally) brings a richness and joy to our hearts and souls!

I hope this site inspires you to bring forth your dreams, whether through decor or the things you choose to engender more beauty and joy into your life.

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”~ Elizabeth Lawrence.

“It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.” Tom Robbinslittle_girl_briard3

Happy Creating!

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“Goodbyes are not FOREVER!”

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

Little girl sitting on suitcase looking out onto Golden Gate Bridge

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard! ! ~ Carol Sobieski ~ Thomas Meehan

Dear Living Winsomely readers, I wanted to share with you that I am saying goodbye to this site, but with the words, that ring true in my heart, “Good bye does not mean forever.”

For those of you who have read “And the body just keeps on giving,” vignette , then you know that during my time of healing both physically and spiritually, I began this website with such an excitement and joy. I can not tell you how much having this blog site has been a blessing for me .


It started with a few, and has grown in leaps and bounds! 🙂

To look back in February of 2013 (when we started the site)  we began with only a handful of readers. This year Living Winsomely has grown “in leaps and bounds.” 🙂 Because my husband owns the server that my site is on, he keeps me informed of the amount of readers coming to Living Winsomely. We both have been in awe at the growth. I am amazed at all of the different countries that are visiting the site, as well as how many readers here in America we have. I never dreamed Living Winsomely would have so many wonderful visitors.  I can’t tell you  how happy that makes me and how honored I feel.  It blesses me so much that you, the readers have enjoyed this  site and the writings.  Your comments to me over this last year and a half have blown me away.  (In a good way.) 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of  my  heart for supporting me, encouraging me and for all your kind words of affirmation, even for those of you who told me I had spelling errors 🙂 (I know…I don’t have an editor and  have tried to catch all my mistakes, but know they are out there.) 🙂

I have a new writing commitment that will be taking up all my time, thus I have to stop writing on Living Winsomely for now.  Its at this time, I wish I would have written much shorter blogs that didn’t take a week to complete, (so I could just write one up quickly whenever I had an hour to spare as I am staring this new writing commitment .)  🙂   But as we all know, I write kind of long blogs. (OK, really long blogs.)  🙂  I still have a few I have started and hope to come back when this commitment is over and put those up, with new ones… I will  miss writing on this site immensely, as well as you, the readers.



I  will be leaving the site up for all of you, the old and new readers as well as the readers who will come in the future. For those of you who have written in that you read the site daily and are on the lookout each week for a new blog, I am sorry…Maybe you can go back and read one of the old ones as you may have already forgotten it by now. 🙂 (Just joshing.) I did just post my last blog for now, “The  Joyous wedding of the old and the new.” I tried something new with adding a very classy (as well as classic,)  music video. (I hope you enjoy it.) 🙂   I know there are a tremendous amount of sites  on the internet that are exemplary.

My hope and heart when I began Livingwinsomely (and still is,) that you, the readers would be blessed with ideas of how to bring more beauty, fulfillment, joy, felicity and winsomeness  to your everyday lives.

I will have to turn the sites comment/ reply ability off as I am currently receiving about 250-300 spam comments a day and it takes a lot of my time to go through them all , especially when my time now will be fully dedicated to my new writing commitment. My computer program will hold all the replies that have already been made, they just won’t be showing up on the site, when I turn that service off.


“Home”for the holidays!

I wish you all the very best and again, thank you so very much for reading, coming to the site, sending me such wonderful comments and for being such a great audience to write to… The site will stay up so enjoy!

I may occasionally sneak over to Living Winsomely and change the blogs in the main section according to the season.   Especially At Christmas time. 🙂 One of my all time favorite vignettes of Living Winsomely is “Home” for the holidays! (I will take that tour myself once again, this Christmas.)  🙂



If you have any questions, please know my “CONTACT US” icon at the bottom of the ‘Living  Winsomely’ Home page, is still open. (That comes directly to my e-mail address.)

May God bless you all and thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Susan, Kit and Grantham too.


“A heart full of thanks TO YOU! “



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A Summer Time of Blithe.



THE DISTINGUISHED QUOTE CORNER:Adorable Baby Boy in Suit on Cellphone

“Each fairy breathe of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires  the blushing rose. ” ~ Author Unknown

” In summer, the SONG SINGS ITSELF.” ~ William Carlos Williams

“The Summer night is like a perfection of thought.” ~ Wallace Stevens

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” ~  Sam Kean

“Oh the summer night, a smile of light and she sits on a sapphire throne.” ~ Barry Cornwall

Summer is one of the few seasons that actually begins calling out to you, before it’s glorious arrival. The very word, gives our hearts a friendly wave and gestures us  to come and enjoy all of our felicitious expectations, that we hope to fulfill within the next three months. It is our ‘last hurrah’ before the chilly breezes of autumn knock upon our doors.


Summer is a time where we eagerly leave the beauty and quietness of  the inside of our desired, charming havens and venture outside to the long awaited, sun filled, warm, breezy days…The garden is nodding, motioning us to; “Come and play, create, daydream and unwind in the fresh air.”  Our picnic baskets are taken out of the attic, dusted off and we are already looking on the internet for the perfect place to go fishing, hiking and enjoy an ambrosial meal beneath the inviting and serene, blue sky. It’s an occasion of celebration for our little ones as they are on vacation for what seems to them, an eternity, but when fall arrives, they will look back and think, “How quickly our summer zoomed by….where did the time go.” 🙂   It is also a season of travel, visiting dear friends and family, summer BBQ’s, an abundance of beach days, excursions to amusement parks, a retreat to a beach cottage, alfresco dining,  boating, crabbing, dressing our homes in a lighter attire, changing our own wardrobes to shorts, flip flops and short sleeved shirts… There is so much to do in only three months…read our favorite novels, clean out our storage sheds and garage’s, give our yards a makeover, go boutique shopping or garage – ‘sailing’ 🙂 for special summer finds and of course, celebrating our nations glorious birthday. Don’t you just love Summer and all of it’s magic? I hope this vignette inspires you to “get out in the fresh air,” be creative, adventuresome, (walk barefoot in the grass….)  but most of all, JUST HAVE FUN!S-400


“Our beautiful Porches.” Summer is the perfect time to bask amongst your magnificent and resplendent flowers, refreshing cool breezes and enjoy chatting the hours away with a dear friend over sweet tea with fresh mint sprigs on your verandah. To feel really pampered, maybe bring out your antique crystal glasses from your great grandmother with some fresh sliced lemon cake, sweet blueberries and in-season melon.


What is more appealing than white wicker furniture embellished with bright, cheerful pillows in the summer. Bringing some fresh cut flowers from your garden to enjoy as you relax upon your porch, along with animating hanging flower or fern baskets above the balustrades, is another cozy and alluring decorative touch for one of your favorite summer retreats.  Our front porches are such a gift, especially in the spring and summer months.


There is nothing like a summer sunset on your front porch!SL-419

Summer whites, bright flowers, warm sunshine and our beloved piazza swings speak clamorously that the wondrous season has arrived.




Summer time is beach time… Everyone loves the ocean, sea shells, the smell of fresh  blue, briny water, creating enchanting sand castles, ‘people watching’, sauntering along the  Boardwalk enjoying fresh salt water taffy or a delightfully cold ice cream cone. There are so many exciting andtk5 blissful things to do at the beach…It feels as if you have escaped to another world as you sit under your umbrella, cold drink and best selling novel in hand, listening to the soothing sounds of the gulls squawking, children laughing and the roaring of the waves. It is a very inexpensive reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life. If you do not live close to a beach, your summer vacation may be to travel to some of our countries most  renowned  seashores such as; Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Newport Beach, California, The outer Banks in North Carolina or our very own, prestigious and renowned Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, (right next to Ocean City, Maryland.)   A week at the beach in a summer rental is a short novella, all in itself. 🙂 My husband and I feel exceedingly blessed as Delaware is probably the grandest maritime state we have ever lived in. Water surrounds us at every corner… We are a twenty-five minute drive from Rehoboth or Lewes beach and we have Slaughter Beach, (I never have liked that name,) 🙂   only ten minutes away.  (A remote, quiet strand with ample natural beauty surrounding its shore line, as well as home to many of the famous horseshoe crabs.) In the winter and autumn seasons, the lifeless shells cover the beaches, resembling helmet shaped, cobble stoned steps. It truly is a sight to see.  It is said that if you go to this remote beach on a  bright, moonlit night in the summer, you will see the beach full of horseshoe crabs mating and laying their eggs upon the sand. (We will have to do that one night. I’ll take some photos and post them so you can share in this magical phenomena.)  My family, while visiting from California said they had never seen anything quite like it!  A great eatery if you come our way is The Buttery in Lewes, Delaware. A quaint, historic restaurant where you will experience succulent seafood, gourmet cooking and an ambiance that is so alluring, you won’t want to leave.




The Buttery in Lewes Delaware…Our favorite pick for fine dining! S-51

The renowned, famous horseshoe crabs… The first photo is when the cute critters are alive and kicking…swimming the ocean blue and loving life. The second photo is taken during the winter season, many of them are no longer alive and their helmet shaped shells cover the  sandy shores of Slaughter Beach.

Horseshoe Crab Ritual - Slaughter Beach - Delaware




There is nothing quite like going clamming in the magnificent  ocean or hushed and peaceful bay. It is a blast! We took Graham, (our Brobdingnagian Briard dog ) with us in the boat at Bethany beach as we ventured into the clear, blue waters. He loved it!  The wondrous thing about clamming is that you get to enjoy a ‘quick reward for all your fun work,’ 🙂  Clams casino  made on the grill the very night you catch them…The clams accompanied by a fresh salad and hot loaf  of sourdough bead with melted butter is a wonderful, maritime meal.





Camping, whether inside your home, ( a children’s enchanting sleep over,) on the beach, in your backyard, or up in the mountains is another Summer favorite. I love camping out as it brings forth a great measure of  creativity in everyone…no TV’s, (OK, maybe a laptop with a DVD,) no phones, (OK, maybe a cell phone or two,) 🙂  but, their is no electric coffee pot, curling irons, hot water, or many of our presumed ‘necessities of life’…Instead we have conversations, an abundance of stories told around the camp fires, flash lights, fresh fish cooked over the open flames and a brilliant show of the night sky with its cream cheese moon and glistening stars every evening before we fall sleep.  We go hiking, (pray there are no bears,) enjoy fishing, crabbing, shrimping or reading our long abandoned novels that we finally have some  free time to read. 🙂 Our kids? They have all the magic and supplies they need…their best friends, great snack foods, flashlights, books and their abundant imaginations! :

Aren’t these homemade, enchanting and magical tents creative?







For the times where we are all vacationed-out or to sun burnt to go back to the beach, it is a great time to do a “summer-makeover ‘ within your home.  I adore using an abundance of whites during this warm season…somehow, it makes me feel cooler! 🙂  I enjoy creating and decorating with all shades of whites, soft pastels, fresh flowers and cheery, light, throw pillows. White slip covers for your couch or chairs are quite  refreshing and very striking. Invite a few friends over for a sure-to-please, light meal. Maybe  serve a potpourri of salads, fresh shrimp or French bread baguette with homemade crab dip, and an angel food cake with whipped cream and decadent, sweet strawberries for a tempting dessert. (Set your dining room table with a variety of textures and shades of whites and don’t forget the fresh flowers.)    Lighten up your bedroom for the season with a mixture of soft , creamy yellows, amidst soothing and serene blues and whites. (Duvets are a great and inexpensive way to makeover your bedrooms.)






Alfresco dining is a lovely gesture for the summer season…whether formal with fancy desserts and gourmet cuisine, ( I love these delicate, creative cakes adorned with fresh roses,) or a lay back BBQ with fresh fruits, ice cream and corn grilled to perfection with hot, melted butter…  Great food, wondrous company, laughter, fulfilling conversations and a convivial ambiance, makes for a wonderful  summer get-together with friends or family.








Summer would not be summer without a trip or two to one of the countries renowned Amusement parks… Disneyland, Disney world, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Knots-berry Farm, Six Flags or Marine land…Children, (even the youngster inside of us,) 🙂  love the awe and wonder of animated characters, exhilarating rides, enchanting and mysterious sea life, and exploring old mines after a thrilling ride upon one of the scariest roller coasters in the world. (Somebody in the crowd always has to “dare you” to ride…  🙂   I accepted the dare years ago and thought I was going to be departing for heaven a little early…) never again! (Somehow, the kids have no fear whatsoever…oh to be a child again!) 🙂







(I want one of these!) 🙂 He is so cute and cuddly!




Escaping to your Beach cottage for a few weeks is like a little taste of heaven… Pack up your car with some groceries, the kids, your dog, a variety of your favorite DVD’s, books and extra candles. Prepare  to have a wondrous time away from your normal, everyday life. (Yes, our dogs want to be a part of every family excursion as well!) 🙂


This  special time away will be a bonding as well as  intimate time with you and your family. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets on the shore line, collecting seashells for a craft project with your kids, wading in the ocean waves, (watching your little ones run in as the water recedes …and then run out as the frisky waves chase after them.) 🙂 With all the superb eateries, there is a myriad of fresh seafood to choose from, (the kids can always get a cheeseburger or chicken tenders,) 🙂 and then there is always an afternoon spent at the neighborhood fun zone at the beach. (You always see the most interesting people there as you enjoy your popcorn, cotton candy and salted peanuts.) Relish each and every bonfire you share on the beach, sharing a potpourri of stories with your kids. (Childhood only happens once…) Take a few of their favorite movies for a movie night, some table games, a few extra candles and allow it to be a time of “treating yourselves and your family.” with all the things you love to do, eat and don’t allow any guilt to get in the way. 🙂  It’s your families special time… When the kids are asleep, maybe take a  romantic stroll along the beach with your husband… enjoy the quiet and soothing  sounds of the night birds singing and the soft, ocean waves crashing against the sandy shore, the fragrance of the fresh sea air and allow yourself to get back to that peaceful place you may have lost in the busyness of everyday life, back home. I adore trips to a beach cottage…there’ s nothing like it’s charm and magic.








Summer is also the season that hosts one of America’s biggest days of celebration! Independence day…other wise known as the 4th of July. This is a time for BBQ’s on the beach, watching resplendent displays of fireworks, (whether on the shore or in the big city,)  and sharing great and wondrous new memories with your friends and family. It’s America’s birthday and if ever there was a time for jubilee and gladsome hearts, it’s this beloved holiday! Summer would not be summer without it!





I love the garden quote by Abram L. Urban; “In my garden, there is a large place of sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers and the dreams are as beautiful.”   Gardens are a “good thing” (like Martha Stewart always says…) for a multitude of reasons. They teach us, provide a place to nurture and be nurtured, create beauty and restore our souls. My favorite garden flower is the rose…but there has yet to be a flower that I do not enjoy…Vegetable gardens are also a lot of fun, (as long as you don’t have ground hogs and deer near by. 🙂 (They enjoyed our  romaine lettuce and eggplant way to much! ) Spring and Summer are the season that our gardens ‘explode’ with a bounty of color and bring so much majestic beauty to our lives, (outside of the home as well as within.)  A summer garden has been the muse for many a poet and novelist!  It is a wondrous gift of this beloved season.






Lastly, as I wind up this vignette on having a blithesome summer, two of my ‘all time  favorite’ summer joys is beholding the illuminating and captivating fireflies, as well asS-2  watching and partaking in an awesomely majestic thunder storm. The dancing, twinkling  fireflies flutter from one tree to another … for some reason, they make me smile.  I love it when they create a frame around our window panes, bringing forth the nostalgic feelings of being on my favorite ride at Disneyland. ( My beloved  Pirates of the Caribbean…)  They are a beautiful creation and bring  forth an exceeding amount of mystery and enchantment as well as excitement to our souls.  There is nothing like catching lightning bugs in a jar as a child…With tiny holes placed on the top, they preform their magic just  for you and they put on a  phenomenal one man show.  🙂

There is an abundance of mystique and wonder in a summer rain storm accompanied by the rumbling thunder as the heavens light up with each bolt of lightning. I feel like a child again, ready for a suspense, (not to scary) movie, a big bowl of buttered popcorn with all my siblings huddled together with me, biting our nails as we wait  for the next jolting moment to happen. At this time in my life, I am happy to be with Grantham and my husband, in the midst of the storm…(still watching the suspense movie and sharing popcorn, but now it’s without salt, less butter and we don’t bite our nails!) 🙂 Have you ever just sat on your porch and actually allowed yourself to become a part of the storm? Feeling the tepid breezes, smelling the fresh, damp air as the rain falls hard upon the roof top…watching the sky get darker and darker. It’s not quite a light shade of black or a dark tint of grey, it’s baronial, grandiose and a little frightening.  As you hear the thunder in the distance,  you know that soon, the storm will be right at your front door. Its an experience for sure…and one of my greatest and  most looked forward to, summer joys!






Fireflies, Cootes Store, Virginia


May your summer time be a season of lightheartedness, gladsome get-a-ways, new adventures , great pleasure and ridiculously filled with FUN! 🙂

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“All Aboard” the maritime home.


“The sea  is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.” ~ Christopher Paolini

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry, Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic…” ~ Van Morrison

“Waves are the voices of the tides. Tides are life. They bring new food for shore creatures and take ships out to sea. They are the oceans pulse and your own heartbeat.”  ~ Tamora Pierce

What is it about  “life on the sea” that captivates and thrills our hearts? Is it the sound of the waves crashing upon the rocky shores? The nostalgic fragrance of the damp, briny air? Hearing the halcyon and untroubled seagulls, coasting above the crystal blue waters, cooing, squawking, creating serene, melodic melodies for our ears and souls? Perhaps, the romance of the sea is made up of all the seafaring tales that  have been passed down by sailors, fishermen and sea captions.  The legends of the mermaids, stories of “old ghost ships,” abandoned by their crew and fables of the dangerous  pirates, rum runners, frighting Leviathans of the deep and buried treasures? Perchance it is the myths and tales of the ominous, colossal storms they weathered at sea and lived to tell about. How about the legends like old Alias, a sailor lost at sea, who comes back to haunt  his maritime home on the water. It is  a Folklore told in the renowned  movie Mystic Pizza…


(The imagined ghost of  Alias visits his home on stormy nights, causing the floorboards to creak as he paces back and forth upon the back balcony, overlooking the sea.)  There are so many mystifying fables that allure our hearts and create within us an abounding love and desire for the arcane sea , filled with all of it’s Brobdingnagian and countless enigma.



  Two irrefutable stories that are uncanny and a bit haunting, are the two schooner ships that truly were abandoned by their crews mysteriously. One ship, The Carroll A. Deering was found run aground in 1921 off of Cape Haterus, North Carolina. Investigators propose that the cause was possibly rum runners or ship pirates. In 1969, The Teignmouth Electron was also  found adrift, deserted and forgotten in the Atlantic Ocean.  These two stories are not folklore and they are not of old. 🙂 (Spooky!)  The sea embodies an abundance of  intrigue,  mystery and impeccable  beauty…  It is fabulously romantic, inspirational and is popular as ‘the perfect muse’ for many prestigious novels such as, The Old man and The Sea, The Phantom Island and The Mermaid. It is also the galvanizing influence of  countless, famous paintings such as, Monet’s La Terrace de’ Sainte Adresse and Niebenkorn’s Ocean Harbor, as well as  the classic and memorable films, The Titanic, Life of Pi and Lifeboat. (And, for many, a MUSE to inspire the decorating and creating of their lovely homes.)


It has always been one of my husband’s and my lifelong dreams to one day live by the sea and host a Bed and Breakfast for people who are in need of a retreat away from their everyday lives… a  convivial respite. 🙂 We adore the foggy mists that come in over the water in the early mornings… the diverse sea birds gliding above the glistening water as the sunshine breaks through mid-morning,  the breathtaking sunsets that gloriously arrive at dusk, (the enchanting ‘gloaming hour,’) and listening to the waves, softly flowing into shore as the day ends and the stars have announced their  brilliant presence.  SL-60SL-64corbiere  pic david ferguson



In creating your maritime home, remember, you may not live on a rocky cliff, over looking the ocean or upon a sandy marsh where you watch the tides roll in and out, BUT, You can create the inside of your berth to look as if you do! 🙂 Capture a part of the romance of the sea, it’s legends and fables, it’s mystery and beauty by bringing forth the decor of a seafaring  home.S-183

Most of the maritime homes that I have visited are dressed in soothing blues and whites and embellished with an abundance of maritime ornamental decor. It is not surprising as the colors of blue and white represent serenity, peace, clarity of mind, fresh beginnings and relaxation. All these qualities make for an exceedingly inviting and cozy homestead.


Our first stop will be the main room of your home, which is the Living room…It is the room that sets the mood and theme for the rest of your resplendent abode. As with any decor that you choose, there is always the ‘formal rendition’ as well as the relaxing, laid back. I have chosen both of these looks for inspiration to begin creating the  Nautical home of your dreams. Lets start off with the living rooms that are a tad bit more “dressy.”I-15







The living rooms in the next few photographs, are still a beauteous and striking maritime  look, but are a bit more on the masculine side. I think all of these living rooms are inviting, galvanic and cozy…It truly depends on your taste and the colors you choose to create with. These rooms are less formal and more on the “comfy” side. 🙂  H-85




I simply adore this antique fireplace festooned in a maritime theme… It is breathtaking and exceedingly CREATIVE! It would certainly be the “conversation piece” in any home. 🙂


One of my favorite nautical decor displays thus far! The whimsical  grapevine wreath amidst the two enchanting topiary trees is prizewinning. I adore this decorators bethnic extravaganza of the life-like and animated ‘sea bird’ amongst all the starfish, sand dollar and weathered beach wood. Her tableaux upon the green wooden chest, creates not only a magical ambiance but exudes charm and  class. I love it! 🙂



Our next stopover will be another renowned and important room in your home …The Dining room. The room where you gather with friends and family over ambrosial cuisine, fine wines, laughter, sharing and story telling in a convivial and warm ambiance.   I think it is fun to mix up your rooms a little bit, still carrying the nautical theme throughout the house, but perhaps in different styles.










The advantage you have with a seagoing look, is that you can create any room in your home, using a variety of shades of white…(eggshell, opalescent pearl, butter cream, off white, even tones of light greys or brown for your keystone.) Once your furniture and color pallet is established, you can begin adding the blue decor along with  alluring benthic ornaments such as lighthouses, old ship compasses, sublime fresco’s or photographs of  sea captains, nautically shaped stars, seagulls, pelicans, sea shells or whatever treasured collectables you desire to display.  You can do the same thing with establishing your primary color pallet in a shade of blue that you love… Then highlight your room with a variety of hues and textures of white. ENJOY the creativity within you and remember, don’t hesitate to bring forth the dream inside your heart and make it reality! 🙂


Here are some decorative ideas to ‘add to your rooms’ for that nautical, cozy look, along with some beautiful blues…I absolutely dote on the color combination of blue and white… Whether in a bedroom, my wardrobe, a fresh flower arrangement, decorative throws or the paint colors on our walls. There is nothing quite as soothing, eye catching and picturesque! (Adding creamy, soft yellows to this famous color combination is an enlivening warm touch as well.)







A ‘nautically themed tree’ is a welcomed sight all year round. It adds a rustic seafaring ambiance to any room… It’s twinkling white lights create charm and appeal as well as ‘romance’ within your room and brings forth added texture and dimension to your colorful haven.


I love this painting… It would go perfectly in a living room filled with blues and accented with a hint of the grandeur color of red…This little girl looks identical to my brother’s daughter when she was about 3 years old, with her bright, gorgeous auburn hair, running into the waves  of the ocean. Now she is a  beautiful young woman, (still loving the sea,) but gosh, does this bring back happy memories of my younger days as she brought so much joy, laughter and smiles to our lives…(And still does.) 🙂


Bring the natural things of the sea, to the inside your home…sea shells, star fish, sea horses, anchors, old ship compasses, and a diversity of mason jars filled with fresh sand from the shore,  topped with a tea light candle. Tie a blue and white  decorative ribbon around  the jar and display it upon your hutch.  (If you make a half dozen of these homemade candles, and light them all in the evening, it will add charm and pizzazz to your room.) 🙂





The next ‘layover’  is the most certain and sure place for rest and relaxation that  I know of...Our bedrooms. There are so many beautiful blue and white linens, duvets, Eiderdown  comforters, decorative pillows and blue and white collectables, that this room should be an easy room to make over or to newly create. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, place of retreat, hide-a-way and wondrous place of slumber.  Embellish this room with  serene, blissful and soothing decor…soft candle light and subtle, yet enlivening  scented fragrances. When I wash our linens and  make up our bed,  I love to spray our sheets  with an ambrosial, redolent scent. (For some reason, I think it helps us to sleep better.) 🙂 They even have ocean scented sprays, decorative candles and scented oils with reed diffusers available in the stores now a days… What a perfect idea to enhance your oceangoing decor style. (Wow, with the nostalgic fragrances of the beach filling your room, all you would need is a sound machine that has the inviting calls of the sea birds, along with the roaring waves…you could close your eyes and be right on oceans shore.) 🙂  SL-408






This bedroom is a little different with its shades of pale, light green amidst the soft, pristine whites, yet It still brings forth a feeling that ‘the soothing ocean breeze and sound of the crashing waves could come through the window at anytime.’ 🙂  A few ideas of some winsome additives are  a lighthouse tapestry for the wall, an engaging Thomas Kincaid nautical throw, a seahorse pillow and a sea shell frame, displaying one of your most cherished ‘beach memories.’




This is my dear friend Ellie’s guest bedroom in her lovely nautical home in Delaware. She just finished painting her contrast wall in a fetching, wispy, gossamer, pastel blue. It adds an exceedingly stunning  and visual ambiance amongst her white walls. She made her  own creative and bethnic lampshade.  Isn’t it adorable?  Yes, Ellie, you have “quite the creative touch.” 🙂 This room is not only soothing, but filled with warmth and charm. Eleanor1

With the warm and inviting, navy blue stripes upon the comforters, the ocean blue carpet and the freshly painted pastel blue wall,  she highlighted this maritime room with a  mixture of vintage and country-cottage, captivating white wooden dressers, adorned with a potpourri of her sail boats and merchant ship collection. Great job Ellie! 🙂 This room beckons our hearts to go and  spend a day amongst the ocean shores. 🙂   Eleanor-Dressers


Now, we enter the room that is the most popular…You have heard the saying, “No  matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” 🙂  Kitchens are the place we “CREATE.” Whether it’s a fanciful confection for a loved ones birthday, a savory and spicy pasta dish with sweet Italian sausage and fresh herbs from our gardens, or we are baking Christmas cookies with our kids…there are so many wonderful conversations that take place within our kitchens…(Along with delicious cuisine and some great aromas that fill our home…) This truly is one of my most cherished rooms of all!

These first few kitchens are all bedecked in blissful blues and whites… all they would need to awaken the pelagic feeling  throughout the room would be a few pieces of nautical decor; a framed photograph of a famous lighthouse, an ornate helm from a schooner ship,  decorative anchors as well as accent towels evoking the emotions of life by the water.






In these next photos, I got a little inventive and imaginative. 🙂 These kitchens are not the standard, maritime colors of blue and white, but with dressing these rooms up, adding the  right decor, they would bring forth the nautical look  in a charming, elfin kind of way.   Below each photo are some ideas that I hope will inspire you and get your ‘creative juices flowing.’

For this kitchen, I  thought the perfect accent colors would be red, white and blue… all the eye-catching, maritime  decor items would fill up the mantle above this fabulous, eccentric stove, except the accent towels. 🙂  (The rooster is adorable, but for now, he has to find a new home! ) 🙂





This Kitchen already has an ideal foundation with it’s rustic, warm Faux painted walls accompanied by the rich navy blue…By adding a maritime picture on the far wall, some Lighthouse plates, blue and white dish towels and a lighthouse canister set, your kitchen would come alive with the romance and mystique of the ocean..


KT-20Beach painting 3


These two kitchens would look great with a few starfish, a lighthouse spice rack, blue and white accent towels as well as a diverse collection of seashells. I would leave the warm hues of the yellow…It’s very cozy and inviting.



This has got to be one of my all time favorite Cucinos, (as the Italians would say!) 🙂 It’s soft white structure and delicate woods, accompanied by a combination of blue and white china, maritime plates and homemade, sand filled mason jars with a potpourri of taper and tea light candles along with intricate, motley  seashells, would make for a beautiful, enchanting and notable kitchen. (Maybe add a blue and white runner on the stunning wood floor to tie in the mixture of blues and whites. )




This white kitchen would  look wonderful with a highlight of green and soft hues of tan to bring forth your nautical theme. A lovely ship for your counter top, tan linen accent towels with the nautical star, a topiary star and once again, the beautiful soft light of candles burning in your mason-jar, sand filled candle creations.




Lastly, one more ‘White kitchen” to bring into our theme… How about some blue flowers on the counter top, blue and white china as well as light house plates to fill the ‘show stopping’ window-paned cabinets, an enchanting lighthouse and nautical pillows to top your bar stools? A bright, beach themed painting would be a spectacular addition to bring out your vibrant colors that you’ve chosen.  Add a few blue and white accent towels and your set to go!



KT-12Bouquet from Forget-me-nots (Myosotis)

Here is a back splash tile mural with a maritime theme for the back of your kitchen stove. I love these new ideas…. What will they think of next? 🙂



We will take a short stop at our next room…the bathroom, Ladies room, powder and Mens  room as we call it!  Because it is the smallest room in your home, ( and no, I do not plan on illustrating a nautical walk in closet, ) 🙂  this room is very simple and  easy to create… I love our bathroom as it is the place that houses one of my favorite things in all the world… OK, two of my most cherished….A bath tub and luxurious bubble-bath… 🙂

Here are a few ideas to inspire you with the ‘soul’  colors  of your room, blue and white.





These decorative ideas are all fabulously soothing and festive highlights for ‘this very important’ room! 🙂 I especially like the greyish-blue tinted walls amidst all the creamy white sea shells and shelves, (The 4th photo.) This unique color is definitely a stunning and impressive maritime color…



Here are a few SEAFARING “powder rooms” already finished! 🙂








We can’t forget the passages that take us to our beloved rooms…our foyer and hallways… Here are a few inspirations for you..Some of these are quite formal, others very cozy and inviting…again, add some of your own touches amongst the blues and whites to bring forth your personal, signature touch and  theme within your own home.

There are not many foyers like this one… It’s extremely formal and regal, but it presents the  idea of how wondrous and appealing mixing different shades of blue amongst the white can look.


I adore this color of blue mixed with this butter cream white, not to mention the breathtaking structure of this foyer. I can just imagine how majestic it would look with seafaring decorations.


This foyer is simple, yet elegant…again, the soft tans amidst the white is resplendent.


This hallway is immense…it’s charm reminds me of the South… I love the soft blues amongst pearly white.


This passageway to the porch speaks it’s own fabulous introduction. 🙂


Lastly, the mixture of the blues, pastel green and sunny yellow is so charming in this foyer. It is not only refreshing, but sure to make everyone who enters this home feel ‘very welcomed.’




Our second to last stop is the land that surrounds our homes. If you are blessed to live on the ocean, (and don’t have to dream that you are, 🙂 your views alone will be captivating. If you do not live by or on the ocean, these are still some great ideas to enhance the natural loveliness of your yard and bring forth an abundance of beauty, peace and serene days to your lives. Alfresco dining , creating a floral arbor in your garden, sitting on your porch watching the sunset, and adding seafaring decor to your outside piazza with decorative sea shells and fresh, crisp, white lace table runners.



I love the wildflowers, straw basket, (great for gathering your sea shells,) summer hat and maritime throw amidst the weathered wooden fence. It goes to show you that almost every place on our property can use a little touch of love and ‘fixing up’ to bring forth charm and warmth.






OKAY….our seafaring journey has just about come to an end…I feel like I have been to the beach and back! 🙂 I wanted to leave you with a few ideas for a magical, dreamy, Maritime and “Merry -Time” 🙂  Christmas! 🙂  (I just got that as I was writing.) 🙂    I am amazed at how many ideas there are for a nautical Christmas theme… Not only is it a beautiful decor style for everyday life, but it is eminently eye catching at the most wonderful time of the year. ENJOY even though Christmas is a ways away…( But…have you heard of “Christmas in July?”) (“Just saying”…) 🙂

Welcome your guests with a beautiful, fetching alfresco Christmas tree, adorned with starfish, sand dollars, as well as ocean blue, silver and white decorative balls. (Don’t forget the enchanting, twinkling white lights! ) 🙂


This certainly would  change the memories of the traditional festivity of “Bringing Home The Tree,” (the day after Thanksgiving,) wouldn’t it?   Yes, Christmas by the sea is very romantic, magical and sublime.


I love these very ‘unique and informal’ Christmas stockings hanging from the mantle, all homemade in alluring red, white and blue. SL-410

This mantle is much more formal, yet very refreshing, taking a turn from the norm. These photos and ideas make me want to rent a cottage at the beach for Christmas… (Or change my whole house for the holidays to create this enchanting seafaring ambiance.) 🙂


A beautiful nautical Christmas tree…I love the mixture of the light blues and whites…and the tree topper is gorgeous!


This table top tree is adorable and accents the color of the walls to a “T.” (And it would be an easy decorative addition to create.)


I love the traditional Christmas tree, but this one gives you a little magic and awe of both styles…the decorative shells yet ample decorations of the glorious reds and greens… A very festive and picturesque tree, evoking the joy inside of us as we think of Christmas’ past. (As children, we always wondered how Santa could get down that fireplace chimney…) 🙂


This nautical tree is  not only striking but magically kaleidoscopic. It’s  abundance of sea shells amongst the colorful ornaments, (I love the purple added in,) is very alluring. (The mermaid tree topper is so unique and definitely brings this tree to life.)


Rustic and enchanting garlands with miniature white lights to bedeck the outdoor porch for the holidays…How about adding a string of sea shells, intertwining them within the greens and berries? What a great idea for the enchanting season.


WOW, a white Christmas dream come true, right on the ocean! I still find it miraculous to see a fresh snowfall on the sandy shore of the beaches. This charming tree, the warm fire burning, and the inviting alfresco dining, is a wondrous Idea for a cozy Holiday evening.   (Bundle up and make some homemade beef stew with a loaf of hot bread …That would be the perfect, wintry dinner.) 🙂C-71

For the front porch, decorating the balustrades with this picture-book, festive cheer is breathtaking.  The decor is traditional, yet against the soft yellows and whites of this regal home, it looks incredibly stunning. For a more nautical look, you could add some starfish and lighthouse ornaments amongst the  lush greens. What a great way to welcome home your loved ones for the holidays!


Celebrating the season in a rustic, yet a bit formal wintry wonderland style, with the feel of the sea being close by would be heavenly.  Winter whites are hard to beat in setting a festive, holiday table and the tree, adorned with shells and sand dollars combined with  the pearl like strands, is very Victorian, lovely and elegant.

romantic white

A cozy summer, beach house, embellished with Christmas cheer! (Though it doesn’t look like snow is in store for this Balboa Island, CA. cottage home. ) The blue and white home bedecked with the festive and cheery red is so lovely…


A very simple and  beautiful Christmas wreath for your front door! (I think I will make one of these  for this upcoming Christmas…) Very soothing and calming. This wreath reminds me of  my childhood years … You know the days  when you’d  lay in the freshly mowed grass and look up at the sky, mesmerized by the wonder of the stars and bright lit moon, on the clear, balmy summer nights?


This home went all out with it’s maritime decor… I love how all the colors chosen in this festive garland go PERFECTLY with the sandy brown paint color of the home, accented by the bold whites and the rich, dark wood of the front doors . (The decor even draws in the color of the shudders! ) Very Classy!


Lastly, a tranquil, serene and festive holiday table … Again, there is nothing like the combination of  the color and textures of blue and white, sea shells, accompanied by natures beloved hue of green. (I would have never thought up the idea of a bench painted blue and white….it’s so pretty!)


OK, I am  now ready for a hot, freshly brewed, cup of coffee and something to eat after this home tour! 🙂 Happy house creating….Enjoy bringing forth your individual and magical nautical  home as you add some new ideas to your abode. Whether you  decide to just change one room or change them all, treat yourself to the house decor that fulfills YOU and surround yourself with all the things YOU LOVE!

( And no, I do not think that mermaids are real! 🙂   Well maybe in the dreams and imaginations of  our children… 🙂

boy and mermaid







FELICITY on wings…

Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art.” – Izaak Walton angola300

I was sitting out on our front porch Sunday morning…( enjoying  wearing my angola50lightweight jacket instead of three winter coats,) while completely enjoying the  bright , warm sunshine and blue skies. ( Nature was surely teasing us, as today it is snowing…) 🙂  I was captivated by two red breasted robins that were joyously unrestrained in their boisterous merriment as they hopped from one branch to another…at first together, then their play became a game of  “Tag” your it. I had not seen this pair of beautiful and alluring birds before in our yard and was surprised when I read that they are the first sign of Spring

Sitting there, my hot  cup of coffee in hand, flavored with Heath Bar creamer, (If you have never tried that one, it is a must,) 🙂angola778  I felt as if “the great outdoors”  was putting on an impressive and grandiose  performance for me. A flock of snow geese gallantly cruised over our quieted neighborhood. (I think they are getting a little confused, as I, as to what season it truly is, 🙂 wondering WHEN it will be time for them to migrate for the spring… A brilliant and august  blue jay perched upon  the top of the  telephone pole across the street, and when I closed my eyes, I heard a melodic chorus of all types of  chirps, cooing songs, a few cries and whistles along with the lovely ‘honk song’ of the galvanic geese. Truly, it was beautiful music to my ears.  I began to think about what a gift birds are to our lives… Not only do they put a song in our heart, bless us with their kaleidoscopic colors, and intriguing antics,  but their music is more calming and enchanting to the soul, than any Orchestra’s symphony I have ever listened to…and its all free of admission! Every season, we are treated to an entirely new cast of superb actors and exquisite singers, entertaining us as well as inspiring our minds and hearts…

In my life, I have come to learn that EVERYTHING goes better with gratitude, 🙂 thus, at times, (I do a test,) and try to imagine something that I may (even without knowing it,) take for granted, to no longer exist in my life.  Its then I feel its magnitude and worth, and my heart is overflowing with thankfulness for its resplendent bestowal.  What if suddenly, our worlds were no longer graced with all the beautiful birds we see and hear in our everyday regimes?   Life would seem so quiet, less cheerful and it certainly would not be as colorful. We would miss  the birds in the early dawn, singing their familiarangola999 minstrelsy that help us get up and out of  our warm, snugly beds. What would our camping trips up in the mountains be like without the enchanting ballads of the night birds, the mysterious “hooo hooo hooo” of the owl, the whimsical song of the  whip-poor-will  and the regal, black winged bats, (swooping down out of the trees,) that always make a campfire story a lot more suspenseful. 🙂

In this vignette, I hope to share just a handful  of reasons why birds are such a captivating species, the gifts they so freely give to us and  what I learned as I researched  this glorious creature… I know there are thousands of books published that many of you already have read, so this is just a quick peek to stir up  “your already inbred  interest,” and spark the interest of those of you who have never really thought much about birds…Hopefully, in reading this blog, you will be as taken aback as I am, with these little (and big) guys! ENJOY!

First, a few splendid and notable quotes in appreciation of this eminently significant species..


Happier of happy though I be, like them I cannot take possession of the sky, mount with a thoughtless impulse, and wheel there, one of a mighty multitude whose way and motion is a harmony and dance magnificent.” ~ William Wordsworth

In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.” ~ Robert Lynd

“Have you ever observed a hummingbird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers — a living prismatic gem … it is a creature of such fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description.” ~ W.H. Hudson

“The very idea of a bird is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet. A bird seems to be at the top of the scale, so vehement and intense his life …ahhh The beautiful vagabonds, endowed with every grace, masters of all climes, and knowing no bounds — how many human aspirations are realized in their free, holiday-lives — and how many suggestions to the poet in their flight and song!” ~ John Burroughs

“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.” ~ Victor Hugo

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.”~ James Allen

Faith is theangola200 bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

Why do birds sing in the morning? It’s the triumphant shout: “We got through another night!”~  Enid Bagnold

“Even when a bird walks, one feels it has wings.” ~ Antoine-Marin Lemierre

“What is more cheerful, now, in the fall of the year, than an open-wood-fire? Do you hear those little chirps and twitters coming out of that piece of apple-wood? Those are the ghosts of the robins and angola47blue-birds that sang upon the bough when it was in blossom last Spring. In Summer whole flocks of them come fluttering about the fruit-trees under the window: so I have singing birds all the year round.”  ~Thomas Bailey Aldrich

“The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream, you dare and and you fly.” ~ Israelmore Ayivor

A flock of geese leave their lake and take wing, turning to poems in the sky.”  ~Dr. Sun Wolf

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.”  ~Chinese Proverb

Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter“When thou seeist an eagle, thou seest a portion of Genius; lift they head!” ~ William Blake (King James version of language.)



After seeing the birds of the  hinterlands in Angola, it inspired me to ask Kit ‘if we could make visiting this exotic area of the world, one of the things we do on our Bucket list.’ 🙂 Truly, these little winged miracles are remarkably stunning!

The charming, yet subtle  Brown Finch.


Brown Hooded King Fisher…A brawny, dapper little guy…Very colorful!


The vivacious, fanciful Southern Masked Weaver.


The greater Flamingos…How romantic!


The rugged and zealous Greater Adjutant.


The cavalier and pensive Short Toed Snake Eagle.


Suave and gracious Greater striped swallows.


An inspiration for our beloved movie, ” Happy Feet.”  The Winsome and austere ,  Gentoo Penguin


The Gouldian Finch found in the Northern Australia woodlands. Amazing in color as well as  symbolic of the awesome and majestic rainbow.


The virile and strong Tawny eagle.

angola 988

The aristocratic and phenomenal  Whooping Crane…



Here are a variety of baronial birds you don’t have to travel across the world to see… What a blessing, each of their unique beauty is.

The great white owl, also known as the Snowy Owl. ‘A face everyone can’t help but fall in love with!’  🙂


The Turkey with it’s  gobbling call…Benjamen Franklln’s choice for the national bird of the United states, as to the Bald Eagle. . angola121


The delicate, stirring yellow finch.


The sweet, magical and romantic  hummingbird.


The gallant and intense, rousing Rooster… The French have claimed him as their (Unofficial) national bird.


One of my favorites, the redbird or cardinal.


The innocent, symbolic and  breathtaking white dove.

angola 101 dove

Everyone’s well know friend, the unpretentious, subtle and wise sparrow.

angola 97 sparrow

Another East Coast favorite of mine, the exemplary and gracious Blue Jay!


Our neighbors, the humorous , patient and suave snow geese. Delaware would not be the same without them! 🙂


Flocks of these gorgeous birds in action… The first  time I saw a field of snow geese take off in the country side of Delaware, I was in awe…it looked like a grandiose white snow flurry!



Whether they made us laugh, amused us while we had the mumps and measles, taught us wondrous lessons of life, helped us fall asleep at night, were a great “babysitter ” for our moms so they could have a few moments to themselves, or inspired us to believe that fairy-tale’s, dreams and happy endings really can come true... The birds we grew up with were a blessing to us all in ample ways/

Daisy and Donald Duck filled our homes with many an antic and an abundance of color.


Daffy Duck and Baby Huey energized us and made us laugh.

angola 633angola419

Tweetie Bird and The ugly Duckling! (What wonderful lessons they taught us.) 🙂


OWL in Winnie the Pooh…Wisdom comes in all types of packages!


Louis the trumpeter in the Trumpet of the Swan and the ever popular Little Red Hen brought a dance to our step and a warm, cozy feeling deep within.

angola29angola 31

Brothers Grimm’s,  The Golden Bird and the French fairytale, the Bluebird challenged our imaginations and shaped our dreams as we nodded off to slumber-land.


Chicken Little, “The sky is falling,”  and Woody Woodpecker… smiles and laughs galore!


The Road Runner and Big Bird from Sesame Street….again many a life lesson and an abundances of humor.


“BOO BOO” in the renowned Mickey Mouse Club  and the prestigious Mother Goose… Two familiar faces with stories to take us off into other lands…  giving us the gift of “daydreaming” as we entertained the thoughts of all magical characters in their stories.









One of the most cherished gifts these feathered marvels bestow upon us is sharing their “nesting and hatching stage.” … I can’t tell you how many times we have discovered a birds nest in some “hideaway” place in our yard, (the eves of the roof, our large maple tree, or the roof  gutter, (when the rainy season is over.)  Our first clue that newborns will be arriving soon, is when we see a wild bird frequenting one of these cozy places, at least 7-8 times a day… sure enough, when we peak into their gathered branches, twigs and leaves, we see perfectly formed eggs. We get so excited as we wait daily, asking one another; “Have they hatched yet?” Before we know it, we hear the babies crying as their mom leaves for her venture in “grocery shopping” to get them some food. (We know better than to go close to the nest… but we wait to begin seeing the little tikes begin to fly, or  should I say ‘attempt to fly’.  The entire process is miraculous to witness. We almost feel like we are ‘proud parents; with the mama bird as we have watched her new family come into this world and leave home in a very short time. (And tell me, what is cuter than a nest full of adorable baby birds?)




Myth: It is believed that if your hen takes to crowing,  it is a herald of a death in the owners family.

Myth:  If a wild bird fly’s into your home, it is a warning,  presaging a death.

Myth:. If a bird enters your home and begins to fly around in circles and goes back outside,  or if a bird hits your glass window, this also is a presage to a death.

Birds and what they symbolize to certain cultures:

crane7The beautiful white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit to the Christian faith.

In the Western world, white doves are released at wedding ceremonies as a symbol of a couples endearing love…

In South East Asia, Cranes are believed to carry off the souls of the dead to heaven.

crane8 white storkIn the European culture, White storks are known to bring Spring…(Kind of like America’s groundhog ,”Punxsutawnay Phil.”)  We look to his  “announcement of springs arrival”  all depending upon if he sees his shadow or not. 🙂


crane4 swallowEvery March 19th, (Known as St. Josephs day,) the faithful swallows return to the Mission  San Juan Capistrano in Southern Californian. Festivity and gladness fills the air with visitors arriving  from all over the country,  as these little guys return and rebuild their  mud nests that are adjoined to the ruins of this grey stone church. Its amazing and symbolizes a “Miracle” at this mission that St. Francis loved so much.

Legendary Fable : By Jewel Diamond Taylor.

A long time ago God had a great many burdens that He wished to have carried from one place to another on Earth.  He asked the animals to lend a hand, but all of them had excuses for not helping: the elephant was too dignified; the lion, too proud; and so on… Finally the birds came to God and said, “If you will tie the burdens into small bundles, we’ll be glad to carry them for you.  We are small, but we would like to help.”

So God fastened upon the back of each bird a small bundle, and they all set out walking across the plain to their destination. They sang as they went, not minding the weight of their burdens at all.  Every day the burdens seemed lighter and lighter, until the loads seemed to be lifting the birds, instead of the birds carrying the burdens.

When they arrived at their destination, they discovered that when they removed their loads, there were beautiful wings in their place.  Wings that enabled them to fly to the tree tops and soar through the sky, closer and closer to God.The burdens we carry for others, as well as ourselves, become wings of the spirit, lifting us to new places and bringing us closer and closer to God.

May you always Soar in spite of your Burdens!


angola100 raven1st Kings, 17: 4-6 Ravens were used to bring food to Elijah.

Genesis, 8~  The raven and the angola 101 dovedove were sent out by Noah to determine whether the land had dried sufficiently after the great flood.


Luke 3:21-22

“Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heavens were opened, and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form, like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

angola91 turtle dove The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come,
and the voice of the turtledove, is heard in our land.  Song of Solomon 2:12



angola71The African grey parrot ALEX  who was studied by Dr. Irene Pepperberg, demonstrated that he had the ability to count, could reason on a basic level and use words creatively. His intelligence has been likened to that of the Ape and dolphin, as well as a 5 year old human being. Amazing! He is such a handsome , dapper bird…


angola72Cheri Ami , (don’t you love that name?)  was a British bread homing pigeon that in the autumn of 1918 delivered 12 messages for the United States Army during World War 1 and miraculously  helped save the lost Battalion.


angola78Bubi, an Eurasian Eagle-owl that lives in Helsinki, near the Olympic Stadium is known as a “good omen,” for Finland with their national football team. Whenever he appears at the game, they win… Beautiful bird!



How about  the birds we all know that have made it to Hollywood? (Either by inspiring a movie to be made, playing a supporting actor/actress role or THE LEADING CHARACTER?)

MUMBLE in Happy Feet… His first movie was such a hit, they gave him a sequel ! I love him as little baby penguin…

Happy Feet Two

An abundance of applause and cheer  “for all the many diverse birds” that played in Home Alone 2 and The great outdoors…(I can only imagine how much fun those movies were to make! 🙂


We were in awe at the two great eagles in  the great films, Narnia and The Lord of  the Rings… ( I am thankful that eagles are not REALLY that immense.) 🙂


My heart fell in love with Soren in the great classic Guardians of Ga ‘Hoole. The animation in this film alone, was breathtaking…


The adorable Nigel the Pelican, in Finding Nemo with the bellicose  seagulls in this colorful, entertaining film. (It truly is amazing how far animation has come…)


The very humorous chicken Pollito in the hilarious and posh movie, ‘In-despicable Me’ as well as the fetching, great owl, a trustworthy companion to Harry Potter in all of his fete’s.


The somewhat, snobbish seabird from the south of France, Silas, from Ice Age and the endearing, spirited Roberto in Rio 2.


How about the jovial, laid back crows in the classic movie Dumbo and the much “fawned after”  Rocky in chicken run?


The mighty Sven in Happy feet two was exceedingly alluring as was the debonair, classy seagull, in the film Jonathon Livingston seagull.


Kaharr in the remarkable classic, Water ship down  made us smile and the diverse and entertaining  ‘pigeons’ in the movie Valiant were a hoot! 🙂


Zazu in the beloved Lion King and Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, brought us so much color, diversion and recreation…adding plenty of “winsomeness” to our lives.


The amazing “Paulie” and  Polynesia in Dr. Doolittle. (Two very intelligent and striking parrots.)


Fifi, Rumpelstiltskin’s magical goose in Shrek Forever After and the gallant great eagle in The rescuers down under…Both beautifully animated, classy films.

angola 366angola 317


What about the 24 hour consort tunes these beautiful creatures sing to us throughout our mornings, afternoons and into the late evenings under the stars? Each bird has its own unique song that brings our souls a joy and graces us with winsomeness, great bliss and exhilaration, truly enriching our lives daily.

My favorite tunes? The gentle, soothing cooing of the turtle dove, the classic call of the whip-poor-will, the magical tweets of the Kingfisher, the engaging whistle of the hummingbird, the familiar everyday chirp of the sparrow and the Bob White Quail who continuously, (but very creatively ) calls out  his own name, ( bestowing upon me many a nostalgic memory of my years  in South Carolina.)  I love to hear (the sometimes annoying yet comforting at the same time,) squawk of the parrot, or honk of the geese, the “ah, ah , ah of the woodpecker, the crow of a raven…(a little on the scary side,) but he has such a history of  being ‘the bad guy,’ we have to give him a break. 🙂 Lastly, the chorus of the dawn…I am not sure exactly who is singing what, I just know that it helps get me out of bed to start my day more than any alarm clock I’ve owned. 🙂

Bird stories that will make you smile…

In reading an article by Mark Cocker in the Guardian, there were two stories he shared on his travels that took me aback as I hear stories all the time about birds helping people to get through difficult times….Do you ever wonder how they know we are troubled? What moves them to bring us comfort, amazement and wonder?

kingfisherOne of his stories  was about a  mother who had  lost her  daughter in a car accident. Weeks after the funeral, “something” told her to go to the french windows at the other side of the house and there, sitting on the patio, was a beautiful, blue kingfisher. She picked the winged miracle up and was able to pet the bird for a short while before it flew off.  That moment of kinship and revelry with this amazing beautiful blue bird was, its author confessed, “a mystifying solace to me over the years”.”

kingfisher1Another story shared was  about a  recently bereaved widow, who in her grief, began taking walks on the sandy beaches along the shore of the soothing, quieted ocean. She was taken aback with the sight of the intense, pensive shorebirds known as  oystercatchers,  standing at the crest of the oceans tides… She recounted how, “one day as I approached they started to hop away; I’d never seen them hopping before! Well over a hundred oystercatchers hopping towards the sea; it was hilarious.” ( The stout legged Oystercatchers stand on one leg to keep their bodies warmer in the colder temperatures. . ) The birds became a source of comfort, and a motif of the reassertion of joy in her life.”


A FEW REAL LIFE BIRD STORIES from people I know…

Margo’s blessing!

angola 206

One of my best friends of 37 years, Margo, came to visit Kit and I from Sunny California. I had so much fun introducing her to my new friends in Delaware at a ladies afternoon Tea….she fit right in, (as I knew she would.) 🙂   We all enjoyed a lovely array of savory, ambrosial, home cooked cuisine, sweet indulgences, delicious teas, a warm fire in the hearth and made wonderful new memories on this pampering ladies day out together.  As we were getting ready to leave, a red cardinal lit upon a branch on the tree in front of our hostess’ home. Margo’s  eyes welled up as she had prayed and said to the Lord that the one thing she wanted to see on her ‘east coast visit’  was a cardinal…her favorite bird… Her heart was  so touched… she could not  take her eyes off the bird…(You see, I was so use to seeing these magnificently gorgeous birds in all my years here, I forgot it was a rare sight for someone who lived across the country. ) I never took  this  gracious, austere bird for granted again and was so happy my dear lifelong friend had her wish come true…




angola 103

I don’t really know how to share about my little guy that I had for many years…except to say…there are two kinds of budgie parakeets in this world. The one that sits in the cage, sings an occasional tweet, enjoys biting you, every time you try to get him to perch on your finger,  and eventually becomes a pain, as you never feel a  love-connection…its almost as if they have become a decorative item, (with a lot of clean up and maintenance,) than a cherished pet. 🙂 That ones name was Romeo. Now the second kind of parakeet was Beamer… (Why did we name him Beamer?) Short story…when Kit and I were dating , my brother had given me his BMW…the most beautiful car I had ever had. (WE called it The Beamer.)  I ended up totaling the car 3 months before Kit and I got married….it broke my heart as I knew I’d never have that car again.  Thus, when we bought our new bird,  we decided to name it Beamer, to let the legend live on. Anyhow…this parakeet was one in a trillion… He fell in love with us immediately. The beautiful cage we bought him was his second home as he preferred to be with us whenever he could…he’d perch on the curtain rod, and every time we’d call to him, he’d fly to our shoulder…jaunt down our arm and back up again, give us a ton of kisses…and my favorite …when I’d do the dishes in the kitchen sink, he’d be on my shoulder, walk down to my hand, put his head under the water and then shake his whole body as if he were taking a shower. He’d bob his head up and down, sing, run back up to give me lots of kisses on my face and then get all comfy on my shoulder again…(where he’d stay for hours.) He brought so much joy to our life for years…He was a huge comfort to my heart as I left my family behind in California and moved to Arizona.  His love was such a diversion and solace to the emotional pain I felt with missing my family and friends so much. His songs were amazingly beautiful and his spirit so pure… When he died , (and I was crying out to Kit,) he  came running down the stairs frantically asking me “Honey, did someone in the family die?” Though very saddened it was Beamer, he was glad it was not one of our siblings or a parent.  It was a great loss for me  as well as our household. ..( You know women get more emotional than guys over these things…) The next parakeet I bought, was Romeo’s evil twin…so I gave up and switched to dogs! 🙂

An unexpected joy during a difficult time.

angola 234angola 233

A dear friend of mine was going through a rough season in his life and discovered such joy and comfort in the new feathered guest that were frequenting his beautiful garden with its enchanting trellis, outside his kitchen doors…Not only did the array of such diverse birds bring life, an abundance of bright color, but as he watched them and studied how intricately they were all made, their sundry movements and  alluring antics, he began to have more fun learning about all of his new guests. Each winged marvel brought a unique song and it was fascinating to watch the interactions of all the winsome birds as they flew in and out of the garden, morning, noon and night.   They quickly became daily house-callers, with their  familiar faces as they dropped by his magical and beckoning ‘outside amphitheater’ of nature.  He had found a  great joy in the midst of his new company, so much so, that he decided he too would collect birds this year for his home…bring a little bit of that mirth inside.  Birds will do that you know.? 🙂

An unforeseen and surprising consolation.


My dear friend Lisa’s  parents, who often visited her from their home in Maine, had a stunning Macaw Parrot for a pet…His name was Rocky. (Very Befitting.) When they came for a short stay,  I’d go over to her house to say hello and there he was, demanding to be the  center of attention (almost as big as his cage, as he was quite a galactic bird.)  Rocky’s vocabulary of words and phrases were so immense that he was like a walking poetry book!  He loved to eat peanuts, seeds and fruit, as well as just “hang out”  with everyone..interrupting our every conversation, (but no one  minded, as he was eminently lovable. ) 🙂 I could definitely  see how one could get use to this big guy always being around.  Lisa’s parents passed away within a short time of one another and Rocky came to live with her. Little did she  know that this bird, (having learned such an abundance of  words and ‘ endearing phrases’  from her parents)  kept their spirits and memory alive by repeatedly saying the  things they had taught him. He brought her so many smiles, laughter and brought back many a cherished memory of her mom and dad.  Who would have thought that Rocky would end up being a hand delivered,  winged comfort to Lisa’s heart as she missed her parents so deeply?

YES, God truly cares for every bird of the air…


While in my early twenties, I was living in California and was on my way into a Ralph’s Supermarket to get a few groceries. As I was walking under the eve of the markets roof, a beautiful, small in stature sparrow fell to the ground and landed right at my feet…he couldn’t move and was laying on his side…I couldn’t be sure, but he looked like he was a baby bird. My heart was very moved for this little guy…I felt in my spirit to pray for this little guy… I didn’t want him to suffer so I prayed for God to touch and  heal him or to just take him home.  A few people stopped as I was standing there, all  feeling a sadness, yet not really knowing what to do. As people came and went, I still stood there and then, to  my amazement, this little guy got up and flew away.  I felt a soothing peace inside, not only that he lived and was healed but that God truly does care for every bird he has created, no matter their size or worth in  our eyes. Whether it is a grand, stoic Bald Eagle, or a tiny sparrow, they are all the same to Him.  After that day, I began observing birds a lot more and God has used them many a time in my life to teach me about the simplest truths.

In closing,  I have to add at least one more thing that these winged miracles bring to our lives…this time, on the inside of our homes. Their rainbow colors and  buoyant personalities are quite the muse for embellishing our homes with warmth, cheer and an ambrosial ambiance.

Whether through a beautiful panting or lifelike prints, their resplendent character blesses our homes with vibrant color and a quiet calm.

angola 128IMG_0723

Our couches and over sized chairs would not be the same without their adoring  faces bedecking our favorite rooms.


This year, my new collection for our home is birds. 🙂 My husband bought me the most beautiful bluebirds for Christmas.. (One of my favorite gifts!)  Birds also inspires many types of decor through decorative birdcages… (Whether you own a bird or not.)


They are a great “wonder” to get our creative juices flowing, as we try  to capture  their beauty and bring a little bit of its glory to the inside of our births.

mens stuff 26Bl36

They’re an inspiration for us to bedeck our windows,verandahs and porches, turning them into flourishing gardens. (Hoping they will grace us with a  daily visit or two.) 🙂


They inspire us to bring more color into our homes… a gorgeous medley of the hues found in the bucolic countryside


What would our kitchens be like without the French’s national bird, The grandeur and stellar Rooster?


Roosters are such a classy and regal bird!


Birds inspire us to create our bedrooms with joy, simplicity, and the rich alluring, tones of nature.


Two of my favorite things in my home…my new (not quite “your typical looking Rooster’) cookie jar and my red bird dinner pates…


Whether  a French linen table cloth or lovely dinner ware,  birds are a blithesome  motif for our dining rooms!


The beautiful colors of nature, highlighted  with captivating, engaging and  elfin little guys…


Not only do these coffee table books bring an abundance of color and striking decor to your home, but these are books that your guests really will pick up and browse through…how can they not, they are so beautiful?


Whether a quick note to a dear friend or a new Christmas Ornament for your tree… the bird motif is exceedingly charming, enchanting and blesses our hearts with an abundance of mirth.

angola589angola 125

I am looking forward to learning more about these winged miracles. I hope that perhaps this vignette has sparked a little interest for you, or if you are already a bird-lover, touched a place in your heart that was already there.

redbird1***I wanted to add that after another bountiful snowfall, since the time I began this writing, (yes, spring is still stalling,) I saw for the first time, four gorgeous red cardinals light upon the snow in our front yard…I have to tell you, there is nothing quite as breathtaking as the sight of the stellar, vibrant red bird against a backdrop of a crisp, white, freshly fallen snow… I feel very blessed! 🙂

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